Blackmail Part 2

Blackmail Part 2

Blackmail is such a nasty word (Part 2)

Julie went home that day minus her panties. As she walked from the office,

she could feel jism running from her pussy lips and collecting in the cotton, making

her uncomfortable. She took the panties off in the ladies toilet, wiped her lips with

them and then put the soggy undergarment in her purse. She didn’t think she could

feel any more uncomfortable after what had just transpired in her boss’s office, but

she did. She had been blackmailed and essentially raped by her pig of a boss and his

mute, midget friend. She was angry; to her deep, deep shame, she was also as turned

on as she had ever been before. Her boss, Jack, and his big horse cock had brought to

the surface frustrations that she had felt for years and she had enjoyed it. No, she

hadn’t just enjoyed it, she had fucking loved it! Her pussy throbbed all afternoon and

it took an effort of will not to visit the ladies and give her clit and pussy another

seeing to.

She arrived home, went straight to their en-suite bathroom, stripped off her

clothes and stood under the shower at the hottest setting she could stand. She seemed

to think that this would make her less dirty. Perhaps, it would make her body clean

again, but she would still feel like a whore in her mind. It would take a long, long

time to forget the events of earlier that day – if she even wanted to. As the hot water

cascaded down her body, she became aware that her nipples had hardened, and her

pussy was throbbing. She started to pull on her left nipple with her left hand and

reached past the sodden hair at the top of her cleft searching for her opening. She

found to her surprise that her pussy was swollen and running with juice; her clit felt

huge and oh, so sensitive. She knew she was close to orgasm, so she pulled and

pinched harder on her nipple and her hand was a blur working her clit. She opened her

eyes and reached for the fancy shampoo bottle on the shower shelf with her left hand.

She idly wondered if the maker of the phallus-shaped plastic bottle thought it would

ever to be put to the use she was about to put it to. No matter. Bending over, she

pushed the round end of the bottle into her pussy and proceeded to fuck herself with it

while she rubbed her clit. She was so excited she hardly was aware of how rough she

was being with her most sensitive parts. The feelings and excitement built and built

until with a loud gasp and an even louder, ‘Aaaaargh,’ she started to come and come,

over and over again. Her pussy clenched rhythmically on the plastic phallus, and she

bent double in the shower, shuddering under the cascade.

She had a restless night; tossing and turning and going over the previous days’

events in her mind. Her brain just would not shut down. Come morning, she

exhaustedly dragged herself from the warm, enveloping comfort of her bed and

staggered into the shower. Turning it on she had the nozzle at a level where it

bombarded her body with pin-prick shards of water which made her skin tingle almost

instantly. After washing she switched the water to cold and stood for as long as she

could under the cold water, gasping with the cold as her skin ‘goosed’, her nipples

hardened. After a brief, brisk towelling down, she sat on the end of the bed as

thoughts sprang to mind: ‘Can I go back into work?’; ‘Do I have a job to go back to?’

Nothing had been said about the money; although it had been paid back. Would her

boss call the police; would he have her escorted from the premises in front of the rest

of the staff; what exactly would happen.

She pondered on not going back to work. What would she tell her husband, how

would they manage their finances, how would they live.

Eventually she decided to get dressed and go to work with her head held high and a

‘fuck-him’ attitude towards her boss. She dressed in bra and matching boxer-style
panties covered by a jumper and skirt, all in black. She thought quickly of her choices

and perhaps subconsciously she had chosen the funereal colour in response to

something which had died within her. But what had died. It had been dirty, disgusting,

abhorrently bad and depraved; she had been raped for Christ sake; BUT it had been

hot and horny, pussy-soaking and come-inducing sex the like of which she hadn’t

had, ever. She had come and come, her fanny had been soaking, she had had more

orgasms in that session than she’d had in the last few months with her husband.

She arrived at work, and……..nothing. Nobody looked at her funny; no-one said

anything; there was no talking behind hands or sniggering behind her back. Nobody

knew a thing, after all. She had no reason to feel bad. She had spoken to her boss on

the phone and he had been his normally obnoxious self, but had said nothing.

Half way through the morning she was requested to go to ‘Jabba’s’ office with young

Tina from one of the tills. Tina hadn’t been long with the company, and was a good

willing worker. Julie liked her very much; she was a friend.

She got to the office door with Tina and, prior to knocking, asked her in a low

voice if she knew what was happening. Tina replied, ‘Errr, nothing, I don’t know, iv’e

done nothing wrong.’ Her demeanour and the catch in her voice said otherwise to

Julie. She shook her head, knocked on the door and entered when bade to do so.

Jack, her fat boss was sat behind his desk as usual. What shook Julie, though, was that

his partner in crime of yesterday, the silent, ugly midget Donald, was sat on the couch

where he had been when she had entered the day before. Julie had such a feeling of

d? vu, and impending nastiness, she had to physically gather herself in order to

continue to the desk.

‘So, Jack, what can I do for you?’ she asked.

His reply chilled her and adrenaline, and shock and horror made her feel ill.

‘I want you and Lesbo Lil there to go get fucking naked right now.’ He nodded to

Tina as he made the homophobic remark. Julie instantly realised that Tina must prefer

women. Uppermost in her mind was imagining what was in store for her. Out of the

corner of her eye she saw that Tina had started to disrobe. She turned to her colleague

and putting her hand on hew wrist bade her stop.

‘What the fuck’s going on Jack?’ she asked. Her mind whirled trying to fathom out

why Tina was prepared to instantly obey Jack. Quickly she realised that this was not

the first time Tina had been in such a position, nor was it hers, but still….what was

going on.

Jack retorted, ‘Tina’s a common thief who we caught taking money from the till, as

are you…’

Julie quickly butted in, ‘I borrowed the money and did pay it back….’

‘BUT YOU STILL TOOK IT IN THE FIRST PLACE,’ thundered Jack, ‘and anyway,

have a look there.’ He pointed to a plasma television on the wall, a new addition since

yesterday thought Julie, and pointing a remote at it pressed a button. Instantly on the

tv a porn scene could be seen. Seconds in, Julie realised with horror that it was part of

yesterday’s session that had been taped. She looked around the room and spotted the

cameras in two of the corners. Her heart sank.

‘Either you do what we want, or your husband and his family will get to see what

kind of a cock-sucking slut their beloved Julie is.

Julie realised that she was cornered. She also realised that she was feeling so fucking

horny her pussy was throbbing and beginning to juice up.

She started to take her clothes off, and taking this as her cue Tina resignedly resumed

taking off hers. July unashamedly ogled the younger woman as she quickly got naked.

Her breasts were smaller than Julies, and they were high and tight. Her nipples were

positively huge, and looked to be very hard. She glanced down at Tina’s sex and saw

that she was completely shaved and, shining at the top of her cleft, her clit was

pierced with a golden ring.

Midget Donald stood up from the couch and started to take off his clothes. Jack,

her boss, did likewise. Seconds later they were both lewdly stroking rapidly

thickening cocks, precum dripping onto the carpet.

Tina approached Julie, arms out, and embraced her, breasts mashing together. Julie

felt like she had been given an electrical shock, she could hardly draw breathe. Tina’s

nipples were pressing into her chest.

She whispered in Julie’s ear, ‘I’ve done this before, let me take the lead, Jules, it

will be over soon.’

Julie allowed herself to be directed to the settee; she walked as if in a dream, her legs

shook, she was trembling all over, but still she was so, so, so fucking turned on. Part

of her couldn’t wait. Part of her wanted this gorgeous, young woman to introduce her

to the Sapphic delights she had read about.

The back of her legs contacted the settee and she sat down quickly, being eased

down by Tina. Tina followed her down and was kneeling between her legs. Her boss

and his ugly accomplice took up positions on either side of Julie so that they would

not miss any of the action.

Tina moved up her body, all the time looking Julie in the eyes. She got face to face

and her head moving lower, their lips brushed. Tina’s mouth was so soft and sweet,

and before she knew it, Julie was mashing her lips on Tina’s in a feverish embrace.

Her tits were rubbing Julie’s and she could feel wetness below, as the younger woman

forced her bare, soaking wet sex onto Julie’s and started to rub up and down, round

and round rubbing their clits together. Tina’s hands were on Julie’s nipples and she

pinched them hard, harder that usual but not hard enough for Julie at that moment.

Julie’s head was buzzing with delight as Tina lowered her head and began licking,

nibbling, biting on her swollen teats.

Julie gasped, ‘Lick my cunt, Tina, for fuck’s sakes, suck my clit, make me


The men on both sides of the couch looked at each other grinning from ear to ear.

The women were so into each other that the men were ignored. That would change

though. Jack stopped rubbing his cock in case he came prematurely. His prick was so

hard, so infused with blood, it was hurting. It was grotesquely huge, though, and he

was going to fuck both of these women hard.

Tina reached Julie’s clit and began teasing and titivating the older woman as she

inserted one, two, three, then four fingers into her swollen, soaking sex. Julie’s head

shook from side to side, her eyes were tightly squeezed shut, sweat ran between her

breasts towards her belly. The lesbian was expertly using her mouth and fingers to

bring Julie to fever pitch. Tina took out two fingers leaving two in Jules’ pussy, she

turned her palm upwards, and using a beckoning motion with her fingers, searched for

her lover’s g-spot. Julie was gasping and making a high-pitched whimpering sound, in

between which, she loudly gasped, ‘Oh, fuck; oh, fuck; oh, fuck,’ over and over


‘Tina, I’m going to piss myself,’ Julie suddenly cried out.

‘No, you’re not, relax, let it happen’ coo-ed Tina.

Tina quickly started to roughly finger Julie’s cunt, her fingers like a piston:, they squelched. The room was loud with noise: Julie’s almost

screaming now; pussy juice squelching around her Tina’s fingers, Tina exhorting her

lover to ‘fucking come, you fucker!!’ the room smelled heavily of sex, wet pussy,

cock, precum.

Suddenly, Julie shouted out, ‘Oh, fuck, I’m cumming.’ Tina stopped licking her

clit, moved back a little and carried on roughly fingering the older woman’s cunny.

With a loud: ‘Oh, oh, oh, oh!!!’ Julie started to come. Suddenly she started to squirt

large amounts of female come all over Tina, squirt after squirt over Tina’s tits and

onto the carpet.

There was a sudden silence as Julie lay quivering coming and coming quietly now.

Tina smirked at her handy-work with mounting anticipation at the reciprocation to

come. Jack and Donald stood, huge cocks in their hand, open-mouthed in surprised


Donald exclaimed, ‘Oh, no; fuck it, I’m gonna spunk!’

His right hand became a blur over the end of his prick as he wanked himself off to an

explosive climax. Great gouts of jism spurted from his cock, and shot out two or

three feet over Julie’s face and tits.

As the two men stood ogling the women’s naked bodies, Julie wiped Donald’s

come from her body. She then wiped her pussy which was dripping juice. She stood,

bent over, and started to pick up her clothing.

‘What the fuck are you doing,’ Jack asked, ‘you’re not finished yet. Tina wants her

little pussy eaten and I have such a load of come to get rid of.’

He was such an uncouth bastard, and Julie hated him with a passion. She dropped

her clothes and nodded to Tina, who rose from the floor and took up Julie’s former

position on the couch. Julie knelt, and leaning forward, had her first look at a

woman’s pussy. Tina was wet and swollen, pussy juice ran down her lips onto her

arse. Julie breathed in the heady smell of the younger woman’s pussy and prepared

for her first taste.

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