Bored in Oregon

Bored in Oregon

In the early 80’s Jeff and I were just a couple of young, bored teenagers, hanging around the dusty countryside of Southern Oregon, just outside of Medford. We had met in the fouth grade and grew up together and I used to hang out at his house a lot. My folks were always fighting and drinking, but Jeff’s mom and dad were pretty cool so they let me stay there anytime I wanted. His dad had a closet full of porno magazines- Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler and Cheri.. the guy had tons of stuff. During summer vacation, I stayed night at Jeff’s house a lot. We’d stay up all night, staring at porn and getting all worked up. One night, something special happened that changed everything.
Jeff and I were in his bedroom, a stack of porno mags between us on the bed. It was summer and we were both in our underwear and we had been looking at pictures and reading for about an hour. Every once in a while, we’d trade or show each other a particularly hot girl. I liked reading the letters in Forum a lot, too. I was getting a serious case of blue balls, staring at some huge tits in a Penthouse and massaging my my swollen dick, not knowing what to do cause I had never beaten off before. That may sound dumb but there were things I just hadn’t discovered on my own yet. Jeff looked over at me.
“Have you ever put a rubber on?”
“what, those things from the machines? In the bathroom? Sure.” I lied. I’d never gotten one.
“Do you want to put one on now? Sometimes I like to do it when I’m reading.”
Jeff got up and reached under his mattress, took out a handful of little packages and threw them on the bed. I kind of waited to see what he was going to do. Still standing up, he dropped his underwear. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen his dick.. it was longer than mine, but thinner. But it was still exciting and somehow different this time. He tore open one of the packages, put the condom on his cock and unrolled it down the shaft. I stared at his cock, all weird and shiny, encased in rubber. After a few seconds, I caught myself and stopped staring at his dick. I grabbed a package, ripped it open and placed the rubber on the tip of my swollen head. I tried to unroll it but it just wasn’t working right. It unrolled but wouldn’t go down.
"Its upside down.” Jeff said to me. “turn it over.”
I took it off and tried again but the thing was halfway unrolled now. I felt like an idiot and couldn’t get it to work. Jeff came over and sat next to me. I kept looking at his dick, all big and shiny in that rubber.
“aw, dude.. just get another one. Here let me show you.” He grabbed the end of the rubber off my cock and pulled it off, tore open another package and showed the rubber to me.
“See how it unrolls this way.. but not this way? If you put it on upside down, it won’t roll down. “ He handed it to me and watched as I placed it on the tip of my penis and unrolled it. It felt kinda weird, but I liked it. I started to play with it a litlte bit, sliding it up and down. I liked the slick feeling, the way it made my cock feel all snug inside there. Jeff watched me do all this and somehow things felt different from any other time we’d read porn together.
“do you ever beat off?” Jeff asked me quietly.
“no.. I dunno. What is it?” I was totally clueless back then.
“its when you go like that till you cum. A guy in the locker room showed me.” He took his own dick in his hand, quickly moving his hand up and down. I watched in fascination as the rubber slid up and down his shaft, his hand moving faster and faster. He began breathing hard and I sat there, getting very excited. Then he stopped and looked at me.
“You’ve never done that? Try it, it feels really good.”
I tried it, kind of nervously … but all at once, I understood. It felt GREAT. Oh, man I could do this all day. My hand went up and down my shaft, the rubber sliding against my skin felt wonderful. I had touched myself before but nothing like this had ever happened. I was getting huge and thick. Oh, geeze it felt good. I kept playing with it. We went back to looking at porn for awhile, both of us playing with our dicks.
I wasn't staring at a naked chick very long. My hand started going faster, sliding the condom up and down my shaft, sliding all over the head. My balls got tight and suddenly, I felt really weird and my hand started going faster and I couldn’t slow down even if I wanted to. My cock jerked and I came without warning.
“oh.. Oh! OH!” I said and shot an orgasm all over the inside of the condom, shaking and breathing hard as my cock twitched over and over. My first ever climax and my best friend was right there with me, showing me how and sharing it with me. My heart was pounding as I tried to relax and come down to earth again.
“yea.. isn’t that cool?” Jeff said. He was watching me and moving his hand up and down his dick which was really hard now. He started to move his hand faster and faster, but then he stopped. “Sometimes I like to see if I can make it last for a while. It gets better when you make it last.”
He grabbed a magazine and went back to reading while I sat there and tried to get myself back together. My penis was still really sensitive and and moving the condom made me jump and shiver. I waited a few minutes, then pulled it off and looked at the white stuff inside. Jeff had stopped reading long enough to watch me, then handed me a kleenex to wrap it up in. We shared a secret now.
I wasn't really interested in porn anymore but there wasn't anything else to do, so I grabbed another magazine. I kept looking over at Jeff, his hand moving slowly up and down on his cock. After awhile, he started to really jerk off . He was grunting and twitching and breathing hard and shaking the whole bed and I was getting really excited watching him. He had really big balls and they were bouncing up and down as he was jerking off.. he was going really hard and fast. He grunted and I watched as the end of the rubber filled up with his cum. He groaned as he came. Oh, man.. that made me really excited. I put on another rubber and started jerking off again. I came inside it in nothing flat.

Things went on like that all summer. We’d get together and almost every night we’d read porn and jack off together. Sometimes we'd leave off the condoms and use baby oil or whatever lube we could find.
It was just normal. We weren’t gay, we were just beating off together. But then summer was over and my parents didn’t let me spend the night at his place very often. We still talked at school at lot. When Christmas vacation came around and my folks were fighting a bunch, so I spent a lot of time at Jeffs place.

In the winter, it was was always cold in his room. Sometimes, I swear we could see our breath. We’d sit there in his bed, our knees up holding the mags, trying to beat off and look at porn at the same time. It never worked and the magazines always slid off the bed. It didn’t seem right to be jacking off unless we were looking at a girl, fantasizing about what we were doing to her.
Sitting there, trying to jack off under the covers.. I was frustrated. I liked to look at Jeff’s dick when he beat off, it got me excited. I never noticed it before, but we were always facing each other or nearly so, whenever we jerked off. Now, huddled under the covers together wanna do something?” I asked him.
“Like what? Glueing he magazines to the bedcovers?” he laughed.
“Well, no… I hadn’t thought of that. But what if we work together on this?” I reached one arm out over the covers and held onto the left side of the magazine I was looking at and slid it towards him, while I slid right next to him under the covers.
“You grab that side.” I told him. We were sitting side by side, our thighs touching under the blankets, each of us one arm holding the magazine. I had one more idea. Under the covers, I reached over and took ahold of Jeff's dick in my hand.
“You do me and I’ll do you.” I said to him as I slowly began to move my hand up and down his shaft. He didn’t say anything for a second, then he just reached over and took hold of my rock hard cock in his hand. I shivered as he wrapped his fingers around my shaft and began to stroke my cock. It felt so different. I knew I couldn’t last long. We were both wearing rubbers and the feeling of his big hand sliding up and down my cock was unbelieveable. It felt like hours as we sat together and jacked each other off, but it was probably only about two minutes.. I think that’s all we could stand. As soon as his hand started moving faster against my dick, my hand sped up and all at once we were both going at it. If we didn’t come together, we were sure close. His hips bucked and his cock twitched in my hand and suddenly I felt the warmth of his cum filling the rubber. Feeling his orgasm in my hand made me cum and I shot into his hand. I jumped and twitched like a wild man as he milked my cock. After I came he kept moving his hand.
“oh..geez… take your hand off.. I’m too sensitive!” I finally grunted. That was a big difference between us.. I couldn’t handle anything touching my head after I came, but to him it was no big deal.
We lay together next to each other, breathing hard and still holding each others cocks. After awhile we both fell asleep.

We jerked each other off a few more times during vacation but I still wanted to do more. It was a month before I had another chance. The next time we got under the covers together and started to jerk each other off, I stopped.
“Wanna do something else?” I asked him.
“Like what?
“Like.. I dunno. Something different.”
“Maybe.. yea. Okay. What is it?”
“well..” I was too chicken to say. “ can I try something? If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.” I think he knew what I was going to try.
“are you gay?” he asked me.
“no.. no, I don’t think so. I mean, we talk about girls all the time, and I mean.. we’re looking at girls now. But lets face it.. we’re two guys together, we’re best friends.. why not take care of each other? Later on, when we get girlfriends.. we can do whatever we want with them. But right now, friends should take care of each other.”
“yea.. true. Okay. What do you want to do?”
“well, you just read.. and tell me if you like this.” I said. I waited a second, then slipped underneath the covers. I was shaking with nervousness but knew I had to try something that I had been thinking about. Beneath the covers, I slid down, feeling around in the dark.. then moving between his legs, I crawled upwards until I was right between his thighs. I didn’t know if he was reading, but that was the idea… it made it seem more safe. I put my hand around the shaft of his cock and started to beat him off, gently. Pretty soon he was very hard. I slid the condom off his dick. I licked my lips, then I moved my head forward and took his cock into my mouth.
“oooooohh..” I heard him moan through the covers as he spread his legs apart. I had no idea what I was doing, but I began to run my tongue over his shaft and all over his cockhead. I made an O with my mouth and moved it up and down on his cock. It tasted slightly salty and funky and it was very, very soft. I was getting a huge hard on just doing this and thought I was going to cum without even touching myself but it didn’t happen. I softly sucked at his cockhead, feeling it grow bigger and harder between my lips, licking the underside and all over the head, just running my tongue in circles around it. His shaft was like iron but the head of his cock was so silky soft and smooth. I reached down and rubbed his balls with my fingers and they tightened up against him.
“oh, man.. “ jeff said and suddenly his hands were on my head, holding me still. He froze.. and all at once his dick swelled up in my mouth and it pulsed as he squirted into my mouth. He shot four or five times into my mouth, filling it up with his cum, his cock twitching against my lips. I was surprised how warm it was. I didn’t know what to do, so I swollowed it. It tasted salty and a little weird.. but not bad. The feeling of his cock twitching in my mouth really got me aroused. I could feel each squirt of his cum and it seemed like his orgasm lasted a long time. His cock just kept jumping and stuff just kept coming out.
I sat there for a minute, holding his cock in my mouth until he got soft and his wet, sticky cock slipped out of my mouth. When I crawled out from under the covers, Jeffs head was back and his eyes were closed and he was still breathing hard. 
”are you okay?” I asked him just a little worried. He was wiped out.
“oh, man, that was so good.. “ he whispered. 
”do you… do you want to do me now?”
“okay.. gimme a second. hooo.”
After a few minutes, he slid underneath the covers. His lips wrapped around my cock and I was in heaven. Forget beating off, this was way better. He moved his very wet mouth up and down my cock, but when he held my shaft tight and ran his tongue across the tip, I lost my mind. It was only about thirty seconds before I felt that tingling in my balls and felt my orgasm rise up and take over. It came so hard it almost hurt. My hips bucked and I think I yelled as I shot over and over again into his soft mouth. Oh.. man.. I came so hard and afterwards, he kept his mouth on my cock and tried to swirl his tongue around the head.. I had to pull my cock out of his mouth.
“too.. too sensitive.. “ I tried to say. Jeff came up and we both gave each other a tired smile, turned over and went to sleep.

After awhile, when we got together, we'd read for awhile.. then one of us would say "wanna do something?" and we'd just get into a 69 position. I finally made him learn that he had to keep his mouth down below my head when I came, otherwise I”d flip out and yank my cock out of his mouth. Sometimes, he’d forget.. on purpose I think, just to watch me spasm and twitch and lose all control when I came. We’d try to see how could last longer, but as soon as he started sticking his tongue in the hole at the end, I’d cum real fast and hard. He liked me to play with his balls while I sucked him off.

This went on for about a year. Then, one summer I discovered my bum. I had been alone at home, beating off and feeling around down there when I discovered I got really turned on if I fingered my asshole. That led to shoving things up my butt when I beat off. I didn’t tell Jeff, at first. I eventually hid a small rod in my room and I'd cover it with a rubber and lots of vaseline and slowly ease as much I could take into my ass while beating off. That hard wooden shaft sliding in and out of my asshole really, really got me off.
I tried sharing the idea with Jeff, but he didn’t seem that interested. But it gave me an idea.
It was summer and I was spending whole weeks at his place. One night, as usual, we were starting off by reading magazines and every time I found a story in Penthouse where a guy had anal sex with a chick, I showed it to Jeff. Its supposed to feel really good, I said. After awhile, we pushed the magazines onto the floor, got into a 69 and started sucking each other off. I waited till he was good and hard and almost ready to cum. Then I stopped and waited for second. Would he do it?
“hey.. wanna try somethin’?” I asked him.
“Like what?”
“well.. umm. Together. Want to do something together?”
“I thought we were.”
“well, its like that but its not. Just say okay.”
“ookayyy.. “ he said. He was too aroused to argue His long, thin cock was standing straight up, the veins all sticking out. He looked a lot bigger than what I had been using at home, but I figured I could try. I got a rubber from under the bed and put it on him, watching him jump as I unrolled it, then I put some baby oil all over the condom. It already had lube but I knew it needed a lot.
Then I lay down next to him, face down on the bed. Still kind of nervous, I didn’t really know what he’d do. I reached down and pulled my buns apart.
“Put it in me..” I said. “buttfuck me. Its supposed to feel really good. Better than a BJ!”
He couldn’t argue with that. He knelt behind me and placed his rubber-encased dick between my buns.. it slid around my asshole, arousing me even more. Him too hopefully. He finally found it and I said There! Now slowly. I tried to relax my hole as his head began to slide inside. Oh, man.. his cock was so thin, but it was long.. it felt so good. I thought I would shoot my cum all over the sheets.
“Go slow…” I grunted. The pressure was building up and though it was arousing, he was stretching me out pretty good. "Does it feel good?"
“uhh.. good. Real good. Does it hurt?” Jeff whispered. The strain in his voice made me think he was close to cummimg.
“Just wait a sec. Get in and just relax.”
He pushed in till he was resting against me and I could feel his balls against my buns. Then he started to go in and out.
“Go slow.” I breathed. I wanted this to last.. man, it felt sooo good.
He pulled his cock almost all the way out.. then very slowly he began to slide in again. Then again. And again. Each time it felt like his cock was getting bigger. Beneath me, I was leaking precum all over the bed.. the way he was stroking my prostate, it was no wonder. Pretty soon he was pumping into me pretty hard, so I made him stop.
He lay on top of me, breathing hard, his hot skin against mine, legs on either side of mine, his hard cock deep inside me. I squeezed him inside me with my muscles and he tensed up.
“Did you feel that?” I asked him, not knowing he could.
“oh, you bet dude..!”
I did it again and that set him off. He started pumping into me, hard. His hips slapped against my ass real fast and then with one big push he was deep inside me, grunting and shoving and almost splitting me open as his cock seemed to grow huge in my ass. He came and came again, pushing and bucking against my buns until there was nothing but the twitching of his cock. The he just lay on top of me, breathing hard in my ear. We lay there for a few minutes while his orgasm subsided. After a few minutes, I squeezed him again and he groaned and tried to push his softening dick further inside. But he was spent and his cock got limp and he slipped out. He rolled off me, collapsed on the bed and after a few minutes he was snoring. I grabbed my dick, took about two strokes to cum and then I fell asleep too.

The next morning when we woke up, I tried to do it to him, but I was too big and it hurt him. I couldn’t even penetrate him. After awhile I was able to enter him, with lots of vaseline, but it was never as good to him so we didn’t do it very often. Instead, we settled on a compromise. We’d get some lube and he’d put some on his hand and cock. I would lay faceup on the the bed with my butt at the edge. Jeff would kneel between my legs and penetrate me. Then he would give me a slippery handjob as he slowly fucked me. If I lasted longer then him, he would finish me off with a blowjob. But if I came first, he would pump away until he came in my ass.
It was so hard, laying there trying to hold still while his hand slowly tortured me. My cock would swell until it was painfully hard and he would oh, so slowly slide his big hand up and down the shaft while he slid his cock all the way in.. and then all the way out of my asshole. My arms would shake .. heck, my whole body would shake as he took his sweet time bringing me to an agonizingly slow orgasm. When I finally shot my load, it would shoot all over, squirt after squirt of hot, sticky cum all over him and me. Before I was finished with my orgasm, while my cock was still twitching, it would send Jeff over the edge and he would grab my hips and fuck me hard and fast, pumping his cock into me. His grunting and grimacing got me all aroused. If I got hard again by the time he was finished, he would happily give me a blowjob.
One time, he came first.. it had been over a month since we’d done anything. He began to fuck me and totally forgot about giving me a handjob. He came fast, but his cock was still a little hard so it didn't slip all the way out. He looked up and remembered my cock. As he worked his fist up and down on my member, he got hard again. Really hard. The feeling of him growing inside my ass was incredible. His dick just got big inside me, stretching me and filling me up. It made me cum, my asshole twitching and clutching at his long, thin dick. He watched me as I came, then when I was finished, he fucked me hard and filled my ass a second time with his cum. I was a little sore after that one.

Sometimes when we were tired or wanted something different, he would enter me from behind and then we'd roll over onto our sides together. He would reach around and stroke my cock while I leaned against him and pushed my ass against his cock. He could always outlast me and sometimes after I came, we would just lay together, him slowly stroking his cock in and out of my ass until I got hard again. He'd massage my balls for awhile but eventually his hand would move up to my shaft and pretty soon I'd be shooting all over the towel we had put down. Then he'd come inside my ass and we'd fall asleep laying together on the bed.

Eventually, we got drivers licensces and started dating girls and drifted apart. I think he was afraid other people would find out. I was too.
Later, I heard he changed his name to Frank and moved to Seattle, but I never could find him.

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