Call her Gullible Gail

Call her Gullible Gail

Gail was a young woman in her mid 20’s. Blonde hair Blue eyes and a slim figure. She was a true blonde and would believe anything anyone tells her. She was so gullible that we now call her gullible Gail. One day she was going on vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She packed her car and headed on her first real vacation. She drove down I-95 through New Jersey into Delaware and then into Maryland. After going through Baltimore before coming to Washington DC, she had to pull into a rest area to pee.

Gail pulled in got out of her car, locked it up then walked to the rest rooms. She went in and did her business, then came back out. When this guy approached her asking her if she knew how to change a babies diaper. She told him yes she does that she is an aunt 6 times over. She then followed him into the mens room where he said his kid was. And with it being late at night no one else was around.

Gail walked into the men’s room and looked around only to find two other guys in there. The guy who got her to come in grabbed her and started kissing her. Trying to shove his tongue into her mouth. The other two guys grabbed her too and pulled her top up over her head. The tube top came off easy and her fine tits were exposed to them. Next they pulled off her skirt and thong and started grabbing at her tits. One guy from behind shoved his hand in between her legs, where he began trying to shove his finger up her snatch.

Gail couldn’t pull away from the three guys and they pulled her to the floor. Two of then held her arms as the other one got between her legs and spread them apart. He pull down his pants and shorts to have his dick hang out long enough for her to see about 10 inches of flesh about to be rammed into her pussy. One of the other guys was sucking on her tits and playing with the other, while the third guy turned her head towards him. That’s when she seen another monster in her face. It was at least 9 inches and hard as a rock.

The guy sucking her tits bit down on her nipple a little hard and it caused her to open her mouth in pain. When she felt the 9 inch monster being shoved into her mouth. The guy told her to make sure that she doesn’t bite it or she would loose her teeth. So she started sucking on it unwantingly. And she could feel the monster between her legs trying to push into her hole that was much smaller then it.

He was pushing and pushing his cock, trying to get it into her cunt. When one time he pushed really hard as he held it tight in his hand. That’s when he felt it go into her sweet tight love box. It was so tight that it hurt his dick, squeezing his dick real hard. But he didn’t care; he was going to fuck this chick if it killed him.

The guy in her mouth started Cumming and told her she had better swallow it all. To suck every last drop of his cum out of his cock. So she sucked harder on it trying to fulfill his wish. Then he pulled it out of her mouth and the other guy sucking on her tits moved up for his turn. He didn’t have to say a word to her, she just opened her mouth and rapped her mouth around it and started sucking it.

The guy fucking her was now pounding her legs with every thrust. His head went back and she could tell he was Cumming in her. His load was hot and there was a lot of it. He came and came and she felt every gush of it pumping into her pussy. Then he said it’s my turn for a blow job now.

About this time the one getting his blow job started Cumming in her mouth. He pulled out of her mouth when he was done Cumming and went back to play with her tits. The other guy jumped between her legs and started ramming his cock into her pussy, while the 10 inch guy slapped her face with his dick several times before allowing her to put her mouth around it.

They all got off again and ran out of the rest room. She got herself up and at the sink cleaned herself up a bit. Then continued on her way driving herself to her first real vacation. When she got to the hotel, she checked in. She noticed two guys staring at her and wondered why they were staring. She went to her room and took a hot bath. Then went to bed and forgot all about the rest area thing.

The next morning she went out in her shorts and a sweat shirt that zips up the front. The front room they had a continental breakfast and she sat down and enjoyed herself.
She noticed the two same guys looking at her again. Then they got up and left the breakfast area.

As she was done she headed back to her room and seen one of the two guys who were staring at her again. He was struggling with his baggage. As she passed by him, he asked her if she could help him with his bags. She said ok and he told her he has two more just inside his door. She pushed the door open, only to find the other big guy there. He grabbed her hair pulling her into the room as the guy behind her was pushing her.

There they tossed her onto the bed and pulled her shorts off. Then unzipped her top to show her nice tits off. The big guy was Black and the little one was white. The white one went straight to her pussy with his mouth. Licking and sucking on her clit like a wild man. While the big black man covered her mouth with his hand and began playing, licking and sucking on her tits.

With his free hand he pulled out his cock and was stroking it. He pulled her hand to his cock and made her stroke it more. Then he moved his body up to her face and told her she was going to suck his black snake. As he lifted his hand on one side, he shoved his cock under it. Pulling her head to the side and to her lips, He was pushing it against her mouth telling her to open up and suck him off.

Meanwhile the white guy was eating her pussy and now shoving his fingers into her love canal. First one, then two, then three. His pinky found its way to her butt hole and entered too. This was making her cum with every time he pushed his fingers in. And her mouth was filled with the black snake. He pushed harder and harder into her mouth as his hands pulled the back of her head. She had the snake at the back of her mouth and being pushed into her throat.

She could feel it swelling bigger every second, until it started erupting in her throat and mouth. He allowed her to pull her head back just enough to have the head of this cock in her mouth still. As it emptied out and down her throat she continued to suck his cock until he pulled it out. Then the two guys switched places.

The white guy didn’t have to say a word to her. She just wrapped her mouth around his cock and began sucking. While the black guy went down on her licking and fingering her pussy. This went on for a little bit, and then the black guy stood up between her legs and was trying to push his cock into her pussy. When it entered her pussy it ripped her hole a little and hurt. She let out a cry of pain, but never missed a stroke on the white guys cock.

They both came in her and lay there, one with his cock in her mouth and the other with his cock in her cunt. After a little bit the black guy moved back to her face and told her she needs to suck it hard again. As the white guy went between her legs for a fuck.

After a little time the black guy moved back down behind her and started rubbing his cock across her butt hole. This felt good to her and she rocked back and forth with the white guys cock in her cunt. After a few minutes the black guy aimed his cock at her hole and pushed hard, driving his cock into her anal canal with a mighty shove. This hurt like hell and she screamed at him.

The black guy covered her mouth with his hand again. Big cock in her pussy and a bigger one up her ass. Damn it hurts like hell she was thinking, but they never stopped their rhythm as they push and pulled at her ramming their cocks as deep as they could. They continued this until the both exploded inside of her.

Then they got the duck tape out and tied her hands to the headboard of the bed. They told her they were going to keep her there for a few days or so. That they wanted to keep her there to fuck over and over again. So for the next few days they only fed her cum, so I guess it was a protein diet that week.

The two guys fucked her all the time for three days then packed their stuff and left her there tired to the bed. Until the maid came in the room and found her. She told the manager what had happened, but she wasn’t going to waist another minute of her vacation worrying about it. And she didn’t want to press charges, with all the court crap and all.

She eats a good meal and went to walk on the beach. She took off her shoes and walked in the edge of the water. She walked along the beach for several hours, until she thought where the hell am I. She came up to a beach house and decided to ask how far she was from her hotel room. She knocked on the door and a woman asked her what she wanted. She explained how she walked forever and didn’t realize how far she had really gone. The woman told her to come in and offered her a glass of wine or a beer. That they were having a small party and she was welcome to hang out with them till morning and someone could give her a lift.

She accepted a big glass of wine and began drinking it rather fast. When it was empty another woman took it to get her more. That woman returned and gave her the second glass of wine and after it was gone her head began to swim badly. Then she was in and out of her memory.

The women at the house were all lesbo’s and took Gail to the bedroom, undressed her and began doing things to her while she was passed out. They took turns sitting on her face, rubbing their clits back and forth across her nose and chin. They shoved dildos and vibrators in and out of her cunt and ass. They strapped on the dildos and took turns fucking her holes. This went on all night long.

In the morning Gail woke up with two other chicks lying on either side of her. Everyone was completely naked. And she couldn’t remember what the hell happened. The other women woke up one by one and asked Gail if she would like some breakfast. She told them yes she would. So one woman climbed on the bed spread her legs in Gail’s face and told Gail to eat all she wants. Gail did eat each woman there and was eaten in return several times. They gave her a ride back to the hotel and she spent her last two days in the room.

Gail packs her things up and headed for home feeling very worn out and tired. She wonders why they call it a vacation when you end up more tired then when you work all week. Gail drove home and went back to her same old self. Being Gullible as ever.

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