When finally Carlos had gotten over the initial shock, that the woman he had professed love to and got laughed in his face for, had just pushed him into a chair and was now straddling his lap with her lips pressed to his, he was rather enjoying himself. Waves of tingling warmth spread into his limbs as her tongue gently enveloped his; he could have never anticipated he'd be here, because he was sure Hannah hated him, but that evidentally was far from the truth.

"Hannah…" He muttered, pulling away from her tantalizing lips. "I thought dat you didn't like me…" Apparantly when it didn't matter, Carlos wasn't above letting a bit of his Peurto Rican accent through; which Hannah didn't mind and found it only added to his sex appeal.

"Shh…" She said softly, gently placing her finger to his lips. His wide eyes relaxed, and he let out the huge breath of tension that nearly had his lungs to a bursting point. Before he could anticipate her next move her lips were once again against his, and the warmth once again returned as they melted into eachother. Gaining a bit of bravery he placed his hands on her waist, gently exploring the curves of her body, eventually reaching her breasts, a gentle massage found them to be unbridled; their nipples firming beneath his palms.

Pulling away, she gave him a devilish grin, which he returned with a devious grin of his own as his fingers fumbled with the buttons of her blouse which were undone quickly. She, however, was a little less amiable when she seized the collar of his shirt and forced the fabric in two directions, sending the small buttons cascading onto the floor. With one quick movement she had tossed her blouse into a nearby chair, releasing her breasts, which bounced into their newfound freedom; Carlos took this oppertunity to shrug his ruined shirt into the chair behind him, exposing the mocha tinted skin of his naked chest.

Returning his attention to Hannah, he could hardly withstand the urge to touch her beautiful, round breasts, but she had other plans as she slid from his lap onto her knees in the floor. Placing her hands on his knees and spreading her thin fingers, she massaged his thighs, teasingly avoiding the growing lump in his lap that was his stiffening cock. She could tell, even before her fingers closed around his top button, that he was huge, but she had no idea until she'd pulled his pants down to his ankles, just what a monster she was dealing with, as his girthful 12 inch cock popped into view. Still, without hesitation, her fingers curled around the dark skin of his shaft and gave it a few short, slow strokes that caused him to give a short moan of pleasure. She looked up at him, batting her eyelashes innocently, but the idea was ruined by her devious smile.

Wetting her lips, she leaned in closer and ran her tongue along the length of his shaft. Once at the top she wrapped her moistened lips around it's head and pressed it to the back of her throat. Slowly at first then faster and faster she slipped her lips up and down his cock, sending even more intense waves of tingling warmth through his body; his moans causing her pussy to react by soaking her panties.

"Uuunngh…" He cried, softly pulling her hair and running his fingers through it as she continued to suck and lick his cock, her fingers gently fondling his balls as she did so; every so often she'd spare them a lick or suck. "Oh, God yes…H-Hannah…uuuhhh…" His moans intensified as she could feel his balls tense up threatening to fill her throat with hot cum. With a small pop, she removed her lips from his cock and returned to stroking it with her closed fingers, a little more vigorously this time. "Oohhhh, fuuuck…" He moaned as he shot cum onto her face and boobs.

"Mmm, hm, hm…" She purred with a tiny laugh as she licked the cum from her chin, and the rest she massaged into her breasts; licking her fingers afterward. Carlos was quick to recover, and he grabbed Hannah's arm and pulled her back up into his lap, one knee on either side. His hands travelled slowly and softly up her back, and around to her breasts; Carlos couldn't wait to get his hands on these and now they were purely at his mercy. Caressing them lightly, he gave her nipples a small pinch before he began to tease them with his tongue, as one of his hands trailed down her stomach, up her skirt and began to gently rub her pussy through her panties.

"Mmm, Carlos…" She whispered in his ear as he chuckled against her breast, his warm breath causing goose bumps to form all over her body. Soon, he found his lips to be pressed to hers once more; his hands trailing down her body to start sliding her panties down her thighs. With a little assistance they were quickly removed and discarded with a careless toss. He gently ran his finger along her wet slit, as her thin fingers worked their way into his thick, jet black tresses. After giving her clit a few small strokes he slipped a finger into her cunt, and before she could get a feel he slipped in another; pumping them slowly at first, then faster and faster. Leaning far forward, he began to roll his tongue quickly back and forth across her neglected clit, as she pulled harder at the fistfuls of his hair. "Fucking God Carlos! I-I-I'm going to cum!!" She almost screamed as she could feel the waves of heat building inside her. Carlos heard her plea and pulled away so quickly it was almost cruel, pulling his tongue away and withdrawing his fingers until the tension in her body had subsided.

Grinning almost maliciously once more he raised his fingers to his lips, running his tongue along them; licking off her juices. When able, she seized his wrist and ran his fingertips along her lips and pressed them into her mouth; withdrawing them seconds later, clean. He smiled, placing his hands onto her hips and pulling her close; with a quick glance he saw her swallow hard and nod; before she could change her mind he pressed down on her hips, feeling his cock meet with her cunt he pushed up.

"Ahhhh!!" She wailed in terror as the monster was forced inside her. Almost greedily, Carlos ignored her as he pressed harder, having almost half of himself inside. "Aaagh, CARLOS!" She cride again.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked as if he had no idea what her wails related to.

"N-No…" She said shakily, though she nodded contradictivly. Using her knees for support she pushed up then pressed back down, abled to take a little more each time.

"Uugh, Hannah…" Carlos moaned as she slowly rode his cock. "Fuck, you're so tight…" He said moving his hands to her waist. As time wore on she was able to ride him faster and faster.

"Carlos…Oh, fuck…yeeeaahhh, oh yeeeeessss…." She purred, ignoring the small trickle of blood running down her thigh. "Oh God, Carlos…yeaaaaahhhh, mmm, yeaaahhhh….ohhh…."

When he was sure she could handle it he began to thrust with her, quickly, until they'd established a steady motion.

"Oh, Hannah…yeah, baby…." He said out loud, "Fuck, baby…yeah, ride my cock…"

"Ohhhh, yeah, Carlos…fuck me, fuck me harder baby…"

Carlos could hardly ignore her luscious tits, that had begun to bounce teasingly as she rode him. Reaching out he grabbed them both roughly, and began massaging them crudely in time with their rhythm.

"Oh, C-Caaarrrlos…" She growled, as a lone tear slid down her cheek.

"Yeah? Yeah, baby…you like that?" He said, almost completely losing his previous innocent demeanor.

"Fuck me harder, ROUGHER!!!" She pleaded once more.

Using his arms for support, Carlos began thrusting as roughly as his young body would allow, slamming his entire 12 inches into the poor girl's petit cunt, nearly knocking the wind out of her. Still, she pleaded for more, as his balls roughly slapped against her ass.

"Yeeeaaahhh!!! CARLOS!!! YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!! FUCK!!!!" She now screamed, as she tossed her head, sending locks of auburn hair spraying in all directions. "FUCK, FUCK, FUUUCCKK!!! Oh keep fucking me!!! Keep…fuck…ing…meeeee…." She begged.

"Yeah baby…fuck yeah, yeah! Huh, you like that? Yeeeaaahhh, you ride that cock baby, take it…" He freed a hand to slap her jiggling ass roughly.

"Awww….FUUUUUUUCK, Ohh, baby I'm gonna' cuuummm!!!"

"Mmm, baby I'm cumming too!!" He cried out, slowing his pace dangerously quick and making to withdraw his cock, but Hannah shoved him back, deep into the chair and pressed down on his cock, taking the entire length in one plunge, feeling his hot cum fill her cunt.

"Ohhh…" She moaned in ecstasy. "Ohhhh, cum in me baby…yesssss…"

When it was over, they both sat cuddled against eacother, breathing heavily. Carlos looked down at her, smiling sweet and innocently; Hannah returned the gesture.

"God…I hate you Carlos…" She said with a straight face, but followed it quickly with a smile.

"Yeah, baby…I love you too…"

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