Case of the Dragon Tooth

Case of the Dragon Tooth

If you have not read “Case of the Cocked Hand” I suggest you read that story first. In the interest of space I have not repeated character development and a bit of story line in this episode that already exists in “Cocked Hand”. And once again a caution, I am wordy. If you do not like long stories, leave now and save yourself the aggravation.

Chapter 1

He thought of himself as the Watcher. He didn’t always; it was that woman in the hospital that named him. Sitting in a group session one day she mentioned that she noticed he spent a lot of time watching people and would he want to talk about it; actually he didn’t. Perhaps she should have been a better watcher; then she might not have ended up stuffed in several shelves in a closet on the night he left. Looking back on it he thought he could have done better, but then he had learned a lot since then.

Now that he thought about it, he realized he had always been a watcher; he existed at the edge of society where he would not be noticed. His handiwork was noticed though; he made sure of that. He was sitting in a cafe, about a block away from the city park in the middle of this town. From his seat near the front he could see down the block to where the police cars were parked haphazardly around the park, lights flashing, several officers in the street waving everyone by while a group of others were standing in the middle of the park looking at something by the base of a tree. He knew they could see his handiwork and appreciate it.

It was morning and the café was about half filled. He watched the other diners. He looked at what they were wearing. He had made sure he wore the same kind of clothes so he would blend in. He practiced the looks on their faces. He did not quite understand what the person felt when they smiled but he had learned when he should smile, or frown. Occasionally he would make a mistake and use the wrong facial expression and get a funny look from someone; but he had gotten better at it, that rarely happened any more.

He looked at a couple across the room; the girl must have said something the guy did not like because he was frowning. The watcher tried to match the frown; tightening the muscles in his forehead. When he thought he had it right he moved on to the next table; two women were talking, one laughing while telling a story. He smiled and pretended to say words, his lips moving, to see if he could keep the smile on his face; he was pleased with the results. He looked on to the next table and saw a man sitting alone, looking at him. He had a different look on his face, kind of a frown but different. Then it came to him; he was watching me, he’s wondering.

The Watcher knew he could not just jump up and leave, that might increase the man’s curiosity. He looked down at his plate; he had finished his breakfast already so he kept his eyes down and finished his coffee. After a few minutes he left a tip and walked over to the counter to pay his tab. From there he could see the man from the side. He was no longer looking at him. The Watcher felt a new sensation; was that relief? He decided it was. He did not really want to have to kill the man, not that he was reluctant to kill, but he was old, there would be no challenge, and besides, he preferred to save his attention for the young girls.

When he got outside he walked to the next storefront before he looked back to the city park; he did not want the old man to notice him looking and begin to wonder about him and perhaps say something to someone else.

He gazed back at the park remembering the young woman, remembering her big erect nipples. His hand slipped into his pants pocket, feeling the bag. It was only right that he kept them; a souvenir to remember his time with her.

There were more police cars now; where before it was just locals, now he saw that some state cars had joined them. It was time to leave this town. He had fun with three girls up to now but now it was time to move on. He turned away and walked down the street; a practiced smile on his face.

Chapter 2

It’s Déjà vu all over again. Once again Todd found himself up in the tree line watching cattle butt. It’s hard to believe that it was just a month ago that I was the darling of the town. I had solved a series of bank robberies and at least one homicide, all committed by the same person. I had everyone in town dropping in to say hi, little kids asking if I shot anyone, a lot of the eligible women in town dropping in to basically ask if I’d give them a shot. One rather aggressive young lady even suggested what weapon I should use and just where I could shoot her. A couple of young women suggested services that the sheriff’s department does not currently offer; interestingly, they were quite different services.

But it all died away fairly quickly. Now I’m back to being the low deputy on the seniority totem pole. I get to sit on my ass out in the country, watching for a cattle rustler that never seems to appear when I’m here.

It’s September, it should be getting cooler this time of year but we are in the middle of an unusual heat wave. It must have been 110 today and it’s probably still over 90 even now at 4 AM. A front is headed our way in a couple of days that will blow this all away and should give us our first taste of fall.

With that storm front in mind I spent most of today, well yesterday, helping Henry, a friend, put hay away in his barn and I’m beat. I’m having a devil of a time trying to stay awake here; like I said, staring at nothing but cow butt.

I’m looking forward to some cooler weather. Deer season starts in a couple of days. I’ve not been hunting in years, that is, if you exclude my time in Afghanistan. But then that was a different kind of hunt; they frequently shot back. I could use the time off too. Just get away by myself for a few days.

I took one last look around and then picked up my stuff and headed back to my jeep. It was a bit earlier than when I usually called it a night on a stakeout but I was beat; I needed some sleep. When I got to the substation I decided to just bunk there, I even passed on my usual breakfast at the diner with Henry.

I parked in back, keyed in my code at the back door and made my past the cells. They were all empty as usual. The air-conditioner was working overtime to get the temperature down to a more comfortable 80. I went into the office and secured my weapon before going back to one of the cells, turned off the lights, stripped, and then collapsed on top of a bunk. I turned over on my back and thought about perhaps taking this weekend plus a few days and going up on the mountain. Did I want to invite one of those young ladies to go with me? Probably half a dozen of them would jump at the chance. Maybe ask two, I’ve never done that before. Just before closing my eyes I decided no, just by myself; get some quiet time. The drone of the air-conditioner was the last thing I remembered.

It seemed like I had barely closed my eyes when something roused me. I was still groggy from the lack of sleep; it took a minute to realize something was brushing against the head of my cock. It must be the sheet. There was just enough irritation to give me a hard-on, the intense kind: The kind where you really need to just grab yourself hard just to relieve the tension. Then I remembered. I had gone to sleep on top of the sheet.

I started to lower my hand to see what it was when…What the Hell? My hands were handcuffed to the top of the bunk. I blinked several times, trying to get the sleep out of my eyes and focus. I tried to move up in the bed but I couldn’t move my legs. I looked down and saw Cindy sitting on my thighs with my now very erect cock gripped in her right hand.

Cindy was the daughter of the richest man in our county and pretty high up there in the state. It was his land that I had been staking out last night. Well, a tiny part of his land. Cindy was just fifteen and we met a few months ago when I took her out of a car parked at our ‘lover’s lane’ with a senior known for screwing around with underage girls. To my discredit she ended up naked under my desk at the office giving me, I have to admit, a fantastic blowjob, while her father was pacing back and forth in front of the desk, oblivious to what his daughter was doing to me. That sounds kind of bad, but in my defense, she was naked when I took her out of the car. It’s kind of a long story but the memory of her mouth on my cock, her breasts in my hands returned in just a few seconds, and if anything, my cock just got harder.

Cindy was smiling at me, “Took you long enough to wake up sleepy-head. I thought soldiers were always ready to go on a moments notice. She gave my cock a little shake, “Here’s your notice”.

I was fully awake now. I shook my arms, rattling the handcuffs. “Stop playing around and take these off me”. I looked over the side of the bunk. Her clothes were lying in a pile beside the bunk, “And put your clothes back on. This isn’t funny, take these off”.

“You didn’t seem to mind so much the last time I was naked. In fact, if I remember correctly, you didn’t mind when you came in my mouth”. She had me there. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot the last month or so. You were a real gentleman last month; saving my honor, taking me home without taking advantage of me when it was obvious I wanted you to”. She was smiling the entire time; occasionally looking up at me but most of the time her head was down, looking at my cock. I was trying to maintain eye contact with her but every time she looked away from me I would glance down at her body. She had one of the best bodies I had ever seen. Where were the girls like this when I was fifteen? I couldn’t think of even one.

She must spend a lot of time out in the sun; her skin was a great bronze color, and not a tan line in sight. I was quite sure of that because I was looking pretty closely. “You like”? Cindy’s voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up and she was watching me. She knew I was staring at her body. She put her left hand under her breast and lifted it a bit; it did not need much lifting, gravity would not touch her body for years. “I’m not that big but I think they are okay. It felt nice when you caressed them the last time”.

I was having trouble concentrating on what she was saying with her hand slowly moving up and down my cock and her breasts staring me in the face. She had said something but I missed it, “What did you say”?

“I said, I would like you to touch them again but I have better plans for you right now, maybe next time”.

I needed to change the subject, staring at her naked body and remembering my cock in her mouth was not going to help me here. “How did you get in here”? And what did she mean, ‘next time’.

“I was standing right at your side when you keyed your combination in the back door; and really, 1-3-9-7? Can’t you remember a more difficult combination”?

That’s right. The night I brought her in to the station, she was right next to me. I didn’t notice her watching me but obviously she must have. That was stupid; I’ll have to change it.

Cindy leaned down, her long blond hair falling in my face, until her breasts were just above the head of my cock. She began slowly rubbing my cock in a circle around one breast. The circles got smaller until the head was rubbing against her nipple. It was so erotic, watching my cock make a depression in her breast as she moved it around.

She must have been playing with me for a while before I woke up as I saw I was leaving a shiny, wet trail on her breast. Cindy stopped and held my cock between her breasts. She held him there with a finger from each hand as she tried to push her breasts closer together, trying to get them around my cock. They didn’t quite make it. She had really nice breasts but not big enough for what she was attempting. Cindy frowned, “I saw a ‘titty fuck’ in a video on the Internet. I guess we won’t be doing that. But that’s okay. We can do something much more fun”.

“We won’t be doing anything”. I shook my arms again to get her attention. “Now get these off me before I get mad”.

Without letting go of my cock, Cindy rose from her sitting position on my thighs, up onto her knees. She inched forward until she was directly over my hips; my cock was positioned between her legs, pointed up at her pussy. Last month I had noticed she had shaved her pubic hair to a small patch just above her pussy; nothing had changed.

“Cindy, we can’t do this. You’re only fifteen. You’re too young, you want to wait”. While I was talking, I tried to use my legs to move Cindy away. It just wasn’t working. With my hands cuffed and her still on me I could not move her away. Or was I not trying hard enough?

Cindy smiled at me and then looked down at my cock, “No I don’t”. She moved her hand up my shaft so that just the last inch of the head was poking out above her fist. With me in her grip she began rubbing me in circles around her pussy. From the way it felt I think I was partially inside her and she was rubbing herself with her hand.

Cindy let out a long “mmmmmm” and closed her eyes. “This isn’t my first time. Although, I’m not sure my first time should even count. I think if it lasts less than a minute that should be a do-over; just not with that guy. Don’t you agree”?

I was trying to think of something convincing to say when Cindy let go of my cock and just sank down on me. I think she meant to do it in one stroke, to bury me in her and end the discussion and get to the fucking, but she did not make it; or rather I did not make it. She was so tight around me I only made it in about half way. Her eyes got big and her mouth opened.

Just before she sank down on me I had decided ‘fuck it’. There was nothing I could do to stop it so I might as well enjoy it. She felt so tight around me and I was only half way in her, but I wanted to be deeper. I lifted my hips, pushing up, trying to bury myself in her. Cindy dropped her hands to my stomach. “No, stop, I mean wait”. Her voice was catching. Cindy lifted herself up, rising up almost off of me. I could see that just the head of my cock was still inside of her. After holding herself up for several seconds she gradually lowered herself back down. I watched as my cock slowly disappeared in her; spreading her lips apart as her pussy engulfed me. When we reached the halfway point again I was about to thrust up when Cindy stopped. “I don’t think you are going to fit”.

“I thought you said you had sex before”.

Cindy pulled back up a bit, “I did but he was smaller than you and he barely got in me before it was over. It was kind of embarrassing”.

“I’m flattered that you think I’m so big but I’m just normal. I would say your boyfriend might be a bit on the small side. We just need to go slow in the beginning”.

“He’s not my boyfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend. What should I do?

“Well, we need to just go slowly, or” and I hoped she did not say agree with me on this one, “or, we should stop”. I thought, ‘please don’t stop’. Cindy looked a bit awkward just kneeling above me. When she did not say anything I decided for her, “Put your hands on my chest to support yourself”. Cindy moved her hands from her sides and placed them on my chest. I lifted my hands, “Now if you would un-cuff my hands I could help you”.

Cindy looked at me for a long time and then shook her head and smiled, “No, I think I like you this way better. If I take them off you could just toss me aside”.

I wanted to tell her it that would not happen, but I kept quiet. Perhaps it eased my conscience if I thought I was being forced by a fifteen year-old and not a willing participant. But truthfully, she wanted to get fucked and I wanted to fuck her. Very little blood was getting to my brain to do any logical thinking. The guy doing the thinking for me right now was right where he wanted to be. Well, a few inches away from where he wanted to be.

“Okay, lean forward and put your hands by my head”. As she did what I told her one of her nipples brushed my cheek. I turned my head and sucked her nipple and areole into my mouth. Cindy groaned and I felt her hips begin to push back down on me. I pulled my mouth from her breast and said, “Wait, don’t push down on me yet”.

Cindy stopped pushing and moved her breast back up to my mouth just as I tried to say something. “Yrh cn gth sl”. I tried to push her breast out of my mouth with my tongue but she was leaning forward onto me and I was not having much success. But then perhaps I wasn’t trying hard enough.

Cindy laughed, “Didn’t your mother ever teach you to not to speak with your mouth full”? Cindy made a little face at me and continued, “But it feels good. When you licked my nipple it made me want you all the way in me”.

Cindy began lifting and lowering herself just an inch or so. God that felt good. It was warm in the station but it was damn hot inside her. I kept my head up, watching my cock slide just that little bit inside of her; her lips pushed aside as she lowered herself on me. Cindy saw me looking and lowered her head so she could see down between her legs. “Wow that looks weird”. She reached between her legs with one hand and grabbed my dick and tugged at it. “It’s really funny when you think of it. A guy sticks his cock in you and wiggles it around until stuff comes out”.

I pulled out just an inch or so and then pushed back in, going a bit deeper than I was before. “Did that feel funny”?

Cindy leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest, “No. Do it again”.

This time I tilted my hips down to pull all the way out of her. Looking between her legs I watched as more of my cock gradually came into view; I could see the partial head of my cock slowly appear, the lips of her pussy concealing just the top of it. I could also just see the hint of a tiny button at the junction of those lips that I yearned to reach out and caress.

I gently began pushing back up into her. I felt the tight ring of her pussy pass around my head and then slowly down my shaft as I went deeper into her. It was like putting your hand into a glove that was a couple of sizes too small. I could feel myself slowly making progress; I was another inch deeper in her. I held it there for a few seconds, neither of us saying anything and then began repeating the action, each time getting slightly deeper, until finally I was finally completely buried in her, my body pushing right up against hers. I stopped pushing up against her and let myself relax on the bunk.

Without opening her eyes she asked, “What do I do now”?

I replied, “Whatever feels good”.

She began moving up and down on me, slowly at first and then gradually faster until she was breathing faster and coming back down hard on me. After a few minutes she slowed and then finally stopped. She sat still for a moment; sweat beginning to form in spots. I watched as a bead dropped off her chin to her chest and then ran down between her breasts to her stomach.

She began to shift her weight on me and I saw her eyes open wide; I knew she had rubbed her clitoris against me. She let out a groan and then added, “Oh, that’s perfect”. She began rocking back and forth on me. As she rocked back I started pushing up into her. She dug her nails in my chest to get my attention. “No, don’t move; let me”. I relaxed again and let her take over.

Her eyes were closed and there was a look of intense concentration on her face. After a few minutes she rose up into a sitting position on me still rocking back and forth but harder now. Then Cindy sucked in her breath and then let out a long groan. With her eyes closed, her face became very tight and she arched her back. She still had a grimace on her face. It was a look I recognized, it would not be long now. Cindy let out a groan and then began to slow the frantic movement on me to a very deliberate thrust back and then forward; pushing herself down hard against me, driving me deep into her. Knowing she was about to cum was also bringing me to the brink. I could feel that nice tingle starting in my balls. Just as I was about to ruin the moment for her she froze on me and let out a little cry. As I felt her pussy spasm around my cock I couldn’t hold it any longer and let loose in her. Each spasm of her muscles seemed timed to draw another ejaculation from me.

Once we both had finished we lay there, her still on top of me, out bodies pushing lightly together. I could feel myself begin to shrink but it still felt good inside of her. I didn’t want it to end yet.

After several minutes our breathing had returned to normal. Neither of us had spoken a word in a while. The only thing wrong with the moment was that my hands were still handcuffed. I wanted to wrap my arms around her, hold her tight to me.

Her head was lying on my chest, pushed up against my chin. I could feel her warm breath on my skin. If only she was a few years older this would be perfect. I liked her, but her age was going to get me killed or put in jail. Then I thought of something all of us guys should ask and never do, at least not at the right time; was it okay to cum in her? Am I going to find out in a couple of months that it wasn’t? How could I be so stupid?

I lay there trying to figure out how to ask without sounding like a jerk; “Excuse me, was it okay for me to squirt all that sperm in you”? No, that wouldn’t do at all.

She was the first to speak. In a whisper, almost a purr, she said, “Thank you. That was nice”.

“You’re welcome”. Well here goes, “I need to ask you something. Are you on the pill or anything? Was it safe”?

“No, but its okay”.

That did nothing to alleviate my worries, “What do you mean ‘it’s okay’”?

She answered, “Everyone knows you can’t get pregnant the first time”.

I was shocked. How could she be so stupid? Now she’s going to get pregnant and then what will we do? It was bad enough my fucking a fifteen-year old but that could be handled, but if she gets pregnant? Almost shouting I said, “How could you—“? Before I could say any more I felt her body begin to shake on top of me. Had I scared her? Then I realized she was laughing. “What’s so funny”?

She turned her head toward me, brought her hands up over my chest, rested her chin on them and looked at me with a big smile on her face. “You are. Of course it’s okay. My period ended yesterday so I’m fine. But I suggest you begin carrying some condoms with you”.

“That won’t be necessary. This won’t be happening again”.

She smiled broadly at me, “I wouldn’t count on that”.

I knew there was no point in arguing. I would just have to avoid her, and change that combination. I shook my hands, “Could you please get these off me now.

Trying to keep her hips locked on me Cindy leaned over to the edge of the bed and reached down to the floor. She couldn’t quite make it so she had to lift a leg so she could reach farther. It was just enough of a movement for me to slip out of her and fall on my stomach with a little ‘plop’. When she came back up she had the handcuff key in her hand. She dug around with her hips trying to get me back into her, but it wasn’t going to happen; I was too soft now.

With my hands finally freed, I hugged her to me and then caressed her back, down to her butt and then back up. It was a nice back and butt and deserved more so I did it several more times.

We lay there, her still on top of me, our eyes closed, enjoying the moment, both of us lost in our thoughts. I’m not sure what she was thinking about but mine were mostly of ‘what was I thinking, how am I going to rectify this’?

After a few more minutes we both got up and walked to the shower. I followed behind her, admiring her body. I had not really noticed before how tall she was. The last time I had seen her like this she had spent most of the time huddled in the well of my desk, her father pacing back an forth in front of me; totally unaware his daughter was there with my cock in her mouth.

She must be 5’ 10” or 11”. I was 6’ 2” and preferred taller women; she was right in there. Now if I could only age her a few years.

When we got to the shower she took my hand and pulled me with her to a showerhead. Our setup was much like a gym with a bunch of showerheads spread around three walls. She turned on the water, still holding my hand. When the water was hot enough she pulled me in with her. We each took a bar of soap and began lathering each other. Her hands were getting dangerously close to my cock again and I was trying to show some willpower; I turned her around and began washing her shoulders and back. My willpower lasted about that long; when I reached her waist, the gentle flaring of her waist; I reached around her and began soaping up her stomach and finally reached her breasts. I lathered them with one hand while just rubbing them with the other. Her skin was slick and her nipples erect. I was getting very hard again. My erection was poking her in the back.

She turned around and said “My turn”. She lathered my chest and arms and then worked down to my stomach. Then she skirted around the hard cock pointing at her and worked her way down my legs.

When she reached my calves she stopped and moved me so the spray from the shower was hitting me in the chest. She then moved behind me and began soaping my back. She moved up close behind me and began rubbing herself against me; I could feel her nipples sliding around on my back.

After a minute or two she moved around in front of me, rubbed her hands on the bar of soap to build up a good lather and then began working on my cock. It was all I could do not to pick her up, pin her against the wall and fuck her right there; again.

She moved a step back and let the water rinse the soap off my cock and then I just stood there while she squatted down and took me in her mouth; running her tongue all around me. I watched in silence as her head bobbed up and down on me.

Just as I reached the point of admitting I had no willpower at all she pulled her head away and stood up, trapping my cock between us, and hugged me. She turned up face up to me and said, “I think he’s clean now”.

“Yes”, I agreed, “I think he is”. As I looked down at her face, her lips slightly parted and her tongue slipped out to lick her upper lip. Without thinking I lowered my head and gave her a gentle kiss. It lasted several seconds before her mouth began to open and then
I felt her tongue touch mine. Our tongues began a slow dance. It was like holding your girlfriends hand for the first time; at first tentative, then with more confidence.

I pulled away apologizing, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that”.

Cindy looked up at me, “You didn’t, we both did; and I liked it so stop apologizing”. Then she reached down to grab the appendage that was poking her in the stomach, “And that was just to show you there is going to be another time. I would have finished you but class is about to start; I’ve got to get going”.

I knew there was no point in arguing now so I kept my mouth shut.

I turned off the shower and we dried off and walked back to the cell. While she began dressing I went over and got some clean clothes out of my locker.

Cindy had her pants and blouse on and started putting on a shoe, “Oh, I almost forgot. My father asked me to invite you out to the house this Friday. He’s having a few people over for dinner and would like you to come. He wants to thank you for saving my reputation last month.

The last person I wanted to spend some time with right now was the father of the fifteen year-old I had just fucked; no matter how enjoyable it had been. “I don’t think that would be a good idea”.

Cindy stopped what she was doing and stared at me.


Cindy had a serious look on her face. She moved over and sat next to me on the bench. “Where do you want to be in five or ten years? Have you given that any thought? Do you still want to be a deputy? If you do that’s fine with me, but if you have more ambition than that you need to take advantages of the opportunities when they appear. Opportunity may knock but you have to open the door”.

I thought about that. I did have ambition, but I had not been here very long to expect to have anything happen soon. “Yes, I do want to move up. Perhaps be a detective, maybe become sheriff. But why should that matter to you”?

“I like you. You have possibilities. The sheriff’s department is in the same city as our University. I’ll be there in two years. Where will you be”?

I opened my mouth to protest what she was suggesting but she raised her hand and cut me off, “Later. If you have ambition like you say, you need to meet my father. The sheriff will be retiring in a couple of years. My father will be an influential man in helping the next person become sheriff”.

I thought about it, “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have dinner”.

Cindy put on the other shoe and said, “I almost forgot the other thing. He was talking to a friend of yours the other day, Henry, and heard you were planning on going hunting soon. He will be going out deer hunting Saturday morning after the dinner and would like you to come with him. I think a couple of other guys are going also. He said bring your rifle, or if you don’t have one, you can borrow one of his”.

“Dinner might be a good idea but I’m not sure about the hunting. I usually go out alone”.

“Suit yourself. Just remember what I said. For daddy to be of any help to you he needs to get to know you. For that to happen you would need to spend some time with him”. She finished putting the shoe on and stood up. “I’d better get going before I’m late for class”.

She bent over and gave me a kiss, a faint reminder of what we had shared earlier, and then was gone.

I stood and began dressing. My biggest worry over going out to the ranch was would she behave herself there. Cindy seemed pretty mature, besides the obvious, she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. I finally decided, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Chapter 3

The Watcher cleared everything out of his room. It didn’t take long. He didn’t have many possessions. He wiped down the room. It didn’t take long and it never hurt to be careful. He left a note on the table saying he had to leave because of a family emergency and would not be back. He also left money for an extra week for the trouble. He knew no one would be complaining to the police.

Things were packed away in his van and he was on his way out of town by 3 PM, carefully staying within the speed limit. The Watcher knew he had a long drive ahead of him. He liked fairly large towns, fifty thousand residents or more, because it was easier to go unnoticed. The closest one was a good ten hours away. He planned on driving until he was tired and then get a room for the night.

Over the next few hours on the road the Watcher thought over what he had accomplished in the last city. He had collected three new souvenirs. They had been carefully preserved and hidden in the false bottom of a tool chest. He did not notice the beauty of the scenery he was passing by; the series of waterfalls along one cliff, the dense forest that stretched out for miles, the occasional deer standing off the side of the road. The Watcher was reviewing his activities of the last few months; what had worked, what could be improved upon.

He had driven several hours when he saw a motel at the edge of a small town on the highway. It was overcast with dark clouds. He was getting tired of driving. It would be dark soon so he pulled over to stay for the night. He asked for a room in the back, saying he did not like the road noise. He wanted his van to be away from prying eyes that might drive by. After he had parked he opened the side door and got his bag. He liked the work he had done inside of the van. The side windows had a covering over that he could see out but no one could see in. The seats were long gone, replaced with a thick mat on the floor. It provided a nice cushion for someone’s back; someone else’s back, not his. There were eyebolts along the each side and roof where ropes could be tied down. He especially liked it when someone was tied down on the floor, spread-eagle, a very vulnerable position. There was a thick lining of sound proofing around the inside of the van. It was necessary.

The Watcher locked the door of the van and casually looked around. There were only two other vehicles parked on this side; both beat-up pickups. He unlocked his room and stepped inside. He set his bag on the bed and moved over to the window. Without moving the drapes he looked out the crack to see if there was any interest in his van. No one stepped outside; there was no movement of drapes in other windows. He undressed, set his alarm for 6 AM, then got in bed and went to sleep.

When his alarm went off he got up and went over to the window. Little had changed. There were two more cars than last night but no one was standing around trying to be not seen. All the windows were dark. No one was up yet.

He showered, dressed, quickly wiped the room surfaces he might have touched, and then went out to the van. The highway went through a small town. He did not like small towns. They reminded him of the town he grew up in. When he was six his mother had dropped him off at her sister’s house and he never saw her again; had no idea where she was now. His aunt and her husband had not been very nice to him. Neighbors thought they had been rather cruel to him but no one bothered to say anything to him; or help him. It was a time when people did not interfere in other families. He didn’t know it as cruelty, just that he did not like it; the pain. A smile spread across his face when he thought of how he left when he turned sixteen. He repaid them for each instance of pain they gave him. He wondered what the neighbors thought when they finally came into the house to see why no one was around or answered the door and found them together in the bed. He wondered what they smelled like by then.

As he drove through the town he saw a café that was open and decided to get breakfast. He drove on by and made three right turns so he would come up on the side street along the café. As he walked around the corner he looked in the window. There were several people inside but they looked to all be local residents or farmers.

He had just finished his breakfast when the waitress stopped by to refill his coffee and leave his check. She had that phony smile on her face, the one they used to try and get his money. He thought about waiting and following her later and taking that smile with him but she was too old.

He was just walking up to the door to leave and get back on the road when a pickup with two teenage girls pulled up across the street. Now that was more like it. He hesitated at the door, pretending to dig for something in his pocket, waiting for the girls to get out. The girl in the passenger seat finally got out and began walking down the street. She was perfect. She couldn’t have been over sixteen. He liked them between in those teenage years, around thirteen to sixteen.

She looked beautiful with blond hair that fell to just below her shoulders. She had a great figure and walked with confidence. He liked that. It was something that he liked to take away from them. He walked up to the newspaper stand outside the café quickly bought a paper. He held it up so that it looked like he was reading it but over the top of the paper he was watching the girl walk down the street. He looked across the street; her friend was still sitting in the pickup. Her head nodding up and down to music he could not hear. Why hadn’t she left? She must be waiting for her friend to come back.

The girl walked to the edge of the street, waited for a car to go by, and then crossed to his side and continued down the street away from him. He began to slowly follower her. He could see the outline of her bra under her blouse. She was wearing those low pants the girls wear now days; it seemed he could almost see the crack of her butt. He watched her hips sway back and forth as she walked. His cock twitched, he began to get an erection.

He realized he might draw attention following her. He roughly folded the paper, holding it to conceal his erection, and crossed the street to put some distance between them. When she reached the corner she turned right. He stopped at the last store on the corner and stood there, looking in the window, seeing her in the reflection. She crossed the street, walked through the parking lot of a corner building and disappeared behind it.

The Watcher thought, if only my van was closer, I want her. He quickly crossed the street again and walked down until he could see where she disappeared. She was standing by a back door jabbing at something above the doorknob. Just as he was thinking about getting his van and bringing it over here she opened the door and disappeared inside.

He decided to walk around the block to his van so he did not have to walk down main-street again. People noticed strangers in these small towns. He only took a couple of steps when he noticed the car parked in the lot behind the building. It was a police car. He looked back towards the front of the building. There was a sign on the corner of the building he had completely missed; Sheriff’s Substation. Being surprised by the girl had made him careless.

When he reached the van he got inside and pulled around the corner onto the highway. He was uncomfortable. He still had an erection. He knew it would not be going away for a while. He kept thinking about the young blond girl. She was perfect. But it was just too dangerous. She knew someone in that sheriff’s office.

He was a couple of miles out of town back in the country, orchards on both side of the road. He was still shifting in his seat as he tried to find a comfortable position with his erection. He looked down at the bulge in his pants; reached down to rub it and almost missed the turn. The highway made a ninety degree turn and he had to brake hard to slow and make it safely.

Just ahead of him he saw a girl standing along side the road at a mail box at the end of a long dirt driveway. The house hidden somewhere back in the trees. He made a quick decision; reached over to open the glove compartment and pulled out a map. He reached down between the seats for one of his favorite tools and put it in his pocket. As he approached the girl he slowed down and stopped at the head of the driveway. She took a couple of cautious steps away from the road and stopped.

The Watcher got out of the van and quickly walked around the front never looking at her, just at the map he held in front of him. He knew it would be less threatening if he did not make eye contact. Still several feet away from her, he began asking if she could show him where he missed his turn-off. He walked right up to her side so she would look at the map. When she looked down, as he knew she would, he pulled the sap out of his pocket and tapped her on the back of the head. He caught her before she fell to the ground and pulled her over to the van. Once he had her inside he put on some gloves and went back and picked up the mail. He put the few pieces back inside the mailbox, returned to the van and carefully drove away. It had taken less than a minute.

The Watcher drove on up the highway a couple of miles until he found a turnout. He went into the back of the van and looked at his prize; she was still out cold. He felt some disappointment; she wasn’t as young as he first thought. He placed a gag in her mouth and taped it down. He spent the next few minutes taking off her clothing, folding it and stacking it off to the side of her. Seeing it might give her hope.

He placed the restraints on her wrists and ankles and looped them through the eyelets; pulling her spread-eagle on the floor of the van. He relaxed the ropes. He wanted some slack in the line; he liked to feel their struggles.

He stood up the best he could in the van and looked down at her naked body. He had started getting hard in anticipation as he was tying her up; now he was fully erect. But it would have to wait. He bent over and ran his hands over her breasts. They were larger than the girls he preferred but they were nice. He liked how they moved around on her chest as he fondled them. He didn’t like the freckles he saw on them. He wanted the skin to be pure.

He ran his hand down her flat stomach until he reached her pubic hair. He was surprised; she had shaved off most of her pubic hair. There was just a small triangle left. He had not seen another girl do that before; he decided that he liked it, that it made up for the freckles.

He kneeled down and began to run his fingers around the lips of her pussy. It took just a minute for him to feel the moisture begin to build up on her. Yes, he thought; she does want this. She was waiting out there for me. He slid a finger into her and heard a groan come from her. He slid in a second finger and began moving them. He could feel her body tense and begin to thrash around. He looked up to see her head up off the floor trying to look at him; fear in her eyes.

He got up and moved up to her head. He tried to brush her hair back to some semblance of order and then wiped a tear off her cheek. He whispered, “Not yet. There will be plenty of time for that later”.

As he drove away he tilted his mirror down so he could see her; remind him of the fun ahead. He wanted to be several hours away before he would begin to look for a good place to park; somewhere they would not be bothered, someplace where she could get to know him better.

Chapter 4

Friday arrived quickly. Tom had arraigned with the Sheriff for a few days off; someone else would cover the territory for him. Whether he went hunt with Jennings or by himself he could use the time off.

The road to the Jennings Ranch ran along the Darson River. He had driven past the place hundreds of times but had been there just the one time when he dropped Cindy off. The river was pretty high. There must have been a lot of rain up in the mountains. It wasn’t raining any longer but as the water drained down the river would continue to rise for a while.

The drive was pretty and, without any other traffic on the road; I drove just under the limit enjoying the view. It gave me time to think. Did I really want to be sheriff some day or was it just the suggestion from Cindy that triggered the thought? It’s true; the sheriff was getting on in years and has dropped some hints that he would be leaving office pretty soon. But if I did pursue it would she take that as an implied agreement to get closer to her? That was just too dangerous. As much as I enjoyed the sex with her the down side was just too great. Even if her father did not get me I could end up spending years as the ‘significant other’ to a Bubba somewhere.

But, on the other hand, her father could be a big help to me. He had a lot of influence in the state. Batting the idea around had brought me to close to the conclusion that I would like the challenge of being sheriff. I did have ambition and I liked the area and did not want to be just a deputy, forever at the beck and call of someone else.

Another 10 minutes went by with me waffling back and forth before I finally reached a decision that perhaps I should just call ahead and say something has come up and I have to bow out. I was looking for a spot to pull over and turn around when I turned the corner and there was the turnoff to the Jennings Ranch. A beat-up Ford pickup was parked off the road and someone was standing by the bridge I had to cross. I pulled over to see if they needed any help and found it was Dan. Well so much for bowing out.

As I got out Dan waved me over. He was standing on the bank watching the water run under the bridge. I joined him and looked down at the water. There was about two or three feet clearance under the bridge. We shook hands and he went back to watching the water run under the bridge.

I nodded towards the bridge, “Problem”?

Dan turned to me, “I don’t think so. The rain has stopped. The water level will continue to rise a bit but the bridge should be fine. I had new supports put in last year. They should hold with no problem”.

It was too late to back out gracefully so my decision was made for me. “Thanks for the invitation. I’ve been looking forward to some hunting. The dinner invitation just makes it that much better”.

“Not a problem. In fact you are doing me a favor. I’m looking forward to having the company and getting to know you better. Cindy thinks a lot of you”.

My heart rose a bit in my chest. What had she told him?

“I really appreciate your getting her home safely last month. She told me you got her away from that guy. I know his reputation. I appreciate what you did for her”.

Thank god. If only he knew what she did for me. I was about to say my pleasure but changed it to “I’m glad I was able to help. She’s seems like a nice girl”.

“Thanks, I think so too. She can be a handful and has been since her mother passed. Why don’t you go on up to the house and introduce yourself. My mother is up there with Cindy and there are a couple of other people: The son of an old friend of mine, someone he invited, and their wives. The men will be going with us tomorrow. They should be about ready with lunch by now”.

I left him there watching the water and made my way up to the ranch. When I got there I saw he had picked a great location. The house and the surrounding buildings were on a rise overlooking a valley stretching out for several miles. The river ran by about a quarter mile away, low enough down the hill to not be a flooding problem but probably provided great fishing and swimming for the kids.

I pulled up and parked next to two pickups. They must belong to the guests Dan had mentioned. As I got out a couple of dogs came down off the porch to greet me and ask to be petted. Just as I was beginning to wonder how to escape their attention I heard the front door open and a voice yelled out, “Rufus, Butch, leave him alone and get back up here”.

The dogs immediately went up onto the porch stood by the feet of the woman who had called them. She was wearing jeans and a loose blouse. The resemblance to Cindy was obvious; this had to be her grandmother, Dan’s mother. She was an inch or so shorter than Cindy but other than that I could see no other differences, other than the age. Grandma was a fox.

“You must be that young deputy that brought Cindy home”. She smiled at me and added, “I want to add my thanks”.

“Thanks maam”. That sounded so lame the only thing missing was ‘Ah shucks’.

She shook her head, “Don’t maam me. Call me Rachel. The others are around back. The men have quite a head start on you”. She had stopped smiling at the last part. “Why don’t you go around and get some food”. She motioned for me to give her my rifle and bag. “I’ll put them in your room for you. Now go”.

She walked back into the house and I started around towards the back. When I reached the back I was once again rewarded with the view down the valley. I turned towards the sound of voices and got my second surprise; I recognized one of the heads of hair. It was Ed Franklin, one of the deputies who worked at the main sheriff’s office. We were about the same age but he had a few years seniority on me and mentioned it frequently. He had a bad reputation amongst the other deputies; rumors of mistreating prisoners, getting favors from women he picked up.

I walked over and introduced myself. I found that Ed was not the son for Dan’s friend. Fortunately that was Phil; who seemed like a nice guy, though fairly along on a drunk by this time. There was a tub of ice with just a few beers left in it. If I was guessing I would say the two of them had finished about half a case each by this point. Their wives were pretty good looking, much more so than Ed deserved. Cindy was there, sitting across from Phil and Ed. The two wives pulled their chairs apart and put an empty between them for me and then literally pulled me over into it.

“As my husband is not so good at introducing us, I’m Diana, Ed’s wife and this is Terri, Phil’s wife. Ed tells me you are new on the force; that you were in the army somewhere. Tell us all about it”. Apparently the girls had consumed some of the case as she slurred a couple of words. “Wait, you need a beer. We are way ahead of you”.

Before I could say anything Diana got up and grabbed a beer from the tub and brought it back. She walked in front of me and then leaned way over to hand it too me. My first guess that she was not wearing a bra was confirmed; I could now see all the way to her bellybutton. Did she realize what she was doing? I looked up, she smiled at me; yes, she was fully aware of it.

She had really long fingernails; she tapped me on the hand and said, “You’ll let me know when you need something else now won’t you”.

I took the beer and looked away, opened it, took a sip and then set it down. I happened to look up and catch Cindy’s eye. She was watching me. She no longer had that vixen look on her face. She looked like she wanted to put me on the barbeque spit. I tried to give her that ‘what could I do’ look but it did not help.

I sat and talked to the girls for about a half hour; answering questions about Afghanistan and army life. I noticed Ed staring at Cindy most of the time. Every so often he would lean over to Phil and whisper something and the two of them would laugh. Cindy finally got up and walked over to me. “You have not seen the house yet. Come on, I’ll give you a tour”.

I excused myself from the girls and Cindy and I started walking up to the house. Behind us I could hear Ed snickering. Phil did not seem too bad other than being influenced by Ed but I wanted to go back and smack Ed around some.

Once inside Cindy seemed to relax. “I cannot take that Ed. All he does is stare at my boobs and crotch”.

I knew how he felt. I had a tough time not staring at them myself. “Why did your father invite him”?

“He didn’t. He invited you and Phil. Phil invited Ed without asking. What could Dad say when he showed up. He’s always hinting to Dad that he wants to be the sheriff”?

“That would be a disaster”.

“I know. That’s going to be your job”. She gave me a push, “Now let’s see the house”.

We walked around the ground floor. It was a huge house. You could have ten kids and still lose them in this place. In the kitchen we met Rachel again. She was prepping for dinner. “This is my grandma”.

“We’ve met. Hello again m…Rachel”.

Rachel smiled at me, “Good catch”. Then she turned to Cindy, “Have you seen Samuel? I’ve been looking for him but he seems to have vanished. Must know there is work to do”?

Cindy shook her head, “I’m going to show Tom the rest of the house. I’ll show him which bedroom he has for the night”.

Rachel just nodded and went back to work as Cindy took my hand and pulled me out of the room. She showed me a huge game room, dominated on one side by a pool table and the other by a wide-screen TV mounted on the wall with three sofas arranged in front of it. Once we were inside I asked, “Who is Samuel”?

Cindy laughed lightly, “That’s grandma’s main squeeze. She thinks we wouldn’t approve so she tries to hide the relationship. He is a bit younger than her by around ten or fifteen years. She thinks I don’t know he comes up to her room at night and sometimes she sneaks out to his in the bunkhouse”.

I shrugged, “Whatever makes her happy”.

She dug me in the ribs, “That’s what I keep trying to tell you”.

We went up the stairs and stopped. “These first two rooms on the left are for Phil and Ed and their wives. This first one on the right is mine. The one next two me is yours and the one at the end of the hall is Dad’s. The rooms you guys are staying in are really my brother’s rooms but they all went to the State Fair”. Grandma is down that hall to the right with some other empty bedrooms.

Cindy pulled me down to what was to be my room, “Take a look”. She opened the door and pulled me inside and pushed the door closed. “I’ve had Ed looking at my body for the last two hours. I feel dirty. I want someone to look at me that will make me feel good again”. She reached down and pulled her t-shirt up over her head then grabbed the front of her bra. When she moved her hand the bra fell away. “Front-loaders are handy”.

Her breasts pointed out at me. No fifteen year-old should look this good. But I knew where I was. “You said you would behave if I came out here. Your father or grandmother could walk in any minute”.

“I didn’t say I would behave. I said I’d be good”. Cindy stepped up to me and rubbed her chest back and forth against me. I could feel her erect nipples though my shirt. “Don’t you think this is good”?

I put my hands on her breasts just for a moment; she was so tempting, they felt so good, but I knew where I was. I pushed her back. “Put your clothes back on. I’m serious. If you don’t behave I’ll make my excuses and leave”.

Cindy gave me a fake pouting look and began to put her bra back on. She picked up her t-shirt and as she pulled it over her head she said, “Well, you know what you’re missing”.

I did indeed; the business end of a shotgun, a cellmate named bubba, but I also knew I was going to miss those two slender thighs wrapped around mine.

She showed me the rest of the house and we were on our way outside when Cindy’s grandmother called me, “Tom, you’ve got a phone call”. I said thanks and Cindy showed me the phone.

Bill, the sheriff, and Henry, an old family friend were the only ones who knew I was out here. I wondered what was up that needed a call.


It was Bill. “Hey Bill, what’s up”?

“It’s probably nothing but I thought I would give you a heads up; nothing to make you change your plans. You know Linda”?

“You mean Linda Blair”?

“Yes. Her husband called a couple of hours ago. He just got home from a trip and she wasn’t there. Said her car and purse are home but not her; said he called her friends and they haven’t seen her today. I had him look around and he said nothing seems missing. He did say something funny though”.

“What’s that”?

“He said I should ask you where she might be. Now why would he say that”?

This wasn’t good. “I don’t know Bill. Linda and I went to school together. We dated quite a bit in high school. She flirted with me some after I got back but she was married by then; we never dated”. Technically that was true, we didn’t date. We fucked a lot when her husband was out of town but never dated.

“Do you want me to go out and take a look around”?

“No. You’re taking a couple of vacation days; enjoy them. I’ve got Jim on his way over to look around. Check with him when you get back. I just figured it sounded like you knew her and might be able to shed some light on it”.

We said our goodbyes and I put it out of my mind. A friend probably drove by, saw her outside and they went shopping somewhere. That’s almost always how these turned out. Later, I’d find out I was partially right.

Cindy and I headed outside. Cindy wanted to avoid Ed so she gave me the tour of the other buildings around the ranch house. They had quite a stable of horses. Cindy’s father had not arrived yet so we walked down to the swimming hole. The river turned wide there so it was a good place for swimming. They had put in several picnic tables and there were three or four fire pits. It looked like a good party spot during the summer months.

We sat at one of the picnic tables and Cindy told some family stories about parties they held there. Several of them included her mother. I didn’t ask but it seemed like she had died when Cindy was eight or nine. The time passed quickly and it was 4:30 before we knew it. Cindy made one weak attempt to get me to go skinny-dipping with her before we headed back.

When we got back to the others we saw that Dan had joined his guests. It became obvious very quickly that he was not happy to have Ed there. They had stopped drinking but were still pretty out of it. Diana and Terri appeared to be quite sober and were flirting up a storm with Dan and added me to the mix when we returned.

The chairs were arranged roughly into two concentric circles with a large fire-pit in the center. Since Phil, Ed and their wives were on the inside with Dan, Cindy and I sat on the outside. We were not there long before Rachel came out of the house and joined us; she also sat on the outside but across from us. A few minutes later a Hispanic male joined us and was introduced around to the guests as Dan’s foreman, Samuel. He seemed like a pretty nice guy. After some chitchat he went and squatted down next to Rachel. They whispered back a forth for a minute and when Rachel thought no one was looking she put her hand on his thigh. She looked up and saw me watching and removed her hand.

Samuel got up called out to Dan, “Hey boss, I’m going to go back down and check on the bridge. There are some pretty large trees floating down” and left.

Once Samuel was gone Rachel got up and announced she had some final preparations to do in the kitchen, called for Cindy to help and they left. .

Dan got up and came over to sit by me. “How do you like the place”?

I looked around me, “This is nice. You have a good slice of heaven here”.

Dan was about to say something when he was interrupted by Ed who was still having some difficulty talking, “Hey Dan. I’ve been wanting to dischcuss something with you”.

Dan turned to look at him without saying anything. I took a sideways glance at Dan, I could see his jaw tighten; he was not pleased.

But Ed took no notice and continued, “You know Bill is going to be retiring soon. He’s getting pretty old and slow now. I want you to know I’m interested in the job. I’ve got the most experience and seniority. I’m the bescht man for the job”.

“Ed, I appreciate the information. But I’m not the person to talk to. You should talk to Bill. See if he’ll support you”. I could see he was uncomfortable and wanted to end the discussion.

Ed’s mouth began to open to say something but Rachel coming out on the porch spared us, “Dan, boys, the table’s set. Come on in”. She turned without waiting for us to say anything.

Dan immediately got up and I followed him. If anything my mind was made up; I was interested in pursuing the sheriff position. Ed would make the worst possible choice.

Dan had a huge formal dining room that still had a homey feel to it. When I walked into the room I could see that Cindy was upset at her father about something. It took just a few seconds to find out what; the seating around the table. Dan and his mother were seated at either end of the table while I was on one side with Diana and Terri on either side of me and Cindy was across from me with Phil and Ed next to her. I was a bit surprised Dan would place her next to Ed.

I tried to make small talk with Diana and Terri while Ed spent a good part of dinner trying to give me the ‘stare’ and the rest of it putting away wine. It must have been a fairly decent wine from the hurt look on Dan’s face as he watched Ed go through most of a bottle by himself.

I had the fork up to my mouth, about to take a bite of steak, when I felt a fingernail slide from the outside of my thigh over the top and then the hand rested on the inside of my thigh; the fingers brushing up against my crotch. I coughed to try and hide the shock. Cindy looked up at me and I pointed to my throat, put down the fork, and picked up my water glass. As I took a drink I looked at Diana, the source of that hand; her head was turned towards Rachel as they talked.

I put down my glass, reached under the table and pulled Diana’s hand from my crotch. As it disappeared I grabbed my napkin and brought it up to wipe my lips. I had no sooner replaced it in my lap and began to take another bite when I felt another set of long nails slide across the other thigh headed for my crotch; Terri liked the same game. I was about to reach down to remove her hand when I felt Diana’s return. I didn’t know what to do. How could I stop this without drawing attention to it? Their husbands are sitting across from us. Plus, I was getting an erection from all the attention.

Then I had a bigger surprise. As the two hands got closer to my crotch I expected the surprise for each when they met would stop the foolishness. Obviously this was no surprise for them; they either have done this before or had planned it earlier. The hands touched over my cock and they both began rubbing me. First Terri would run her long fingernails around the inside of my thigh and then would trade with Diana, replacing her hand on my cock so Diana could tickle me with her fingernails.

I looked around the table; someone had to notice what was going on. Cindy gave me a funny look; was the tension showing on my face? I smiled and took another bite. After a few minutes Cindy and Rachel went into the kitchen and returned with two apple pies. As they walked around the room Terri and Diana removed their hands.

Just as Rachel sat down Samuel came in and walked over to Dan and whispered in his ear. Dan started to get up but Samuel put his hand on his shoulder to stop him, I could just make out him saying, “I’ll take care of it”. He walked around the table stopping by Rachel for a moment. “I’m sorry. I’ll be out all night. I’ve some work to do”. From the look on her face, grandma was not happy.

I turned back to Dan. He looked up and said, “I’m afraid a tree has floated down the river and hit the bridge”.

Everyone started talking, asking questions. Dan held up his hand, “It’s not serious but Sam and the crew are going to be working on it tonight. It’s the only easy way in or out of the ranch”.

Once dessert was finished the group grew quiet. Dan slid back his chair and announced, “We are leaving pretty early in the morning and I’m not as young as I used to be. I need my beauty rest”.

I felt a hand on my knee and immediately slid back my chair also. “I think I’ll join you”.
I heard a snicker from Ed. I felt my face get hot, “I mean, I should call it a night also”.

Diana and Terri both stood, “Come on boys. We should all go to bed. We are going to miss you for a couple of days”.

Cindy rolled her eyes at me.

Phil and Ed tried to stand but were just too drunk; they both fell back into their chairs. Dan motioned for me, “Give me a hand”. He took Ed’s arm and put it over his shoulder and I did the same with Phil and we began working our way towards the stairs. The boys could barely walk. Once we got to the stairs the wives moved around to the other side of their husbands to help us up the stairs.

I got Phil into his room, turned him around and let him fall onto the bed. I moved quickly to the door but Terri caught my arm just before I opened the door. “Phil is going to be dead to the world. Diana and I’ll be over later for a nightcap”. She started to run her hand down my chest.

In another place and another time I’d have taken them up on it. They were both hot looking women. I pulled her hand from my waist, “That is not going to happen. We are guests here. Your husband is ten feet away. Just get in bed with him”.

Terri turned her lower lip down, “But he’s not going to be any fun tonight”.

I stepped away, opened the door and looked out. I did not particularly want anyone to see me coming out of her room after the door had been closed. The hall was empty. I quickly walked across the hall and went into my room. I undressed, turned out the light and got in bed. The drape was open but it was virtually pitch dark in the room; there was no moon tonight. I had forgotten how dark it could be away from the lights in a town.

I lay there thinking about the day. I liked spending the time with Cindy getting to know her a little better. She was a nice girl. This was the first opportunity we had to just talk; when she wasn’t either sucking on my cock or me between her legs, lying on top of her.

Dan also seemed okay. Maybe I’d have an opportunity Saturday or Sunday to approach him about the sheriff possibility. Cindy said I should talk to him but then I had seen how he reacted to Ed when he brought it up. I’ll have to see if the right opportunity presents itself.

Phil I didn’t have much an opinion on but being a friend of Ed’s was not a good reference. But then he did have a really sexy wife; for that matter, so did Ed; what a waste. Then it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to lock the door. I got out of bed and went over to the door; the knob was smooth, no locking mechanism. I stood there for a moment listening; everything was quiet so I just went back to bed.

I must have just dropped off; it couldn’t have been a deep sleep because I was instantly awake. Something had wakened me. I lay there in the bed without moving, waiting for the sound to repeat itself. After several seconds I heard the floor creak near the door and then a swishing sound. Someone was walking towards me. Damn! I should have put a chair under the doorknob. “This isn’t right. You should go”. I almost added Cindy’s name but caught myself just in time. If it was Terri or Diana and I said Cindy’s name they would know something was going on between us. Ed could ruin me with that information. If I said Terri or Diana and it was Cindy, she would just tear me apart herself.

The sound stopped and I sensed she was right by the bed. I reached out and touched a leg covered by what felt like a flannel nightgown. The leg did not tell me anything. It was slender and could be any of the three girls. The flannel moved up under my hand and I found myself touching a bare leg. I moved my hand down to the back of her knee and then up to her butt. I don’t know what I was thinking, Dan’s room was right next to mine, I put a little pressure on her butt, pulling her towards me, a clear invitation.

I felt the covers lift up as she slipped into bed with me. She came up against my side, her body cool from wearing just the nightgown. I could feel her hair on my shoulder, it was short, so it wasn’t Cindy. She lifted one leg up over mine and rested it between my legs; pressing her mound against my thigh, rubbing me slowly. I kind of hoped it was Diana. I did not like her husband; I would get some satisfaction fucking his wife.

She had one hand on my chest and I felt a scratch as the hand slowly moved down my chest, across my stomach to finally take my cock in her hand; I really did not like those long nails. She knew she got me hard before and it took even less time now.

I put my hands on her sides, just below her breasts and pulled her around on top of me. I pulled her up so that I could reach her breasts with my mouth. I worked each nipple in turn, sucking one into my mouth, running my tongue around them, then moving to the other.

She let go of my cock and used her hands to push off my chest up into a sitting position. Then she reached back down and again took me in her hand. I could not see her in the dark. I was about to reach up to her when I heard another noise. We both froze. It sounded like a muffled giggle, but not in my room. I listened but it was quiet. She was still holding me in her hand and I could feel her begin to lower herself on me when we heard it again; a muffled giggle. It was coming from the bedroom next to mine; Dan’s bedroom. After a few more seconds I heard a squeaking begin, a rhythmic squeaking.

Who ever was with me let out a little chuckle and then slowly lowered herself on me. As soon as I began entering her she removed her hand. I could feel the cool air on me body but my cock was enveloped in heat; a moist heat, the best kind.

Once I was completely buried in her, her body flush with mine, she began slowly rocking back and forth on me. After a few minutes, still rocking on me, she leaned forward, found my hands and brought them up to her breasts. I got the idea and began caressing them.

I was really self-conscious after hearing the noises next door. I kept listening for our bed; was it making any noise. She was really rocking hard on me and I could not hear anything so I finally forgot about it and concentrated on her.

After several minutes, her rocking became more frantic. I put my hands on her hips to help her rock harder. She started making low moans so I let go of her hips and put a finger to her lips; to encourage her to be quieter. She took my finger in her mouth, sucking on it and then bit me; gently, but still bit me. I got the idea and moved my hand away.

Finally one moan became a little cry and she froze on me. She then thrust her hips back hard on me a few times. I felt her pussy grab me, and then relax only to grab me again, and again, before finally fading away. She lowered herself on me, her head on my shoulder, and sighed. She still had not said a word since coming in my room.

After lying there for a minute she gave me a tug to the side and made a motion like she was going to roll off. When I did not react she repeated it. It took me a moment to realize what she wanted. She wanted me on top of her. I pulled her to me and rolled over. I held myself up, keeping most of my weight off of her. I thrust forward with just my hips, going deep into her.

She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me down onto her. As I began driving into her I could feel her flexing her muscles, tightening around my cock. It felt so good, not as good as Cindy, but a real close second.

Her legs moved apart wider, her thighs spread apart almost flat on the bed. I began thrusting harder into her, trying to get as deep as I could; my body now pushing her down into the bed. I could feel her chin bouncing against the top of my shoulder with each thrust into her. Her hands moved down my back, to finally grab my butt. I could feel her hips push up against me as I drove back into her. And then, Damn! The pain, those nails! She had dug one of them into my butt. From my reaction she knew what she had done. I felt her hand move away and heard a whispered “Sorry” in my ear.

I waited a moment and then slowly began fucking her again. It took less than a minute for the memory to fade, to be replaced with the thoughts of that hot, wet, tight pussy I was in. It took even less than another minute for me to finally thrust hard one last time into her and then explode. It was like I could feel the hot cum coursing through my cock then shoot out into her; again and again, gradually lessening until I had no more.

After a minute or so I rolled off her. She moved closer so our sides touched. The house was quiet; I could only hear our breathing. The giggling and squeaking bed next door had also stopped at some point. I sat up, found the sheet and blanket and pulled it over us. Now that our bodies were not rubbing together it was getting chilly.

I must have dozed off for a bit. I woke a bit later, put my hand out next to me and found I was alone in the bed. Perhaps tomorrow a look from Terri or Diana will tell me who was here. With that thought I slipped off back to sleep.

I did not have long to recover. At four-thirty a light knock on the door let me know it was time to get up. I got up and took a quick shower, shaved and packed my bag. Within fifteen minutes I was carrying my bag and rifle downstairs to the kitchen. Cindy’s grandmother was there putting a hot breakfast on the table for us; hot eggs and potatoes. I noticed there were just two plates on the table.

Rachel parceled out some eggs and potatoes in each plate. “Now sit down and have some breakfast before you and Dan go out”. She took the empty skillet over to the sink and began to wash it. “Dan’s outside getting things ready. He’ll be here in a moment”.

No sooner had she said that than Dan opened the door and came in and sat down. “Thanks Mom. Come on Tom; let’s eat so we can get moving”.

I sat my bag down and leaned the rifle against the wall behind me. Pointing at the dishes I asked, “Just two”?

Dan looked up at me, “Do you really want to go hunting with two drunks”? I shook my head. “Good, I figured you for some good sense. Besides, it gives us a chance to get to know one another. I’ve got something I’d like to talk over with you later. I’ve left a note for them, explained things”.

I nodded my head and we both dug into our food. Within a few minutes we had finished. Dan walked around and picked up my bag and rifle and started for the door. “Mom’s packing some food for us; grab it and meet me out at my truck”.

I looked over and saw that Rachel was packing some sandwiches and fruit in a thermal bag. She pointed at another bag by the door, “Take that one also. It has water and juice in it”. Then she picked up another bag off the counter and handed it to me, “This has a couple of thermoses with coffee in it. You drink coffee don’t you”?

I nodded my head, “Thank you. I appreciate it. I’m sure it will be cold up there”.

She smiled at me, “It was my pleasure. It was the least I could do to say thank you”.

I was amazed, “Save their little girl and they fall all over themselves”. I walked over to the door and sat the bags down so I could open the door.

Rachel came over and stood by me. “You have a good time out there but be careful. We want you to come visit us again”.

She put her hands out and I reached out to take one in mine. “I’ll be careful. I’ve been hunting since I was ten”. As I took her hand in mine she put the other hand on top of my hand and squeezed.

Ouch! I felt like I had been stabbed. I instinctively pulled my hand back. I looked at the back of my hand and saw a small indentation with a tiny bit of blood there.

Rachel reached out to touch my hand, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I should have taken this off yesterday. It was silly of me but I so like this ring. It was the last present my late husband gave me before he died”.

I looked at her hand. There was a gold ring on one finger that looked like it wrapped around the finger a couple of times and then stuck up in the air. I reached for her hand to take a better look. It was a dragon. It had a thin body that went round the finger twice and then the head stretched up in the air about half an inch or so with it’s mouth open, fangs extended.

“I love this ring but it’s too big for me. It keeps sliding around on me. I should get it resized but I wear it so seldom I’ve never bothered. I wore it for the party last night and forgot to take it off. I guess the Dragon has bit another victim”.

Her hand in mine, I stared at the ring. “You were wearing this last night”?

I looked up at her face. She had a very slight smile on her face. “Yes I was, but I’ll remember to take it off next time”. She pulled her hand back. “Now you should get going. Dan must be waiting out there”.

I picked up the bags while she opened the door for me. “Now don’t be a stranger. Come back and visit. Dan likes to go hunting every couple of weeks. We’ll keep a room available for you. You’ll be the only one with a dragon next time”.

I had no idea what to say so I just nodded my head and stepped out onto the porch. I looked back as saw Rachel looking out the window at me. She smiled, waved and let the curtain close, hiding her from view.

I turned and walked off the porch towards the barn. Parked by the front door was Dan’s pickup. When I got there Dan walked out of the barn, closed the door and then tossed a bag into the back of the pickup. I put my bags in the back, stowed my rifle on the rack in the window of the pickup and got in.

Dan opened his door and got in, “What took you so long”?

“I was just getting the food from your mom and saying goodbye”.

Dan laughed, “You want to say quick goodbyes to mom. She tends to attach herself to the younger guys around here”.

As we drove away from the house I thought about how she had ‘attached’ herself to me. I looked sideways at Dan; first his daughter and now his mother. I’m truly fucked.

Chapter 5

The Watcher leaned the shovel against the fence. He reached down for clods of earth to break up and spread over the filled in hole; give the earth a more natural look. He looked up at the sound. About thirty yards away was his van, parked in the rest area along the highway; a car had just pulled in and someone was walking to the restroom.

He had pulled in here several hours ago. He waited until he was the only one there and then came out here to leave his latest….what should I call her; victim, guest, friend? None of those were right. Then he remembered a word from group, conquest. The group leader kept asking someone in group whether he enjoyed his conquests. The Watcher liked that word; conquest, CONQUEST. There was power in it.

Over the last three days he had enjoyed his conquest; though it had soured in the end. In the beginning he had driven until he found a quiet place to stop. Then he had gone into the back of the van, stripped and stood over her, his erection sticking out away from his body, waving it around at her; her eyes following it, fear in them. He then enjoyed the girl he had there; enjoyed her several times. As he lay on top of her, thrusting into her, looking into her eyes, he could still see hope in the beginning. She had tried closing her eyes the first time but she learned to keep them open to avoid the pain.

After he came in her the first time he was not satisfied. He waited on top of her until he was soft and slid out of her. He sat beside her, leaning against the side of the van until he got hard again. He climbed back on top of her, immediately thrusting hard back into her again, over and over until he came again. There was something missing, something wrong.

After he came in her for the third time he stopped in frustration, dressed and then drove on for a few hours. When he found a rest stop with some other cars he pulled over went in the back and undressed again. He lay down beside her and napped. After a few hours he woke up and looked outside. He was alone. The other cars had left. He looked at her. It looked like she had fallen asleep.

He reached over for a water bottle and took a drink. He moved closer to her head. Her eyes opened when he touched her cheek. He held out the water bottle and put a finger to his lips. She nodded her head. He removed the gag and tilted the bottle so she could drink.

She took several gulps, much of the water spilling down her chin onto her chest. After one swallow she took a deep breath. Before she could cry out he stuffed the gag back into her mouth.

The Watcher looked down at her chest, the beads of water around her nipples. Through one bead he could see a freckle magnified. He had a desire to remove the freckles. The thought excited him, he was getting hard. He stripped again and moved back on top of her. He came quickly but again was not satisfied.

The next time he stopped on the road he moved into the back. He stood over her naked again, stroking himself while she watched. He knelt beside her, rubbing the head of his cock on her cheek. She turned towards him, the gag pushing against him. Yes, she still has hope.

He reached over to a box along the wall and pulled out a long knife. He brought it back and let the point run down her chest. She needed to know the cost of any mistake. He pulled the gag from her mouth and then moved forward until the head of his cock was pushing against her lips. She took him in her mouth and began working him. He always came quickly when they did this but something was not working. After fifteen minutes he could feel himself getting soft. He pulled himself out of her mouth and sat back, looking at her, stroking himself.

When he was hard again he moved back up to her mouth and pushed against her lips until he was inside of her mouth again. As she began working her mouth on him he remembered that young girl back in the park. She had really sucked him well. Why can’t this girl do it like she did? He was thinking of the young girls tongue moving around on him when he suddenly began squirting into her mouth. After the second explosion she choked and tried to move her head away, trying to get his cock out of her mouth. He reached forward, holding her head still as he continued cuming in her.

When he was finished he remained in her mouth. He looked down at his cock; most of it disappearing into her mouth, her lips stretched wide to hold him. He could see her eyes watching him; wondering what to do next. She coughed and he watched a line of his semen spill from her mouth and run down her chin, drip to her neck and then slowly begin sliding down to the mat, a wet trail left behind.

He pulled out of her and sat against the side of the van again. What changed he wondered? He couldn’t cum, was getting soft and then suddenly he was cumming and couldn’t stop. Oh, Yes, the girl in the park. He was getting soft and thought of her and got hard again. He looked down at the girl beside him, no, not a girl. That was the problem, she was a woman. He did not want a woman. Why did I pick her? Then He knew. She looked like the girl back in that small town; the tall one that went into the police station. She was young, what fourteen, fifteen? Yes, she was perfect. This one reminded me of her, blond, tall.

He looked down at her, now angry. Then he saw it in her eyes, the despair; she knew. He stood and got dressed and then drove on. The next day he found a spot and enjoyed her repeatedly. He knew the secret now. He closed his eyes and saw the young girl getting out of the car, thrusting hard into her, walking down the street, thrusting harder, cumming, walking out of the station towards him, in her again, thrusting faster, her walking up to him and taking his hand, cumming again, and later, again.

On the third day he had strung her up in the van; her legs stretched towards the sides, her hands pulled far apart towards each side of the roof. He watched as the white milky sperm leaked out of her and ran down the inside of her thighs, gradually turning clear. It was a waste. She was wasting his sperm. She tricked him into stopping for her; her imperfect body, the pubic hair, the freckles spoiling her for him.

He watched as the red stream began dribbling down her chest, down her stomach, her legs, to the mat covering the floor of the van. Then the stream grew, he was always surprised by how much blood the body contained.

The person, it looked like a man, came out of the restroom, got into his car and drove away. Once again there was no one around. It was quiet. He picked up his shovel and began walking back to his van. He needed to go to the next truck-stop: Time to clean the van. When he reached the van he looked back towards the fence. It would take a while for her to be found. It would take a while to piece this together; piece her together. But they would not find one piece; he kept that one for his collection. It was a little bigger than the others. He went outside the aereole to include a freckle. He wanted it to remind him of this mistake. Just collect the younger ones, the pure ones.

He put the shovel away and got in the van. He knew what he had to do. She was waiting for him. He would first wash the van and then return for her. It would not be easy; she knew someone with the police. But she would be worth it, she was calling for him. He thought, 'Watch for me, I’m cumming’. The Watcher almost smiled, he had made a joke.

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