Chapter 3 – The Rest of the House

Chapter 3 – The Rest of the House

Chapter 3—The Rest of the House

The house was bigger than I’d originally thought. She led me past several rooms that had open doors. There were several very large, well-furnished guest bedrooms. It made me wonder a bit why they were making me sleep in a more open room, particularly one with very easy access to the exterior of the house. It was almost like a challenge. Lucy took me to a rather large bathroom down the hall and apologized for not having a fresh change of clothes for me.

“I will try to get you some more clothes soon. I wouldn’t want you to have to wear jeans and a crappy white t-shirt all the time,” she said. She squeezed my hand and walked off towards her bedroom. I went inside the bathroom and closed the door. I was able to look into a mirror for the first time in days. I looked like absolute shit. My skin was pale and taut from lack of quality sleep and dehydration. I had bags under my eyes. My hair was greasy and messed. My scraggly beard was coming in. My lip was swelling from where Dennis had punched me earlier, and he’d left hand marks on my neck from choking me. All in all, I looked pretty bad and didn’t feel all that much better, despite having had sex not five minutes ago. I really needed a shower.

The bathroom was awesome. It was big, with a two-sink counter setup and a large standing shower. It had dual showerhead inside, with large frosted-glass sliding doors. I was excited to get in so I undressed quickly and stepped inside, turning on the water from both showerheads. It was a bit cold at first, but warmed up quickly. There was soap in the shower so I was able to wash completely. I probably stayed in for 20 minutes. I got out and toweled off. After rummaging through some of the drawers in the cabinet, I found a razor and some shaving gel so I was able to shave. I felt so much better after my shower that I was able to redress in my worn clothes and leave the bathroom. Lucy had said I had complete run of the house, so I decided to explore.

The house had 4 guest bedrooms in all. There was the full bath that I’d showered in, plus another bath, this one with a smaller shower and only one sink. There were two main hallways, and both had closed doors along them. I assumed most of them were closets, with the master bedroom behind one of them. The main parlor was by what I assumed was the front door. It was quite large, with nice couches and chairs spread out around a large, low coffee table. Down another hallway was the dining room, which was enormous, with a huge mahogany table in the center, large enough to seat 14. Through double sliding doors from the dining room was a massive kitchen. It was virtually commercial in size, with a large island, two sinks, two ovens, dual ranges, and two refrigerators. I fancied myself a decent amateur cook, so I was quite impressed with the kitchen. I rummaged through the pantry and refrigerator and quickly noticed that almost all of the food products had Spanish language labels.

So much for being in the US, I thought.

My shower had made me hungry so I decided to scrounge for some more food. There was a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge, as well as an assortment of cheeses. I grabbed some carrots and some more cheese (muenster this time) and a bowl. I filled a glass with water from the filter in the fridge and continued my tour of the house. The kitchen led to the laundry room and a small room that was mainly filled with foldout deck chairs and bedding. The study was next. There were bookshelves filled with books, a desk made out of some dark wood, and big windows overlooking the pool deck. The room was wood paneled, dark and inviting, in a warm sort of way. I went back into my room and opened the door to the pool area.

The pool looked gorgeous this time of year. It was fairly big, with enough room to swim short laps easily. There was plenty of room around the edge of the pool for people to hang out and I had a feeling when people came to the house, this would be the main area for partying. There was even a door from the kitchen to the front of the pool deck.

The temperature outside was quite pleasant, probably low 70s and mostly sunny. I decided to stand outside and eat the food I’d found. With the warm, but not hot weather and Spanish language good, I guessed I was somewhere in South America. It was mid-April and I figured it would be hotter in Central America or Mexico. The trees and house kept me from seeing anything in the distance, so I couldn’t possibly pick out landmarks, or even see what the landscape looked like.

After finishing my food and drink, I walked back and decided to check out the study. There were books of all sorts: crappy novels, classics, books on philosophy, on science, and books in foreign languages. I picked out The Grapes of Wrath and Anna Karenina, two classics I’d never made it all the way through. I went back to my room, sat on the daybed and began to read. I was asleep within five minutes.

I awoke to Lucy gently shaking my shoulder. It was already dark out, so I must have been asleep for a while.

“Hey sleepy,” she said. “I thought I’d let you catch up on some of your sleep. I brought you some food, thought you might be hungry.”

She had set a tray of food on the table in front of the daybed. There was a bowl of pasta with shrimp, a few pieces of bread, and a pitcher of water.

“Dennis does not want you eating with us when he’s here,” she said.

“When he’s gone, I’d like your company,” she added as I started digging into my food. After a nap I was considerably hungry and the food smelled good.

“So how are you feeling now?” she asked.

“Better,” I said. “My headache has gone away and the shower really helped.”

“Good. Dennis is leaving tomorrow for a few days. He’ll bring back some new clothes for you.”

“Thanks,” I said. She sat next to me while I finished my dinner. I felt oddly comfortable around her, even when she wasn’t talking. The room I was in was lit softly so it was still quite dark. There was a small lamp on the other side of the room by the futon that gave off a very soft orange light. The study and hallway also had lights that were helping to illuminate the room.

After I finished my meal, she smiled at me.

“We’re going to need you in a bit. Rest for now, I’ll come get you when we’re ready,” she said. She rubbed my leg and left the room.

What the hell now? I didn’t know what to expect, and it made me nervous. I couldn’t really relax. I tried reading, but I couldn’t concentrate. I decided to work do some pushups to burn off some of my energy. I’d just finished when Lucy came back. She looked amazing. She was wearing a black lace top (which I could see her nipples through) and tight red boy-short bottoms. The top accentuated her perfect breasts and the bottoms made her ass and thighs look inviting. I got a bit of wood just watching her come towards me.

“Ok, come with me,” she said, smiling as usual. She took my hand and led me down the hallway to the master bedroom.

I hadn’t seen this room yet so I didn’t know what to expect. It was huge and inviting. The walls were a deep blue color, with soft yellow lighting. The bed was a huge king-sized 4-poster with a light blue down comforter on it. The remaining furniture in the room was a light wood color and fairly conservative looking. The door to the master bath was open and I could see a gorgeous and huge room inside, with mosaic tile flooring and a huge standing shower.

Dennis was sitting on the bed, dressed only in black boxer-briefs. . He didn’t have his glasses on as he usually did. Lucy let go of my hand, and without saying a word went over and kissed him. She straddled his lap and put her arms around his neck as he cupped her ass and returned her kiss. I just stood there, feeling very awkward. I’d seen them have sex before but I was pretending to be asleep. Now I was just standing there in jeans and a crappy shirt watching these two start to go at it, unsure of what they wanted me to do.
After a minute Lucy pulled herself off of Dennis and pushed him down to the bed. She looked over her shoulder and motioned for me.

“Come over here,” she said. “Take off your clothes,” she added as I walked towards the bed. As I stripped off my shirt, socks and jeans, Lucy got down on her knees in front of Dennis and started rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts. He was lying back with his hands lifting his head off the bed. Once I had taken my jeans off and was standing close to the bed, she reached out her other hand and started stroking my bulge as well. I was nervous to be so close to another aroused man (especially Dennis) but Lucy looked so hot that I got excited easily. She smiled as my cock grew inside my boxers and continued to stroke me. Before long I was rock hard and she had moved her hands inside my shorts, where she pumped up and down on my prick. I looked over to notice her hand was doing the same to Dennis, who was looking pleased on the bed.

After a few minutes of this, she took her hand from me and removed Dennis’s shorts. His hard cock sprang up as he lay naked on the bed. Lucy began kissing his stomach, then his thighs, then finally slid her luscious lips over his hard member. As I watched this, I began to think about how many times I’d fantasized about a threesome, but never with another guy. My sexual arousal at this point was so high that my nerves disappeared and I was fascinated by watching Lucy go down on her husband. His dick was long, maybe 7 or 8 inches, but thin, much like the rest of his body. Lucy worked her mouth up and down on his dick, leaving a trail of glistening saliva.

She then, without stopping what she was doing with her mouth, reached over and grabbed my cock again. She pulled down on my shorts, and I got the hint so I helped her take them off. As my cock sprang back to attention, she began pumping it with her fist as she continued to blow her husband. She removed her mouth and began stroking his cock with her left hand as she moved her mouth down to his balls. Lucy sucked and pulled on his balls one by one as Dennis began to moan. Her hand moved more slowly on my dick as her attention to him. She returned her attention to his cock, this time taking over half of it in each stroke of her mouth. She pulled off, took a breath, and plunged her mouth down, taking nearly his whole length in at once. Dennis put his hand on her head and pushed down as well as pushed up with his hips.

“Yeah, take the whole fuckin thing,” he said as the last of his cock disappeared into her mouth. Her nose rested on his pubic hair as she maintained for a moment. She finally pulled off with a gasp, leaving a string of thick spit hanging between his cock and her lips. She smiled and wiped her mouth before repeating the process. Her hand had stopped stroking me and was just holding my cock, which was good because the sight of her deepthroating her husbands cock was getting me close to cumming. After coming up for air a second time, she began pumping his dick again and looked up at me.

“Your turn,” she said with a grin. Her lips kissed the tip of my cock gently before she took the entire head into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet and she still had saliva on her chin from her previous oral action. She sucked about half my length into her mouth at a time, her right hand playing with my balls simultaneously. It was my turn to groan as she began a rhythm of sucking my prick. With no notice, she went down all the way on me as well. She squeezed my balls with her right hand and took my whole cock into her mouth. I felt the end of my cock touch the back of her throat. Her throat loosened and the end slid down her throat. It was so tight and amazing I thought I might come right then, but she released quickly. Thick, gooey spit remained after she removed her head from my dick. She smiled up at me again before letting go of me entirely.

She stood up and slipped her top over her head, releasing her amazing tits. She tapped Dennis on the leg and laid down on her back on the bed. Dennis moved up to his knees on the bed and she reached out, grabbing his cock. She pulled him towards her and resumed her stroking of his cock. She spread her legs apart and looked down at me.
“I want you to eat me out,” she said. Not wanting to upset either of them, and thinking that it was a pretty good idea myself, I crawled onto the bed and slid her panties down her smooth thighs. The boy shorts definitely accentuated her curves, but they were nice even without the shorts. Once they were off, I gazed at her smooth shaven pussy.

“Go ahead, it won’t bite,” she said as she returned her oral attention to her husband’s dick. She sucked him in vigorously, taking over half his length in fast strokes. I crawled up between her thighs and began softly kissing her inner thighs, making my way towards the beautiful folds of her pussy. I’d never gone down on a completely shaved woman and it was very nice, with no little hairs to get in the way. When I finally put my tongue on her clit, she noticeably moaned and thrust slightly towards my mouth. Taking this as encouragement I started working my tongue all around her beautiful, sweet area.

She seemed to enjoy my oral handiwork. I had always enjoyed going down on girls and had always gotten a good response, so it’s the one aspect of my repertoire that I was fairly cocky about. She continued moaning as she sucked on her husband, and even moved a hand down to stroke my hair. I continued to lick between her folds and concentrate on her clit, massaging and flicking with my tongue.

I could sense that she was moving towards orgasm as her hips were bucking a bit more vigorously. Before she got too close she released her husbands cock and moved my head away from her pussy.

“I want to taste you again,” she said to me as she moved onto her knees. I knelt as well, anticipating her mouth on my dick again. Instead, she gently pushed her husband onto his back and mounted him, sliding his shaft into her sweet pussy. She was so wet from my mouth that she slid down easily onto him.

“Oooo, God yes,” she said. She looked over her shoulder at me and reached out her hand towards my erection.

“Come over here,” she ordered in her forceful yet pleasant way.

I stood on the bed and stepped close to her as she began to ride Dennis’ shaft. As soon as I was near she grabbed my dick with her hand and pumped it energetically. It felt so amazing that my head rolled back and my eyes closed in near ecstasy. It only got better when I felt her mouth close around my. Having never been in a threesome, much less with another guy, I was a bit weirded out by basically standing over a guy while he fucked a woman and she blew me. The fact that Dennis was a nut job as well didn’t help. The nervousness did help me maintain though, as Lucy’s blowjob felt so good I would have usually cum almost immediately.

Lucy was moaning considerably onto my cock, which felt amazing. She was bouncing up and down on her husband’s dick, with her right hand rubbing her clit while she concentrated on me with her left hand rubbing my balls and mouth on my dick. I could tell when she came as she virtually screamed while never taking her mouth off of me. She was ramming herself onto Dennis’ shaft, rubbing her clit against his body. As her orgasm subsided she took me in almost all the way into her throat again, holding me there for a few seconds. I could feel her throat closing on the head of my dick and I almost came. Before I had the chance I was out of her mouth and she was smiling up at me, with spit running down her chin.

“You had me ready to cum from your mouth,” she said as she winked at me. She was still bouncing on her husbands cock and he was focused intently on her. He grabbed her waste forcefully and began controlling her, which refocused her attention on him. She continued to stoke me gently with her hand but was now moving up and down on her husband.
“Yeah baby, I want you to come inside me,” she said to him. “Come on baby, do it.” His eyes closed and he looked close to coming. Finally he threw his head back and seized a bit, forcing his wife down on his cock as far as she could go. She rubbed her clit and came again as he came inside of her.

“Uhhhgg, yeeessss, cum inside of me,” she screamed as they both came. Hers appeared to last longer than his, as he released her waste and lay back while she continued to rub her clit and grind her pubis against him.

“Uuhhhhh,” she moaned as her orgasm subsided. She released me and moved forward to kiss her husband and lay on his chest for a moment. Thinking this might be over without me cumming, I was a becoming a bit disappointed. I didn’t have to wait long though.
“I want to taste me on you,” she told her husband as she pushed herself off of him. Looking up at me she said, “Fuck me from behind.” With a smile of course.
She moved down and affixed her mouth to her husband’s wet cock and moved her ass into the air, presenting herself to me. My arousal was so intense that the site of her gorgeous round ass and shaved pussy almost made me cum. I kneeled down behind her and saw her husbands cum dripping out of her, which I frankly found disgusting. Again, I was horny enough that this wasn’t enough to put me off and I guided my shaft into her.
She was very wet, almost gooey so I slid in easily. She moved her ass back into me as soon as I slipped in so I sank to the hilt almost immediately. As I began humping her from behind I watched her tease and lick her husband clean before taking his cock into her mouth. Grabbing her substantial hips, I tried to keep a steady and relatively slow pace to try and extend myself.

I watched as she deepthroated her husband, engulfing his dick in long, deep strokes. I noticed that he didn’t lose hardness at all and was moaning again in no time. She moaned too as she played with his balls and rubbed his chest, while I pounded into her pussy from behind. She arched her back, which made her pussy tighten on my shaft. This pretty much did it for me and I knew I couldn’t really hold back any longer. I grabbed her waist and thrust in deeply, exploding inside of her. I’m sure I was moaning considerably at this point, and she returned my moans.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhgggg, yeeeaahhhh, cum inside of me,” Lucy cried as looked back over her shoulder at me. “Don’t stop.”

I maintained my thrusting as she returned her attention to her husband. She was jacking him hard with her hand and sucking on his head with her lips. He moaned intently and threw his head back again, cumming in her mouth. She took all of it without moving her head and came again herself, thrusting her ass back on my. I grabbed one ass cheek and squeezed it as she rubbed back against me. After swallowing her husbands cum, she looked back at me again.

“Ooohhhhhhh, aaahhhhgggg,” she came loudly. “That’s it baby, squeeze that ass, slap it. Oh oh oh oh, yeeeeessssssssss!”

Following her wishes I gave her other ass cheek a few gentle slaps as I continued sqeezing. Her pussy tightened on my dick, and I felt another orgasm arising. Pounding into her as her orgasm subsided, I was getting very close to cumming again. Before I could, she stopped moving against me.

“Are you close again,” she asked. When I nodded she pulled forward until my raging shaft slipped out her.

“I want to you to come in my mouth,” she said, moving around to face me. “Here get stand on the floor.”

She gently pushed me to where she wanted me, standing at the foot of the bed. She got down off the bed as well, onto her knees in front of me. With her hand she stroked my dick, which was covered in a mixture of Dennis’ and my seed and her juices.

“Oh god, I love it when guys cum twice,” she said smiling at me and at her husband, who was now just lying on the bed watching. After a few strokes with her fist she took my shaft back into her mouth, sucking me down hard. I was very close and only lasted a few strokes of her mouth before I felt the cum rising in my balls again. I grabbed her head with one hand and pulled her down on me more. Right before I was about to cum she moved her mouth off of me and pumped with her hand again.

“Yeah, I want you to come in my mouth and on my face,” she said. That was it right there; the dirty talk put me over the edge. I’d only ever imagined that women did that in porn movies; in fact I’d never even dated a girl who would swallow. I came as she stroked up and down my dick with her hand. This orgasm was not as powerful, coming so close behind the first, but there was still a fair amount of cum. Most of it made it into her open mouth, but some landed on her cheeks and chin. As I finished cumming with a moan, she sucked me again, pulling the last few bits of cum out of the head. I couldn’t believe that I’d just done that, and at the request of a beautiful woman no less. She let go of me and sat back up on the bed, running a finger over her face to wipe off my cum. Dennis grabbed a towel from a bed stand and tossed it to her. I avoided eye contact with Dennis at this point, and I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

“God, that was amazing guys,” Lucy said as she finished wiping off her face. “I absolutely loved that. You can cum on my face anytime,” she said to me, giving me another wink. I couldn’t help but smile back at her but looked away when I saw Dennis moving out of the corner of my eye. He got up off the bed and went into the attached bathroom.

“Hopefully we can do that again soon,” Lucy said, standing up again. She stood before me, both of us completely naked still. Leaning towards me, she kissed me quickly on the mouth and drew me into a hug. I hugged her back, desperately wanting to grab her ass and squeeze again, but thought better of it.

“Ok, I’m gonna shower and go to bed,” she said as she released me. “You can do the same if you want.”

I grabbed my clothes off the floor and made my way towards the door, looking back at her as I left.

“Goodnight!” she said with that alluring smile of hers.

“Goodnight,” I said in return and left the room. I showered quickly in the other bathroom and went to bed, passing out as soon as I lay down.

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