She knelt on the floor waiting for his return. She was dressed as ordered in a lacey white baby doll nighty that was so sweet and innocent, she felt like she was ready for a slumber party and not to serve her master. She was though, in fact, waiting to be used by him in any way that pleased him. She always was.

She did not know why this outfit tonight except that he had bought it for her and told her to be wearing it. No makeup, no hair spray, her hair was in twin pig tails and tied with red ribbon. Her legs were bare and shaved and she had fuzzy bunny slippers on. She felt sorta silly at first but she was beginning to enjoy it and sucked on a blow pop she found in the box while she waited.

She heard him coming up the stairs outside and got to her knees. She was suddenly nervous and she couldn't explain why. The outfit, it was so pretty and lacey and soft and virginal…it made her feel the same way. She felt almost like a virgin waiting for him.

The key hit the lock and with a click the dead bolt slipped back. She watched as the handle turned in slow motion and then the door swung in. She was grinning and waiting as he stepped in to their apartment carrying a box. He was smiling at her as he swung the door closed.

"Hiya." she said feeling very silly and giggly.

"Hiya." he said and grinned.

"Did ya bring me pwesents?" She asked looking at the box.

"Uh huh." He nodded.

She grinned and felt all tingly. "Pwesents for me?" She was grinning and giggling.

"Yes, baby, presents for you."

"What did ya get me?" She said around her blow pop loli in her mouth.

"Hmmmmm…how about a kiss hello first? Then presents."

She jumped up and ran to him and kissed him all over his face, the wet sticky blow pop kisses made him laugh. She made an exaggerated shocked look at the mess she made of him and then plopped back down to the floor.

"Pwesents!" she called out gleefully, holding her arms open for the box.

He laughed and wiped a bit of especially wet blow pop kiss from his face and walked to her and handed her the box. It was a big cardboard box. She looked at it, obviously wanting to tear it open but she looked up to him for permission. He nodded and she pulled the top open and saw another package inside, all wrapped up pretty in shiny paper.

"You got me a box?" She asked.

He laughed, "No baby you open that one too."

"Double pwesents for me!" She called out and even had to laugh at herself as she said it. She grabbed the box and began to rip the wrapping paper open. Inside was a wooden box.

"You did get me a box." She said, a lil crestfallen.

"No baby, you open that box too. It's inside."

"Oh…heh I knew dat." She turned the box to face her and opened it.

That was when the baby talk stopped. She gasped and swallowed hard and looked up at him. He was grinning and nodded to her. She felt a tear welling up in her eyes as she placed the box on the floor and gently took out the contents.

She was trying not to cry as she took out the solid silver collar inside. It was hammered silver and ornamented with glyphs and patterns of Celtic design. The lock on the clasp was open and waited for her. She was shaking as she looked back up at him and tried to smile without crying.

"Pwesents." she managed to get out before tears slipped down her face.

"Pwesents for baby." He nodded.

"Put it on me?" She held it up to him.

"Not yet baby." He took it and set it back in the box. "Tonight…before the collar comes the claim."

She smiled and nodded.

"Tonight you are my little virgin. Never claimed…never owned. Tonight I make you mine."

"Already yours." She answered.

"Mmmmm then tonight, it becomes official." He said and grabbed her sweet innocent nightie and tore it open, her heavy breasts spilling out. She squealed in shock as the fabric ripped. Off balance for a moment she fell back onto the floor and lay there, one breast hanging out, the other still covered.

He stood and took off his belt and undid his pants. As they slid down she could see his aching hard on pressing against his boxer shorts. He kicked the pants off and pulled off his shoes in sox at once. Grabbing his shirt he just pulled and buttons popped off and flew in all directions. He tossed that too over into the corner.

Wearing only his boxers he stood over her. She looked up at him and trembled. Although she was far from a virgin, she felt scared and excited by him, new and untouched in a way. He grabbed his boxers and pulled them down and stood naked, his hard cock actually dipping under it's own weight, the full 9 inches rising and falling with his breathing.

She licked her lips and wanted to suck him but she waited, she did not presume to know what he wished. She felt her pussy growing hot and wet as she stared up at him, his cock seeming enormous at this angle. Inhumanly large.

"Mine." He growled and she was about to answer him that yes she was his, when he grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard. It lost the edge off the erection, going just slightly soft. As it did he smiled an evil grin and she wondered what he was going to do…

His piss hit her chest, wetting down the white lace and satin. She squealed and was about to protest when another long squirt of piss showered her hips and legs. She was so shocked she didn't know what to say. He was pissing a steady stream now and washing over her, all the time he was growling "Mine," over and over.

She understood it then, he was marking his territory. She got on her hands and knees and presented her ass, his piss soaking it and her back almost immediately. The splatter was in her hair and her face, he washed her all over with a stream of hot urine. He covered her with his scent.

The feeling of the piss dripping from her body and the wet fabric was somehow incredibly sensual. As he drained himself on her she got to her knees and with eyes closed, presented her face for a final grunting blast of urine. She fought the gag reflex and allowed the hot liquid to wash over her and completely cover her. She was his, marked head to toe with his scent.

As she blew out hard and wiped her face he growled and leapt on her. She squealed again, his weight pushing her down to the floor fast. She was trying to struggle out of instinct as his hands grabbed the wet fabric and began shredding it off her body. She moaned and twisted and he ripped her pussy free. Not even bothering to get her fully nude, he shoved his cock into her wet pussy through the ripped crotch.

As his full length split her in two she screamed out, the cock feeling so huge. She cried out as he popped her cherry again, thrusting until his balls slapped her ass. Grabbing the fabric around her crotch that clung to his cock, he ripped that free in one long strand and used it to tie one of her hands. He grabbed the other hand and tied her hands over her head.

Now he fucked her hard and fast, the wetness on the floor making her slip and slide from the impact of his thrusts. She moaned and groaned as he fucked her as hard as he could, finally lifting her ass up so he could get in even deeper. Each full thrust was painfully, his cock stretched her tiny little pussy to the very limits.

She watched his face as he slammed into her again and again, his normally sweet face so hard with hunger. He spread her legs apart wide and fucked her deep, just taking her however he wanted and however felt best.

Throwing his head back he cried out a deep menacing growl and then slammed into her hard and began to shoot his load of cum. Hot sticky cum filled her and over filled her pussy. She sobbed and shook as her body reacted and she came as well. Their orgasms intense, and taking their breath away.

He collapsed on her and bit her neck hard before growling in her ear. "Miiiiinnnneeee."

She nodded.

He reached out and grabbed the collar and lifted up off her. She raised her head up and he clicked the collar in place and fastened the lock. "Mine. Forever Mine." He panted at her.

She nodded.

She shook as an after shock rumbled through her body and lay in the mess on the floor. She was defiled, scented, filled, and claimed. Daddy brought the bestest presents.

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