Coming Home_(0)

Coming Home_(0)

Click. I was finally out. After so long I had really left. My parents would panic and do everything they could to find me when they woke up in the morning, but by then I will be 18, and I could hide, and they could not do anything leagally to come after me. I got in my car and put it in neutral, I didn't want to start it until I was on the street, just in case. My watch beeped midnight right as I turned the key, happy birthday Alex, you are free. I started driving and was soon on the interstate going south, I sighed, there was a long road ahead of me.

I arrived at my ex-stepfathers house at about 8 that night, no one was outside, but, even though I hadnt heard it in five years, I could recognize his voice coming from inside. I got out of my car and went to knock on the door. The voices inside slowed down, but didn't stop until the door was opened. "Hello Aaron," I said to the man I most respected in the world.

"Alex?" he asked back. "Why are you here?"

"Just visiting old family members," I answered cheerfully. "May I come in?"

"Sure, sure, make yourself at home"

"Thank you." I said as I walked through the door. I looked around the house that I loved most and saw Allen sitting in the corner, obviously the other side of the conversation I had heard. The bathroom door opened and I turned around to see Tanya coming from taking her shower, still drying her long & dark hair. She had not noticed me yet.

"Hey dad, who's…" she started, but never finished. "Alex?" Apparentally everyone was completely shocked to see me again.

"Tanya, Allen," I greeted them. "How have you been?"

Everyone was now getting over their shock at seeing me, and Allen asked "So, what brings you back here?"

"Heh, I will give you the short version," I started. "Remember how mom was the last time you saw her? How she had the all-knowning and all-powerful temperament?" All their heads knodded at this, they remembered all too well. "Well, after she got back together with dad, it only got worse. She adopted a 'my way or the high way' attitude that left no room for arguement or even suggestion from anyone, not even dad. Of course by this time his head was so far up moms ass that he probably didn't even notice."

"Anyway, I went her way for as long as I had to, but this morning at midnight, I hit the highway and came back here, the place where I always was happy. I transfered to this Wal-Mart and am getting an appartment in a few days, but until then, I was hoping that I could stay here. But if you have no room or just really dont want to see me, then I will understand and will get a hotel room."

I had barely finished this statement before Aaron broke in saying "No, no, please stay for as long asy you want,". He was always too nice for his own good, probably one of the reasons mom left him. "In fact, your old room is still vacant, you can stay there."

"Thank you," I said, and we all started swapping stories about what had happened too all of us during the last year.

About an hour later everyone was getting tired and it was decided that we should all get to bed. Aaron was staying with Allen for now, his new house had some structural problems and with all of the rain, they both aggreed that it was best to have an engineer there in case of a collapsing ceiling or wall.

"Okay," I said. "Goodnight"

They left and Tanya and I said goodnight and moved to our respective rooms. Before I started undressing to go to bed, I went and knocked on Tanyas door.

"Yes?" came the impatient reply from inside, she always did have a temper.

"May I talk to you for a minuite?" I asked. "Please?"

"Okay, come in," she said.

I went through the door and found myself at the foot of her bed, as it faced the door. Tanya herself was sitting on the edge of the bed, re-tying her robe.

"It's really good to see you again, I have missed all of you a lot." Of all the people I knew, I had gotten along with Tanya the best, with my younger sister and her older brother, we were the middle children.

She stood up and held her arms out, inviting me to come and hug her, and odd custom that I had never really understood, and I went to her. "I missed you too," she said into my ear.

We stayed like that for too long. I tried to let her go and take a step back, but my arms would not let go. I looked over right into her beautiful chestnut eyes and saw in them a need that matched my own, a need that inspired desire. Before I knew what was happening our lips had locked and we were both trapped by our desire and need. We moved back onto the bed, actually it was more like an ungracefull fall with her pulling me down on top of her. Our lips were still locked together, our tounges dancing in teenage passion, until we were both out of breath.

I pulled back slightly and she held me tighter. I kissed the corner of her mouth, her jaw right below it, and up to her earlobe. I pulled lightly on this with my lips and heard a soft sigh escaped from her lips. I then kissed here below her ear, under her chin and finally nibbled on the skin on her collarbone. She had closed her eyed and arched her head back to allow me better access, her hands had came up and become entangled in my thick golden hair.

I pulled my hands out from under her and put them between us to untie her robe, once this was accomplished, I pulled her up and let the robe fall easily from her shoulders onto the bed beneath her. After I had done this she slid her hands under my shirt to pull it over my head, and it was in the instant that I was blinded by the fabric that I got my sences back, and thought about the sensability of doing this to the woman who was closer to me than my sister for four years, but as soon as the shirt was over my head and I could see again, I dismissed my doubt and took in the sight of her beautiful body. She was about 5'9" and couldn't have weighed more than 115 pounds. She had breasts that were the perfect size for my hands and just a small patch of hair anywhere on her body besides her head, about an inch above her beautiful pussy.

I resumed my exploration of her sholder and slowly worked my way down to the top of her breast. I kissed her and took the nipple into my mouth. I lightly sucked it while running my tounge back and forth across the lower side and was rewarded with her low moan. Obviously I was doing something right.

Not wanting to linger for too long I started to kiss my way down to the cleft between her breasts and began to taste her tangy sweat that had pooled there. After a moment of this I kissed my way back up the opposite breast and gave it the same treatment as the last. Tanya had re-engangled her hands in my hair and now held me to her, whispering "Please, never leave again"

I stopped just long enough to reply "Never, my dear." Then I resumed my downward journey, tasting her sweat again and treasuring the taste, commiting it to memory. I kissed the beautiful skin on her stomach and slowly reached her navel. I stayed here and tickled her with my lips and tounge for a time, before finally settling myself between her legs. Instead of going for her most sensitive area, I kissed the skin down her thigh and to her knee, then back up, across the top of her clit, through the small patch of hair, and down the other leg. Tanya was steadily moaning now and was starting to jerk when my lips touched her skin again.

I stopped teasing her and went to finish what I had started. I moved back to her pussy and started slowly licking it from bottom to top, top to bottom, and in circles around her clit. Tanya gripped my hair so hard that it might have hurt at another time, but now I didn't notice. She held me against her and moaned in desire and pleasure.

I brought my hand up and covered two fingers in her juices, which were steadily leaking from her now, then slowly inserted them into her and began to move them in and out. Within minuites Tanya was bucking against my hand and face and screaming in desperate need of release, so I gave her what she wanted. I lightly bit her clit and sent her over the edge. With an earthshattering cry she came and drenched my face and neck with her intoxicating juices.

I wiped my hand moved up to her side, waiting for Tanya to come back to her sences. As I traced small patterns in the sweat remaining on her stomach, I found myself amused by the fact that I still had my pants on.

Tanya opened her eyes and looked over at me. She started to say something but I said "Shhh, go to sleep. We can discuss this in the morning."

Still in no condition to argue, Tanya turned over and was instantly asleep. I thought of returning to my room, but then dismissed it as a bad idea. I wrapped my arms around my friends waist, pulled myself against her back, and went to sleep thinking about what I had to do the next day.

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