>Mmmmm, this tastes pretty good," Vanna said after taking a nibble on the pork roast she had just removed from the oven, "I hope Mike likes it, it's one of her favorites!!!" Mike, that was just a shortened version for Michelle, but calling her that even by mistake sometimes cause her to fly off into a rage!!! Vanna was going about the business of preparing the rest of the evening meal when she heard the front door of the apartment opening!!! "Is that you, Mike," she called form the kitchen, "I'm out here in the kitchen, supper will be ready in about ten minutes!!!" Clad in a flannel work shirt, blue jeans, and heavy work boots, Mike appeared in the kitchen door and growled, "Get me a beer, I'm fucking beat!!!" Vanna went to the fridge and pulled out a long neck bottle of Budweiser and handed it to her tough looking room mate while saying, "Rough day, huh!?!" "The fucking worst, that ass hole Parker had me hauling cement all day when he knew my hamstring was still sore," she spat after taking a long swallow out of her bottle!!! "Well," Vanna said brightly, "I've made one of your favorites, roast pork and apple sauce, maybe that will make you feel a little better!!!" "Maybe," Mike said sullenly, "maybe!!!" While Vanna flitted around the kitchen finishing up dinner preparations, Mike stood leaning in the doorway watching his young bitch in silence!!! After about five minutes, she took that last pull on her beer, and after tossing it into the recycling bin, she came up behind Vanna and reached around and cupped her full breasts and whispered, "Forget dinner for a minute, baby, turn around and show it to me!!!" Vanna playfully spanked Mike's hands away and admonished, "Please, I don't have time for this now, wait until after dinner!!!" With powerful arms and hands, Mike spun Vanna around and said harshly, "Don't ever tell me what to do, bitch, now pull up that skirt and show me your fucking pussy!!!" Vanna could tell immediately that Mike wasn't in any mood for back talk, so without hesitation she quickly pulled up her dress and exposed her bare vagina to the hungry eyes of the butch bull dyke!!! The hard look on Mike's face softened slightly when Vanna's plump shaved vagina came into view and she said softly, "Now I remember why I keep you around, you gotta have the puffiest cunt I've ever seen!!!" Vanna couldn't help but drench as Mike dropped to her knees and buried her face directly into her now burning pussy!!! Vanna gasped loudly as Mike's insistent tongue slid up and down her rapidly gaping crack, and every once in a while feeling her knees buckle slightly when it contacted her extremely erect clitoris!!! "Ya like that, don't ya," Mike asked between licks!?! "Y-yes," Vanna panted, "you know just how to make me feel so good, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love you, Mike!!!" Mike chuckled with that oration of devotion from the hot little cunt, but with her own cunt was now in desperate need, she took Vanna by the hand and led her directly to their bedroom!!!

Seeing Vanna lying naked on the bed made Mike forget all about her bad day while struggling to get out of her work clothes!!! "You look good enough to eat," Mike said softly while staring at Vanna's ripe pussy!!! "You already have," Vanna giggled, "just look at how wet you've gotten me!!!" The two women couldn't have been more different physically, with Vanna being tall and lean with large breasts, a tight ass, and of course her bare bulging pussy, while Mike was short and stocky, with smaller breasts and a pussy so dense with dark hair you could hardly see her lips!!! When she was completely naked, Mike began playing idly with her pussy, while thinking about which part of Vanna'a delectable body to have first!!! "Do you know what I'm gonna do," Mike asked softly!?!" "Tell me," Vanna replied, "does it have anything to do with my clit, cuz its really big and hard, just looky see!?!" "Jesus this kid doesn't even realize what she's doing to me," Mike said to herself while fingering her pussy even harder!!! Even though her clit was erect and poking out of her labia, Mike shook her head from side to side and said, "No, baby, mama's gonna fuck her little slut with this," while reaching into the night stand and producing a prodigious strap on dildo!!!" "Oh, god," Vanna moaned while wantonly playing with her pussy, y-you know how much that hurts me, p-please don't!!!" "Of course it hurts," Mike shot back while stepping into the leather harness, "it's supposed to fucking hurt you, but tell me now, doesn't it give your tight little pussy just about the hardest orgasms you've ever had!?!" Her finger now was literally flying over her incredibly hard clit while she stared with trepidation at the massive latex penis now hanging menacingly between Mike's sturdy legs!!! "Please no," Vanna whimpered, "i-it's gonna hurt me, please no!!!" "Shut the fuck up, bitch," Mike ordered or I'll really give you something to cry about, "now spread wide and say awwwww for mama!!!"

Vanna's eyes welled up with tears as Mike climbed between her shaking thighs while priming her cunt with the head of the evil looking dildo!!! She gasped every time it came in contact with her distended clit, and before long, even though she was dreading it, she began begging like a cheap whore for Mike to take and fuck her!!! "See, baby," she said softly, "your mama knows what's best for her little baby, now get ready, cuz here comes the choo choo!!!" Vanna gritted her teeth and braced herself for the impending onslaught, but like a hundred times before she was always stunned at the incredible feeling of fullness her cunt had when Mike drove the rubber spike deep into her straining box!!! "Oh, christ," Vanna gasped, "y-you're gonna fuck me to death with that thing, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh it hurts so bad, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, god, nooooooooo!!!" Hearing her little slut whimpering like a hurt puppy drove Mike into a sexual frenzy as she pounded the thick mushroom head in and out of her pussy like a battering ram, until Vanna was begging her to fuck her like the little whore that she was!!! "Oh, god, oh, god," Vanna gasped, "p-please, harder, I need to cum, please finish me off, ohhhhhhh, I'm fucking cumming so hard!!!" Mike was now going completely off the deep end as she slammed into Vanna's helpless cunt with ruthless abandon while muttering under her breath, "Take that you fucking little whore, see what it feels like to have your cunt ripped apart by a big fat pecker!!!" By now Vanna was so far gone that she had wrapped her legs around Mike's ass and was holding on for dear life as her orgasm crushed her pussy like it was an aluminum can!!!

"Oh thank you, Mike," Vanna panted while her climax slowly subsided, "you always know just what I need!!!" "Of course I do," the dyke replied, now it's your turn, "it's time to eat mama's pussy for her!!!" "Mmmmm, yes," Vanna sighed, "let me make mama feel al nice a squishy, too!!!" Quickly positioning her huge cunt over the young woman's face, Mike slowly lowered her hair pie straight onto Vanna's waiting mouth!!! "Ohhhhhhhh," Mike sighed, "you have such a nice mouth, oh yeah, right there, do mama's big hard clit for her, mmmmm, that's the ticket, suck mama off with your hot little tongue!!! The aroma of Mike's sweaty cunt was overwhelming, but over the last year Vanna had so become accustomed to it's acrid flavor, that she was in fact now addicted to the harsh taste of the sweaty crack!!! "Oh sweet mary mother of god," Mike groaned, "I'm cumming like a fucking fire hose all over your face and into your mouth, oh my, I just love cumming with my pussy in your hot little mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck," and then it was over as she collapsed on the bed next to hr little fuck mate!!!

Vanna rolled over and began placing little tiny wet kisses all over Mike's face and chest, taking extra time on her hard little nipples!!! "You're a good little bitch," Mike said while running her fingers through Vanna's long hair, "now, get back out to the kitchen and get our supper on the table!!!" Vanna fairly leaped out of the bed and began pulling on her house dress when Mike interrupted her and said, "Forget the dress, baby, after dinner you're just gonna have to take it off all over again, so why waste the time!?!" This time it was Vanna's turn to be the aggressor as she turned to the big dyke and without warning slid back on top on her and whispered, "Ya know, Mike, I think dinner is gonna have to wait a little bit longer…….."


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