Fbailey story number 240


I was caught coming out of a room at a cheap motel on my lunch hour.

Oh fuck!

It was my husband’s best friend Jeff and he was coming out the room next to mine. We both stood there staring silently at one another. A moment later my companion emerged to find me standing there. I was supposed to be gone by the time he came out. Then he noticed my husband’s friend standing there too. At that very moment his companion emerged from her room to find us all standing around.

My companion looked at the other woman and said, “What are you doing here?”

She smiled at me and said, “Apparently the same thing that you are doing here.”

Then my companion introduced me to his wife.

Oh fuck!

I excused myself so that I could get back to work on time. My husband’s friend Jeff offered to give me a ride. My companion was not about to take me back to work so I accepted his offer. On the way Jeff told me that he wouldn’t tell my husband if I didn’t tell his wife. Deal! Then Jeff suggested that maybe we should get a motel room together some lunch hour. I got really nervous at that. I had only created on my husband once in all the years that we were married and I got caught that very first time.

I said, “No Jeff, I’m sorry but that was my one and only time to cheat on my husband and I won’t do it again…ever.”

Jeff smiled at me and said, “That’s funny because your husband cheats on you all the time.”

Shocked I asked, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Jeff replied, “Not at all. Three or four times a year your husband and I pick up a couple of girls and spend the night with them. He says that it helps keep his fantasies alive. Besides he always says that he never wants to get so old that a good-looking chick won’t let him fuck her. The younger the better too. We picked up two high school girls the last time we were out and fucked them both twice. Don’t worry they were eighteen or at least they said that they were eighteen.”

When Jeff pulled up in front of my building I got out and rushed inside. He took off but he called me an hour later to see if I would like to go to a motel with him the following day. I made up an excuse and he let it go reminding me that I owed him one. I couldn’t figure out how I owed him the right to fuck me when he was doing the exact same thing to his wife that I had been doing to my husband…cheating. I knew that I had been compromised and I knew that it was just a matter of time before I would have to give in to his requests.

Jeff called me every morning at work asking me to go to a motel with him for a nooner. I kept putting him off. Then one day my husband told me that he was going out with Jeff that weekend. The next morning when Jeff called me I told him that I wanted to be in on the action that weekend to see it for myself. He made me a counter offer, if I went to the motel with him that noon he would help me spy on my husband that weekend. I just knew that sooner or later I would have to give in to his request, so I said yes.

Jeff picked me up at a side exit so no one would see me getting into his car. He drove directly to the no-tell-motel. He had already rented a room in the rear away from the street and right on the ground level so that all I had to do was walk about fifteen feet and right into his room. My heart was racing the whole time. Once we were inside he asked me to undress but I told him to go first, so we compromised and undressed at the same time. Since I had more items to take off and I was more concerned about neatly laying them on the spare bed, he was naked first. So he stroked his cock and watched me as I removed my bra and my panties.

Jeff’s wife Rachael was two years younger than I was but I had a much better figure. Rachael was very weight conscious and constantly on a vegetarian diet. I knew that she wore a 34-A bra while I wore a 36-D. I also knew that Jeff was a tit man and that I would try to get him to tit-fuck me so that he wouldn’t put his cock inside me.

After all, my companion a week or so before that had actually been the very first time that I had ever cheated on my husband. He was also a long time friend of mine, going through some hard times with his cheating wife, and besides that we had both wanted it to happen. Getting caught the first time out was not something that I had even considered.

I was not a virgin when I got married. In fact I had let fourteen boys and men fuck me before I met my husband. However he was a very special guy and he took very good care of me in bed too. That was why I had been so faithful to my husband all those years. Then lately while my ‘companion’ was complaining about his wife cheating on him all the time I started noticing similar things about my husband. As my suspicions grew my desire to have an affair also grew. Even though we got caught, I’m not sorry that it happened. He was so excited to fuck me that he was like a high school boy his first time out. I had a few virgin boys back in my day and were they ever exciting to be with. He was the same way. That noon time fuck was the most exciting thing to happen to me in bed in a few years. I had three orgasms that made my toes curl.

I don’t feel the same way about Jeff and I really like his wife. I would hate to be the one to come between them. Well that isn’t actually correct either because I have often dreamed about being between them in a threesome. His wife Rachael is my idea of an ideal woman. We had gone shopping together and used the same changing room. We have even shaved the other’s pubic hair to make ourselves presentable for our husbands. I had an orgasm once while she was pulling on my cunt lips to shave them better. I’m not sure if she noticed it or not. It was embarrassing for me at the time. Rachael is the only woman that I have ever wanted to be with. Oh, I had tried experimenting when I was in high school but it just wasn’t for me. I liked boys way too much to fool around with girls. However I have often dreamed about making love to Rachael. Perhaps I could talk Jeff into setting it up for me.

Well back to our noon hour in the motel room…I managed to talk him into tit-fucking me but his cock just wouldn’t produce enough pre cum to coat my cleavage sufficiently. Before I could even suggest that I suck on it he backed up, lifted my legs, and shoved his cock into me. The shock of what he had done, the forcefulness of his action, and the feel of his wonderful cock in my cunt was more than I could stand. I wrapped my arms around his back and my legs around his waist. He got the message and started fucking me with enthusiasm. Jeff was far better at satisfying me than my companion had been. If I were to be truthful with myself Jeff might just be better at sex than my own husband is. I could not control my reaction to his fucking me and came almost instantly. It was wonderful and it didn’t stop either. I had not experienced a multiple orgasm in quite some time. I realized right then that cheating on my husband could become fun, after all he was doing the same thing. Perhaps I should discuss having an open marriage with him. Then neither one of us would have to sneak around behind the other’s back. Meanwhile Jeff sent me into a second set of orgasms as he filled me with his warm cum. I could feel it shooting into me. It was a very nice feeling. I looked at my wristwatch and saw that we had best be heading back to work. I ran into the bathroom, stuffed a washcloth between my legs, and got another washcloth wet to wash him off with like I always do for my husband. Then I went back in the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I pressed as much of his cum out of my pussy as I could along with a burst of pee too. I wiped my pussy dry and made a pad out of some toilet tissue to line my panties with to absorb the excess cum as it flowed out of me later. I was sure that Jeff gave me everything that he could possibly give me. I went back out to the main room and gave Jeff a big hug and a kiss that told him that he could have me again anytime that he wanted me. He watched as I pulled my panties up, positioned the toilet paper pad, and made sure that it was in place before putting on my bra, blouse, and skirt. I tucked my blouse in before zipping up the back of my skirt and slipping my feet into my shoes. I checked my makeup in the mirror and then we left. Jeff’s hand was high on my thigh as he drove me back to work.

I could hardly concentrate that afternoon at work. I slipped into the lady’s room twice to masturbate but I could hardly scratch that itch. I enjoyed poking my finger into my wet pussy to coat it with Jeff’s cum before rubbing my clit raw. I was hoping that he would want to do it again the next day at noon.

That night I practically raped my husband. He wanted to know what had gotten into me but I couldn’t tell him that it was his best friend Jeff.

The following morning Jeff called me at work and suggested that we meet again at noon. I accepted his offer very quickly and he laughed knowing how excited I was, because he was just as excited.

As soon as I got in his car I started to remind him about somehow including me that weekend so that I could see it for myself. If my husband was really cheating on me I wanted to see it. Jeff slid his hand up between my legs and felt my moist panties. Jeff laughed and started to tell me about his conversation with Rachael the night before. He told her that we had gotten together at noon. Oh No! He told her how great the sex had been. Oh No! He told me that Rachael wanted a threesome with me. Wow! He said that Rachael had always wanted to make love to me and that she was jealous that Jeff had gotten to me first. Rachael had told him about giving me an orgasm while shaving my pubic hair and how badly she had wanted to kiss my pussy and lick my juices from it. I confessed to him that I had wanted the same thing. He said, “Good.”

When he pulled up in front of our motel room I got out and walked right to the door. Jeff didn’t get out of the car. The room door opened up and Rachael grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. She said that Jeff would wait in the car and then take me back to work unless I felt like taking the afternoon off. Rachael was completely naked. My mouth watered and my pussy tingled as I opened up my cell phone and hit speed dial. I told the receptionist that I had an unexpected problem at home and that I would not be back in. Then I opened the door and told Jeff to come back after work. He smiled and then drove away.

Rachael helped me undress and folded my clothes neatly and placed them on the spare bed along side her clothes. She asked me if I wanted her to take a bath first but then told me that she wanted me to be natural. I told her that I wanted her natural too.

The first thing we did was kiss. It was gentle, it was sweet, and it was the longest kiss that I had ever had. Her tongue caressed mine, her lips were soft, and her saliva was the nectar of life. I couldn’t end that kiss so Rachael did and then she locked the deadbolt and hooked the chain on the door.

Together we lowered the bedspread and the top sheet carefully making sure that the lower sheet was wrinkle free. We each took a pillow, fluffed it, and placed it at the top of the bed. Then we got on in.

Rachael went right for my breasts. She liked them just as much as Jeff had. I smiled and enjoyed it as Rachael paid homage to my 36-D’s. The whole time I couldn’t wait for my turn at her 34-A’s. I had been in love with her nipples ever since the first time I had seen them. Rachael took her sweet time sucking on my nipples, licking my areolas, and kissing my large twin globes. Finally she lay back and let me have a turn. I kissed one of her nipples sucking it in just enough to touch my teeth and wrap my lips around it like I do a straw in a thick chocolate milkshake. I actually tried to get milk to flow as I nursed on her breasts. Rachael rubbed my head and said, “Suck baby, I did the same thing to you. Maybe we should both get pregnant and then you could nurse to your heart’s delight.”

I swung around into a short sixty-nine with her nipple still in my mouth but offering one of my nipples to her. Rachael latched right on and started suckling. Then I reached out and found her wet pussy. She was leaking like I did after her husband had fucked me. I felt Rachael’s hand on my pussy too. Soon I was crawling up her body until my tongue was probing her clit and hers was probing my pussy. Her mouth had been sweet but her pussy was slightly bitter. I ate her pussy with just as much enthusiasm as I had her mouth. I had wanted it natural and that was what I had gotten. It had been several years since I had tasted any pussy other than my own. I like to suck my husband’s cock after he fucks me and suck my fingers after I play with myself. Soon I was making love to my best friend and giving her an orgasm. Mine was not far behind. It was not a multiple orgasm like her husband had given me but mine didn’t rock her world very much either. We turned so that our heads were resting on the pillows, the top sheet was pulled up to our waists, and our breasts were crushed together.

We cuddled and talked about what we could do to our husbands that weekend. Rachael said that we could prove to them once and for all that we were much better than two teenage fucks any day of the year. Sure they were eighteen-year-old firm high school girls but they didn’t know what we knew. Besides we knew what really excited our husbands. That afternoon in between making love to each other we talked about what turned our husbands on, their likes and dislikes, and various sexual positions that we had tried. We had to laugh that both of our husbands wanted to have sex in public places but that it only meant for them to pull their cocks out of their pants while we had to get partially or fully naked to participate. We had both given in to our husband’s requests often.

Rachael had bared her breasts at a concert and had let her husband fuck her from behind with her shorts and panties down around her ankles as hundreds of people listened to the band play their music. I gave my husband a blowjob while he watched a parade go by. I never got to see a thing but he sure enjoyed himself. All I got was a sore jaw, sore knees, and a run in my nylons. Oh yeah, I also got several requests from the men that were standing around us and several snide remarks from the women. Rachael had been fucked in alleys next to bars, in men’s restrooms, and in the theater. I had been fucked in my husband’s office, in the library between shelves of books, and in the church basement during the sermon. We had certainly done a lot for our men.

We both called our husbands and said that we would be home in the morning to change for work. Then we ordered Chinese food and took a shower. We slept together all night. The next day was Friday and even though I thought that it would drag, it flew by as I thought about Rachael and Saturday.

Friday after work we went shopping for new sexy outfits. Saturday morning Rachael and I got our hair done, a pedicure, a manicure, and we got our pussies waxed. We were to be at a certain bar by eight o’clock so that the boys could pick us up about nine o’clock. The hour was for us girls to drink, flirt, and let a few guys feel us up while our husbands watched.

We put on our sexy lacy bras. Rachael’s was black and mine was red. We put on our lacy panties that matched our bras. Then we put on white blouses and tied a knot just under our breasts. Finally we put on the shortest mini skirts that we could find and fit into. They just barely covered our panties when we stood up. A pair of high heels and we were ready.

When Rachael and I entered that bar everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at us. We walked right up to the bar and ordered shots of peppermint schnapps. I took the money out of my bra to pay the bartender then we walked over to the jukebox, selected a couple of songs, and started to dance together. As we danced we kissed. My hands were lifting her tiny skirt to cup her ass cheeks. Her hands were all over my tits. Our hips were really gyrating when two young men offered to fuck us straight and knock our lesbianism out of us. They said it a little more crudely but that was the jest of it. Rachael and I let the boys molest us for another song. My college boy got his fingers in my pussy before I grabbed his balls and sent him on his way. I had to smile as Rachael helped her boy up onto his feet after she crushed his nuts with her knee. After them a couple of want-a-be cowboys put on a couple of numbers and grabbed us for some line dancing. Hee haw! They were better and mostly patted us on the ass. After we were done my bozo lifted me high into the air by my waist and kissed my panty-covered pussy.

Then our husbands arrived and bought us each two more shots of schnapps. They put on “Wipe out” and watched us girls try to shake our tits free. It didn’t work so they freed them for us by untying our blouses and lifting our bras above our tits. The bar went wild. Of course it was Jeff exposing my tits while my husband exposed Rachael’s tits. Jeff got on his knees as I walked my pussy right into his face and kept gyrating. My husband was sucking on Rachael’s tits as she shimmied and shook. His fingers were in her pussy too. As our final encore before leaving the bar I pushed Jeff onto his back, exposed his cock, and dropped my moist pussy onto it. I was still dancing to the music but it felt oh so good. When I saw Rachael she was bent way over holding her ankles as my husband fucked her in beat to the music. Fucking in public like that was the most daring thing that we had ever done. There were absolutely no complaints. When the song ended I stood up, Jeff’s cock was exposed again, and I let a big gob of his cum drip from my pussy and land on his stomach. Rachael got her load of cum and a slap on her ass for good measure.

On our way to the car my husband suggested another stop. Jeff was too quick to agree and turn the car in that direction. Rachael and I were not done yet. There was a stripper contest at another bar. We walked in and signed up to enter. We told the owner that we were a pair and that we wanted to go up on stage together. He didn’t give a fuck what we did as long as we got topless. We assured him that we would get topless. Actually we were planning on going all the way. We wanted to win at all cost. It wasn’t about the five hundred dollars cash prize or the cheap plastic trophy it was about showing our husbands that we could do it.

We waited our turn. Since we were the last girls to sign up we were the last to go on stage. It was perfect. Always save the best for last. The girls before us were all college girls that couldn’t dance for shit and just wanted to show off their tight little bodies. Most of them were too drunk or stoned to walk. Finally it was our turn. Rachael and I walked out on the stage, looked at our audience, and removed our panties first. The other girls had all left their panties on. We each picked out a good looking guy and put our panties on his head and pushed our cunt into his face. Next we removed our skirts. Our intention was to undress in reverse of all the other girls. We removed our blouses and then our bras. Dancing around nude on the stage lead to us getting nipple to nipple and kissing. Soon we were on the floor of the stage eating the other’s pussy to a thunderous noise from the crowd as they went wild. There was absolutely no question as to who won the contest. When the music ended we didn’t.

Rachael and I continued to dance nude on stage before a cheering crowd until we were just too exhausted to go on any longer. Then our husbands came up, threw us over their shoulders, and carried us naked out into the street. Neither one of us cared in the least if we were dressed or not. My ass got slapped several times before I got out of that bar. We were taken to a pretty nice motel where I proudly walked from our car up an outside staircase and along the walkway to our room. Rachael was right behind me the whole way. I waved to a few people on the street, flirted with a couple of guys in the parking lot, and said hello to the couple that had just come out of their room. The woman took one look at me naked, then at Rachael naked, and told us to have a good time. We assured her that we would and even invited them to join us later if they wanted too.

When we got to our motel room Rachael and I leaned against the railing showing off our breasts until our husbands caught up with us and unlocked the room. They graciously allowed us to enter first. I went right to Rachael’s husband Jeff while she went straight for my husband. The guys were naked and had their cocks in us before we knew what was happening. They were so excited that they came almost immediately. After reassuring the guys that they did a good job we girls decided to satisfy each other.

I got on top of Rachael in a sixty-nine position, lowered my pussy onto her face, and then started to lick my husband’s cum from her juice pussy. Just as Rachael was getting into it I contracted my pussy muscles to give her a nice big gob of cum. She choked, bitched me out, and then she tried to squeeze a big gob into my mouth too. However being on top all I had to do was lick it up before it ran down her ass onto the bedspread. Then again I didn’t have to wash the damn thing. Once I had her cleaned up sufficiently I went after her clit. I knew just how excited she was and just how to satisfy her too. I latched onto her clit with my teeth and very gentle bite it, just enough to start her orgasm. I rubbed the tip of my tongue against her clit. Then I slipped my index finger into her hole to moisten it and then went after her clit full force. Rachael lost all sense of what was happening to her. She forgot all about my pussy, dug her fingernails into my ass cheeks, and then started to moan loudly. I had heard her do that before and that was my signal not to let up. My finger took on a life of its own as I rubbed her into a second then a third orgasm. While I had her on the ropes I gave it to her full blast. She quickly rolled into a multiple orgasm that eventually caused her to pass out.

I just climbed between Jeff and my husband as they told me what a show I had just put on for them. Then together they satisfied my fantasy…double penetration…with Jeff’s cock in my ass. Since both guys had just cum I figured that I would have a pretty good workout. After all I really needed one too. I straddle my husband’s hips, grabbed a hold of his erection, and sat down on it. Jeff asked about some lubricant and I told him to just be gentle. I heard him spit first then rub his cock around my asshole before trying to slip it in. I could sure feel it when he got the head of his cock inside my sphincter with my husband’s cock in my pussy. It took me a moment to relax enough to allow him in further. Jeff was massaging my ass cheeks as he slipped more and more into me. My husband was massaging my tits at the same time. Eventually Jeff was in all the way, I was relaxed, and the two guys got into a very nice rhythm. I had enjoyed a little anal sex over the years even though it isn’t my most favorite place to get a stiff cock. I cannot describe the full feeling between my legs but I sure liked it. I could see why some women liked fisting or even fucking a pony. I had often fantasized about two cocks like that and then it was happening to me. I enjoyed the two men for a quite a while before Rachael finally woke up and started cheering the guys on to do a better job. Hell, I though that they were doing just fine without her help. As they say, all good thing must come to an end. Soon Jeff was firing warm gobs of cum up my rectum and I could feel it just as easily as I could my husband cumming in my pussy at the same time. Of course I joined them in a three-way orgasm that was the best I had had that evening.

When I was unscrambled from the triangle Rachael came right over to pay me back for her wonderful orgasms. I told her that there was no need but she insisted that she had to do it so I relaxed and enjoyed it. She didn’t give me a multiple orgasm but she definitely gave me a good orgasm.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Rachael jumped up and answered it by throwing the door wide open. There was the couple that we had met outside earlier. Rachael invited them in and they came inside closing the door behind them. They introduced themselves as Tony and Bethany. We introduced ourselves and then suggested that Bethany get undressed. Of course the three men and we two women sat on the beds to watch her undress. Bethany was a very attractive woman and a few years younger than Rachael and I were. As she exposed her magnificent breasts to us her husband said, “She is a 34-D now and they only cost me two thousand dollars a piece. They were worth every penny of it too. You guys need to feel them.”

Before the guys could get to them Rachael and I did. We each took one in our hands and fondled them. We sucked on her nipples and found that they hardened nicely. They felt hard and they certainly defied gravity. Then the girls felt my natural D’s and decided that natural was unquestionably best. Then the three guys were given their opportunity to feel of our breasts. It was unanimous that I had the best tits, Rachael had the best ass, and that Bethany had the best looking pussy. I must admit that her pussy was rather nice looking though. Bethany’s pussy was very puffy, her pubic hair had been removed permanently, and her inner pussy lips were hanging out. I had only seen that a couple of times before and it really excited me. Upon closer examination she had a big protruding clit too. With a pussy like that I wouldn’t get fake boobs to distract men from looking between my legs. However I must admit that I show extra cleavage so that men will look at my breasts however they never shy away for trying to look up my skirt either.

I simply told Bethany that I loved her and pushed her back onto the bed. I grabbed her legs wrapping them around my head and feasted my eyes on that beauty. Her pussy lips opened up enough for me to look inside at her pinkness, her clit stood up nice and proud, and her aroma was electrifying. I latched onto her clit making her jump. I had to smile as my husband proudly announced that he had made her jump just by kissing her nipples. I wouldn’t be the one to tell him any different. However I wasn’t about to let go of that awesome woman. I sunk my tongue into her vagina, I licked every fold that I could, and I raked my teeth over her clit causing her to orgasm repeatedly as I had done to Rachael earlier. Bethany took all that I could offer her. She didn’t pass out but she was nothing more than a limp dishrag when I was done with her.

When I finally released my death-grip on her, my husband was the first guy to stick his cock in her. Jeff was almost too excited to wait, but he did. Tony flipped me over onto the other bed and slammed his cock into me. As he fucked me forcefully he told me that he knew what a great job I had done on his wife and he was going to try to do his very best for me. He had a very nice way of showing his appreciation. He filled a void in me that needed filling. Rachael sat just above my head with her pussy right there for Tony to see and kiss if he wanted too. Rachael had one of my nipples in each of her hands. She knew precisely just how hard to pinch and twist to cause me the most feeling and drive me to an orgasm. She was trying to get even for me making her pass out earlier. Between Rachael’s fingers and Tony’s cock I was heading in that direction. Just as soon as that first orgasm started to subside I could feel the next one build. I tried to count the number of orgasms but then they just melted together with no real distinction between them. I knew that I was on the multiple orgasm train and that it was running away at full steam. Then I blacked out or fell asleep.

As I regained consciousness I could hear voices around me. I just lay there in a wonderful state of mind. I was relaxed and totally satisfied. I could hear everyone talking. No one was fucking because not one of the three guys could get it up again. Even Rachael and Bethany were exhausted.

I opened my eyes and smiled. My husband had my head lying on his cock. As I turned my head slightly I saw that Rachael had her head in Jeff’s lap and that Bethany had her head in Tony’s lap. All of the men were playing with their own wife’s nipples. I no longer had to fear being compromised. It was heavenly.

The End

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