Cruel intentions Pt 1

Cruel intentions Pt 1

Cruel intentions pt 1

Sarah led the perfect life smart, good looking, and pretty much perfect, From the age of 9 or 10 it was clear she was going to be gifted, When she turned 16 her mother entered her into modelling contests and she was excelling straight away, At school she was one of the smartest attending. Her grades were high mostly because she was very smart but partly because she would charm all the teachers she mostly had male teachers and all it took was a little seducing and she would have no trouble passing at all.

Now 19 things haven’t changed Light blue eyes, slim build, honey coloured hair reaching her shoulders, perfect skin without so much as a freckle or mole, but her assets would have to have been her greatest feature. Her breasts were better than average well proportioned for her body perfectly rounded and shaped with two perfect nipples accompanying them, then there was her ass perfectly shaped and nicely proportioned as well so lets just say whenever she walked down the street all eyes were on her.

Sarah had most of the schools male students willing to do anything for her she would always thank them with a heart warming smile or a soft kiss but she would never allow them to touch her, she had no intention of getting into a relationship with any of them. She had many friends her best was Stacy they had met in primary school and have known each other ever since now they spend a lot of time together neither have boyfriends and both are virgins but they are well aware both of them could change that any night of the week.

It was 9:30 on a Friday night Sarah was at a nightclub and was recovering from a long week of school and couldn’t wait to loosen up. She had arranged to meet Stacy and a few other girls from school and have some fun. Sarah was wearing a short Denham skirt revealing her lovely legs but not showing too much else. It was accompanied by a black tank top also revealing a little cleavage but not a whole lot.
Sarah did not consider herself a tramp and it wasn’t like she didn’t want a boyfriend she looked forward to the day she would be able to say this is my boyfriend but until then she would have some fun.

Sarah looked at her watch it was 9:37 Stacy and the others were meant to meet her here at 9:30 but she didn’t worry they would turn up soon and Sarah could relax. Sarah noticed someone in the corner of her eye she turned her head it was a girl probably about the same age as she Sarah was but this girl had fiery red hair and was wearing jeans and a white shirt the girl was looking over at her, Sarah nodded her head in acknowledgement then the girl frowned and gave her the finger.

Sarah almost gasped and thought to herself "what a bitch" then she noticed the girl was with some friends two other girls and two guys they were all looking at her smiling and talking to each other Sarah got the impression they were talking about her. Sarah looked away she was slightly intimidated no one ever had been hostile or mean towards her and she was quite concerned,Then she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“hey girl how ya goin” Sarah turned to see Stacy and the other girls behind her “oh hi” she replied then looked at her watch it was 9:40 “what took you guys” “we were trying to get a lift so we had to settle for April’s dad"
"So what have you been doing?” asked Stacy "just having a few drinks and waiting for you guys" replied Sarah "so let's go" said April. April was a girl Sarah had met in year 10 and they enjoyed each other’s company so after a while they became quite good friends. Next to April was Jennifer she was April’s sister they were the spitting image of each other both had brown hair, both slim and they both had the same physical likeness, Sarah agreed and they left the club, but before Sarah left she looked over at the red head she was pashing the girl next to her suddenly the girl shot Sarah a glance and smiled meekly.

The girls left the club and were walking thru town “so where are we going” asked April “to the other club” replied Sarah “why didn’t we just stay there” asked Stacy “because the one where going to is female only and I don’t want a whole lot of guys hitting on us, tonight is for us to relax and have fun” replied Sarah. The girls agreed and after about ten minutes they arrived at the club it was just what Sarah wanted great music plenty to drink and no guys tonight would be one great night.

The night went fast the girls were drinking quickly and having a great time Sarah managed to get a glance at her watch and sore it was 11:45 she had promised her dad she would be home by 12:00. Recent events had led to Sarah being grounded for a week but she had managed to get out of it on the condition she was home by midnight if she wasn’t she might not be allowed out again. Sarah told the other girls she was leaving soon they hugged and said their goodbyes Sarah had to go to the bathroom first.

Sarah made her way to the toilets she found one cubicle was left she went in and closed the door as soon as she did a horrible smell hit her it was the most disgusting smell she had ever smelled but she was pretty desperate to go so she slid off her skirt and underwear then sat down on the seat. When she was done she put her skirt back on and went to open the door when she did she gasped, it was the red haired girl from the nightclub. Sarah didn't know what to do she had only opened the door slightly so she closed it again.

What would she do should she sit and wait until the girl had gone? Or should she go out and confront her it’s not like she would do anything anyway. Sarah decided she was being paranoid and opened the door then walked over to the mirror and stood right next to the red haired girl. Sarah realised the girl had not noticed her so she decided to find out why she had given her the finger. “Hey she said back at that nightclub you gave me the finger why the hell for” the girl was silent for a while and continued applying her lipstick.

“Hey I’m talking to you,” she repeated, then the girl stopped and looked over at her “want to know why fine ill tell you because you are a stupid little bitch who thinks you can get thru life by flirting your way thru it and make people like me fight to get ahead and if you think me giving you the finger is the worst that’s going to happen to you tonight you are in for a shock”. Before Sarah could reply the girl shot something
Out and stabbed her in the arm with it ouch!! Yelled Sarah backing up against a wall.” what the hell was that" "a sedative" replied the girl the same kind used to drug peoples drinks except i injected you with it.

Sarah looked down at her arm and sore that there was a small puncture mark she looked up at the girl who was chuckling Sarah tried to run for the door and tell someone but as soon as she stepped forward the room blurred and she fell crashing to the ground. The red haired girl laughed then lifted up Sarah’s shoulders and picked her up to her feet then began walking her out of the toilets. When they made it to the club she walked Sarah to the door some people were looking but assumed Sarah was just drunk.

arah managed to look around, the room was now spinning and very blurred but she could still make out the area where her friends were sitting but they had gone. Sarah looked at the red Haired girl she had now lost all concept of time she had no idea who she was with or where she was all she knew was someone was walking her somewhere. They were now in the street heading back toward the nightclub .The red haired girl’s name was Melanie but she preferred Mel she also owned the nightclub Sarah was in, well her mom owned it but Mel ran it and she planned to make Sarah suffer there tonight.

They arrived soon after midnight, Mel leant Sarah against the sidewall the club had just closed so Mel unlocked the door and walked Sarah in. Mel sat Sarah on a stool by the bar Sarah was almost out and just lay here head down on the counter Mel picked up the phone and rang her friends. “Hey yeah it’s me I’ve got the bitch from before wanna come around and have some fun yeah and bring Simon and Jeff along” she hung up the phone and walked over to Sarah “well they will be here soon and the fun can begin but what do you say we get it started by ourselves” Mel approached Sarah smiling devilishly.

Mel placed a hand on Sarah’s shoulder and leaned forward then began whispering in Sarah’s ear “would you like that huh, tell me something have you ever done it with a girl before”. Sarah didn’t reply Mel put her hand on Sarah’s chin and raised her head then placed her mouth over Sarah’s and embraced her in a passionate kiss. Sarah felt Mel’s tongue enter her mouth she didn’t know quite what to do her first instinct was to push Mel away but she had no strength left in her arms all she could do was softly say” please I’m not a lesbian please don’t. I have to get home soon”

Mel laughed “my dear you won’t be going home for a long time for tonight and you will do whatever I say got it” Mel was now clutching Sarah by the hair and pulling her closer “now” said Mel “ I want you to undress”. Sarah looked up at her “Un..Undress” “NOW!!” yelled Mel raising her voice. Sarah was still quite dazed she looked down at the floor then back up at Mel suddenly feeling a huge stinging sensation on her face Mel had slapped her. Sarah fell off her stool and onto the ground.

Sarah could taste blood in her mouth she looked up at Mel who was still smiling, Mel picked her up again and leant her against a wall. Sarah's eyes were looking glazed soon the drug would take full effect and Sarah would be unable to resist. Sarah felt a hand slide under her tank top and start to massage her tummy then another hand joined in, Sarah's eyes were closed and she was slipping unconscious. Suddenly hands were wondering up her back and suddenly her top was off and she was in her skirt and bra.

Sarah started to feel very dizzy and fell into Mel's arms, Mel then removed Sarah's bra and had a good look at her breasts Mel smirked "well well well someone takes there vitamins don't they you are quite a piece of work". There was a table near them so Mel laid Sarah over it flat on her back Mel then removed Sarah's skirt leaving her only in her panties
Mel had laid Sarah out in a way so her legs were hanging off the edge of the table. Mel then removed her own jeans and panties then used a stool to get up on the table and straddle Sarah's face.

Sarah began to regain consciousness and opened her eyes just as she was about to yell out Mel's pussy came slamming down onto her face. Sarah tried to resist but it was useless and she soon submitted opening her mouth, "Eat me, you little bitch, suck my fucking cunt!!!" yelled Mel her pussy grinding down on Sarah's face and mouth
Sarah obeyed as her tongue slithered its way through Mel’s massive bush.

, "I love the smell of fresh pussy," said Mel while sticking her finger into Sarah’s own cunt. “Make my pussy feel nice” said Mel “make it cum for me” Sarah began flicking her tongue on and around Mel’s erect little clit that stuck out through the abundance of cunt flesh Mel was now really hot and started fingering Sarah faster and faster.
Sarah was now feeling her pussy react and couldn’t help feel pleasure but she hated every minute of this

Suddenly Mel's motions and movements became faster and faster Mel had begun to really moan and make noise Sarah's face was becoming increasingly wet with Mel's juices. "My god your good bitch" yelled Mel between groans of pleasure Sarah could taste Mel’s sex in her mouth and realised ashamedly that it was actually a turn on and after ten straight minutes of having her face buried in Mel’s pussy Mel started thrusting and bucking then she came on Sarah’s face, Sarah's head and hair became wet with Mel’s cum.

Mel leaned forward so they were face to face then kissed Sarah roughly, then got off the table and walked over to the bar picking up and drinking a bottle of something Sarah slid off the table and lay on the floor. After a while Sarah stood up "can i go now" Go, replied Mel "your not going anywhere my sweet the fun is just getting started" Mel sniggered. "Please" said Sarah "I’m sorry ill never tell anyone just please let me go" "oh honey why so scared tonight is a very special night for you, you see i heard from a bird that you are still a virgin, well tonight we are going to fix that.

Please shrieked Sarah you can’t” “what are you ganna do about it” said Mel with an evil smile on her face she knew to well that there was nothing Sarah could do she was pretty much incapacitated and wouldn’t be going anywhere. ”Didn’t you enjoy that honey was it really that bad, come on admit it you
loved licking me out didn’t you” “No mumbled Sarah suddenly becoming very dizzy again

“Oh honey why not” Sarah was now starting to lean to her right a little and almost tipped over. “Because” replied Sarah “I’m not like that I don’t do that sort of thing” Mel laughed, “ You seem pretty comfortable showing off that lovely ass of your to the whole school, not to mention all the teachers you flirt with”. There was a noise at the front door Mel and Sarah turned to see Mel’s friends from before the same one’s that were pointing and laughing at her. “About time said Mel what did you walk here or something”, “No replied the other girl “there were people out here looking for someone probably her” said the girl pointing at Sarah “well then” said Mel “I guess we will have to continue in the back won’t we.

“Now” said Mel help me drag her into the back” one of the males lifted Sarah put her over his shoulders and carried her out to the back. When they got there the male laid her on the floor “so what we ganna do with her” asked the male “first you Jeff and Cindy can fuck her brains out then we will turn her into the hoar she is. “What about you” asked Cindy “don’t worry her and I already had some fun while we were waiting for you guys. They looked down at Sarah who was lying
On the floor “god damn she sure is a hottie” said Jeff the other male “So who wants first go asked Mel” Simon and Jeff both put there hands up “fine then” said Mel “you two can share her for a while Cindy come with me” Cindy put her hand in Mel’s and Mel led her out of the room.

When the two girls had left Simon motioned for Jeff to lift Sarah up to her feet he did so, Simon placed his hand over Sarah’s face softly and gently she opened her eyes but still had no idea where she was or who she was with. “Where am I?” she muttered
“In safe hands” said Simon “now if you cooperate this will be a great experience if you don’t it could get a little rough, then before she knew it Jeff had pushed her down so she was on her hands and knees, she was held down on all fours then she heard one of them unzip their jeans and soon she felt the head of his hard penis at the entrance of her pussy. Sarah tried to yell out but suddenly her mouth was forced open and Jeff shoved his penis in Sarah’s mouth then she felt Simon enter her and drive his dick into her.

Sarah was being rocked back and fourth by Simons’s thrusts this would be her first Sarah could hardly stand the pain it felt as if he was filling her stomach every stroke ripped open her cunt more, burning pain increased with every pounding thrust and as her hymen tore she realised she was no longer a virgin, Sarah began to cry as Jeff’s cock was pushed further down her throat to the point she was almost gagging on it. Jeff was gripping her tightly by the hair even pulling some out, while Simon was slapping her ass soft at first but the hits gradually got harder and harder. As did the thrusts Simon was now balls deep inside Sarah and was starting to let moans escape him Sarah meanwhile could feel heat building up inside of her and cursed her body as she knew it was reacting to Simon’s thrusts and knew she couldn’t hold on much longer.

Now Simon was building up and his movements became rushed and rougher, the pleasure was building up inside Sarah realised she was starting to enjoy it this made her cry even more. Suddenly something rushed thru her mouth and throat Jeff had burst his load in her mouth it was flooding Sarah’s mouth and it started seeping out of her mouth and dripping down to the floor and her breasts which Jeff now started to fondle and maul. Next it was Simon’s turn as he let out a deep groan and sent his seed flooding thru her. Sarah could feel his jism squirting up inside her womb. Her cunt felt like a sponge, soaking up every drop of Simon’s jism Simon withdrew from her and let her go she fell face first on the wooden floor lying flat on her stomach.

Just as Sarah was getting the feeling back in her crotch area she felt her ass lifted up and another cock plunged inside her, it was Jeff he replaced Simon and humped her ragged and after a what seemed like over an hour minutes Sarah fell unconscious again. Huh said Jeff “she’s out oh well’ after he had filled her with his jism he got up and the two guy’s left her on the floor unconscious.

End Pt1

There is a lot more of the story to come, so if you guys thought this was any good and would like to find out what happens to Sarah i will do Pt 2

hope you guys liked it.

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