Cruising For Lust At Jakes

Last night at Jakes started out looking like a bust. There had been no fresh meat in sight. I had been frequenting Jakes for the past four months. It was the perfect pick-up joint. Mainly male dominated, its interior was dark and smoky. Jakes was a man's bar, and just what I was looking for.

Yuppy bankers and investors weren't for me, nor any other white collar worker busy hiding his wedding ring. What I craved was a working man. Rough, rugged, edgy, and hard. The kind of man with a firm grip on his beer bottle, not a light hand on a sipping glass. I didn't need a gentleman with the subtle 'undress you with their eyes' look. What I wanted was that leer of lust, hunger and need.

I finished the last of my drink and was about to head home when I spotted him. He had a hard body, large build, dark looks, and impressive hands. I always noticed a man's hands. They need to be large, the more calloused and rougher, the better. No delicate caresses for me. Just give me that firm cruel pressure on my flesh.

He sat half perched on a bar stool while I made my way over to him. My demeanor was sultry, confident, and on a mission.

"Hey handsome, you're just what I'm looking for."

His eyes roamed my body. I watched as they took in my dark lined eyes and red-painted lips. I shook my long dark hair slightly causing it to expose my bare shoulders. He looked down to see my top being held up precariously by full breasts, cut off to show a flat stomach and pierced navel. My black latex skirt hugged my hips and ass like a second skin. I wiggled slightly while his eyes continued down my bare legs to the pair of stiletto sandals that adorned my feet. As his eyes traveled back up my long legs, I stepped closer and rested my pussy against his bent knee.

"You always come on this strong?" he asked.

My eyes looked deep into his as I answered in a husky voice. "If I see something I want."

He chuckled slightly. "Think you can handle me, do you?"

"Oh, baby," I purred, "I'm the slut of your dreams."

His hand slipped under my skirt and squeezed my ass cheek. The roughness of his hand on my soft flesh fed my desire.

"Harder, baby. I need it rough," I whispered in his ear. Those words were enough. His beer was forgotten on the bar as he led me from Jakes.

We made it about ten feet from the door before he abruptly turned into the alleyway and shoved my back against the rough exterior of the building. The coarse side bit into my bare skin, fueling my own lust. His deft hands yanked my top down to expose creamy round breasts. Cruel fingers pinched and pulled on my hardened nipples, elongating them further.
I pressed hard into his touch and was rewarded with a hard slam against the building. He grabbed the hem of my skirt and jerked the latex material to my waist. This left me totally exposed to this dark stranger and anyone else who should pass by. I loved every second and my moans escaped me unheeded.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his rigid cock. I grabbed for it with both hands but he quickly grasped my wrists and wrenched them above my head. In response, I thrust my chest out defiantly. He delivered a rough bite to my left nipple which left me gasping. His teeth maintained their hold on my bud while he thrust his cock deep into my soaked pussy. My hungry cunt contracted around his shaft as I attempted to take him deeper into me. Again his teeth bit hard on my nipple before he made his way to my other breast. He continued to thrust into me, slamming me into the wall each time.

Arms painfully stretched over my head, the wall cutting into my tender flesh, teeth torturing my pained nipples, and the savage pounding of my cunt all sent my body crashing into climax. My orgasm raged on to his continued punishment of my captive body.

"What a fucking cum slut you are," he growled.

"Yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want your cum. Give it to me." My words came out in gasps.

"Oh, you're going to get it. Get on your fucking knees and suck me dry, bitch."

He released his grip on my wrists and I fell to my knees on the gravel-ridden alley. The small stones dug into my skin, which only drove on my desires. I wrapped my lips around his cock. My tongue licked and slurped my own sweet nectar off his pole before taking him fully into my mouth. I teased him as my slick tongue swirled around the sensitive underside of his prick. He allowed me my teasing before his grip tightened firmly in my hair.

I opened my mouth wide to accommodate his deep thrusting down my throat. He was relentless and pulled me hard into him with every thrust. Gags and muffled moans came from my throat as he raped my hungry mouth. Through his roughness, I couldn’t get enough. My hands held firm to his legs, helping him plunge into my mouth every time.

With a rough jerk, he impaled his cock to the depths of my throat. His manhood expanded and throbbed as a hot rush of seedy cum was shot into me. I swallowed repeatedly; sure he would appreciate the contracting movements of my throat on his spent dick. His moans and grunts told me he did.

“Ooh, babe, you do know how to please a cock.”

“Ah, honey, that’s just the start of things to come. Walk me back to my place and I’ll show you all the things I know how to do.”

My grin was large as we made our way to the street. Jakes had come through for me once again.

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