Dana – part 2

Dana – part 2

Continued from “Dana”

Dana was speechless. Shocked would have been an understatement. As she watched the restroom door close and the blonde disappear she looked down at the card she had mechanically taken. There was no name, simply a number written in what appeared to be eyeliner. 573-8572. Dana stared at the card and with a jolt came back to reality and realized that there she stood in a public restroom with the cum from an unknown man leaking from her ass, her hair and clothing a mess, she quickly stuffed the number in her purse and dashed out the door.

Bursting through the restroom door and back into the dwindling light of the afternoon was, for Dana, like a memory of the last day of grade school leaving for summer vacation. The elation of just being alive and free combined with a memory of the dirty deeds she had just completed actually made her laugh aloud. She trotted almost drunkenly down the stairway to the street and turned right on 48th to make her way home.

She had never been so free. She’d never dumped her inhibitions and let go at this level. For that matter she’d never let an unknown man fuck her in the ass either, but she didn’t care. She’d cum like a freight train and that whole body glow still remained with her as she turned the key to the door at her studio apartment.

Once inside she fell back against the closed door and slid to the floor, trying to wipe the smile off her face. She reached past her soiled skirt to her purse and pulled out the card. 573-8572. The feeling of the card in her hand somehow made the entire experience even more real.

She dragged the back of her nail up her thigh. The same thigh, in the same way, that the blonde had done. Up higher and higher to the soft flesh past her skirt hem line. Higher yet until she could feel the heat radiate from her swollen cunt.

She remembered, then, the feeling of that cock. THAT COCK! That big, wonderful willing erection that had so thoroughly fucked her properly then invaded her ass and unloaded a lifetime of lust in only a few moments.

She slipped a finger under the hood of her clit. The electric bolts were still there. She dragged that finger down past her clit. Down through the swollen lips. Down farther yet until she could feel the cum still leaking from her ass. She swirled her finger in the mixture of her own lubrication and a strangers load, and without even a moments thought, penetrated her asshole for the second time today.

Her finger was no match for huge purple head that had been in there only moments ago, but it brought back the scene for her where she pushed on the opposite wall of the bathroom stall to get one more millimetre of that cock in her ass.

Dana inserted a second finger.

Because of her position on the floor she could only get the tips of her fingers into her ass, but it was enough. That deep itch began again. With her free hand she began to rub her clit. Soft slow circles at first, then more violent back and forth up and down, then from the depths of her debauchery came the orgasm. It hit like a thunderclap. Her asshole tightened almost painfully on her fingers and as she struggled to get her digits deeper into her bowls her orgasm caused the breath to empty from her lungs.

As she came down from her high she wondered what the hell had gotten into her. Here she was a normal everyday executive assistant, on the floor, barely inside her apartment, with her fingers buried deep inside her ass and recovering from the third orgasm in under an hour.

To Dana, it was so ridiculous that it was humorous, and as she composed herself she removed her digits, got up off the floor and headed for the bathroom to clean up.

The rest of the evening went relatively uneventfully for Dana. A hot shower, a good book on the couch by the dormant fireplace and a dreamy rest brought her to a Saturday morning awakening that still had her smiling as the daylight intruded into her large bedroom.

As wakefulness replaced sleep, Dana stretched in place. Her naked breasts protruding out from under the covers. Dana always thought she had fine breasts. More then a handful, virtually no sag, and wonderful protruding nipples that were very sensitive to the touch of a man – or a woman for that matter.

As her stretch subsided she ran her hands down her sides where they met at her flat stomach. She moved her hands up to cup the underside of her breasts and kneaded them slightly, her index finger teasing her hard nipples.

Dana’s thoughts returned to the blonde. Then the phone number. Then the clock on her bedside table. 10:32AM. “I wonder what she’s doing right now”. Dana whispered to herself.

Right now, the blonde was lazing in a lounge chair beside the pool in her 52nd street home. She preferred morning swims in her kidney shaped in-ground pool and considered it her alone time. The latest Robert Shone romance novel kept her mind momentarily occupied. She preferred the more smutty paper backs as these fed her real life fantasies, but for now, this would have to do.

During a particularly steamy scene in the book where the lead female character had an impromptu liaison with the office secretary, her thoughts turned towards events of yesterday and the woman from the C-Train.

Even with these passing thoughts about how brazen she had been on the train and what she had witnessed, or rather heard, in the restroom when she returned to the 48th St. Station, her nipples hardened beneath the yellow micro-bikini that she currently wore.

She was instantly aware of the heat and the moisture that she began to produce from beneath what could only be called the string of her lower attire. “Goddam, she was hot.” She muttered to no one in particular.

Taking a sip of her chilled iced tea and setting down the novel she ran her hand up her thigh, much in the same way as she had the day before on the anonymous woman on the train. She didn’t stop as she reached the thin material of her bikini bottoms, but slipped a single finger underneath and rubbed her hardening clit.

She knew that her clit was her most outstanding feature. Almost an inch long, it protruded from her hood like a small penis. It was highly sensitive and had given her hundreds of pleasurable memories.

“oh, umm..” She instantly snapped from her day dream and looked to her right. There, with a slightly embarrassed but sideways grin, stood Tony, the pool guy.
Tony the pool guy, as she liked to call him, was Italian / American descent with the permanently tanned look to prove it. He was cut, but not carved, definitely muscular, and she thought, hot as hell.

“I’m sorry Patricia , I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Tony stammered.

Very obviously caught pleasuring herself, Trish, as her friends called her, had forgotten about Tony’s scheduled visit. She didn’t even remove her hand but stared at Tony and said, “I’ve been waiting for you; I have something that needs your attention.”

Tony had pretty good luck with girls, so he certainly wasn’t desperate, but lately his life had taken a few weird turns and he had adopted the attitude of “what the hell”. Tony wasn’t stupid, and he certainly knew what parts of Trish needed his attention. As Trish was the hottest and classiest of his many clients, he’d also been fantasizing of the day when he might be able to progress things a little farther with her.

Tony put down his bucket of chemicals and his skimmer to remove his shirt.

Still fondling herself, Trish watched with excitement as Tony reached down and removed his top. Tony had a 6-pack, ok it was like 5 and a half, but he was ripped. His flat stomach and proportioned chest led up to biceps that fluttered as his arms flexed to draw his T over his head.

Trish needed to get off.

Tony moved in towards the chaise that Patricia was laying on and got down on his knees and leaned over between Trish’s parted legs. He ran both his hands up the insides of her ankles, then up past her perfectly formed calves to her thighs. He paused here and lightly caressed the insides of her legs while he waiting his turn at her cunt.

Trish reluctantly removed her fingers from their ministrations of her clitoris and pulled the dental floss covering her wet cunt to the side.

Fully exposed to Tony’s glare, Trish’s cunt dripped moisture from her tunnel down over her tight asshole and eventually onto the lounge chair where she rested.

Tony’s hands slid up to her outer folds and parted them gently. He repositioned himself so that his torso slid up between Trish’s legs. His mouth stopped millimetres from her blood filled clit.

He exhaled deeply, blowing warm air at her clit. She shuddered involuntarily, a sign of things to come. Slowly, with just the tip of his tongue, he touched the very end of her elongated clitoris. He could feel the muscles in her legs tense up even before he herd her gasp. She was already on the edge.

Trish grabbed the back of Tony’s head, her manicured fingernails digging through his short hair looking for a hold. She pulled him towards her. She wrapped her legs around his head as he sucked and played with her clitoris.

Tony backed off only long enough to make room for his fingers. Delicately he inserted two fingers into her cunt. Palm up, he curled his fingers and found her G spot, and Patricia became vocal.

“oh fuck – oh fuck!”

Tony sucked her huge clit into his mouth like a phallus and began to blow her. He could feel her body tense. Her moans had become screams; her language had deteriorated to a primal level fuelled only by lust.

“Suck my fuckin clit you motherfucker!”

Her back arched violently and her legs clamped around Tony’s head. With his free hand he pushed down on her abdomen to keep his tongue and fingers engaged.

And she came.

Tony felt her come and added pressure with his fingers, almost picking her up of the lounge chair. With an inhuman strength she pulled on his head driving it deeper and harder into her cunt. Only when Tony could no longer breathe did his superior strength take over and he was able to disengage from the still shaking woman.

As Patricia mashed her own breasts together, head tilted, and eyes still closed, savouring the last shudders of her orgasm, Tony hiked her legs up over his shoulders and seated himself on the lounge chair. He hastily pulled the drawstring on his track pants, pulling the waste line down over his massive erection and hooking it under his balls.

Tony’s cock needed no support. It was thick and veiny and pointed right at its target like a missile. As Patricia’s eyes fluttered open on her way to recovery, she stole a glance at the weapon that was about to assault her.

“Holy fuck that’s a nice cock!” She wondered if she had said that aloud.

Tony looked up at her face and as he roughly and fully jammed his cock into her, simply said “Thanks.”

Trish didn’t hear him. She’d never been so full. Tony was so thick that it almost hurt. Almost.
“uuughh!” Was Trish’s only response.

The moments for gentleness were long gone now. Seconds ago Tony had been just a tongue and a pair of fingers designed solely for Trish’s pleasure, but the roles were now reversed.

Tony immediately started to pummel the blonde. In to the hilt, then out till only the huge purple head of his cock remained in her stretched pussy. Over and over again until Trish thought she may actually die from fucking.

In an instant Tony pulled out and grabbed Trish around the waist and turned her over, planting her back on the lounge chair like she was a rag doll. He grabbed her waist and in a single fluid motion raised her hips until her perfect ass was just above his leaking cock.

Back inside her the relentless pounding resumed. Tony reached forward to man handle her breasts. Nothing romantic about this fuck. Just raw inhibited animalistic sex.

Tony licked his middle finger and with the same abandon inserted it into her ass. This caused Trish’s head to come back and her back to arch. Tony grabbed her long blonde hair with his free hand and pulled. Trish’s moans became guttural.

Tony pulled Trish by the hair onto his cock. Over and over again. He thrust into this woman, his employer, while simultaneously reaming her asshole with his finger.

Tony was trying everything not to cum. He tried to let his mind drift from this beautiful sexy woman with the very tight cunt that was riding his monster cock. But try as he might all he could think about was other sexual encounters from his past. While he pumped he thought of one woman to the next. This served to only heighten his eroticism and bring him closer to the edge. Somewhere from the depths of his consciousness he heard her yell that she was coming. Tony tried to hold off even longer but his mind settled on the fine piece of ass he had yesterday and it was too much.

The dam broke and Tony buried his cock inside Trish to the hilt and started pumping. Her cunt gripped his cock even tighter as Trish’s orgasm hit her. She milked his cock with her cunt and she rode the rollercoaster of her cum.

Tony grabbed her hips so hard it would leave bruises and grunted and groaned his way through his load.

Later as Tony’s cock finally began to shrink, she pulled off him and painfully rolled over on the lounger. Tony, still breathless sat on the edge, his pants now pulled up to his flat stomach.

“That was an incredible fuck Trish – thanks.” Tony didn’t know what else to say.
Patricia responded, “I’m not sure what got into me Tony, I’m sorry if I attacked you, I was just thinking of this very erotic thing that happened to me yesterday and I guess I lost control.”

“No problem at all,” Tony laughed, “I’m happy I came along when I did!” The irony of the double meaning not lost on either of them. “Funny,” Tony continued, “I had this totally erotic experience yesterday myself. You may think it’s kinda strange or weird, but I was servicing a client a couple blocks from here and ducked into the public washroom at the 48th St. C-Train and you’ll never believe what happened!”

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