Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

Creatures of the night are pursuing me in utter darkness.

Running through the shadows, tripping, stumbling as I go.

Wolves howling and dogs growling, snarling, as well as barking as they close in upon me.

An owl hoots as I run past it.

I fall down and a dog bites my arm but I pull free, severely bleeding.

Dashing away with my shirt half torn and bloody, I head toward a light further ahead.

I hear bats flapping their leathery wings and screeching overhead.

I'm getting closer to the light.

But it's not a light, it's a cabin with a light on inside.

Then a sharp pain fills the side of my neck.

A bat had sunken it's teeth into the right side of my neck.

I struggled with it and finally pulled it free, throwing it to the ground.

Then my foot snags a tree root, snapping my ankle with a resonating crack.

A wolf comes rushing at me like a panther and it jumps at me.

I kick it hard with my good foot and it hits a tree, unconscious.

I get up off the ground and run towards the cabin, limping and grunting.

Now it's in clear view I can see that the door is hanging wide open.

I'm getting closer to that door now.

Four feet away, three feet, two feet, one foot. now I'm inches away.

The doorway within my eyesight.

I'm five steps away and I leap into the doorway.

I land face first on the wooden dust-filled floor.

I slowly rise to my feet bloody and cut up.

"I've been expecting you." A woman's voice said and with a slam the door shut.

My eyes fell upon a silhouette sitting by the fireplace.

She was a brunette with sensual features and roughly my height.

Then a cold chill ran down my spine.

"Be easy, just relax, and sit down." she said in a friendly enticing tone and she gestured toward the bed.

Strangely I felt compelled to do this so I sat on the edge of the bed with her kneeling behind me.

She wore a pink silk transparent nightie.

As she started massaging my shoulders I got to thinking: What was a seductive and attractive girl
doing out in the woods by herself?

"Did you know—" and my question was cut short.

"Yes I know all about the animals outside of the cabin." She replied.

"Whut is your name?" I inquired.

"My name is Nicole."

"You've got a lot of marks on you." Nicole said in a concerned tone.

"I know it's from all those damned animals outside."
Then Nicole started massaging my neck.

I tensed up suddenly and she said: "My, my your very tense"

Then I felt her breathing on my ear.

"You know I can make your pain go away real easy" suggested Nicole seductively.

"Oh really" I chuckled and groaned.

Then without warning she bit my ear and then Nicole kissed my neck followed by my lips.

Her kiss was so intoxicating I could get lost in it for days on end.

Her lips were as soft as silk and yet tender as a cool breeze.

Then Nicole stopped and sank her fangs into my neck.

A series of violent spasms and seizures went through me.

Then she pulled her fangs out of my neck, I tried to speak but she lay a finger on my lips and

said: "Easy tiger. rest now and I'll explain in the morning."

Nicole kissed me on the cheek and finished with: "I'll take good care of you."

and then my eyes rolled up into my head and I passed out in her lap.

I awoke with Nicole's arm resting upon my chest.

Then I saw that the sun was setting through a closed curtain.

Then rolling over and she was face to face with me.

I gazed into her peaceful and serene blue eyed face & thought "How could something so
beautiful be so unholy?"

Then Nicole opened her eyes and said "Feeding time's in two hours."

Then she climbed out of bed topless, and got into the shower.

"Why did you do it?"

"So the process would speed up." she answered.

Fifteen minutes later she was dressed in a milkmaid's dress.

"Well I'm going to get supper. I'll be back" said Nicole.

Then the realization hit me like an atom bomb I had become a vampire, spawned from her blood.

Now it was nighttime and a full moon was out.

Unlike the sun, the moon's light didn't hurt my eyes or body.

Two hours later she came back with dinner.

A middle-aged man lay on the floor, neck bleeding profusely.

"Help Me!!!" the man cried.

I paid him no mind.

Then Nicole picked him up from behind, holding his head back, to expose his crimson covered neck.

"You want some, sweety?" inquired Nicole.

"No I don’t drink from your victims."

"You know what? You’re such a fucking crybaby! you know that." Nicole told me hotly.

And then she bit savagely into his neck.

I could no longer fight the urge to feed and I joined in the feast.

I got up, went over, tore his sleeve, and drank the blood from his arm.
An hour later we buried the body and went to bed.

A year later we were hunted down and killed.

Both of us fought and killed as many as we could.

Nicole was the first to die.

They tied her up upon a cross, beaten, stabbing, and cutting her beautiful body which was pregnant.

Oh how I cried for them to stop, but my pleas did no good.

Then they killed me the same way.

or so they thought……

After the mob of priests and townsfolk left us for dead I slowly freed myself and went over to
Nicole's post.

Her face was beaten and bleeding everywhere.

I got to my feet and pulled her down.

Holding her in my arms, she gasped and said: "Your son is still alive save him before it's too late!" Nicole said in a hoarse whisper.

I cut her stomach open and pulled my son from her womb and held him.

Then I wrapped my crying baby son in my cloak and laid him aside.

"I'm dying there's nothing more you can do for me" she croaked.

Hot tears streamed down my face.

"Don’t cry cause I'll still love you even after I'm gone." Nicole said squeezing my hand lightly.

Then we shared one last kiss as she died in my arms.

Then she grabbed a knife and plunged it into her chest and said "I'll always love you"

And she turned to dust that was carried off by a howling wind.

They thought they had killed me well they were mistaken.

I picked up my son and carried him back to the cabin.

Now there's going to be hell to pay for it.

The End

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