Death Province

Death Province

This is my first story on here, but i am sorry to let most of you readers down, if your are reading this story for erotica or sex, i apologize, i will have some eroticas down the road later but for now jsut bare with me.

My name is Mike O’Neil. This is the story of the day I died.

Everything came to focus slow, a concrete room with one door and a table with tools. The door slowly opened, to which 3 soldiers walked through. The last soldier through spoke to the other two in Russian, I could only surmise that he was telling them to stand guard outside the door. After they left he turned around and walked over to the table and picked up a cork screw, turned and walked over to me and spoke in English, “Do you know who I am?” I replied hoarsely, “Master Sergeant O’neil”. He looked at me for a second, slowly walked over with the screw and jabbed it into my leg and slowly started to twist it deeper into my leg. I grunted in pain with each turn, when it reached the bottom he ripped it out making me scream in agony. He threw it to the side, walked back over to the table and picked up a knife. Turned and walked back to me again and asked, “What is your mission?” “Master sergeant O’Neil”. “Wrong answer” with that he stabbed me in the hand, then taking it out.

After he dispensed of the knife, he walked back over with a stun baton, he kneeled down and looked me in the eye and said in a thick Russian accent, “you still remain arrogant, I guess I can kill you and find another prisoner.” I just looked and smiled, and said with a smile on my face, “Master sergeant O’Neil,” and with that I spit on his face. He jumped back and kicked me right in my chest, breaking 2 ribs and fracturing my sternum. He walked over and put the baton back down, and grabbed a desert eagle; he turned slowly with an evil grin; but at that second the alarm start blaring, he looked around, then back to me with a sinister smile, with the darkness and the flashing red lights, I thought to myself, “im looking at evil itself.” He said in his thick accent again, “it seems like your friends have come to rescue you, I am terribly sorry that they have come for nothing, for they shall find you dead, and them along with you shortly.” I close my eyes and slowly open them to see him cock the pistol then everything goes white in a flash.

“Hey Mikey! What you doing you shit head?” I turned and saw my best friend Ryan Lockes come walking up, “Nothing Ryan, you get your pack ready?” “Yes, sir,” he smiled; he walked over to the other squad members. It was a hot July day, but I still can’t believe we got ordered to do this. Suppose to march in a parade in full battle gear, hell I was confused when they said to have live ammo. I am squad leader of a small USMC special forces, even though we haven’t had any really hard missions yet, my squad was slightly pissed when I broke the news to them. But either way orders are orders. So we got get to our positions, but when were setting up are team sniper walks up, (John Peterson is his name, deadly son of a bitch, wears an eye patch; most people thinks he lost a eye, but that is a lie, he wears it cause he uses his right eye for day time sniping and the left for night time.)”Hey john, something wrong?” ” I take you already seen ‘em sir?” “Yeah I’m wondering why the USSS is doing here, but I have a hunch, and it is making me worried. Tell the team to make sure there guns are loaded, but don’t make a scene, and be ready for anything, there is a reason we’re here and it’s not to march in a parade.”

He nodded and moved out, after twenty minutes of waiting we start to move up, and then I see why we are here.The presidents daughter and the secretary of state daughter are standing with USSS all around them, I notice the entire team straighten up, after we got right in front of them, I smiled at the girls, I noticed a glint in one of the agents glasses , so I turned and saw a barrel from a sniper rifle. I turn as fast as I could and ran straight for the girls, after a few feet I heard a shot go off, and I felt a stab of pain go through my back when I jump in front of the kids, I yelled into my mic, “John! Sniper 6th floor south-east building.” After that I heard people running and screaming, the USSS agents rushing the girls away, and I heard the shot of the M24 go off, and john mic crackled to life, “sir, sniper neutralized.” I didn’t even say anything else, because we heard someone yelling when an AK47 start opening up shots.

I saw a guy shooting into the crowd of pedestrians, I brought down my M416 on his head and squeezed of a couple rounds, I was rewarded with a head exploding into a red mist. Then we saw more people coming out of buildings with AK’s, one building 5 people started running out, but Ryan quickly turned his M60E4 on them and opened up, I felt sorry for those guys cause he always used some tracer rounds, I saw some of clothing and skin catch fire from the tracers. We saw some lights and knew back up was on its way, it was a USSS SUV coming but it never made it. The second the enemy saw it a smoke trail erupted from a 2nd story window and a RPG fired, the rocket went through the front window, exploding in a fire ball inside of the cabin, killing everyone inside the SUV instantly.

I yelled into my mic, “everyone watch out for RPGs and keep up the fire,” I heard 8 “yes sirs” I pulled a pin on a grenade I had and lobbed it into the window the RPG came from, I smiled when I saw 3 bodies fly through the windows. When I lowered my gun a second to survey the scene, I felt a pain shoot through my leg, and fell to my knee, I turned and saw a guy with a pistol in his hand, a look of hate in his eyes, when he pulled the trigger and shot me in the shoulder, I fell back, on my back from the pain I looked up and saw someone right above him with a 870MCS, he pulled the trigger and blew the bastards brain out all over the street, our medic, Don Smith rushed over to me and helped my stand up, he looked at me and said, “sir are you ok!?” but before I could reply I saw a man run out with a G3, I threw Don to the side and brought my M416 to bare and unloaded into the guys chest, to see him crumple.

Then I heard the sounds of helicopter blades, and saw some HMMWV come driving down the street, I yelled into the mic, “fall back and regroup 3 blocks back, order for some medics to the wounded, john do me a favor and get someone in charge and figure out what is going on.” We walked about a block before I started feeling weak and dizzy, I got another block before my feet gave out and I hit the ground hard, I felt some hands grab me before, I blacked out.

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