Debauching Lady Adeline

Debauching Lady Adeline

Debauching Lady Adeline

After days of rain, the old coast road past the inn was deep with mud. The night came with more rain.

Shamus had taken a room in this inn, to which he regularly came for drinking, the gambling and whores. Just now he’d excused himself from the game table, having lost just enough to not have the other players think him to be making off with too much. Something as he played had stirred his licentious curiosity. It was the waif-like creature he saw passing by on the upper floor.

This was Cin, appropriately named, to be sure (never mind the spelling). This little creature was wicked with sin, as Shamus knew well. So it piqued such lusty thoughts to see Cin then stealing into Cordelia’s room, the whore with whom he’d been hold up these nights.

Up the stairs he goes to bang open the door with a heavy boot. Shamus sees there kneeling before the voluptuous Cordelia, whose robe is opened wide, the waif, as I say, this beautiful young Chinese boy with long black hair and, but for his handsome pick, the effeminate body of a 14 fourteen year old cunt.

Now, as to cunts, none more beautiful was to be found than that succulent mound of Cordelia’s. So it did not surprise, nor did it seem a waste to fierce Shamus, that the waif was hard of cock himself and licking at the splayed pelt of Cordelia’s pussy, there as she sprawled in the winged back chair by her brass bed.

“Oh, you little bitch,” Shamus roared. “You want my wenches’ cunt; then you fucking must take the cock that fills it, too.” He slammed the door behind him.

“Yes, please. I shall,” said Cin looking up, his long tongue tracing his painted lips.

Cordelia cast back her thick mane and great tits, laughing loudly at the suggestion of such pleasure being had. She spread her legs more widely then and held Cin deeper to her wet cunt than before. “Lick me you little bitch, lick my sopping cunt, and then let us both take our fill of this rogue’s cock.”

“Why wait,” Shamus said roughly. He came directly to her chair. He opened his britches fast and put his hard hammer before Cordelia’s rosy face. She made a sweet moan, and took his horse cock in her mouth and gave him good suck. Near as much was it as a good fuck, she did love this so, to suck a man’s cock. She always had, really. Even as a girl when her depraved father let her out to gentlemen callers, who friged her smooth cuntie with their vile fingers and held her ragged little head to their fat cocks. She liked pleasing them, though. She did. And she liked the extra coins that came when they came, and she had pleased them well. She squirreled these coins away from her father, who sometimes took a turn, himself. And if not with her, then with an older sister while her mother watched with the resignation of a bawdy slut who, who, herself, preferred the ripening tits and sprig of bush her older sisters had.

So while Cordelia eagerly licked his long shaft and sucked Shamus good, Cin darted his tongue about her clit and both were being pleased mightily. Yes, so expert and excellent was Cordelia in cock sucking, his groans were loud and followed by profane urgings that only made Cordelia want to suck him more. And these excited Cin, as well, that soon he might have his turn. Cin looked up to see this big cock as Shamus hunched it now more deeply into her hungry mouth. Cin lavished his kisses on Cordelia’s slit more wildly yet, while the boy-bitch stroked his own nice prick and felt of his smooth balls and back to his feminine ass, which he dearly hoped Shamus would soon straddle to fuck.

This, after some time, was when, Shamus, before the rest, heard horses slogging in the mud below, a carriage coming up outside. So astonished was he that someone traveled in the night, Shamus knotted his large hand into Cordelia’s hair and held her still for him to listen well. He hushed then the twit, to be sure of what he heard.

When he stuffed his cock back in his breaches, Cordelia wanted to kiss it still. He would give her more, indeed __ her every orifice to be filled. But he went now to see who came by carriage on a night as this, and precisely why they would; for might they be men that meant ill toward him. Cin returned to Cordelia’s cunt as Shamus took to the stairs.

Down below, the game had ended. The other men, too, had found whores or gone into the room out back where Cin’s kin kept their opium pipes. The inn keeper was no where in sight, until Shamus saw him out cold as a wedge on a divan in a dark alcove by the bar. There he lay with a slender black whore asleep, her ebony body curled about him like that of a sensual snake. This bed of snakes, it was as her dark hand was still wrapped around his now flaccid prick and his long finger lay still alas before her thick black bush.

Then the inn door swung open wide and a coachman in uniform entered. “What place is this?” He inquired.

“Heaven or Hell, as you may choose,” Shamus replied brashly.

The coachman said he had a young lady in the carriage and that they were to have made the port before the noon of that day, but the rains had made travel near impossible. The horses could go no father.

Shamus wanted to know who the lady might be. The driver said, “Here, I’ll tell you this. She comes from a mighty family and is most fair, but as you will learn soon enough, she is with child and has no husband. So the royal bitch is being sent away,” The driver rasped. “There, that is the truth of things, as if I fucking care; though I must get her to port, where her passage has been secured. But not tonight. The horses may well drop before I do.”

“Then let her stay here,” Shamus said. “There are no rooms vacant (this was an old joke, the driver knew) but she may stay with my lady and me; hospitality without expectation, I assure.”

“Sir, I will tell you plainly,” the driver said. “I don’t give a good frig. The little cunt has got herself pregnant by a harp teacher, which is greater a sin than fucking the master’s wolfhound, by my measure.”

“Indeed,, said Shamus. “The only worse would have been a prissy grammarian, some self anointed editor,” said Shamus. “I’ve known them to frig more than a few and always from behind. So, show her in. The lady will be given well here.”

He did. Such a pile of taffeta and petticoats, beneath a large cape with hood, Shamus had not lately seen. Hidden well was her seventh month, her belly like a melon, though covered with the cape.

She spoke not a word, the driver having explained the dire circumstances and curious hospitality while he brought her in. She extended a hesitant arm for Shamus to lead her forward. Her scent of lilac was instant upon him, and Shamus was resolute that he must fuck her, seven months on or no. Perhaps, he might, he laughed to himself, even before Cordelia had her way with the royal tart, for she did love a sweet young cunt as well.

As for the coachman, Shamus went back to say there was a small room out back, and did he want a woman, too? “Perhaps, but I’d prefer a boy,” he said behind his hand.”

“Ah, said Shamus.” I will send you one to make your dreams come true.”

That night Cin went to the coachman, and he was more than the driver dared dream.

But as for the young lady, Shamus showed her the brass bed. Cordelia inquired if she might like something to hitter unto sleep? She was shy about it, but the young woman said she would be grateful. Cin had left his pipe and the three soon took part.

Soon the lady’s uncomfortably dispersed into the haze about the room. Familiarity flourished. The hooded cape lay over the winged back chair. She announced with the last petticoat to be flung off, she should be called Adeline. Cordelia’s robe lay open again as she lay beside her, and Adeline could not be but mystified by the older woman’s ample breasts and lush cunt. Shamus lay to the other side, his shirt off, his bestial torso on full display. This man was no harpist. His musculature and scars said as much. It pleased him that Adeline touched him first and for that he soon had her naked to the waste.

That she was with child was not in doubt, and her young breasts already appeared full with luscious, large nipples, puffy with ripeness; so ripe a fruit that Cordelia wanted to suck from them now. “Do,” Adeline said and so she did, and Shamus felt his cock immediately grow. Adeline found it with her small hand and stroked it playfully through his pants. Cordelia kissed the curvature of her belly and made away with the pantaloons. The lady undid Shamuses breeches to unleash his raging cock.

Now they were naked, all three, and Shamus offered up his cock for Adeline to suck. It was not as Cordelia would, but her suck was warm and soft and so sweet as to cause Shamus to pull her on top. Cordelia reached in to guide his rampant cock to the swatch of cunt hair at the girl’s slender crotch. He heaved up and put it in, but not before Adeline had already begun to hunch. “Oh, yes, my sweet,” Cordelia whispered loudly ride his big cock; fuck to fuck for fucking is soooooo fucking good!”

“Yes!” Adeline cried out, “fuck to fuck, fuck….yes, yes fuck me! Fuck!” Her tits bouncing over the protruding belly that hid from her view her pleasured royal twat.

Cordelia wretched with lust, and pulled her off to lock her cunt to hers as scissors at the apex may cross, hunching their pussies together for Shamus to see, while he stroked his long cock, slick with Adeline’s cunt. Cordelia brought them to their sides more to hunch that way, and so, too, she could taste Adeline on Shamuses cock. Soon she had to have it in her, though, and so broke from the girl to get his cock in her deep and rough, while young Adeline kissed behind Cordelia’s ear and fingered her own pussy as now she knew just how.

Such fucking as came next was to every acrobatic form and with complete abandon of any modesty or shame. Not cunt nor cock nor ass was neglected and as all three felt ravenous until filled. For they were all three naked in their lust, wild and wicked with each other in ways that brought yet greater pleasure. So, then Adeline came, Cordelia after and Shamus shot his hot cum on them both to watch them lick it all away, to kiss with it and then each a kiss for him as they fell to exhaustions heap.

When in the morning they woke, the sun was out and the coachman was calling. He’s to get her to port before the outgoing tide. Cin was dressed in one of her gowns, for the coachman had decided Adeline had too many, and that Cin must travel on with him now. The most discerning eye might have thought Cin a princess from the orient, never suspecting his lively cock beneath the purple gown.

So, that is how they went. And that is how Shamus and Cordelia remained and, though the rain had stopped, their fucking had just begun ___and their debauching of this blue blooded lady, the royal cunt, Adeline, was but a wisp of that to come.

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