driving lessons chapter three

driving lessons chapter three

Chapter three.

Two months later Scott was picking on his brother again.
“Still a virgin eh big brother. No woman would fancy you.”
“I’m not.”
“Pull the other one. Lee is a virgin. Lee is a virgin.

Never been kissed. Never seen a woman naked. I bet you’ve never even kissed a woman.
Do you fancy boys? Are you a cocksucker? Are you a shirt lifter?”

Scott knew exactly which buttons to pull. He had Lee almost in tears. Lee wanted to keep his promise to Julie but little by little Scott wheedled the story of how he lost his virginity the first time and the second time he had made love to the same woman.

Scott had been sat beside Carl and had learnt that Ian had borrowed his video camera on the night that Lee claimed he had made love for the second time to the same women. Scott like his brother had missed a lot of schooling but unlike Lee he was bright and he put two and two together.
“It was Ian’s wife you fucked wasn’t it?”

Lee didn’t reply but from the look on his brother’s face he knew that it was. Still he found it hard to believe. She was clever and very attractive not the sort of woman who would entertain his retard brother. So Ian had videoed his wife being fucked. No way I would let any woman of mine behave like that.

Carl was jealous of his brother. She was a good looking that woman clever and cool. He wanted her just like his brother. He rang her and asked if she could help him with his reading.

She asked him to come round. He arrived and they chatted for a while. She explained that she was going away for the next three days with her pupils and so would he mind if they kept that evening very short and that she would see him next week. Julie noted that he was much more handsome than his brother but even in the short time together she found him arrogant and a bit scary.

He watched her leave in the morning and opened the back door with the spare key she left lying around. He quickly found the videos that Ian had made and edited. Not content with them he searched her study.

He opened her diary from last year and started to read. She was a horny bitch he thought as he read through her entries. At last he stumbled across her first reference to Lee.

He read each week’s entry with fascination. She had taught him to kiss then allowed his brother to fondle her. She had sucked him off and let him feel her snatch. The dirty cunt he thought.

He opened the drawer below and found a second set of recordings. The date matched the night his ugly stupid brother had lost his virginity as so fully described by this randy schoolteacher.

He watched as on the videos his brother shagged her for the first time. He watched his brother’s spunk dripping out of that bitch. He read on in her diaries finding the day when she thought she was pregnant. Lee was the father not Ian and Ian did not have a clue.

Scott couldn’t wait for his next visit. He took the recordings with him and her diary. He copied the recordings and scanned the diary loading all the juicy bits onto his laptop.
“Did you bring round something you would like to learn to read?” Julie asked him.

Scott got out of his bag the filthiest pornography he could find and handed it to her. He watched as she blushed bright red.
“These are pure filth. I couldn’t read these. I think you should leave.”

Julie had decided that she did not like him even before he had asked her to read that pornography. He was handsome there was no doubt about it but he exuded arrogance.

“I don’t think I’ll be leaving just yet not until you’ve watched a little home made video and read a little something I scanned the other day.”

Scott did not wait for an answer but switched on Julie’s video and played the first video the one that Ian had made.
“Look Ian made that video and I’m not ashamed of it so if you think you can blackmail me or something you can think again.”
“It wasn’t very nice was it making love to Lee while your husband secretly recorded it. Not the sort of thing a primary teacher should do?”
“I’m not proud of what I did if that’s what you mean.”

Scott replaced that video with the second one. Julie covered her eyes as she saw Lee fucking her on the couch then doggy style.
“Your husband hasn’t seen these has he?”

The young teacher shook her head.
“He doesn’t know that the reason you were fucked by Lee was that you thought you were pregnant and that Lee was the father.”

Julie looked down at the ground ashamed and now concerned that this young man was capable of blackmail.
“What do you want?” She asked.
“These are my terms.

One for the next ten weeks when Ian is away you will do exactly as I ask.
I mean sexually.
I mean everything. If at the end of that time you’ve done everything I’ve asked then I’ll give you the videos and erase your diary from my computer

If you don’t agree then I’ll show Ian the recordings.
I may even post them on internet. I’m sure your pupils would like that.
What do you say?”

Julie thought of threatening him with the police but if she did then Ian would find out. She was certain that Scott would deny everything.
She nodded her head.

“So that’s the carrot the stick is this if you do not do as I ask then I will punish you and it will hurt.”

Scott had decided that if she called his bluff then he could not threaten her each time he needed a second option. Besides he enjoyed inflicting a little pain. The words had not really registered with Julie.

Good put on your sexiest clothes and do a striptease for me. I hear you’re a good dancer and that you can do the splits I’d like to see that.

Julie put on a see through blouse, a short skirt, her red and black underwear and black fishnet stockings. She danced provocatively in front of him to music he had put on. She imitated as best she could the actions of a striptease dancer. She let her blouse fall to the ground before undoing her bra covering her small firm breasts with her hands ashamed that her nipples were erect. Her body betrayed her excited even in her deepest humiliation.

“Get on with it.”
Scott barked at her.
She slipped out of her skirt her small pert bottom turned towards him. He liked what he saw a firm pert bottom almost naked to his lascivious gaze. She slipped out of her stockings pulling them through her legs in a debauched manner. She could feel her own excitement her juices flowing. Scott too was excited his cock hard and stiff.

As she slipped out of her tiny thong she kept one hand on her mound teasing him. At last she removed her hand and gyrated in front of him.
“Go on masturbate your self. Stick your fingers in your cunt. Lick your juices.”
“I can’t do that.”

This was the moment of truth. If he let her get away with even the slightest disobedience then she would escape.

He grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees.
“I’ll do it. Just let go.”

Too late he told her as he put her across his knee. He smacked her hard six times on each cheek stinging painful blows. The effect on Julie was electric. She begged for mercy but he showed her none. The worst aspect was that she was aroused, her bottom was on fire but so too was her cunt. She needed release. She needed to be fucked.

“Now frig yourself.”
She obeyed his every command lying on the floor her legs wide open to his cruel gaze. She pushed one then two and finally all four of her fingers deep inside her vagina. She watched as he unzipped his fly and dropped his trousers. He was every bit as long as his brother and just as thick.

He grabbed her by her long hair telling him to suck him off. She humbly knelt in front of him kissing the tip of his dark prick. She licked its full length tasting the salty taste of his pre cum.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could and started to swallow as much as she could of that enormous cock in front of her. He held her head tightly ramming his prick deep into her mouth. He fucked her mouth hard and fast. She stroked his shaft gently squeezing his large hairy balls. She felt him about to come and sucked harder.

He surprised her as he withdrew showering her face, her hair and her breasts in copious amounts of his hot salty spunk.
“Lick yourself clean and swallow it every last drop.”

Julie meekly did as he commanded.
“Have you got a vibrator?”
She nodded.

“Go get it. Now fuck yourself with it.”
Julie spread her legs and pushed the vibrator in to her cunt. It did not take long until she came with a groan and a gush of liquid. She felt ashamed at how easily she came in front of her tormentor. How lewd she had been. He was horrible cruel and mean but she felt powerless to resist. In truth she did not wish to resist except perhaps to be punished again.

“You dirty bitch. You cock hungry cunt. Lick up your mess you fucking cow.”

Julie could feel the tears of humiliation course down her cheeks as she knelt in front of him licking her juices from the floor.

Scott found his power over this prim and proper woman a real aphrodisiac and as he watched her round small muscular globes in front of his face he became hard again.
“Stay like that. Don’t move you cock hungry slut.”

He stripped quickly. Julie glanced at his light brown skin, his powerful strong body covered in hair. She glanced in awe at his massive cock waving beneath a forest of thick dark wiry pubes.
“I told you not to move.”

He straddled her and pulled her nipples. It hurt like hell. Then he twisted them hard, Julie wanted to cry to beg him to stop.
“You must learn to obey me immediately and totally. Do you understand?”

The young housewife nodded her acquiescence her complete obedience her surrender.
“I promise to obey you immediately and totally.”

His cock had been resting on her back was now positioned next to her anus her virgin anus.
“Please don’t. I’ve never allowed Ian to do that to me and you’re much bigger.”

Scott paid no heed to her request but instead pushed his cock against her tight puckered opening. Julie tried to relax her muscles as she felt his giant member penetrate her there for the first time.

He pushed his cock in slowly at first inch by inch he entered her rectum one hand on her tits the other on her clit roughly fondling her. At last nearly all of his shaft was buried deep inside her other hole.

He built up his rhythm huge big long thrusts powerful hard fast and deep. He grabbed her tits squeezing and squashing them holding them tightly to balance his movement. Faster and harder he drove into her using her body abusing her body.

It was too much for Julie. The first orgasm that built in her body was more powerful than any she could remember, wave after wave spreading out from her groin to her stomach reaching every part of her body. No sooner had it subsided than a second orgasm built and crashed through her cruelly used body. A third then a fourth orgasm broke one after the other, she lost count as her body went into paroxysms of pleasure.

“Go on. Please. Please.
Yes! Yes. Oh fuck yes.”
She screamed profanities pouring from her mouth. It was too much for Scott who shot his load, jet after jet of hot steaming spunk flooding her anus. He withdrew.
“Lick me clean you slut.”

Julie nearly gagged at the thought but she knew better than to resist. She cleaned his cock licking its long dark shaft tasting his cum yet again.

“You fucking whore. You love it don’t you. You dirty cow you fucking slut.”
He fucked her once more taking her doggy style making her come loudly smiling as she swore and shrieked.
“Take me home bitch.”

Julie started to get dressed. A thought occurred to Scott.
“No clothes just your blouse. I want access to your horny body any time I choose.”
Julie’s blouse barely covered her naked bottom. She prayed that none of the neighbours could see her as she got into her car. As soon as he entered the car he undid all the buttons on her blouse playing with her breasts as she tried to concentrate on the ten mile journey to his house.
She parked outside his house. He unzipped his fly and his massive cock stuck out.
“It needs attention don’t you think?”

Julie leant forward and sucked on him again her hand working up and down his mighty hard member.
“Sit on me.”

Julie sat on his knee his cock slipping into her soaking wet cunt. She moved up and down on him as he relaxed. Faster and faster she moved feeling him inside her, filling her completely. She fucked him like that for ten minutes coming four times. At last he came firing his spunk into her womb.

“Get out and open the door for me.”
Julie clambered off his now limp but still very large cock.
“No leave it undone.”

She opened the door of the car for him aware that if anyone was looking they would see her practically naked. He got out and gave her a hard slap on her arse laughing telling her the same time next week.

He arrived and fucked her arse first brutally and swiftly. Once more she was made to lick him clean. She brought him a beer and opened it for him it fizzed out of the bottle. This was just the excuse he had been looking for to punish her.

He had fantasised about this all week. He tied her hands to each of the legs and stretched her over her kitchen table, her breasts squashed hard against the unforgiving surface. He had bought a whip of sorts made of leather it divided into several broad strands it would hurt but not mark.

Julie squirmed and begged him not to hit her. He laughed at her pleas. Excited as he saw her naked form her small round buttocks and her long shapely legs. He spread her legs tying each of tying them to the legs.

He let his hands run against her labia smiling at the moistness he found there.
“You cock hungry whore. You want to be whipped don’t you? You slut.”

Part of Julie knew this was true but she could never admit it. He drew back his whip.
At first Julie felt nothing then it felt like her small cheeks were on fire. Tears of pain welled in her eyes.
This blow millimetres from the first was even harder. Julie let out a small moan. The pain was intense but so was the itch spreading through her body from between her legs.
Julie closed her eyes. The pain was unbearable.
She had never felt such pain nor such intense arousal.
Julie convulsed in pain but also in ecstasy as she came her vagina gushing fluid onto the table.

Scott took her there and then unable to control himself he plunged into her fucking her hard and roughly. Julie did not care she was too turned on as she came time after time. His long cock pounded into her hard and fast till at lat he came flooding her moist tight cunt with huge amounts of his spunk.

He withdrew and looked at her tied to the table her snatch dribbling his spunk. He was pleased with himself.

He arse fucked her and made her suck his cock before he announced she should take home. He took fifty pounds from her purse telling her that that was for services he had rendered to her.
Once more she was made to dress only in a blouse. He got her to drive to a car park. She obeyed him as he told her to straddle him.
He undid the buttons on her blouse exposing leaving her effectively naked.

He sat still his cock imbedded in her cunt, his hands free to play with her clit and tits as she rode up and down on him. She closed her eyes as yet another orgasm flooded her body. Opening her eyes she was sure that someone was looking at them.
“Suck my cock.”

He ordered her.
“I thought I saw someone looking.”
“Just do it.”
Scott had seen the eyes too, two pairs of them, he would deal with them afterwards. So Julie knelt on her seat her bottom close to the window. Two pairs of eyes stared in at her getting a close up view.

Two old men, their cocks now very hard, as they looked at her naked snatch. Julie moved up and down as she swallowed his cock as deeply as she could her hand caressing his balls.

He stretched her arse cheeks wide open with his hands fingering her wet cunt making her come. What a slut he thought to himself as he felt her gush with her fluids. She rubbed his shaft furiously sucking hard on the tip of his dark hard cock. At last he came jet after jet of his cum filling her mouth. She looked up and saw the two faces against the car window.

“Don’t hit them.” She cried as Scott leapt from his seat but secretly hoping he would. He caught up with them both.
“You enjoy that you dirty old pervs.”
They nodded.
“We’d enjoy it even more if she was giving us a blow job and fondling her.”
“Twenty quid each for a blow job and another twenty to fondle her.”
”Done.” They both replied.

Scott opened the door to her car, Julie had buttoned up her blouse and was doing her best to look demure.
“This is Ed and he’s got something to say to you.”
Ed got in beside her.
“Hello darling.”

He started to fondle her breasts through her blouse.
“Stop that.”
Scott whispered in her ear telling her exactly what she was to do and the consequences of her not.

Ed pushed her seat back and undid her blouse. He was everywhere his hands groping her tits and her arse. Hr pushed a finger into her cunt. She wanted to scream to tell him to get off her. It felt like slugs were crawling all over her despoiling her.

She looked horrified as he unzipped his fly. He pulled her down onto him and as she sucked him off he grabbed her arse roughly. She almost gagged when he flooded her mouth with his spunk.

He was soon replaced by Mike who was equally old and repugnant. He fondled her roughly pulling hard on her nipples. He pulled her down onto his semi flaccid cock and she sucked him until he became hard. She stroked his cock and as he was about to come he withdrew.
Wank me off.”

She rubbed his cock furiously. He came covering her face with his come. It was everywhere, her eyes her nose and her hair.
Scott laughed and told her to drive him home.

He rang her the next week on Friday explaining that on Tuesday he wanted her dressed as a teacher wearing a gown, a blouse and a skirt plus some very sexy underwear. She also had to go and buy the biggest black vibrator she could find. She was to wait for him in her bedroom

He arrived and found her as he had demanded. He checked her underwear. He slipped on a mask so that she could not see. Follow me he told her I want you to dance suggestively sexily imagining that there are some young men watching you.

“Who knows there might be.” He continued.
She danced slowly discarding her clothing aware of heavy breathing. It was erotic dancing near to the men Scott had brought along, not being able to see them but them able to see her. She was down to her bra and knickers both of them see through.

Scott told her to dance closer to the chairs where her audience sat. She slipped her bra off pushing her small firm tits together.
A hand reached out and grabbed one of her breasts for a second.

The sensation was intense being fondled by someone she could not see. Quickly the hand was withdrawn. She danced in front of the settee certain that there were at least two people sitting there. She eased down her knickers and danced in front of them. She was stark naked apart from her mask.

At last she removed her mask and stared shocked. Looking at her were four young boys.
“Let me introduce you. This is Jamie aged twelve, this fat slug is Anthony aged thirteen and this is Aiden who is twelve and finally the youngest of your audience is Mark who is eleven”

Julie fled to her bedroom and dressed quickly unable to believe that she had just danced stark naked in front of such young boys. Ashamed that she had been so aroused when their hands had fondled her breasts and had stroked the tops of her thighs.

Scott collected the ten pounds each they had paid him and switched off the video. He smiled she would be unable to refuse any of his requests now.
“Time to take you guys home.”
“Can we fuck her?” Mark asked.
“You’re too young.”
”We’re not.” They all chorused.
“It will cost you.”

After a short discussion they agreed that the fee was fifty pounds each for the next two hours. Scott warned them of the dire consequences should they fail to pay.

Julie lay on her bed still shocked at the erotic sensations she had experienced ashamed of how her body had reacted to the groping of those young boys worse still the memory of it excited her. She could picture herself dancing naked in front of them their young hands reaching out touching her fondling her most intimate places.
“You’re not finished yet bitch. Get undressed.”
“No I won’t.”
“Listen I’ve just videoed the whole scene you dancing in front of them begging them to touch you and from the angle I filmed it you can’t see the mask only your naked body in front of them. What do you think your husband would say to that, not to mention your head or the police? You will do exactly what they want you to do and you will tell them how much you enjoy it. I already need to punish you for your disobedience don’t you dare make it worse for yourself.
Now strip.”

Scott shouted down for the boys to come up.
“Whose going to be first?”
All of them wanted to be.
“Smallest cock first. Let’s see what you’ve got.”
Scott had already picked up a ruler from Julie’s study.
“Not bad Mark six inches. Aiden only five inches, Jamie very impressive over seven inches and fat boy well bugger me its eight inches and almost as fat as you are.

So Aiden goes first.”
Julie watched horrified as Aiden stripped quickly his young body skinny and wiry, he had a patch of wiry dark black pubic hair above which his hard penis throbbed with a life of its own.

He pulled back the sheet and got on top of the naked schoolteacher. She could tell he was a virgin as he tried to push his cock against her pubes. She guided his cock towards her vagina. She was moist, how she hated her treacherous body for responding like this to this debauchery.

She gripped his young but powerful cheeks and pulled him into her warm moist snatch. She moved up and down on his cock as he tried to get the movement right. He quickly came firing his spunk into her.

Julie waited a little while before she cleaned herself in the bidet. Next up was Mark his cock equally hard above the first downy growth of pale soft pubic hair. He grabbed her tits roughly sucking and biting them as Julie guided her young lover into her cunt. He told her that he had fucked over eight girls and knew what he was doing. He made her come and then he withdrew telling her to suck him off.

Julie ran her tongue down his shaft tasting her juices and the remains of Aiden’s copious spunk. She stroked his large balls as she took his cock deep into her mouth. He came squirting his spunk into her mouth and then her face and tits.

She had never felt so degraded in all her life as they made the rudest comments about her body telling her in graphic detail what they were going to do to her. She was behaving in the lewdest way possible opening her legs wide and fingering her cunt exactly as they ordered.

Jamie quickly got between her legs his cock seemed to have grown while he had watched the whole scene. He wasn’t as big as Lee or Scott but he was much thicker and longer than her husband. He fucked her quickly coming in little more than twenty seconds.
Under normal circumstances this would have left Julie frustrated but not now as she felt her cunt walls grip his cock sucking his spunk milking him as she experienced the most intense orgasm.
“Wow. Well fuck me. That was incredible. Shit.” Jamie shouted.
“The best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Julie felt like saying me too. Within seconds of Jamie rolling off Anthony had stripped. He clambered between her legs his cock hard and hot. She was moist full of her own juices and the spunk of two of her underage lovers but even so he did not slip in easily. He pushed his cock hard against her pussy inch by inch he entered her.
She was stretched filled with this enormous cock. Her vagina muscles gripped him tightly. He pressed down hard he was heavy his weight pressed hard against her clit. Within seconds she was coming.
“Oh fuck.” She screamed.
“I’m coming. Oh yes please.”

He began to fuck her hard and fast his fat wobbling as he thrust into her. She came again once more shouting her pleasure. She was coming every thirty seconds each orgasm driving her over the edge. Four more times she came before Anthony flooded her cunt with his cum. She lay exhausted on the bed sweat dripping down her hair and her breasts.

Aiden almost pushed Anthony off the bed in his rush to fuck Julie once more. He was brutal his cock hard and erect. He entered her easily fucking her quickly. Julie was once more having orgasm after orgasm screaming her pleasure. Scott smiled as he filmed the scene.

Aiden lasted over five minutes this time. Mark was swiftly inside her fucking her quickly biting her breasts and her neck. Julie’s body or more particularly her cunt and her clit was on fire. Her whole body flushed with orgasm after orgasm. Her stomach was now vibrating. Mark was replaced by Jamie who in turn was replaced by Anthony.

Each of them took it in turns to fuck her, they fucked her cunt, her mouth and her arse. Two hours later she was worn out but completely satisfied her body so aroused that the merest touch sent her into paroxysms of pleasure. Was she a nymphomaniac she asked herself as Scott gathered up her four young lovers.
“When I return I want you naked on the bed. I want to see you frig yourself with your big black vibrator.”

Julie showered and lay on her bed. She didn’t want to but she knew that if she did not then Scott would punish her. So she lay with her legs akimbo the big throbbing vibrator relentlessly pounding into her well used cunt.

Scott arrived as she reached what seemed like her hundredth orgasm. He watched pleased with her obedience.

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