Early Morning Interview

Early Morning Interview

I was in a coffee shop about a week ago, looking through the job listings in the New York Times. I must have looked very sad, because you came over to me and asked what was wrong. I mentioned that I was not having much luck finding a job and you offered to assist me. I gave you my information but really did not expect anything to come of it. Much to my surprise, I got a phone call two days later from a Ms. Sinclair from the Law Firm of Eldridge, Benson & Johnson. I was to be interviewed for a secretarial position.

Here we are, the morning of the interview. I didn’t think I would be this nervous. They say first impressions are very important. I don’t know what to wear. Should I wear pants? No, I can wear a black mini skirt to show off my legs & my ass (just in case my interviewer is male). Thigh highs and knee high black leather boots, a red silk tank top with a little black jacket; that should do it. And I will leave my hair out. I want to get there early to show I can be punctual.

Now that I am here, I feel even more nervous. Even though it is mid-September, I am glad I wore this long black trench coat; they keep this office pretty cool. I gave my name to the receptionist, Ms. Sinclair, and she informs me that the person ahead of me is running late and I will be seen immediately. I broke into a cold sweat. I thought I would have more time.

I barely hear the instructions Ms. Sinclair is giving me to get to the interview room. I pull myself together, open my coat and walk into the last door at the end of a very long hall with my head held high. I pause at the door. I thought there would only be one interviewer. There are three and they are all male. Why would there need to be three interviewers for such a simple position? All I am doing is taking notes in meetings and typing them out for the next day.

‘Good morning. My name is Janira Spence. I am here for the secretarial position.’ They stood as I walked into the office. One gentleman is behind a very large mahogany desk. The other two gentlemen are at chairs facing the desk. There was one empty chair between them. Mr. Kareem Benson, one of the partners of the firm, introduced himself and motioned me to the empty chair next to him. As I passed him, he took my brief case and my coat.

I could feel their reactions. It made my coochie twitch. The second gentleman introduced himself as Hasaan Johnson, also a partner. As I sit, I realize that the man behind the desk is you. I hadn’t gotten your name that day in coffee shop. You lean forward to shake my hand as you tell me your name is Nick Eldridge, senior partner. A firm with three black senior partners is BEAUTIFUL.

You start by asking how well I do short hand and how many words I type per minute. These things are on my resume but I guess you want to see if someone else typed it for me. You must have been pleased with my response because a smile ran across your face. You looked at Kareem & Hasaan and asked if they were ready to begin. They nodded in the affirmative. I asked for my brief case so I could get my pen and pad. I was told I would not need those as you would provide me with all I would need.

There is a filing cabinet to the right and I am told my supplies are in the bottom drawer. I am a bit puzzled but I need this job. As I get up, I pull my skirt down a bit but I can feel a hand on my leg as I pass Hasaan. It is a soft touch. I don’t mind. I get to the file cabinet and start to bend at the knees and realize why I am there. Shit… I have nothing else to do for the day. I might as well have some fun. I straighten up and bend from the waist with my feet slightly apart.

I open the drawer slowly and take my time getting the pen and note pad. As I move to get up, I can feel that hand on my inner thigh, just above my stockings. I am getting very wet when his thumb slides across the crotch of my panties. My legs are shaking. I brace myself against the cabinet, but he stops. Mr. Johnson instructs me to return to my seat; the meeting begins.

I know my face is red. My hands are shaking. I can barely keep up with what they are saying but I do my best. I am getting very warm so when they stop talking, I take off my jacket. Immediately, Mr Benson reaches over to take it from me with one hand and touch my left breast with the other. My nipples instantly get hard. I closed my eyes, but you started talking again.

I did not want to open my eyes, but you insisted that I continue taking the minutes of the meeting. I opened my eyes to see you looking dead at me. Having someone watch me is new to me but I like it. I try to block out Mr. Benson pushing the straps of my tank and bra over my shoulder so he could touch my nipple directly. I don’t know how you and Mr. Johnson could continue to hold this meeting with these distractions but I will not be the one to stop. So I keep writing. But, Mr. Johnson, seeing what Mr. Benson is doing, does the same on the right side. I know I am done for. It was hard enough with one playing with my nipple, but both?

They both put their heads down at the same time to suck them. OH SHIT!! You are the only one talking now and I am looking you in the eye. You start to smile at me and move everything off the middle of your desk. You continue to watch your partners lick and suck on my breasts. I am not sure what to do so we keep staring at each other. After about a minute you motion for me to come to you.

I start to walk around the desk, but that is not what you want. You want me to stay on my side of the desk and bend over it with my ass to Kareem and Hasaan. I do so with my arms stretched forward. You take my hands and place them in your lap. WOW! You are hard as a rock. As I stroke you through you slacks, one of the others smacks my ass. How did he know I like that? They both tell me to kneel on the desk but keep my head down. I am now, literally, face down ass up.

You run your fingers through my hair, putting it into one so you can hold on to it. While I continue to stroke your dick, you turn my head to the side and gently run you thumb over my lips. I stick out my tongue to lick it and you do it again.

Now Kareem and Hasaan are taking turns licking my ass cheeks and sliding their fingers over my crotch. All this stimulation is driving me crazy. It’s like they are deliberately avoiding my clit. I am ready to bust. I start to unzip your pants to take your dick out but Hasaan calls you. ‘You have to see this. She has soaked through her underwear. It looks like we poured water over her crotch.’ All I can hear you say is ‘Nice’ as you begin to touch me, caressing the backs of my legs, my ass cheeks. OUCH! Did you just bite me?! Please, do it again! OOOH! I turn my head just in time to see you raise your hand to smack my ass. I brace myself. It lands right between my ass and thighs. Again; on the other side. You continue to spank me and I get even wetter. I barely notice Mr. Benson and Mr. Johnson leaving the room.

I sure hope this room is sound proof; I want to scream. This intense pleasure/pain is intoxicating. ‘I want to cum. Please, let me cum?! Please, make me cum?!’ We must have gotten our signals crossed, because you chose that moment to stop and caress my ass again. While that feels good, it is reversing my high. You brought me to the edge and won’t let me go over. Is it your intention to torture me?

You run your hand across my crotch. Feeling, for yourself, how wet I am. Unlike the other two, you rub my clit through my panties just enough to make me moan. Then you remove your hand and lick me through my panties. In this position, there is not much I can do except enjoy it. ‘MMMMMM. Oh Shit!! I’m gonna cum.’ You move my panties to the side and slide your tongue from my clit to my asshole. I wanted to cry; it felt so good. ‘Damn, baby, you taste sweet.’ I just laughed. No words would come. You buried your face in my pussy, lapping up all my juices and flicking my clit with your tongue. I came as soon as you locked onto it and started sucking gently.

After I stopped shaking, you stuck 2 fingers in my pussy and removed them quickly causing me to gasp. Just as quickly, you stuck those same 2 fingers in my ass causing me to let out a small scream. You keep fingering my ass, apparently liking to see me squirm. After some time, you wipe your hands on a towel from your desk and return to sit in front of me. I see that your dick is sticking out of the zipper of your slacks and even harder than before. I begin to salivate; it is so pretty. I reach out to touch it and you move closer to me. I can see some pre-cum at the tip, slowly running down the shaft. I grab your dick with both hands and begin to massage it, pulling you even closer to my mouth. I want to taste it. You must want the same thing. You stand up, move my hands and place them at my sides. You then guide your beautiful dick into my waiting mouth. MMM. I immediately start to suck. I don’t want to let go. I want it all the way in. You grab the sides of my face and push your dick into my throat. I can’t breathe but I don’t care. Hold it like that. When you pull out, I gasp for air. My eyes are watering and I can feel my pussy juices running down my thighs. My pussy feels so exposed with my wet panties still pulled to the side and my ass in the air. I find myself wishing the other partners hadn’t left. One of them could be tongue fucking my aching pussy or ass while you face fuck me!
You do it again, this time with one hand under my chin and one at the back of my head. When you pull out this time you pause for a moment, dick half way in, then start fucking my mouth with ¾ of your dick. I am so turned on by this, I start to cum. This makes me suck harder.

I can feel you twitching and I know you’re about to cum. You are making all kinds of noises. You pull your dick out of my mouth with a loud POP! ‘Turn on your side; I want to get in that big ass of yours. I know it must be tight.’ You reach into the top drawer of your desk just as the intercom goes off telling you that your next interview appointment has just arrived. You look at me with a smile and press the intercom at the same time. ‘Tell them the position has been filled by an over qualified individual’

Extracting a condom from the desk and coming around it, you slap my ass really hard. I cry out with pain/pleasure. ‘I know I told you to turn on your side, why do you still have your ass in the air?’ As I begin to move you stick you thumb in my pussy and 2 fingers in my ass. I can feel my ass stretching and it hurts a bit but I move to my side all the same. ‘Please go slow. I’ve never been fucked in my ass before. I’ve played with toys but never with another person.’ At that I can see your face light up. You slide your dick into my hot, wet pussy. After a few strokes, ‘If your pussy is that tight, I can’t imagine how tight your ass must be.’ Gently pushing against my ass hole, I can anticipate the pain. ‘Relax. I promise not to hurt you intentionally.’ I try to relax but I know it’s gonna hurt. Then I feel your fingers in my pussy and I forgot about my ass. As you’re playing with my pussy I can feel my sphincter stretch to, what must have been, it’s limit. I let out a little scream. ‘SHHHHH.’ You start stroking my clit as you get more of your dick into my ass. ‘I can’t take anymore. Please stop. That hurts.’ ‘SHHHHH.’ ‘Please, don’t move. Don’t move!’ I am trying to breathe through it. OUCH! Maybe if I move instead of you. Then I can control how much and how fast. You’re doing your best to keep still. I hold one ass cheek and begin to squirm on your dick. You look down and see it sliding in slowly. ‘Oh, fuck yes! Work that dick, baby.’ Listening to you and having your dick in my ass while you play with my pussy is more than I can stand. I push real hard and feel your balls slap my ass cheek. You’re all the way in and I want to cry. WOW! That really hurt but I want to keep going because there was some pleasure. ‘You can move now. But go slow.’ ‘Damn, your ass is so tight!’

You’re fucking my ass slow and I can feel the pain going away, so I move to match your strokes. It feels great. I can’t keep still or quiet. ‘Oh shit! Oh shit!’ ‘Are you cumming?’ ‘OOOH. MMM. OH FUCK. OH FUCK!’ ‘Do you want me to stop?’ ‘Fuck. No!! Please, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Fuck my ass. Oh God. Please, fuck my ass!!’ I came so hard; I know I made a mess on your desk. I see a glazed look in your eyes as you lift my ass cheek to get even deeper. ‘OOOH, get it, baby.’ ‘Oh, shit. You like that? You like my dick in your ass? I’m gonna give you something else, too!’

After about 10 more strokes you did just that. When you pulled out, the condom was heavy with cum. ‘Damn, baby. See what you did?’ You sit back in your chair. ‘Welcome to the firm, Ms. Spence. You need only complete 2 more interviews with Mr. Benson & Mr. Johnson to complete this process. I expect to see you bright and early in the morning.’

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