English Teacher

English Teacher

“Christ, I can’t do this. There is no way I can walk into the building today,” Jodi whispered to herself.

Going into the school this morning would be the end of a long night, or the beginning of a tumultuous day. Her hands where shaking. She reached into her purse to find a pack of gum, which would give her something to do so that she could focus some of that nervous energy. Her stomach turned, and she bit back the hot acidic bile that burned her throat.

“Please don’t throw up,” She pleaded. “Just make it through the day. You’re tough. You can do it. Worse things have happened. Just go in and get through today. Don’t think about it. You’ve got your lessons ready. The papers you took home last week are graded. It’s going to be an easy day. Just avoid them and you will be ok.”

Jodi picked up her leather bag and slowly got out of her car. Her knees grew week and her head spun as she stood. For a second she thought she would pass out. She steadied herself and walked inside.

It was nice seeing friendly faces. The other teachers smiled and ask how she was as she entered the office to sign in. There was some gossip exchanged and it began to seem almost like any other day. The nightmare seemed over. Everything was going to be ok.

She walked into her classroom assured that she could get through this. It was a bad thing to have happened, but life had not stopped. Then she saw the brown manila envelope on her desk. Her hands began to shake again as she torn it open. Inside was a picture of her last night. Naked and bound to a bed. Helpless. They had taken so many pictures like this one. They would show everyone if she told.

It started yesterday evening. A faculty meeting had run late and Jodi had gone to the Chinese buffet on the way home so she wouldn’t have to fix anything to eat. She rented a movie after that and decided she would watch it tonight if she finished the rest of her work. She only had a few papers left to grade. The worst part about teaching English was the stack of senior thesis that needed to be read. It took about two hours for her to finish them. The last one was about the use of character evolution in Hawthorn’s House of Seven Gables.

Jodi felt a huge sense of anxiety lift as she finished grading the papers. Now all she would have to do is enter the grades into the system and her work for the term would be over. She decided to treat herself to a bubble bath, slip into her comfy jammies and watch the DVD she picked up earlier.

She filled up her big tub. This was a special treat; she usually used the shower so she wouldn’t have to clean the tub. She added bubbles and bath salt. Then she filled a glass of wine to sip on while she soaked. She slowly slid into the tub. The water was very hot and burned her skin a little. She quickly grew use to the heat and relaxed. The wine made her head fuzzy. The tension slipped from her body. Tomorrow would be a great day.

The bathroom door slammed open, smashing against the wall. A hard kick from the other side had splintered the wood around the lock and almost tore the top hinge from the door jam. A masked intruder came through the ruined doorway.

Jodi was stunned for a moment and almost started to scream. The man in the black ski mask pointed a gun at her.

“If you scream, if you even make a sound, you will die. I’m not playing around here. If you cooperate you will live through the night. If I have any trouble at all, then I will kill you. Now, get out of the tub!”

Jodi hesitated for a moment, not wanting to give up the modesty that the bubbles in the tub afforded her. She stood though. The bubbles slid down her naked body. Her nipples grew erect in the cool air.

The intruder made her lie on the floor. He taped her hands behind her back with duct tape. He bent each of her legs so that her feet where touching her bottom, then he wrapped tape around each ankle and leg, so that her legs were bent. His hands brushed her vagina while he was doing this. She was scared, but her sex moistened. He shoved her panties into her mouth and wrapped tape around her head to gag her. Then he wrapped tape over her eyes so that she couldn’t see.

“You’ll be ok Miss. Scottoline,” he said. “Just do everything you’re told and you’ll make it through the night. Then it will all be over.”

He knows my name, she thought. The voice . . . he’s one of my students. Oh god – What am I going to do.

He spread her legs apart and kicked her. His boot landed hard on her vagina. She was winded, and moaned hard into her gag. Her legs tried to pull together, but he kept them spread. He kicked again and this time let go of her legs. She curled into a ball and squeezed her legs together tried to bring some comfort to her aching sex.

He grabbed her hair and dragged her into the next room. She heard other voices.

“Wow, she’s so hot.”

“We’re going to tear her apart tonight.”

“Oh, damn! Look at the body.”

“We’re going to fuck you tonight Miss. Scottoline.”

There were at least five of them. She guessed they were all students. Some of the voices sounded familiar, but she couldn’t place them. She felt hands all over her. Her body trembled. They were touching her bottom, between her legs, her breasts, her face. Fingers slid inside her. They teased her clit. They pinched her nipples. She heard them taking pictures. She thought they might be videotaping. One of them crawled between her legs. She heard him unfasten his pants. He pressed his penis against her. She was aroused.

She didn’t want he to do it. He raped her. The others followed. She was disoriented. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t move. It was hard for her to understand what was happening to her. One after another her attackers raped her. She was aroused. She soon gave way to passion. She lost herself.

Soon they stopped and left. She was alone again. They freed her hands so it was not hard to free her own legs. She had trouble getting the tape off of her head. She pulled a lot of hair out before she thought to try and use baby oil to loosen the tape. That worked well.

They had taken pictures and a video. She was warned that if she called the police or told anyone the pictures would be posted online, where no one could take them back. She would have to live the rest of her life wondering if everyone that she met had seen what happened to her. She couldn’t live like that. They told her no one else had to know. They had been so nice after it was over. In a way it seemed like the experience had brought her closer to them. They had a secret that they shared together. No one else had to know.

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