Erin Jacobs

Erin Jacobs

Erin Jacobs was 16 when she walked up her street that day. Erin was 5 ft 7, quite slim (as she was a swimmer) and pretty with a short brown bob haircut.

She was walking home from her swimming club; wearing jeans and a plain green t-shirt with her sports bag slung over her shoulder.

She was feeling very relaxed in the warm July air and opened the gate at the bottom of her drive.
She gasped as she saw the door wide open with a huge dent shaped like a foot in the centre.

She hurried into the house, dumped her sports bag in the hall and called "dad?"

There was no reply.

"Dad?!" She called again panicking.

As she made her way to the kitchen she heard footsteps and muffled shouts from the basement.

She opened the door to the basement slowly, the light was one and she could hear men talking.

"Hello?" she called cautiously, "dad? Are you down here?"

The voices stopped.

She walked slowly down the stairs and saw her father on a chair taped to it and gagged. A roll of gaffa tape was lying next to him.

"Mmm mmm mmm" he tried to yell seeing Erin and thrashing slightly.

Suddenly Erin felt a huge muscled arm encircle her waist. She was lifted off the ground a few inches as she screamed, but a large hand matching the arm round her waist covered her mouths and subdued her screams.

She tried to get free but the man tightened his grip until her ribs were hurting. She stopped struggling.

"Feisty little bitch!" said a voice from behind her; it was deep and slow with an Italian accent. Another man came out of the shadows and walked over to her father. He was also tall and muscled and very hairy, he had dark hair and cold blue eyes.
"She yours? Mr. Jacobs?" he said leaning close to Erin's fathers face.

Erin father didn't say anything or even move.

"The answer is yes Mr Jacobs,” said the man straightening up, "I’m guessing this is Erin."

Erin's father's eyes widened as if to question his statement.
"Oh we know everything about you now Mr. Jacobs and your daughter…
"But allow me to introduce myself" he said turning to Erin still held by the other man.
"I am Tony Santoro, and that is my brother Frank" he said motioning towards the man holding Erin.
"The reason we are here is that your father owes us money you see" Tony continued, "he borrowed it to gamble and now we want it back! The only problem is he doesn't have the money… Do you Mr. Jacobs?"
Erin's father bowed his head miserably.
Tony suddenly produced a gun and pointed it toward Erin's father's head. Erin's father whimpered and Erin tried to scream again but was squeezed even harder by her captor.

"Oh don't worry Erin dear!" Said Tony calmly, "we've thought of a way to sort this out with-out killing him. You see, we've decided to get our $4000 out of you!"

Erin's father thrashed and Erin's eyes widened with shock, she knew not to scream now or her pain would increase. She was terrified, she had never even been with a guy before and now there were 2 who, by the sound of it, were going to rape her!

"Frank!" Tony said harshly, "Down!" he shouted pointed towards the floor.

Erin felt herself falling and landed on the concrete floor. She tried to get up but a large boot placed itself in the flat of her back and pushed her down, she yelped at the pain and felt tears brimming in her eyes.
"Don't do this!" she sobbed "please… don't"
"awwww…" said Tony's cruel voice, "You hear that Frank, she's begging!"
The man pinning Erin down guffawed.

Frank had gone over to Erin's father and picked up the gaffa tape next to him, he walked over to where Erin was pinned to the floor and knelt down.

He grabbed her right wrist and bent in painfully behind her back and taped it securely to her left elbow, he then did the same thing with her left wrist, taping it to her right elbow.

"PLEASE!" She sobbed harder than ever.
"No use sweet-heart!" Tony cooed, "We've made up our minds! Just relax dear, the less you struggle the less it's going to hurt!" He stood up, "although it's still going to be painful!"

He walked over to a black bag Erin hadn't noticed before and pulled out a knife, Erin screamed.

Tony walked back over to her and started to cut off her jeans and t-shirt leaving her in just her underwear.

He then clicked his fingers and motioned for Frank to release her.

Tony then knelt down again and flipped Erin onto her back, he knelt over her and smiled wickedly, then he kissed her. Erin felt his unwanted tongue exploring her mouth and pulled away.

"Naughty slut!" He yelled, slapping her round the face. He reached for the gaffa tape and gagged her.

He then picked up the knife and cut off her bra.

She whimpered as he started to lick and suck her breasts. He lifted himself up slightly and grabbed one of her legs, he bent it so her knee was in the air and taped it in that position, he then did the same with her other leg and stood up.

He looked down at the young girl forced to bare herself to him. He got down again and began to rub her young pussy through her panties.
She yelled although hardly any sound came out due to her gag.

She tried to resist but her body was betraying her.
"See this Brian!" Tony yelled to her father, "you're little slut's getting wet for me!" He laughed and went back to rubbing her.

Once her panties were soaking he cut them off and threw them to Frank who licked them.
"Mmmm" he moaned.
Tony laughed.

"Are you enjoying this as much as I am?" he said to Erin rubbing the insides of her thighs, she squirmed.

He then began rubbing her bare pussy and she again became wetter and wetter.

Then them took one fat finger and slowly pushed into her dripping pussy.

She wriggled and yelped.

Tony moved his finger in and out, getting faster every time.
Erin squirmed and whimpered, but soon her whimpers turned to moans.
"Good slut!" he cooed, "you see Brain! She's going to cum for us… aren't you sweet-heart."
Tears were streaming down Erin's face as she tried to fight.
"Cum for me!" Tony groaned, "cum for your daddy!"
Erin was shaking as Tony continued to finger fuck her virgin pussy; her attempt to resist was useless.

Tony felt the girl’s cunt contract and saw her back arch and she came. Erin screamed as her first ever orgasm kicked in, it wasn't fair… She tried so hard to give herself one and it never worked, and now this man was raping her and she couldn't hold it back.

"THAT'S IT BITCH!" Tony yelled triumphantly, "CUM FOR ME YOU FUCKING SLUT!"

Erin's orgasm was finally over and she was reduced to sobs once more.

"Frank…" Tony said standing up, "look at this mess… clean it up"

Obediently Frank knelt down and started to lick up Erin's cum
"Mmmmm" he groaned he then moved his tongue towards her pussy and started to lick her lips, she bucked in protest but it was no use, with one quick movement he thrust his tongue deep within her pussy.

She screamed and Frank stood up and licked his lips.

Erin noticed that whilst Frank had been eating her Tony had gone over to the black bag once again. He was now withdrawing a bottle of lube he ordered frank to 'squirt it up her' and Frank obeyed, Erin wriggled as she felt the cold gel going deep inside of her.

Tony was now taking off his clothes. Erin's eyes widened in horror as he lowered his underwear. Before her was the first naked man she'd ever seen. He was big and muscley with a hairy chest and a huge cock;
It was 11 inches long with a 3-inch diameter, Erin started to panic, and if he was going to force that thing inside her she would burst.
"You like?" Tony sneered noticing Erin watching her.

He turned to her father,
"We're going to fuck her now Mr. Jacobs!"
Erin's father thrashed as hard as he could in his bonds.
"Oh don't worry…" Tony drawled, "This is only going to hurt her!"

He knelt down between Erin's legs and placed his erect cock at her pussy lips.

Erin screamed as the monster entered her virgin cunt. It was stretching her young pussy so wide she thought it'd break; finally Tony felt her cherry,
"Here we go!" He cried and with one quick movement stabbed into her as hard as he could, Erin screams filled the basement as he broke her cherry.

Despite her screams, and despite the blood now pouring from within in, Tony carried on pushing his dick into her young cunt. Finally he heard his ball slap against her ass.
"There you go!" He smiled wickedly his cock still buried deep inside Erin.

Erin started to sob again at the shame. She was no longer a virgin, plus she had 78 square inches of unwanted cock deep within her.

After two minutes Tony finally pulled out of Erin's pussy. Although he wasn't anywhere near finished, he reached into the bag and pulled out a huge dildo, bigger than his own cock.

He knelt down beside Erin again he placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance to her pussy and turned it on, it started to vibrate and Erin tried to pull away.

He pushed it with one quick movement deep inside of her cunt. She squirmed and after a minute started to pant; when he knew she was about to cum he turned it off and pulled it out,
"No yet bitch!" he yelled slapping her on the ass,

He then grabbed her buttocks and lifter her ass into the air. He then placed the, now dripping, dildo at the entrance to her asshole and pushed it in slowly,
"Mmmgggnnnn!" Erin squealed
Finally it was all the way in, all 12 inches deep within her ass, Tony turned it on. It began to vibrate and Erin squealed with pain.

He then placed his shaft at the entrance to her pussy and pushed in once more, this time, in one quick movement he slammed into her pelvis, she screamed. He pulled out and did it again, he continued thrusting into her, getting faster every time while the massive dildo stretched her ass.

After a few minutes Erin came again, her juices squirted out of her pussy,
"Yeah bitch!" Tony yelled, he started to pant and thrusted even harder, he then stopped suddenly, slammed his cock into Erin once more, held her pelvis firmly against him and blew his load.

Erin felt the hot cum filling her up and knew what had happened, he then pulled out and sat facing her panting for a minute.

"Right…" he finally said, "Frank… your turn!"

20 minutes later Tony pulled out the dildo from Erin's ass.

"Oh dear, Mr. Jacobs… do you not want to watch?" Erin's father had screwed up his eyes and refused to open them.
"Well we can arrange that. Can't we Frank?"
Frank pulled the chair closer to were Erin lay covered in cum and turned it around so it was facing the wall
"We'll just let you listen."

Frank lay down on the cold basement floor and Tony picked Erin up, He guided her so that Frank's dick went up her pussy, her then flattened her down so that her breasts were pressed against Frank's chest.

Tony then knelt down and shoved her cock into her asshole, both bothers began to thrust.

Erin screamed and screamed as she was raped in both holes at once, she thought they were going to tear a hold in her and there was nothing she could do….

Half an hour later, both men had come several times in each hole; they had swapped positions, and therefore holes, and had made Erin come over 20 times.

They finally pulled out and stood, leaving Erin on the floor once again covered in cum.

Both men began to dress and Erin had hope, had they finally finished?

They finished dressing and replaced everything they had brought into the black bag.

Tony then cut the bonds holding Erin's father to the chair.

"You tell anyone…" Tony threatened, "and we'll be back!"
Erin's father nodded
"And next time…" Tony said grinning maliciously at Erin, "it'll never stop!"

The two men then left the basement and the house, leaving Erin alone, naked bound and raped, with her father.

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