Mike always knew that he loved to be spanked. As a child, he would get into trouble at school deliberately so his busty blonde second grade teacher, Miss Spencer would give him five whacks on the rear end. However Mike kept his secret fetish to himself. After all, the girls he had been dating were too normal to expose this secret. They just wouldn’t understand!

Mike had been dating Beth for 3 months. That was a long term commitment in his life! She was one of the longest relationships he’d ever had. Something about her was just right and maybe she was even the one for marriage. Mike couldn’t keep his mind off of her, he thought about her 24 hours a day no matter what mundane chore he was undertaking.

Beth was set to come over at 7:00 for an evening at Mike’s Apartment. They had been sleeping over at each other’s apartments for a couple months now but they just hadn’t made that commitment to move in together just yet. At 7:15 Beth arrived. They embraced in a kiss and then went in the living room to watch television and snuggle on the couch. Around 10:30, Mike suggested they turn in for the night because they both had to get up for work the next day. Beth complied and they retired to the bedroom.

Being a relatively new couple, every time they went to bed sex always accompanied bedtime. The couple laid in bed and started to make out and fondle each other under the covers. Mike was getting very hot and bothered by the intimacy so Beth went down on him and began giving him oral sex.

“Oh yeah, that’s great,” Mike moaned as Beth’s head bobbed up and down.

Mike placed his hand on the back of Beth’s head and felt her movement as she took all of his dick down the back of her throat. It felt so good for his hard cock to slide in and out of the smooth walls of her mouth. After a few minutes, Mike summoned Beth to come back up to his mouth so they could kiss more. Mike was rock hard and had never been this turned on before! Was it the lighting? Was it Beth’s technique? He wasn’t sure, but he was about ready to explode a load all over himself. After a few minutes of kissing, Mike all of a sudden blurted out:

“Spank me!”

Mike felt very awkward after the exclamation he had just made. Beth just looked at him for a second and then replied:

“You want me to spank you?”

“Yes, I’ve been naughty and I want you to give me a good spanking.” Mike smiled.

Beth stopped for a minute unsure of what was about to happen but she decided that she would try anything. She trusted Mike and if he liked it, then there must be something to it. So Beth stood up as Mike bent over the edge of the bed and she slapped his ass cautiously.

“What was that?” Mike joked. “I said SPANK ME!”

Beth slapped him a bit harder.

“Even more than that. Give me all you’ve got.” Mike said.

Beth drew her hand back above her head and slapped Mike’s ass with all of her strength!

“Ow! That’s it!” Mike smiled.

“Trust me there’s more where that came from. Now shut up and face forward.” Beth replied.

Beth was so shocked at the words that came from her mouth! Was she really getting into this? For some reason, this new domination was really starting to make her pussy wet.

Beth started in again on Mike’s ass. She slapped him several more times as he took it like a man. His ass had started to turn red and she was getting a great pleasure from that.

“Okay, that’s enough playtime for you, now you’re really gonna get it!” Beth commanded.

Beth went to the dresser and grabbed her hairbrush that she had kept over at Mike’s house. She placed it squarely on Mike’s ass to get a good aim:

“Now just shut your eyes and keep your head forward. You are not gonna know when this is coming!” She said.

Mike was starting to get extremely hard now. His groins ached from all the teasing with no action! As he faced forward, he thought of the humiliation of this woman having him bent over the bed and she had him in control. His ass belonged to her, and she could spank it for hours if she felt like it and there was nothing he could do about it.


Mike felt the first stroke of the hairbrush come down on his beet red ass.

“OUCH!” Mike hollered. “Fuck that hurt!”

“Shut up! You wanted this and now you’re gonna get it!” Beth yelled.

Beth slapped Mike’s ass several more times with the brush. Then she noticed his cock at full attention and decided to help him out with it.
“Stand up and touch your toes,” She ordered.

As Mike stood up and bent over, Beth continued to slap his ass with the hairbrush. It stung on his ass like a thousand daggers, but at the same time he loved it! After a few strokes, Beth reached around the front of Mike and started stroking his cock. She was rubbing and rubbing the hard shaft and still continued to slap him on the ass with the brush. Mike was feeling both pleasure and pain from the sting of the brush and the stroking of his rock hard dick in her hand.

“Oh fuck, oh God, oh God!” Mike screamed.

“Just shut up and let me stroke you. You are to come on my hand or you’ll really get a spanking to be sore about!” Beth yelled.

Just then as Mike thought of Beth as his mistress and his helplessness at the control of her hands, he lost it. He exploded warm ooze all over her hands and she quickly knelt down to take it in the mouth. Mike stroked his dick into Beth’s mouth as she loved to swallow his cum.

Afterwards the couple snuggled in the bed.

“I didn’t even know I was into that!” Beth exclaimed. “It even made me orgasm too!”

“No way!” Said Mike. “Does that mean we can keep doing it?”

“Absolutely,” smiled Beth. “I have to keep you in line somehow.”

The couple kissed some more until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. They had reached a new plateau in their relationship and both of them were very happy.

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