Face Ride

Their bodies slid effortlessly against each other, the thin layer of oil making them just slippery enough to almost merged. She gasped as Jennifer's wet pussy straddled her leg and left a long wet line of cum on her thigh as she slid down and off her. Amy was a virgin to being with a woman, every sensation was new to her, it was all so exciting.

Jennifer let her long hair fall across Amy's chest and slowly tickled her with it, smiling as she watched Amy squirm and wiggle. The two laughed and kissed, pressing their ample breasts together into a mass of flesh. Their lips were so soft, it was like they could fall into each others kiss forever. Their tongues explored each others mouths until they finally broke the embrace to catch their breath.

Jennifer looked Amy in the eye and smiled. Amy was trembling she was still so nervous and Jennifer was cautious to go nice and slow with her. She kissed her again lightly and then kissed her neck, slowly nibbling her way down her body. Amy gasped as her lips touched her nipples and moaned as Jennifer greedily sucked her big hard nipple in and began to suck it.

Jennifer's hand brushed Amy's lips and then began to slowly tickle up and down the length of her wet slit. The sensation combined with the nipple sucking was driving Amy insane but Jennifer waited, letting the desire build. Finally Amy grabbed Jennifer's hair as her horniness took over from her shyness. She pushed Jennifer's head down and Jennifer let herself be guided by Amy's hands.

Kissing and licking her way down she finally slid easily between Amy's legs and Amy raised her hips so her pussy was pressed against Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer didn't waste any time and pushed her face into Amy's soaking wet pussy and began to lick and suck at her clit, her chin pressing into her pussy hole and getting covered in cum.

Amy used her other hand to push Jennifer's face in harder and began to grind against her chin. She was so hungry, so horny, so close. She was moaning and pulling on the hair and Jennifer sucked and licked her swollen clit, her teeth scraping it sending shivers cascading through Amy's body.

Finally Amy arched her back and screamed out. Jennifer found herself being showered in cum as Amy squirted on her face. A bit shocked she quickly recovered and put her mouth over Amy's pussy and sucked out the last of her cum, her tongue sliding in and spreading her wide open.

Amy was shaking all over and breathing heavy. Jennifer smiled, knowing she had caused that was a turn on like you wouldn't believe. She kissed her way back up Amy's body, leaving behind a trail of Amy's cum that was dripping down her face. The two kissed again and Amy went wild tasting her pussy on Jennifer's lips.

She tried to flip over but Jennifer held her in place and laughed. Amy waited, not knowing what to do as Jennifer straddled her belly and began to slowly slide her hot wet cunt over her skin. She was so wet it literally dripped out of her as she slid up Amy's body.

Amy was wiggling and moaning, it felt so good to be covered in another woman's cum. Then Jennifer moved up further still and placed her legs on either side of Amy's face. Amy was scared at first but as the scent and taste of Jennifer's pussy filled her senses, she got lost in the moment.

Amy licked and sucked her pussy like she was an old pro at it. Her lil tongue dipping into her slit and penetrating her just enough. Her long nails dug into Jennifer's ass as she grabbed and pushed her onto her face harder. She was going crazy.

One hand reached up and pulled on Jennifer's nipple ring until Jennifer cried out in pure pleasure/pain. She was starting to tremble all over, shaking as she got closer and closer. Amy let her thumb press against Jennifer's tight asshole as she grabbed her cheek and spread her cunt wide open so she could push her face further in.

Sucking and licking and tongue fucking Jennifer, Amy knew she was going to cum soon, could feel the build up in her. Jennifer threw her head back and started to cum and Amy pressed her mouth over her pussy and began to suck hard. The cum that squirted out was so hot and came so fast, she was guzzling as much as she could but more drooled out and ran down her face and into her hair.

She didn't think Jennifer would ever stop cumming on her face. She just kept having spasms and then would start cumming again. Over and over until finally, totally spent she slid off Amy's face and onto the bed beside her. They held each other close, covered in each others cum. Kissing and touching they finally felt their bodies nearly meld together as they drifted off to sleep.

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