Fixing My Car

Fixing My Car

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Fixing My Car

Recently I had developed a noise in the exhaust system of my car and after checking it out I had gone to the auto parts store to get some stuff to fix it with. As I usually do I went overboard and bought a whole lot more stuff than I actually needed.

However the first thing on my wife’s list was for me to mow the lawn. We live out it the country a ways and we bought the place because of the huge front lawn. At first I enjoyed mowing the lawn and taking pride in it. I would water it, feed it fertilizer, and get the soil checked for nutriments. I sprinkled weed killer on it and planted more grass seed just so that it would grow even better and force me to mow it more often.

I managed to get my son to do it for a few years and then damn it he grew up and left the nest. However as the years pass by and you get tired of being a slave to your lawn, you just want the grass to die or just pave it over and paint it green. My riding lawn mower cost more than the car I drive. Hence the need for me to fix my own exhaust system.

It was hot that day so I was only wearing my cut off blue jeans, shoes, and socks. My wife loves to see me topless and of course I love to see her topless too.

I am almost sixty-one years old and my wife just turned fifty-seven years old. Now after more than thirty-eight years of marriage we are even more in love than we were before. Without our children and grandchildren around she has gotten more sexual too. She will come up behind me, lift up her shirt, and press her bare tits into my back while I am washing the dishes in the kitchen. In the morning when she gets up she will walk through the house naked looking for me and then invite me back to bed for some sex. She is so good to me that I am always trying to give her things to show my appreciation to her.

So when my wife offered to help me out by handing me tools when I ask for them, I accepted her sweet offer. Hey she still looks pretty damn good in her little bikini top and that short blue jean miniskirt that she likes to wear so much. So I put the front of the car up on the ramps, set the emergency brake, and then got down on the creeper and slid under for a look see. A creeper is a very low wooden bed that allows me to roll underneath the car a lot easier than lying on the blacktop and scratching up my back. As I asked her for a nine-sixteenth inch wrench I noticed that my wife was wearing a bright pink pair of panties. From where I was I could tell that they were G-string too. I enjoyed the view so much that I asked her for more tools than I really needed just so that I could look up her skirt some more. After she handed me each tool she would reach down between my legs and stroke my cock or my hairy balls. I really like my cut off shorts and so does my wife, because unless I am standing up something is always hanging out of the leg opening. Usually it is just one of my fuzzy balls and I really don’t give a shit if they show or not. No one ever complains but it does embarrass my wife occasionally. I don’t know why she gets so embarrassed because I never get embarrassed if some guy looks down her blouse and gets to see her tit or looks up her skirt at her panties.

After a lot of sexual teasing my wife unsnapped my shorts and unzipped them too. I cooperated a little by lifting my ass up off the creeper so that she could ease them down my legs to my ankles. I saw her panties fall from her knees to her ankles. My wife stepped out of one leg and then using her other foot she flung her bright pink panties under the car at me.

Next she was squatting down onto my cock forcing it up into her very eager pussy. She was more moist and I was more hard than either of us had been in quite a while. I could not believe that she was going to fuck me in our driveway right out there were anyone could just drive by and see us.

I grabbed a hold of my drive shaft to steady myself. I had rolled the windows down to cool off the inside of the car so I think she was holding onto the door to steady herself. Then she started to rise up to the very top of my cock so that only the head remained inside her then she dropped down hard. She got into a steady rhythm that allowed me to anticipate her downward stroke and then I could thrust up at her. The harder I slammed up into her pussy the harder she sat down on my cock. Together we were fucking my cock into her pussy pretty deep and a few times I had hit her uterus. Just as I started to cum in her she dropped down even harder onto me. I heard something break. At first I thought that she had broken my hip or something but I wasn’t in any pain.

After she finished her orgasm and had gotten back up I couldn’t slide my creeper out from underneath the car. So I slid my sweat covered back along the wooden platform until I was clear of the car before I sat up. My wife had my shorts around my ankles so I stood up and pulled them back up. Upon inspection of my creeper I found that both of the casters on that end had been broken from the enormous pressure that we had applied to it.

We were still laughing about it when a friend and his wife pulled into our driveway. We had known Bob and Josie for several years. They were both in their mid-forties. They had come for a visit and Bob asked me if he could help. I told him that I had been trying to fix my exhaust system and that I had managed to break my creeper. Bob had a T-shirt on so he got down and worked his way under the car. Then he came back out saying that he had found my problem. He had my wife’s bright pink G-string panties in his hand. Needless to say he held them up to his nose and inhaled deeply.

Josie snatched the panties out of Bob’s hand and handed them back to my wife. However I watched, as Josie too smelled of them first. Josie saw me watching her and said that I could smell of her panties if I wanted too. Then I watched as Josie reached up under her skirt and lowered her panties. When she got them off her feet she handed them to me. Her panties were a pale green cotton thong. I knew that they were moist in the lower part of the front triangle because of the darker color. With everyone watching me I held them up to my nose and inhaled twice. Before I could inhale for a third time my wife took them from me and started to hand them back to Josie when she changed her mind and held them up to her nose first. With a pair of panties in each of her hands Josie grabbed a hold of her wrists and walked into her. Josie lifted her panties up between their faces so that they could both smell them together. Then she lifted my wife’s panties up and together they smelled them. Each woman said that the other one smelled best. I walked over to them and got to smell both pair. My wife was right Josie did smell good.

Meanwhile Bob was still on the ground and was now looking up my wife’s skirt. She looked down at his smiling face and called him a pervert but she didn’t move. In fact she straddled his head so that he could a better view. Josie kissed me on my lips and told me to lie down so I did. Then Josie walked over my head so that I could look up her skirt. With out any warning Josie sat down on my face. As I was kissing and tonguing her very tasty pussy I heard her ask my wife if this was what we had been doing before they showed up. I smiled as my wife told her that we had fucked so hard that we had broken my creeper.

Bob asked my wife to sit on his face too. She told him that she was still full of my cum. He told her that it didn’t matter to him one bit because he had wanted to eat her out for years and then fuck her anyway. So I watched as my wife sat on his face.

Once again I realized that we were having sex again right out in our driveway where anyone could drive by and see us. That was when I realized that the possibility of getting caught was driving me on more than any dirty movie that I had ever rented.

When I pushed my shorts down below my cock Josie moved and sat on it. With her knees on the blacktop next to my hips she started rocking back and forth as she fucked me. Like Bob I had wanted to fuck Josie for a good many years too. I may not have eaten Bob’s cum out of her pussy but I could certainly understand why Bob was eating mine out of my wife’s pussy, because he wanted to get at it that’s why. Have you ever said, “I’d eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from?” Well Bob meant it.

Soon I looked over to see my wife sitting on Bob’s cock and fucking him just like Josie was doing to me. His hands were up under her top and he was holding her tits. He had her top up far enough so that I and anyone passing by could see them too. I then lifted Josie’s top up and exposed her tits as I molested them. Josie surprised me by pulling her top off and tossing it over next to the panties. My wife did the same thing with her top too.

We two guys had our shorts down to our ankles and our topless wives had their skirts up around their waists as we fucked in our driveway. Even though Josie had started fucking me before my wife started fucking Bob he cum first. It was my second time in a short period but his wife sure teased him about the old guy lasting longer. Neither my wife nor I corrected her.

Finally I cum in her and then she stood up. I got up too, gathered up the clothes that were lying around, and offered everyone a nice cold beer. Josie lowered her skirt and grabbed my arm. I watched my wife grab Bob’s arm and follow us. She had lowered her skirt after Bob had cum in her but she never put her top back on because Josie hadn’t.

Once inside the house Josie removed her skirt saying that she no longer needed it either. My wife did the same thing. I tossed my shorts in the pile and we watched as Bob removed his T-shirt and shorts too. Once we were all completely naked Josie said that she would help me get the beers in the kitchen. Soon we returned with four open beers and drained them fairly easily. Apparently we had worked up quite a thirst outside.

My wife surprised me when she said, “Hey Josie, I’ll race you to see which one of us can fuck the other’s husband to death first. I even gave you a head start under the car if you remember.”

Josie replied, “You’re on but I get the master bedroom.” Then Josie grabbed my arm and ran into our bedroom.

When I asked Josie why she had wanted that particular room she said that it had a lock on the door, it’s own bathroom, and that my video camera, my wife’s sexy clothes, and all of her sex toys were in there too. Wow! It sure looked like I was in for one hell of a treat.

The End
Fixing My Car

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