Flight to Pleasure

Flight to Pleasure

Flight to Pleasure.
by ‘pete’.

Chapter 1

As I boarded the ‘Trans-World’ evening flight for San Francisco, I remembered back to the time when I used to work as a flight attendant for ‘Trans-World’, before I took up writing full time. I wondered if I would see any of the old crew I knew… I kind of missed the action, but did okay in my new field of endeavour, it’s surprising how some people are fascinated by writers of erotic fiction.

As I made my way to my window seat I saw two lovely young women, sitting together across the aisle from me, looking at me, and one nudged the other, and whispered excitedly in her ear. Smiling at them, I took my seat, and much to my relief the aisle seat next to me stayed empty. After take-off, I un-strapped my seat belt, and settled back, thinking about a new story that was in the womb so to speak, but that refused to be born, when one of the young women un-strapped her seat-belt, and came over and started talking to me.

"Excuse me, you're Chelsy Davis, aren't you?" she said as she sat on the edge of the empty seat next to me.

She was wearing baggy shorts, and a loose t-shirt, that couldn’t hide her rather impressive breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra. and her nipples thrust out at the fabric. She was quite lovely I thought.

"Yes, that's me." I replied with a warm smile, as my eyes took in her figure, her legs were fabulous.

Gesturing with her hand to her travelling companion, she said: "My friend and I love your stories…. we act them out quite often." and she smiled suggestively at me.

I looked over at her friend, she was similarly attired and similarly gorgeous. They couldn’t have been more than twenty-four, just out of college, just for a second or two, I yearned for my youth again. The idle thought crossed my mind that if I could, I would love to seduce them both… just an idle thought though, and my pussy twitched in pleasure.

‘Hah, you dirty old slut’ I said to myself, smiling, as my thoughts took flight.

The 777 airplane, has a supply room located behind the main galley, that is hardly ever used during a continental flight. I’ve used it often, when there had been someone I knew ‘stewing’. In my time, there was no 777, just 727’s, and I had to use the regular washrooms for my fun. Mind you, I did pretty good, but they are rather cramped!

I wondered if I could get these two in the supply room, not sure if I could swing it. I hadn’t seen anyone I knew in the crew, so far. I always wore my lapel pin from ‘Trans-World’ for just such an occasion. The lovely young woman interrupted my thoughts, as suddenly my pussy drooled hungrily.

She asked softly: "Don’t you ever get horny, when you’re writing those sexy stories?"

She had leaned over towards me, and now started tracing her finger on my dress over my nipple, which immediately hardened and stuck out, much to her delight. I never wore a bra when I was flying as a passenger, much too uncomfortable. Taking a quick look around to see if we could be seen, and deciding we couldn't, by anyone except her companion across the aisle, I reached up to press her hand tightly to my breast.

I said: "Yes I do, but not half as horny as you are making me right now!" and I smiled at her, as she eagerly started to fondle my nipple and breast, smiling back at me in her turn.

Looking across the aisle, I saw her companion was watching us and our breast play, and her hand disappeared under her shorts. Then I felt my new friend's other hand reaching up under my summer dress, and without even thinking about it, I opened my legs wider, as she started feeling for my pussy.

Just then, I saw a male attendant coming up the aisle, and I realized that I knew him, it was good old Eric, and I caught his eye as he came towards us. We used to get on pretty good together, covering for each other at various times… times such as this. My heart and pussy sang! I quickly disengaged my new friend’s hands from me, and she caught on, and sat back in the seat.

A big smile was on Eric’s face as he came up to us, a smile which got broader as he looked at my lovely companion’s flushed face….he knew me of old!

"Chelsy!" he exclaimed, as he stood in the aisle, and was obviously going to launch into a ‘long-time-no-see’ conversation, but I held up my hand and stopped him.

"Eric honey… later sweetie, okay?" and I gave him a big smile, and continued: "Is the supply room clear?" I asked him, with a big wink.

That stopped him cold, and after giving me the biggest grin, without any hesitation at all, he reached into his vest pocket, then he handed me the key.

As he did so, he murmured: "You might like to know that Cathy is on today too… shall I tell her you’re here?"

I thanked him and nodded. Cathy was a sweetheart, she and I used to fuck like rabbits, if lesbian loving could be called fucking and I don’t see why not! I told Eric I wouldn’t be long, and he nodded, grinning like a Cheshire Cat! I gave Eric a few minutes, then I started to get up to go to the supply room.

I told my new friend: "Wait a few minutes, and then you and your friend go towards the galley… Eric will show you."

She nodded excitedly, this was something she had only dreamed of, or read in my stories, mile high sex! I asked what her name was, and she told me ‘Emily’.. her friend was named ‘Jerri’. Impulsively she leaned over and kissed me on my mouth fleetingly, her tongue licking at mine… she tasted of cinnamon.

Chapter 2.

I went towards the galley, and met Cathy there, who immediately flung her arms around my neck, and kissed me wetly all over my face! I guess she was glad to see me! I put my finger to my lips, and showed her the key, and she nodded, a big smile on her face.

"See you!" she whispered, and I nodded, whispering back: "Give me half an hour!"

Entering the supply room, I thought to myself, this is so crazy to still be doing all this at my age, but I have never been able to deny my darling pussy her needs, she has always come first! When the two young women finally came in, they were immediately all over me. Emily started kissing me passionately, her hands kneading at my appreciative tits, meanwhile her friend had got behind me, and hiked up my dress, and was rolling down my panties. Then Emily pulled my dress up off over my head, and I was completely naked for these two horny little sex-pots.

Then they both knelt down, Emily in front and Jerri behind me, and Emily started licking at my pussy, while Jerri started licking my ass. I moaned as I felt Emily's tongue exploring my wet pussy, as she opened me up with the tips of her fingers to lick my inner lips, and began to tantalize my swollen clitoris with her tongue. Then she put her teeth around my love-bud, and started nibbling at it ever so gently, alternating with the tip of her tongue, and sucking lips.

She was very good, I thought detachedly to myself, as my orgasm gnawed at the pit of my stomach, starting its journey for the millionth time. Meanwhile her friend had parted the cheeks of my ass and was tonguing my anus, then she replaced her tongue with first one finger then two, and started finger-fucking my ass. It wasn’t long before my pussy juices were dripping down Emily's face.

My moans were getting louder, as I squirmed in delight against Jerri’s fingers up my hungry clenching rectum, I love getting ass-fucked! Emily meanwhile was now finger-fucking my pussy, her hand deep in my vagina, while she sucked and nibbled at my bouncing clitoris. I thought wildly to myself, that these two little sex-pots were pretty good together, maybe I should keep them!

Then, Emily reached up high inside me, then curled three fingers, and squarely hit my ‘g-spot’ with the tip of her middle finger, pressing and massaging it with tight circular motions. At the same time she was still nibbling at my throbbing clit, and I finally went over the edge into the abyss of orgiastic pleasure, my mouth wide open in the rictus of ultimate sexual delight.

I screamed, but no sound came out of my mouth as my body spasmed and heaved, and the floodgates finally opened, and I filled Emily's mouth with cum. Jerri felt my orgasm, and reamed her fingers around in me at the same time, opening up my sphincter. God, I love that!

I don’t know for how long I climaxed, but almost at the end of my orgiastic pleasure, I heard a key enter the lock, and the door opened and shut quickly. It was Cathy, coming to join in our fun…. thirty minutes on the dot! Perfect timing!

Chapter 3.

Emily looked up at me in sudden panic. But I smiled reassuringly down at her, as she gulped down every drop of my cum and then I realized, some of my pee, that I couldn’t stop dribbling out! I do that sometimes, but Emily didn’t seem to mind, and I squirted a little more pee into her mouth as she held me to her, swallowing my juices noisily, her eyes glowing up at me.

Cathy murmured: "Hey you guys, be quiet in here!" then she looked us over, smiling broadly, adding, "Chelsy you slut, you’ll never change… Jesus, this is SO fucking HOT! Somebody do me…. NOW!"

With that she unsnapped her skirt and wriggled it off her, along with her hose and panties all at the same time. I used to laugh at her when she did that, all in one fluid motion. She had lovely legs, and a shaved baby-smooth pussy that puffed out, demanding attention.

Jerri just took one look at her: "Me Please!" she volunteered excitedly, and flung herself on an appreciative Cathy.

Jerri couldn't wait to get at such a lovely pussy, and knelt on the floor in front of her, her hands reaching around and clasping Cathy’s gorgeous ass. Cathy spread her legs wide open, and humped her crotch on to Jerri’s face, her hands pulling the young woman’s head and mouth into her cunt. Just watching Cathy in action was worth the price of admission alone, and I was suddenly jealous of Jerri! I had not forgotten the pleasure we used to give each other, my work had insidiously separated me from my old friends.

I returned to the present, as Emily happily slurped at my pussy, her eyes were looking up at me adoringly, her mouth hadn’t left me for a second through the interruption. She seemed to be agitated about something, now her eyes were pleading helplessly. Then I realized what she wanted, and I stopped trying to control my need to pee, and she unhesitatingly clamped her mouth around my pussy, and swallowed every drop, as I filled her open throat with my hot golden pee. Jesus, I thought with a thrill, yes I really should keep this one!

I looked fondly down at her, and gently eased her mouth off my sopping wet snatch, and pulled her to her feet, murmuring: ‘Your turn now!’

I kissed her passionately, my tongue halfway down her throat, tasting my cum and pee, and finding to my own surprise, that I tasted pretty good, there was a certain piquant flavour, that I hadn’t been aware of before. Then I stepped back, and pulled down her shorts and panties, both at the same time… I had learned that from Cathy! I took her t-shirt by the hem and tugged it off over her head, leaving her luscious blond shoulder-length hair in a tousled halo around her head.

I gasped as I looked at her in all her lovely nakedness. Her baggy clothing had deceived me completely, I knew she had a shapely body, but now I gasped in disbelief and moaned softly in sheer pleasure. She was a poem … a sonata to young feminine beauty. I completely forgot all about Cathy, as my appreciative eyes took in Emily’s absolutely gorgeous body. To this day she still tops my list of female beauty.

She was lightly tanned all over, and her skin was flawless. Her flesh glowed as only young flesh can, and she obviously was into aerobics or something, her body being taut and trim, yet still soft and feminine. Her breasts were spectacular, firm and shapely, needing no support, she passed the pencil test hands down. Her nipples, elongated and rock-hard now, were what is known in the tit world as ‘puffies’. I would have killed for her tits!

Her flat tummy was interrupted by the cutest little belly-button, then her small waist melded out to swell suddenly into her contoured hips and lovely ass. I reached out and gently turned her around so that I could see her rear-view, and felt like crying. It was against nature to be born with such a beautiful ass, I thought irrationally, at least for anyone else but me! I knew my own rear-end was okay, but this young thing put me to shame.

Then I surrendered to the sheer beauty of her, and putting my hands on her hips, pulled her to me gently, and covered every lovely inch of her bottom with loving kisses. I took quite a while, as I keened deep in my throat, then I released her and looked her over in detail. Her back was as beautiful as her front, if it’s possible to understand my point of view, there was a lovely artistic symmetry to her back, that equalled her more obvious frontal charms.

She had a gymnast’s curve to her body, and when she arched her back, and stuck out her ass in front of my face, I was reduced to slobbering worship, as I licked every bit of her bum all over again. She had the two hollows low on her back, that denoted extreme sexual awareness. I knew instinctively, that she could cum with just a fingertip pressed hard into each of them, when she was aroused.

I knew that, because I have those hollows myself! There are nerve endings there that lead directly to one’s pussy, and are equal in stimulation to clits and g-spots…. try it sometime. I was just about to turn Emily around, and make passionate love to her, in her turn, when just then, we heard the Captain’s voice come over the intercom, for everybody to return to their seats, and put them in an upright position! You should have seen the action in that supply room then, it’s burned into my memory!

It was the most fun I've ever had on a flight, and we all exchanged phone numbers, and promised to get together again. I knew one thing though, Emily was mine, and she knew
it as we kissed passionately one more time, and our fingers filled each other’s pussies. She promised to call me first thing in the morning, we would have breakfast together. I knew what I was going to eat! I didn’t want to let her go, she didn’t want me to let her go.

As we sat in our seats, coming in to land, I looked over at her, and she was smiling happily at me, and I gulped in pleasure, and unbelievably my pussy spasmed one more time, and I felt cum fill the void between my closed pussy lips and my urethra. And suddenly, the story that had been reluctant to see the light of day, was gloriously born to a fanfare of trumpets, and rejoicing throughout the land!

This is it!

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