Forbidden Fruit 1 The Beach House – Meeting

Forbidden Fruit 1 The Beach House – Meeting

John was 33 and had been through a rough divorce that was final about nine months ago. There was a horrible fight over their eight year old daughter Kaylee. His wife ended up getting custody of her daughter and got the house and the family car and a good deal of money including a large child support monthly amount from John. For a few months he thought his life was over but time heals all wounds and John slowly started bouncing back. He started dating again single women friends of his friends and so far it had been hugely disappointing as he found most of the women so needy and desperate to get serious and married and John needed some time to heal.

John was a handsome man, who had maintained his weight by working out at the gym three to five days a week. Since the divorce he had put in more gym time and actually was getting to be cut in his abs and upper body. He was relieved that his hair had not begun to recede or to turn gray and he looked to be younger then he really was. He was 6’3 and weighed 210 pounds. He had sandy blond hair and blue eyes and tanned nicely in the summer sun.

Three months ago, John met a friend of a friend who was the CEO of a small company that was doing very well in technology consulting and John got a new job with the company. The CEO Jeff had also been through a divorce similar to what John had been through and was paying a good deal of money to his ex-wife every month. With the success of the company Jeff had figured out a way to have more without having to pay more to his ex-wife and that was to have the company pay some of his bills.

As the two men got to know each other better, Jeff offered John the same option. While keeping his salary low to avoid child support or alimony going up, John got to lease the car of his choice and bill it to the company, and he got to lease a beach house also billed to the company as well as a condo in town that again he did not have to pay any rent or any utilities for. John was psyched when he was able to lease the Porsche of his dreams, without having to put a single penny of his hard earned money into the new car. He had only had it a few days when his life took an odd curve that he never expected.


Larissa had just had her 16th birthday and had just finished the tenth grade. Her parents had gone through a rough divorce during the school year and Larissa was very bitter about it. The custody battle was very heated and it ended up with her spending holidays and the summer with her father and the school year with her mother. She had been very angry with her father and was now stuck with him for the summer in the beach house. Her father had remarried only a month after the divorce and Larissa hated her step mother. She refused to speak to her at all and would not even refer to her by her name instead she referred to her as ““the step mom”.” But her younger brother got along okay with ““the step mom””. He was seven and had completed first grade and was part of the same custody agreement as Larissa. So here she and he were at the beach house stuck for the summer away from all their friends. Larissa was sure it was going to be a long miserable summer.

Larissa was a very attractive young woman and looked to be much older than her 16 years of age. She had long wavy dark brown hair, thick but well groomed eye brows, striking blue eyes which really stood out with her dark hair and she had very full puffy lips that most women would die to have and pay to have plastic surgery to imitate. Larissa had also been blessed with 34C breasts. She had begun getting her breasts when she was only nine and by thirteen her body appeared fully mature and she had striking curves. Her waist was tiny at only 22 inches and her hips like her chest also was full at 34 inches. Her looks were very striking and the only thing that would give her age away at all was when she smiled a big smile and her dimples would show. She was petite and was only slightly over 5’0 tall. Her skin was porcelain white which Larissa did not likehowever with her dark hair it seemed to just add to her beauty and femininity. During the school year when her parents were going through the divorce Larissa was struggling to deal with the emotions involved with the divorce. One of her teachers recognized the stress she was suffering and invited her to start running cross country and Larissa fell in love with running to deal with her stress. The only thing that Larissa liked about having to spend the summer with her father and ““the step mom”” was the beautiful beach she had where she could run long and hard for miles to release the tension of the anger in her heart.

It had only been a few days since they had come to the beach house and Larissa’s father had warned both of his kids to stay away from the gated community that was located a little over a mile away from their home. Apparently the residents of the community had been known to file trespassing charges against children who had entered their private community and did not live within its walls. The neighborhood association had employed a security agency to patrol the community and they kept a sharp out for anyone entering their walls or infringing on their portion of the beach.

With all the anger Larissa had towards her father and ““the step mom”” being forbidden to trespass upon private property was too strong a temptation for Larissa. For one thing Larissa had always been a champion of the environment and under no circumstances would she have believed that anyone “owned” a portion of the beautiful beach that God had created. So with that and her anger at her parents it didn’t take her long to find the end of the fence line close to the ocean on the beach. Only the day she found it did it turn her away. The very next day she continued her run getting her running shoes wet in the wet sand at the end of the fence crossing into the private property of the gated community.

The other rush, and temptation behind the fence for Larissa is that she knew that as strongly as her father and “the step mom” had warned her not to cross into the community it was the one place ““the step mom”” would never cross into. This gave Larissa a place to run where her little brother would never ride his bike and find her, nor would ““the step mom”” drive her car spying on Larissa. So once inside the walls of the community Larissa felt a freedom away from anyone who knew her. She felt confident as long as she looked like she belonged she would avoid detection and trouble.

Her first Saturday at the beach house Larissa was out for her run within the walls of the gated community when fate brought John and Larissa into each other’s life. To the most part Larissa had made a point to avoid any contact with a person, but John’s leased home was one of the most beautiful majestic homes on the beach. On top of that, that Saturday John was out on his driveway washing the new beautiful black 911 Porsche Cabriolet. It was surprising for Larissa to notice a car because typically she was not drawn to material things but there was something so unique about this car, the color, the convertible top and the shape that caught her attention. Larissa had very little knowledge about cars at all but most people including her knew that a paper license plate meant a new car and besides the unique looks of the car she saw the paper tag and the handsome man in short tight shorts and shirtless out washing his car.

Not only did she spot him but he spotted her. Larissa ran in an athletic sports bra the type that was designed to be worn without the need for a shirt over it and form fitting sweat shorts that were pretty short and accentuated her curves and beautiful legs. Not long after she had started her run that day, her hair band had broken releasing her long beautiful hair from the tight pony tail she had pulled it back into. With her hair loose it swayed from side to side as she ran and as she was running by a little closer to his driveway to get a look at the cute brown sports car John spotted Larissa out of the corner of his eye. By accident, as he looked up at her the spray of the water hose he was using to rinse the car followed his gaze and squirted Larissa mostly on her legs.

This of course caught her attention quickly and made her jerk and stop running thinking he had done so on purpose. “HEY,” she yelled alarmed to be squirted with the cool water on the hot summer morning. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” he said back looking regretful that he had squirted the young woman. She looked at him a moment checking her anger over getting squirted then realizing it wasn’t intentional but rather an accident. She let out a little giggle and said, “Its okay I guess I needed to cool off.” They both laughed. Her eyes then again were drawn to the unique looking little sports car and she asked, “New car?” “Yep, Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet 480 horse power zero to sixty in 3.8 seconds,” he said with a great deal of pride. “That color is beautiful I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car that color,” she added. He replied, “Macadamia Metallic it matches your hair.” She giggled at his reply. While she was looking at the car he couldn’t help looking at her. He was trying to figure out who she was and he could tell she was young, but how young. He was nervous to ask the question that came to his mind, but then again, he had been so miserable with the women his friends had been setting him up with. “Would you like to go for a ride,” he asked?

Larissa was stunned by the question. If she had been anywhere, in any part of the city, just out on the public street she would have turned down the offer within seconds. But she wasn’t just anywhere, she was in the exclusive gated community, a place that had very expensive homes and paid security. She knew where he lived, and the car, it looked so fun, so exciting. “Okay,” she said. “Great, let me get my key,” he said and hurried into the house getting the key and putting on a shirt and jeans. He came back outside and was relieved to see the beautiful young brown haired girl. “John. . . John Alexander,” he said reaching out a hand to shake her hard. “Larissa Leslie,” she replied taking his hand and shaking it. John put away the water hose and bucket placing them up by the garage door. He then walked around the Porsche to the passenger side and said, “Allow me,” and opened the passenger door of the car. Larissa’s heart was pounding she couldn’t believe she was taking up the offer of a ride from an absolute stranger.

She was a little scared it might be the dumbest thing she had ever done. But she was so excited by the thrill of it. She had never even seen a car like this up close let alone had the opportunity to ride in one. Larissa stepped to the car then stopped a moment and said, “I’m pretty sweaty.” “Its okay,” he said and took her small soft hand helping her to sit in the car. After she sat and put her legs in he closed the door behind him. John walked around the car to the other side and got inside. He put the key in and began to open the convertible top. “Mind the top down,” he asked? “Not at all,” she answered and listened to the sporty sound of the engine and watched the automatic top lower. Larissa’s heart was pounding she was so scared yet excited, the feel of the smooth soft leather on the back of her legs felt so incredible. She also could feel the vibration of the engine when he revved the motor to warm up the car and to show off its power.

John looked at Larissa and smiled then he put the car in reverse and backed out of the drive onto the street, revved the engine, put the car in drive and pulled away quickly heading down the street. He navigated through the neighborhood with ease and quickly had them to the exit gate using a remote to open the gate. Out of the gated community they drove heading out onto the highway. John navigated the car onto a highway that ran along the ocean. A drive he knew was beautiful. Larissa’s long hair blew freely in the wind as the car increased speed more and more. Larissa looked at the speedometer occasionally and John was getting the car running faster and faster on the highway. At 80 miles per hour it felt so smooth and not all that fast. In a long straight away, where there was little traffic he accelerated to 105 miles per hours and Larissa screamed out in laughter as she felt a rush from the speed.

John drove the sports car a little nervously as it was the first time he had a vehicle so powerful so he slowed back down and headed to town to find a way to spend a little more time with the beautiful brown haired girl. He decided to take her to an ice cream shop he knew of as every girl liked a little ice cream now and then and he figured they could sit outside together and talk and get to know each other and he could get a good look at the lovely young woman in the light of the sun. He parked the car in the parking places labeled for the shops and asked her, “Want some ice cream? “Sure,” she replied. As she did he turned off the engine and got out coming around to her side of the car. He opened the door for Larissa and offered her a hand and watched her as she got out of the car noticing how attractive she was. He then closed the passenger door pressed the lock on the remote and they walked up to the ice cream shop.

“What would you like,” he asked as they surveyed the menu of ice cream? She looked at the menu till she saw something she liked “Strawberries and cream,” she said ordering. “And I’ll take a rocky road,” he said to the attendant. They got their ice cream and then headed to a table and sat down on opposite sides of the tiny table. Larissa hadn’t thought about what she was wearing till then and realized he could get a real good look at her in just the sports bra and sweat shorts. He had taken a moment to put on a t-shirt and jeans when he had gotten the keys. But she still could make out that he was pretty cut. She was a little embarrassed as she realized he could really look her over and even while normally she wasn’t self conscious with a sports bra when running to sit there at a table within a few feet of a guy allowed him to examine the shape of her breasts made her self conscious. John had indeed noticed and been looking and he found the young woman extremely attractive.

As he was looking at her watching her eat her ice cream his curiosity got to him and he had to ask, “How old are you?” Larissa thought about the question and how to answer it. She thought about telling the truth but she didn’t want to lose him as a friend as quickly as she had met him. What she had to decide then was how old she wanted to say she was. She decided to exaggerate to the point he knew she was lying but to make it kind of funny, “nineteen. . . how old are you,” she replied? He looked at the young beautiful girl, looking her up and down, pretty sure she wasn’t 19 so he also decided to exaggerate about his age so he replied, “twenty one.” They both laughed looking at each other. Knowing each other was telling a lie. They both wondered about the other and both had the same emotion in their hearts that they hoped that the other was close to the age they had said. He guessed Larissa was somewhere around 17 years old. She hoped he was somewhere like 23 or something. Either way they both knew the other was either too young or too old for them. That didn’t change the fact that they were having a good time visiting and eating ice cream.

They were talking small talk exchanging ideas and he loved listening to the young woman. She seemed so passionate about the environment. She told him how she picked up garbage along the beach and how she couldn’t believe that people would just throw trash on the beach and in the ocean. They ate their ice cream and talked for almost an hour and a half before he finally asked her if she was ready to head back. She nodded and they headed back to the car. He again opened the car door for her as she stepped and turned to get in the car he hadn’t had a chance to move away yet and their bodies collided they bumped and then looked at each other in the eye a little surprised. Their eyes locked and she looked up at him and he looked down at her. Their eyes locked for a few moments and he felt so, so tempted to give her a kiss.

He was a little too nervous to kiss her, because he didn’t want to frighten her off but he was enjoying the tension of the moment so he shifted his weight, moving slightly more in the way of her entering the car he also let his body brush up against hers and trapped her slightly between the car door and his body. “Oh umm sorry,” he said but instead of backing away he leaned a little bit more forward letting his body keep contact with her. She felt him make contact with her and then she felt his body more up against her, it made her nervous but at the same time it was so fun and exciting she didn’t know what to do so she just stood still. As she stood still she felt him more firm against her body. He was warm and tall and handsome but too old. She reached up and pushed the hair out of her face away from her eyes and smiled shyly at him. He finally did what he knew he had to do and stepped back letting her get into the car. He waited till her legs were in the car and then closed the door.

He drove them back to the community and again used his remote to pull into the neighborhood. He drove to his house and parked in the driveway. He then got out and walked around to open the door for her. “Did you want me to drop you off somewhere,” he asked. “No, no I’ll run home.” She replied. “Do you have to go right away, I’d love to show you the house,” he asked? She looked at him and at the direction she needed to go and thought about it. She didn’t want the rush of this to end. “No I can stay longer,” she replied. “Great he said, then let’s get the grand tour,” he said and walked towards the house. She followed him in and he held the door open for her. He gave her the grand tour taking her through the huge kitchen with every appliance a person could imagine, a game room with a pool table, the living room with elegant leather furniture then the half indoor and outdoor swimming pool. There also was a hot tub and dry sauna.

He then guided her upstairs. Upstairs there were four bedrooms. Three all around the same size the forth the master bedroom that was almost twice the size of the others. The master bedroom was also on the third floor all to itself. He showed her the huge bedroom and then guided her to a door off the bedroom that opened out onto a balcony. She walked out onto the balcony and her breath was taken away by the view. With the height of the third floor and the direction the balcony faced it was an amazing view of the ocean. She walked to the rail of the balcony and looked down at the beach and ocean. “Wow,” she said.

John moved in directly behind her and slowly and gently began to press his body against hers. At first Larissa assumed it was by accident and shifted as far forward against the rail as she could. But as she moved forward away from him, his body followed and within moments of her movement his body again was making contact with her. She was so overwhelmed by the view she did not protest his physical advance and when she didn’t protest or try to pull away he took it as being okay and gently pushed his body against hers. He put an arm on each side of her taking hold of the railing with his hands and she was then thoroughly pinned between him and the rail. She looked up and back at him and he just smiled down at her then said, “Isn’t it beautiful?” She turned looking back at the ocean and nodded and he took her acknowledgment and lack of resistance as another invitation to make an advance and he took his hands off the rail and brought his arms the rest of the way around her folding his hands together with her inside the circle of his arms. The sides of his hands rested on her belly and she felt his arms tighten a little tighter and it was obvious that it was no accident how he was holding her.

Larissa wasn’t sure what to think or do she had never been in any situation even close to this after all she was all of 16 years old and here was this mature man moving so confidently to her. She felt nervous that was for sure but she also felt more physically excited then she ever had. Her heart was pounding and it felt like his arms were surrounding her with a steady pulse of electricity. She wasn’t at all sure what to do so again she turned her head up and back and around to look up at him and this time when she did he leaned in over her and softly gave her a two second kiss on the lips. “Larissa you are so beautiful I just can’ resist,” he said surprising her. As he said this she again turned towards the ocean and shivered. “Turn around,” he whispered in her ear and she wondered if she should but not knowing what else to do she slowly turned on herfeet turning till she was facing him still encircled within his arms.

When she did he tightened his arms around her as tight as he dare without hurting her and she looked up at him thus allowing him to look down at her and kiss her again. He kissed her with closed lips for ten seconds then broke the kiss and kissed again for another ten seconds also leaving his lips together. When he broke this kiss he let go of holding his hands together and moved his right hand up into her hair on the back of her head. He then leaned in again pushing his lips to hers but as soon as they made contact he pushed his tongue at her mouth.

Larissa was so nervous. She had kissed a few boys before even having French kissed one boy, but these kisses were so different then the kisses she had had before. Unlike the boys her own age she had kissed before who were just as nervous as she was and very awkward John kissed and held her with such confidence and strength. Almost too much strength to where it made her feel a little intimidated that she might be in danger. But that danger itself was exhilarating and Larissa felt more aroused then she ever had felt in her life. As she felt him put his hand on the back of her head and push his tongue to her lips she got more nervous what to do, but didn’t want to look like a baby and try to pull away so she slowly opened her lips letting John push his tongue into her mouth.

This French kiss was nothing like the awkward kiss she had had before where timid tongues touched nervously, instead his tongue pushed into her mouth without hesitation and seemed to lick and taste all around. She wasn’t even sure she could break the kiss if she wanted and that feeling grew even greater when he brought his other hand up onto her head pushing his finger in her hair and she wondered could she even turn her face away from him if she wanted to because with both hands on her head, one slightly to the right and one to the left he easily could have kept her from turning away. His tongue licked and swirled all through her mouth and around her tongue and it felt so intimate like nothing she’d felt before.

John found her mannerisms so soft and gentle and feminine like no one he had kissed before. He felt since she’d opened her lips for his tongue that she had French kissed before but the timidness and her lack of confidence excited him like no kiss ever before. He felt an odd feeling of physical superiority that he had never felt with anyone else and it aroused him more then any other kiss he had ever had. John had Larissa pinned against the rail and her bottom was pressed against it. His next move he did more by accident then intent but he lifted her up just a tiny bit and by doing so her bottom was lifted up on the top edge of the rail. This caused Larissa’s feet to lose contact with the floor and John felt her bodyweight shift and lean more against his arms.

With his height he was able to lean her out further over the rail and he shifted her balance to where she would fall three stories to the ground if he let go. Feeling this control and power made John feel more aroused then he could imagine and he slowly and carefully leaned her further back even causing her hips further off the rail on the outside of the home. He could feel gravity pulling her down and he tightened his grip to give her confidence that she was safe.

With her feet unable to reach the ground Larissa instinctively opened her legs and wrapped them behind John. She was stunned she was sitting on the rail and then even more taken aback as she felt her weight shifted on the other side of the rail. She realized that he was in total control of her safety and if he wanted he could let her fall to the ground below. It scared her some but also gave her a rush and she began to tremble. John felt her open and wrap her legs around behind him and that was as arousing to him as any other touch she could have done at that moment. He felt her body tremble and he knew she realized her predicament but he loved the feeling of power he had over her at that moment and couldn’t resist kissing her a little longer like that. He loved how tiny she felt in his arms, and he loved the feeling of her breasts pinned between their bodies.

He kissed her a little longer like that before he shifted one of his hands under her bottom and then pulled her towards him and he leaned towards the house then spun her around before breaking the kiss and laughing. He couldn’t resist squeezing her butt in his hands a moment and loved that he was still holding her up with her feet hooked behind him. She finally realized this and put her feet on the ground and felt herself shiver hard from finding stability under her feet again. “You scared me,” she said and play hit him. “You were safer then in your mother’s arms,” he said back. He finally softened his hold on her still holding her but soft enough she could break his grasp without any great effort.

“You’re a wonderful kisser,” he said looking her in the eyes. “You too,” she said. She did take advantage of his grip loosening and stepped back and walked back into the house a bit relieved to be inside away from any three story drops. “May I use your bathroom,” she asked? “Sure its right there,” he said pointing at it. She walked that direction and as she was going through the door she noticed he was following. “I can do this alone,” she said laughing. He replied, “Can I help?” His words sounding like pure kidding but he was right behind her and he had his hand on the door making sure she couldn’t close it. “I’m a big girl I can go on my own,” she added. “That’s not what I asked, I’d love to help and to watch you,” he said smiling. She put a hand on his chest and pushed to push him away. “Come on please???” he begged. “Let me watch,” he said softly trying to convince her but she began to push on the door. Finally he stopped interfering and let her close the bathroom door.

Larissa was relieved to be in the bathroom, alone, safe, she was still trembling. “Wow this guy was intense,” she thought. She kept telling herself, “You’re okay, you’re okay. As she was going to the bathroom she heard him at the door. “You are so incredibly hot. I can’t get enough of you,” he said. She could hardly believe she was doing this. Bad enough she had trespassed behind the wall where her father and “the step mom” had forbidden her to go, but to have taken a ride in a car with an absolute stranger a person she didn’t know and not just any guy either an older guy. The one thing she understood now, kissing him was nothing like the boy two months older then her she had kissed during spring break. That boy was as nervous if not more nervous then she was. This guy had consumed her with his kiss. He had held her tighter then any other person had ever held her and picked her up, sat her on the rail of the balcony. What a rush! But was she putting herself in danger?

John stood outside of the door like a little boy waiting for his best friend too anxious for her to come out. Wow, who was this girl? So young and beautiful, how young was she anyway? She said 19, but looked. . . 18 maybe 17? Yet he had never been in the presence of another person where he felt so all consuming. She was so petite, soft and feminine even wearing workout wear. Her curves were so alluring her waist tiny yet her hips and breasts so full, her hair long flowing and beautiful and those eyes such a contrast to the dark hair so pale, almost grey, her voice so soft and melodic. Her lips were so full kissing them felt so incredible. He didn’t even want to think about how they would look. . . well sucking a lolly pop. . . or him. When they were eating the ice cream he loved watching her lick the ice cream off her spoon that is when he could take his eyes off the firm full shape of her breasts. But it was kissing her, holding her that had left him so ravenous. How could she have felt so vulnerable to him? Kissing her was the most intimate kiss he could ever remember. He was more excited to kiss her then he thought he even was with his very first kiss when he was 15. He heard her washing her hands and knew she would be out soon. Just then the door opened.

Larissa had decided while in the bathroom that she should be getting home. She had been more out of control of her circumstances then she ever thought she would be. She hoped it wasn’t the only time she would see him but she needed to get home. No sooner then she had come out of the door then he moved directly in front of her took her in his arms and gave her a three second closed lips kiss. “I missed you,” he said and she laughed. “Hey I gotta get going,” she said. “Ohhhhhh,” he said grabbing his heart like he was having a heart attack. “I didn’t scare you off did I,” he asked? She shook her head no, a little unsure she could answer verbally and lie like she just had shaking her head.

“Great, will you come back over for another visit, maybe another ride,” he asked. “Sure,” she said feeling flattered. “I know, I know, hey. . . tomorrow for lunch. I went to the grocery store just yesterday and I got a bunch of food, and we could prepare lunch together and then have a great lunch or dinner or anything you’d like. What do you say,” he asked sounding so enthusiastic. Larissa was unsure what to say. She had never done anything so crazy as what she had done today. It was easy to say yes to come in and see the beautiful house after going for the ride and that being so fun and well, not really a big deal, but that was different then what had happened on the balcony. She had kissed very passionately a grown man. And not only kissed but he held her so tight on the rail of the balcony. It was exciting like nothing she could have imagined but she had to answer him now. It was just lunch and preparing lunch together, that couldn’t be too intense right? She didn’t want to say no, but she didn’t want to say yes and then not show up. “Okay, what time,” she asked? “Get here at ummm I don’t know, say 10:30 and we will start preparing lunch together and then eat at say 12:30,” he said. “Okay,” she agreed and he walked her to the door. “And bring your bathing suit, we can go for a swim or sit in the hot tub don’t forget,” he added.

He watched her jog away and he shook his head. He could hardly believe his day. After months of women that left him thinking he would never find happiness today he had found more than that, he found an all consuming lust for a young beautiful woman. Again he had to ask himself how old she really was. Was she 19, 18 or maybe even 17, certainly she couldn’t be younger than that. Anything under 18 would be forbidden fruit, jail bait. But he didn’t want to think about that. All he wanted to think about was how it felt to kiss and hold her on the balcony. He shook his head closed the door and went to take a cold shower.

Larissa ran home. What a day she had had; trespassing into the “community” where her family had forbid her to go, her first ride in a Porsche, meeting and going for a ride with a complete stranger and finally making out with the guy, but not a guy close to her age at all but a grown man, a grown up. What an unbelievable day.

She got home and was glad it had been a warm enough day for her to get sweaty running home. That would look better to “the step mom” then if she showed up in running clothes dry and clean. She got into the house and her little brother was playing in the den. She flopped down on the floor with him and asked him what he was playing. He was playing with his dinosaurs and she picked one up and began to play too. Just then “the step mom” walked by. “Where have you been,” she asked. But Larissa continued what she had set out to do and that was to flat refuse to speak to the women who stole her father away from their mother. Larissa ignored her. The poor woman didn’t know how to deal with this but at some point it had to change. She just let out a loud exhale and went back to cleaning house.

Both Larissa and John had trouble going to sleep that night because they both were thinking of their time together. Both were surprised how the day had gone. Both were surprised the other had fallen into their lives.

To be continued. – Please read on to Chapter 2 if you are looking for hot passionate sex.

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