The water feels good, refreshing. Swimming nude like this has always felt good. Coming here on the weekend from time to times is such a treat. Get away, relax, leave the city and everything in it far behind. Yes the water is just like you have always remembered; you’ve been coming here since you were a girl.

The weather is so nice today. You could not ask for a more perfect day to get naked and run around the creek. It’s been a while; your muscles are getting a good stretching as you reach out even further on the next stroke. “I should make it out here more often”, this is the first thought you have every time you arrive. Probably would if you were to worry more about yourself and less of all those around you. You are always taking care everyone one else. Well, not today. After swimming for sometime you go back to your place up on the bank.

The elements always do this to you. The sun on your body, the warm breeze across your breasts; it all feels so luxurious. You open your thighs and let the sun shine directly on your sex. Uuummm, there no one around to bother you, nothing to do but lay here and enjoy the sun. You lean back and relax as the sun’s rays dry your skin and soak into your body. You doze lightly, your body responds to the light warm breeze. You wake to feel your sex a bit moist. It might have something to do with the sexy thoughts you were half dreaming about. You run you’re hands down yourself as you stretch, feeling the tired muscle lengthen and pull. It feels good to do so. Again you open your thighs, this time wide to totally expose your sex to the sun. Oooohhh, the breeze across your pussy feels good; it starts to heat up even more as the warmth radiates through your body. Your nipples start to tingle just a bit as the urge to be touched becomes stronger. Reaching down you find that you are no longer just moist your beginning to get wet. One hand now lightly rubbing your pussy you begin to roll your nipple with the other, aaaahhhhh, uuuummm, yes. You need this. It’s so nice just to relax in the open and touch yourself. Just as your mind starts in on the idea of being found like this, being seen by a strange man as you touch yourself with thighs wide to the sun……………

Out of the corner of your eye you notice a movement. You look and someone is there. For some reason you don’t react, matter-of-fact you act as if you don’t see him at all, but there on the opposite bank is a man. He is also nude. Not only nude but he is stroking himself. He is mostly hidden from view, standing behind the largest tree there. But it is easy enough to make out his face as well as the swollen penis he is pulling on. He is watching you. You have your eyes almost shut. He can not see that you are watching him back as he strokes himself. His cock is beautiful. It’s so hard; you can readily see that he is enjoying himself as his hand jacks up and down slowly on his throbbing dick.

It looks so good. You wonder what it would be like to be close to him as he pulls on his member; to smell his maleness, the thought of licking his thigh as he continues his self pleasures. To take him in your mouth as you yourself take pleasures from your own hand. Lifting up a bit you lean back up against a tree as you continue to watch the stranger.

Wait… he is not a stranger after all; at least not totally so. It’s that guy, the one you saw back in town at the store. It was not easy to miss him. He was trying to be polite about it but he had been checking you out the moment you had entered the place. He was pretty easy on the eyes himself, but he had not spoken and neither had you.

And now there he was, and you could not clear the idea of tasting him as you dip your fingers into your wet sex. You begin to really put on a show as the thought of his delicious cock moving in and out of your mouth floods your mind. Uuumm savoring him; your tongue on the underside of his shaft, your lips wrapped around him as he reaches down and pulls on your nipple with one hand as he holds your head in his other. Oooohhhh, you can see him really pulling on his cock, now he is playing with his balls too. Ooohh, I bet he has a big load of cum saved up in those balls of his. Uuuhhhmmm, the idea of him shooting off.; maybe even having him do so in your mouth, aaahhhhh, the feel his cock swelling even more in your hot mouth, feel it twitching, throbbing, pulsing as he fires jet after jet of hot cum across your tongue. Your hand on his ass, his cheeks flexing as he moans and shoots load after load.

You want more. You roll over and get on your knees. You can still look down and back to see him watching you. Leaning forward you stick your ass in the air. The sun is beaming down; there is no shadow between your cheeks. He is watching you intently as you reach between your legs and begin to fuck yourself. Yes, yes … the thought of him coming to you now…touching you. Aaaah to have his hands on your ass and thighs as he presses his hot, hard cock against your pussy lips; rubbing you back and forth. Uuuuuhhhmmm, yes, to feel him enter you from behind as you continue to rub your clit. His strength is incredible. His hands are so strong, not hurting just incredible firm, holding you tightly as he sinks his cock deep into your pussy. Oooooohhh, god that would feel so good; to have him fucking you, taking you, this stranger with the big swollen cock. Fucking your hot wet pussy as your breasts rub against the course material of the old blanket you’re on. Not a word being spoken as he pushes into you over and over again, just the sound of two lovers, moaning, ahhs and ooos as he continues to pump his dick into you over and over again. You are perspiring now as the hot sun assists with raising your temperature even more. A bead of sweat rolls off your forehead as you can almost feel his cock pushes deeply into you.

You reach back with your other hand. Your breathing is now labored as you can imagine the big cock fucking you, taking you from behind as you push your ass up to meet his strokes, oh God, it feels so good to be thinking of his swollen dick sliding in and out of your wetness. You fingers find your ass. You pull your cheeks apart exposing yourself even more to your masturbating friend. Your whole body has a light sheen of perspiration. You are glistening in the sun. Your finger tip is now on your asshole. You begin to rub yourself. The stimulus is awesome as you think of him fucking you while he presses his thumb against your butt. You can feel him transferring moisture from your dripping pussy to your ass. You know exactly what he is going to do. You feel him pressing more firmly against your ass. His thumb tip is beginning to probe you ever so slightly. He is taking his time playing with your little hole. His hands are amazing. The way he touches you, the firmness that is just right. You could come from his touch alone. But right now the thought of his hardness inside you is much better. He begins to fuck you more in earnest as his thumb tip penetrates your ass. Hhhhhuuuuuaaaahhhh, escapes your lips as an inch of his thumb enters your behind. He just leaves it there for a few moments as he continues to pump your pussy full of cock over and over again. You’re dripping wet as he begins to slowly ease his thumb in and out, barely going deeper with each downward motion; ooohhhh the sensation as he is fucking both your holes now. The warm breeze passed over you yet again. It’s the only thing that’s keeping you from burning up. Thank goodness for the partial shade here under the tree.

You look back at him. He is leaning hard against the tree as his hands are almost furiously manipulating his own sex. He appears to be pulling hard on his balls as he roughly strokes his dick. It looks to be even larger than before. The head is so swollen; it puffs up so big with each upward stroke of his hand.

The thought of him fucking you starts to push you over the edge. Your own fingers continue to probe as you imagine him fucking your pussy and ass. Each time his cock pulls back he pushes his thumb all the way into your little hole, as he pulls back from your ass he slams his cock into your cunt again. His tempo is increasing with each stroke, you can tell that he is about to explode. Watching him stroke himself with total abandoned. He is fucking you hard now. Your pressing back against him with each thrust, oh it’s so good. He is fucking you so good, so hard. Your nipples are almost raw against the blanket as the cock and thumb continue to pump into you. Faster and faster he pumps as you see him begin to explode. Aaaaaaaahhhhh, Aaaaaahhhh, oooohhh, oooohhh, as his cum shoots out three feet from the tip of his angry cock. Jets after jet of hot cum shoots from him as you also begin to explode. You can not believe how incredible it feels to be fucking yourself in front of this man. It is amazing how much you have gotten into the feel of him touching you; him fucking you. You can feel him exploding inside you as you cum as well AAHHUUGGGNNNHH! Your fingers quickly fucking yourself as you feel his cum shooting into you, your ass flexing on your finger as your pussy spasms on his cock. You feel him fucking into you hard and fast, no holding back as your pleasure washes over you. It’s the most awesome self stimulating experience you have ever had. Watching this man masturbate, shooting his seed several feet from his body as his whole being shutters. You feeling him explode against you, in you, taking you so completely. OOOhhhhh, ooooohhh, uuuuuhhhhhhmmmm, uuuuhhhhhggggnnn, you cum and cum as he pulls on his cock. It just keeps cumming, you just keep exploding, ripple after ripple keeps passing over you. It washes over you again and again. Oh what a wonderful day, what a wonderful, sunny day…………

You begin to come down from the rush … you close your eyes for a moment………. What a sight you must make; bent over, ass in the air, fingers sticking everywhere. Uuummm what a feeling; that was something almost beyond belief. You look back at your friend, but he is not there. You look again; he is nowhere to be seen. You turn around and sit back against the tree. You scan the surroundings, he is gone.
Too tired to swim anymore you pull apiece of the blanket over you as you lay your head at the base of the tree. The evening is coming. The sun is not so hot anymore. You doze off in your quiet place…………….

Stopping back by the store, of course you look around to see if he is there. You can’t believe you even stopped again. The excuse that you needed something to drink was more an excuse than anything. He is not here. Oh well, your beginning to wonder if you dreamed the whole thing. Back out to your car you see what looks like him driving away in an old pick-up truck. On your windshield is a card. Someone’s name, business, and number are on one side and on the other……simply “thank you” is all that is written.

You wonder if you can get away next weekend too…………………………

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