Four days of Heaven – #2!

Four days of Heaven – #2!

I was having THE most fabulous dream! I was slowly and gently sliding my cock in and out of the tightest pussy I had ever felt … but for some reason I just couldn’t see my 'partner's face ……..

My eyes flickered open, and a momentary state of confusion remained. I started to realise that what had been happening WAS a dream …. BUT I could still feel the same sensation of tightness about my cock …

I raised my head slightly and, looking down, was momentarily dumbstruck to see the profile of a remarkably beautiful Asian girl with her mouth gently rising and lowering over my erect shaft! …. Surely I was still dreaming? … then vague recollections of the night before started to surface.

I laid my head back on the pillow, revelling in the sensation of being woken up this way! She stopped momentarily “Good morning Master … should I continue sucking you?” “YES ‘RUNDI’ – DON’T STOP ‘TIL I TELL YOU!!”

She seemed startled a bit at my abuse “Please call me Neetha – that’s my name”

“You aren’t Neetha any more – you’re MY RUNDI until I tell you otherwise – IS THAT CLEAR!” “Yes Master – but you DO know how rude that is in my language?” (I knew going to a multi-racial school would come in handy one day – Rundi means “slut” in Punjabi!)

“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK HOW RUDE YOU THINK I AM – JUST SUCK MY DICK YOU LITTLE PAKI SLUT!” With that I grabbed the back of her head and forced my still-hard cock into the back of her throat, causing her to gag, and KNOWING how insulted people from the Indian sub-continent are – to be called a 'Paki'.

I was amazed at how silky and soft her hair felt (probably all that rainwater last night – they say it’s good for the hair!), but I kept my hand firmly on the back of her head, forcing her down onto my erect member, making her take more and more of it down into the back of her throat.

She was making some serious choking noises, and her own saliva mixed with the juices from my dick, were spewing from the corners of her mouth. “GET OFF ME RUNDI” I wrenched her head, by the hair, off my cock.

I rolled out of bed onto my knees, and picked her up bodily, throwing her head-over-heels so she landed on the bed on her back, with her head still nearest to me. It was only then that I noticed she was completely naked, I marvelled at the perfection of her coffee-coloured skin … there didn’t seem to be a single blemish on it!

Then I grabbed her by the sides of her head and dragged her towards me slightly, until her head was just tipped backwards off the edge of the bed. “OPEN YOUR MOUTH – WHORE” as I rammed my fingers into it to force her to do so anyway.

I held her head by the sides with both hands, with my thumbs hooked into the sides of her pretty little mouth, which I noticed – she had even put lipstick on for me!, and forced it back as far as it would go; from my kneeling position, her mouth was poised to receive my throbbing cock.

I slammed my dick straight into her open mouth with all the force I could muster. “OPEN YOUR THROAT TO ME RUNDI!” She was too busy gagging to react straight away, but I withdrew slightly so she could recover, then slid my dick back deep into the back of her throat and felt her frantically gulping to try and allow my cock to enter.

It was like a release mechanism … suddenly I sank, balls-deep, into her face as her throat finally gave up the unequal struggle! She was still retching for all she was worth – but BOY did that feel good too, as her throat convulsed about my manhood!

I held this position for several seconds, until I realised her convulsions had become suddenly more intense – she actually couldn’t breath since my balls sack was now covering her nose, and she had a throat full of my rock-hard cock!

‘Probably best if I don’t ACTUALLY kill her!’ I thought. So I withdrew slightly, still holding her head in a way that she couldn’t move, and started a slow and steady thrust of my dick down her oesophagus. It was like the tightest pussy you could ever imagine, but with LOADS more ripples of movement, PLUS the added thrill/fantasy of FORCING the bitch to take it against her will!

The intensity of the situation was rapidly getting the better of me – I faced the instant decision ‘Do I carry on and shoot my load into this pretty girls gullet – or is there other fun to be had?’

Reluctantly I eased my dick out of the nether reaches of her throat, which finally released her to gasp and splutter at will. Then I thought ‘Bollocks – why not!’ and crammed my dick back down inside her throat as far as it would go, and almost immediately sent a fountain of spunk gushing down her intestines!

As I jerked and thrust involuntarily, pumping my seed deep into her gut, I didn’t even CARE that she was choking and nearly vomiting; I had had my fill!

Eventually I released my grasp on her head. “GO AND MAKE ME BREAKFAST – RUNDI”. Even though she was still gasping for breath, she struggled to her feet and staggered out of the room.

I washed quickly, and pulled on a pair of jeans. When I went down to the kitchen a few minutes later, I discovered her standing at the cooker, tending to some bacon and a couple of eggs in a frying pan.

“ARE YOU COMPLETELY FUCKING STUPID!!?” as I dropped the window blind. “ANYONE COULD SEE YOU” “I’m sorry Master – I didn’t think …” If only circumstances were different – THEN the fact of her cooking, naked, in my kitchen in full view of the neighbours from the end of the garden might have been a REAL turn-on!

“SERVE ME MY BREAKFAST AND KNEEL AT MY SIDE WHILE I EAT” Obediently she complied. I was soon straining against the crotch of my jeans again at the sight of this Asian Goddess kneeling beside me as I ate, hands clasped in her lap, face turned demurely down, her pert breasts jutting out in front of her, and the occasional glimpse of her shaved pussy between her hands.

When I was adequately filled (I didn’t even normally HAVE a cooked breakfast – but I wasn’t going to tell HER that!), I said “Right my little Rundi – upstairs NOW! … Go to my bedroom and wait for me”

Whilst she trotted obediently away, I went to the garage and fetched a ball of rough rope I had stored there for years, just on the basis that it would ‘come in handy’ one day … today WAS that day!

When I walked into the bedroom she had already closed the curtains; ‘She’s learning’ I thought. “LIE DOWN ON THE BED ON YOUR BACK, IN THE MIDDLE” She dutifully did as I commanded.

“NOW SPLAY YOUR ARMS OUT” As she complied I rapidly yanked first one wrist, then the other, out as far as they would stretch, then a bit more, and tied them securely to the corners of the bed-head.

I then passed a loop of rope around her midriff and tied both ends of that to the foot-board, effectively immobilising her upper body. I then looped more rope around each ankle and tied those back to the same points on the head board, tensioning them as much as I could.

I then stood back to admire my handy-work! Here was this gorgeous coffee-coloured girl hog-tied before me, with her legs spread brazenly, causing her beautifully shaved pussy to gape open at my mercy!

I clambered up onto the bed beneath her and, kneeling between her outstretched limbs, I lowered my face towards her groin and just paused to admire the appearance and scent of her dark-skinned pussy, with its inner pink slightly showing.

I breathed deeply, savouring her musky smell, still tinged with the scent of soap from last night, before grasping her firmly by the thighs near their top, and pulling outwards at the skin to make her pussy unfold even more.

I then reached out with my tongue and licked the length of her snatch from bottom to top, before grinding my open mouth onto her hole, and forcing my tongue against the top of it, mashing it against her clit.

She gasped and squealed at the contrast of feelings, the harsh tightness of her bindings contrasted by the feeling of what my tongue was doing to her clitoris. I didn’t give her much time to savour these feelings though; pulling her pussy even more open, I thrust my tongue deep inside her.

“GOD … Nobody has EVER done that to me before…” As she thrashed from side to side, although she couldn’t actually move very much! I immediately followed up my assault with the index fingers of both hands forced into her pussy from the sides, pulling her completely open in front of my face, as I continued to lick harshly at her cunt.

The sight and feel of my tongue in her naked pussy, with my index fingers pulling it obscenely open coupled with the occasional intrusion of a wayward thumb into her tight puckered arsehole, got ME as hard as nails again in NO time – regardless of what it was doing to HER!

I pulled myself up on my knees between her outspread thighs, and slid my dick cleanly straight into her outstretched cunt. She screamed as I did so, and immediately I felt fluid flooding around my crotch. So much so that I pulled out again to see what was going on.

As I looked down I was amazed to see an absolute FOUNTAIN of clear pungent juice spraying from her fanny! It was the most amazing sight – I had heard about ‘female ejaculation’ before – but never actually believed it happened!

All this only lasted a few seconds, but left her breathless and gasping in her contorted position. I stood up on the bed, so that my feet were between her thighs, and taking my cock in my hand I wanked at the sight of this gorgeous creature beneath me (and so TOTALLY in MY control!)

With just a few stroked I felt my eruption coming and directed it so that my creamy-white spunk sprayed out all over her up-turned and out-stretched shaved pussy, all up her body, and all over her beautiful little pert breasts.

But before I had even finished cumming, there was a knock at the door downstairs. ‘OH BOLLOCKS – this’ll be the Sikh Mafia then …’ I peeked through the curtains, giving me a view over the porch, and was astounded to see – not a bunch of Kirpan-wielding lunatics, as I half-expected – but Anjitna (or Anji) – the friend of my Rundi who I had ‘saved’ from her arranged marriage the previous week.

‘Now THIS could get interesting ……’

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