Four days of Heaven!

Four days of Heaven!

Four days of Heaven …. day one!

I glanced at the alarm clock as I slipped back under the covers after a much-needed visit to the bathroom; it was 3.25 in the morning. Thank God I didn’t have to get up early in the morning! I work shifts, and tomorrow was to be the first of four days off.

Only a few seconds had passed when I was wide awake … I lay there for a moment thinking ‘Did I just hear a knock at the front door – or did I dream it’? Then I heard it again ‘Who on Earth is knocking at my door at this time of night’? I glanced, totally un-necessarily, again at the clock to confirm the time.

‘It’d better be something important, at THIS time of night…’! Bleary-eyed, I made my way downstairs, without switching on any lights – it was MY house, I knew where everything was – and opened the front door.

As I did so I discovered two things I hadn’t previously known – one was that it was POURING with rain outside; and the other was that someone I had never seen before was now sprawled on my hall floor – evidently having been in the process of knocking again just as I opened the door.

There followed a few seconds of confusion and incoherent speech, as we both recovered from our surprise; followed by, as she got to her feet, my realisation that there stood before me a COMPLETELY drenched, but remarkably attractive, Indian girl of about eighteen, who was evidently quite upset and had been crying, although it was hard to tell from her soaked condition!

She was dressed in a Black silk blouse and satin knee-length skirt, neither of which (I thought erroneously) would probably ever be the same again after their soaking. There followed my realisation that beneath these two was a slender and toned body, topped with an exquisitely pretty face, AND that a combination of the coldness of the water and the clinging nature of wet silk, made her gorgeously up-turmed, pert breasts and lack of a bra very apparent!

She immediately burst out with an explanation “I’m SO sorry to bother you at this time of night, but you were SO kind to a friend of mine …. And I just didn’t know who else to turn to …” I wracked my brains, trying to think who she could possibly be referring to – but to no avail.

“You were SO kind to my friend Anjitna when she wanted to avoid being sent back to India for her arranged marriage ….” Now my befuddled brain was slowly starting to make sense of what she was saying (see my previous story:- “And I didn't even get her name!”) … so THAT’s what her name was!

So kind”!!! … Is THAT what she calls it! My version was more along the lines of – I was presented with the opportunity of some gorgeous young Asian girl begging me to fuck her … and I did what ANY red-blooded man would have – I obliged!

“I’m sorry – I’m not sure what you’re talking about …. but it doesn’t matter – you’re soaked – let’s get you dried off”, and I retreated to the kitchen to get her a towel. She stood there, having followed me through, with the towel in her hand making no attempt to dry herself; I instantly noticed the unmistakable outline of suspenders where her sodden skirt clung to her shapely legs!

“I’m REALLY sorry to trouble you, but my Father only told me tonight, that I was booked on a flight to go to India in the morning! … you’ve created quite a stir in the community helping Anji – word’s got around everywhere, and lots of family heads are afraid of you ‘ruining’ THEIR daughters too” !

‘Nice to know I’m doing-my-bit for inter-racial harmony’ I thought! “Could I possibly stay here for a few days, so my family can’t send me back to India … I KNOW it’s asking a lot, especially since you don’t even KNOW me … but I won’t be ANY trouble”!

“Yeah, but what about when your family comes looking for you …? You’ve already said about Anji … Under the circumstances they’ll look here first, surely!”

“They might come here … but what if no-one knew I was here – you could deny ever having seen me!” she pleaded. “My father will beat me – I only HAVE two options – go to India and face HIS marriage, or die!”

A glimmer of a plan started to emerge within my subconscious – “You’d have to be COMPLETELY invisible … never even show your face at the windows – otherwise I’d have half the Sikh community after me!”

“It wouldn’t be ‘half the Sikh community’ … you don’t recognise me – do you? … my father’s Indira Singh Ranjit” I immediately recognised the name of one of THE most militant local Sikh community leaders!! … “OH SHIT ….”!!

“It’ll be OK … AND – I’ll make CERTAIN you won’t regret this …”! With that, she wrapped her arms around me in what I assume was meant to be a friendly hug. Now I have ALWAYS had ‘a thing’ about women in wet clothes – and this one was certainly NO exception – particularly in view of what I had noticed of her under-garments already!

Feeling the clamminess of the soaked material with the warmth of her body radiating through it, caused a distinct stirring deep within me! I caressed her back (confirming my observations of her lack of upper-underwear!), and, venturing my hand lower, I could distinctly feel the clasp of a suspender beneath her skirt.

WELL – that was more than my self-control could bear! I pushed her firmly back against the door frame, and turning my head to face her, I forced my mouth over hers and my tongue between her lips. She was caught a little off-guard by this sudden change in events, but did her best to return my tongues attentions.

Even though it was the middle of the night, my body was suddenly awakened to the advantage that could be taken of this young girl and the situation she was presenting! I roughly forced her against the hard wall and, grabbing hold of the open neck of her blouse, tore the silk until her gorgeous coffee-coloured throat and cleavage were exposed!

“NO”!! she squealed, as I pushed her back and, grabbing both sides of her blouse, tore it completely away from her, leaving her upper body exposed to my gaze, confirming my initial impressions of its firmness!

“You can always go back to your Father …” with that she visibly slumped before me. “Take off your skirt”, she looked at me silently for a moment, then reached behind herself, wriggled her hips fractionally and, hooking her thumbs into the waistband, forced the clinging material down over the swell of her hips to the floor.

She stood before me wearing a delightful Black lacy suspender belt and matching thong, Black stockings with lace top welts, a pair of patent stilettos, and a defiant stare! Nothing else!

“OK …but …” she started, but before she could suggest any conditions – I said firmly “NO – I am in control of you now … you WILL obey me! You WILL not be seen from outside of this house, you WILL clean for me, cook for me, and do ANYTHING I command of you – WITHOUT QUESTION … IS THAT CLEAR!”

“Yes” she muttered quietly. “I SAID – IS THAT CLEAR”? “YES” she replied more audibly …. “Yes – WHAT”? … “YES SIR”! … “That’s better – now you will ONLY address me when I obviously require it, and you WILL comply with my every command without question – IS THAT UNDERSTOOD”?

“YES MASTER” … “THAT’s much better” I said calmly. “Now go upstairs and shower, you will NOT remove any more clothing, and I WILL come and watch …” She meekly turned on her heel and made her way upstairs.

As she disappeared into the bathroom I busied myself sorting out fresh towels for her use, and I heard the shower start to run. I think she thought I was kidding about watching, because she turned with quite a start when she realised I was standing behind her.

“OK – you MAY remove your shoes”, she forced each spiked heel off with the opposite foot without comment. I was delighted to discover that her stockings were seamed, and with cuban heels, setting her shapely legs off to perfection!

She stepped into the bath, under the showers flow, clad only in the remainder of her underwear; the stockings becoming deliciously opaque under the excess water, and the crotch of her thong becoming almost completely see-through, revealing her tightly encased and completely shaved pussy!

“OK – now you may wash yourself … SLOWLY …”! And so she did, within a few minutes, beginning to (seemingly) enjoy putting on a show for me! Lathering the soap in her hands, before stepping slightly out from under the showers flow, so as not to rinse it away immediately, and smoothing it sensuously into her breasts and upper body.

Then doing the same movement again, stroking the foam luxuriously all over her midriff, around her suspender-belt, suspenders taught across her light-brown flesh, across her pubis and between her legs, over the mound of her pussy and reaching as far as she could between.

“PULL YOUR PANTIES TO THE SIDE AND PLAY WITH YOURSELF” I commanded. She did so without question, cautiously at first, then realising she had no choice, and that I obviously was demanding she made an exhibition of herself, she relaxed into the role of my personal porn-star, and half-crouched on the back lip of the bath, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, she inserted first one, then two soapy fingers deep inside herself, alternately pulling the dark-skinned lips of her pussy apart allowing me a free and unobstructed view of the pinkness within.

I mentally stepped back from my ring-side seat for a moment, in order to soak up the scene being enacted before me. Here was this vision of Asiatic perfection, slender, toned and muscular, with perfect little firm breasts and prominent nipples, wearing every mans fantasy, feverishly fingering herself for my sole benefit!

I quickly divested myself on ALL of my own clothes and, standing naked, and more prominently erect than I have EVER been, beside the bath, I commanded her “Make me cum for you … you may ONLY use your mouth … and you WILL swallow my CUM”!

Obediently she knelt in the bath, giving me a fantastic view of her rear, clad in the deliciously Black wetness of her stockings, suspenders and thong. I was not, however, expecting the expert way she sucked my cock, I hadn’t imagine Indian couples actually DOING things like that! … Maybe not – but she was either VERY experienced, or had an unbelievable natural talent!!!

The tight warmth of her mouth combined with the swirling of her tongue around my cock, the gentleness of her licking along its length, contrasted by the pleasure/pain combination as she bit gently into my shaft … and WAS that a tongue-stud I could feel against the head of my helmet? … I hadn’t noticed one when I kissed her …?

…. Whatever it was …. this was the best fucking blow-job I had EVER had! And within a few minutes of her tongue and mouths’ ministrations, I grabbed the back of her (now soaking-due-to-the-shower) head, and rammed my dick as deep down her throat as it would go – causing her to gag and choke on its size!

She recoiled against the force of my ramming, but I held her head firm, with my dick wedged deep in the back of her throat and shot my load way beyond any ‘swallow’ reflex she may ever have had, depositing my spunk directly into her intestines.

After a few moments and without bidding, she withdrew my still-hard cock from her mouth, soaped, washed and licked it clean, before raising her eyes demurely towards me for her next instruction.

“You will sleep in the cupboard under the stairs, and you will wake me tomorrow by coming to my bedroom and sucking my cock … is that clear? … I AM NOT TO FEEL ANYTHING EXCEPT YOUR MOUTH ON MY DICK IN THE MORNING!!”

“Yes Master……”

I stumbled back to my bed – it was NOW 5.40 in the morning … 'OOPS- I didn't tell her WHEN to wake me' … 'Oh well – whatever she did could be wrong – and I would have to punish her for it' … with that final thought, I drifted off to sleep …

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