Fuck Toy

She was waiting on the bed in the hotel room for him, a perfect little fuck toy. Her crotchless panties revealing a freshly shaved pussy. The see through bra torn and allowing one perky breast to hang free. She was a fuck toy, mouth opened to accept a cock, bright red slut lipstick slightly smeared.

She did not move as he entered. With practiced patience she waited to be used. He crossed to the night stand and dropped his keys, never taking his eyes off her. She was most definitely the deluxe model. Reaching out he touched her hair…so soft in his hand. He let go and undid his fly and pulled his cock out. There was no need for polite banter, she was after all only a fuck toy. Stroking it several times he had it almost rock hard and was ready. Grabbing her hair he guided his cock into her mouth.

This was not such an easy task as one may imagine. His cock was very thick and long so he had to slide it in and out several times before he could get a substantial length in. Holding her hair he began to fuck that sweet mouth, enjoying the tongue action on his shaft as he slid out and then the wet slurping noises as he fucked all the way in.

He grabbed her hair with both hands and began to fuck her face faster. She had a sweet mouth to fuck…those lips were perfect to watch wrapped around the full length of his cock. Nice lipstick smears down the shaft. Suck a good cock sucker this one was. He fucked her face faster still, going deeper, she almost gagged as his balls finally hit her chin. Oh yes, he though, deep throat option on this little slut. He definitely got the right model.

He reached down and grabbed her free breast and began to pull on the nipple. It was so hard in his hand and the fuck toy moaned as he pulled it brutally. Mmmm, he loved that vibration when she moaned…that option was definitely a keeper. He pulled her nipple harder and the moans became more high pitched and powerful.

He reached over and ripped the bra off the other tit. Grabbing it hard his fingers pressed in enough to leave a perfect purple mark when he let go. He loved that look. Fucking her face faster he pulled on that nipple now. It was a perfect little fuck doll.

Groaning he pulled his cock out of her mouth and stroked it fast and hard as his cum erupted onto her face. Splash after splash of cum covered her and dripped down her sweet cheeks and lips. Big globs dripped off her chin. Rubbing his cock head on her face he squirted the last of his load and then enjoyed the feel of her slippery skin. He let his cock go and stepped back. His cum covering her she looked so good.

He placed his cock back into his pants and then grabbed her hair and pulled her onto her side harshly. Grabbing her hips he repositioned her with her ass in the air. Giving it a good spank he stepped back to look and was satisfied with the effect. Pulling up his zipper he grabbed his keys and left the room. She remained still. Fuck toys don't move.

Shadows of late afternoon had drawn to dark when the hotel room door opened again. He had returned. His toy was in the same position, ass in the air. He smiled and once again went and dropped his keys on the night stand. He reached over and checked the cunt and found it nice and wet. this model was obviously self lubricating. It was nice and sloppy wet, getting wetter by the second. He slid a finger into the pussy and played with it. So sweet smelling and tight, just how he liked it.

He undid his zipper again and pulled out his cock. He was mostly hard this time and he straight away pushed the huge head against her lips and thrust into the fuck toy. It was a hard push to get that tight lil pussy to take him all in, but it did. It was so sloppy wet it finally gave way as he violated her fuck hole. Grabbing the hips he began to fuck her hard and fast. He wasn't gentle and loving, he was using her to get off.

She moaned and he slapped her ass hard. Fuck Toys don't moan unless commanded. He slammed his cock into her harder. Again she let out a tiny moan and again he spanked her ass hard. His bright red hand prints on her ass making him even hornier then before.

His cock made wet squishy noises as her fucked her savagely. He leaned into her to make sure he could bury his cock balls deep each stroke. Reaching down he grabbed her hair and yanked the fuck toy up until her back arched and she was pushing into each thrust. Her whole body shook as he slammed into her again and again and then finally he felt his orgasm starting.

Pulling out he pressed the head of his cock against her asshole. He didn't press in…he just aimed up her ass as he stroked the shaft faster and squeezed himself to orgasm. Jet after jet of cum shot up her tight little ass. He laughed as she squealed at the sensation. Out of breath and spent he let go of her hair and stepped back once again.

He put his still half hard cock back into his pants and gave her ass one last swat and then grabbed his keys again. The fuck toy heard him zip up as he opened the door and once again left her laying there, waiting for his next pleasure.

It was maybe midnight when he came back the last time. He had violated every hole on his new toy but one so the fuck toy was pretty sure what he would take his pleasure with next. She was sort of scared because her ass was virginal, she had never been ass fucked before. So when the door opened, she tried hard but still was trembling.

He was quiet this time and she hear his clothing being stripped off. He was not so savage but no less forceful when he touched her and pushed her into a doggystyle pose. She moaned without meaning too as he played with her asshole with one big strong finger. She had used toys on her ass, fingers, but never a cock. She was nervous and so excited. e took his finger away and then when it returned was using it to smear lubricant all over her asshole. She whimpered and shook, he liked that.

He lubed her asshole up good, using his fingers he began to work it until she was not as tight. Finger fucking her ass he got her to relax and the asshole was getting ready to be fucked. He added more and more lube until her ass was dripping and sloppy, perfect to be fucked.

Pressing his cock head against her ass he pushed…one long slow push until with a pop it finally spread her open and slid into her ass. She moaned and cried out. At first she didn't know it hurt more or felt good. Then he gently slid his cock shaft into her, deeper and deeper in that one long slow thrust. Balls deep in her ass he waited for a moment and allowed her to adjust and get used to it.

She loved it. She felt so full, almost split apart. As he started a slow gentle fucking she came hard. Her asshole squeezing him tight as she did. The fucking picked up pace and the pain faded into this great sting/stretch/pleasure sensation.

His fucking got more and more intense. Each time burying his cock balls deep in her and she moaned and pushed back onto him. He slapped her ass cheeks and spoke to her for the first time, calling her slut and cum slut and little ass whore as he spanked her ass bright red and fucked her.

She was moaning and screaming and bucking back onto him full force. She wanted every inch of his cock in her ass hard and fast. She begged to be fucked harder and he laughed and began to oblige her.

Slamming in so hard she could barely keep on her hands and knees he fucked her like an animal. His cock splitting her nearly in two as he slammed in again and again.

Finally he cried out and grabbed her hair. He pulled her up off the bed by her hair, almost kneeling so that he could fuck into her harder. She whimpered and came again as he filled her ass once again with his cum. Then he let her drop back onto the bed and pull off his half soft cock.

She lay there and waited for his pleasure. Filled with cum, fucked in every way. She heard him dressing. She heard him pick up his keys. She heard him leave. Then she waited. Fuck toys wait, that is what they do. They fuck and they wait to be used again for pleasure. So she waited and smiled. He would be back.

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