Full Service

"May I help you, sir," the attractive young saleswoman asked while Ryan Majors scanned the display of night gowns that were marked at twenty percent off!?! "Uh, yes, maybe," he replied while feeling the material on one of the gowns!!! "Is it a present for your wife," the lady asked?!? "Yes," he replied, "it's our fifth wedding anniversary and I just thought that maybe she might like something like this!!!" The saleslady, who introduced herself as Dawn answered quickly, "These might be a little on the old side for someone her age, follow me and I'll show you something a little more appropriate!!!" Just grateful that he didn't have to say anymore, Ryan followed Dawn to the rear portion of the store where she stopped before a large selection of shortie night gowns!!! I think that these might be a little more to her liking," Dawn offered, "can you tell me what size she wears!?!" Now growing a little flummoxed, he turned a little red and replied, "Well, uh, I think she's about your size, but her, you know, her breasts are maybe a little bigger!!!" "I wear a size eight and wear a 34C-cup bra, is she a D cup!?!" "Well, er," he stammered, "I think so, she has very large breasts!!!" Leaning closer to Ryan so that no one else could hear her, Dawn asked in a husky voice, "Does she like getting them sucked, I absolutely love it!?!" Ryan ears actually burned at the sound of such an intimate question, but incredibly he heard himself reply softly, "She loves having them sucked, and she has big pink nipples!!!" As they were the only ones in the rear of the store and were pretty much hidden from anyone in front, Dawn, after checking to see if anyone was watching, quickly unbuttoned her blouse and said in a raspy voice, "Do you like my bra, I think my breasts look beautiful in it, don't you!?!" "Holy smokes," he thought to himself as he stared at one of the most perfect set of boobs he had ever seen, what is she trying to do to me!?!" "I feel hurt," she said in a small voice, "you don't like them, do you?!?" Regaining a little courage, he offered, "Oh, no, they're very nice, I was just a little stunned that's all, after all I don't even know you!!!" "Do you mean to say that women other that your wife that you know expose their breasts to you," she asked playfully!?! "Of course not," he whispered loudly, "I just meant that this is a pretty strange situation!!!" She slid her hands up and casually unhooked the front clasp which allowed her boobs to bounce free in front of him, causing him to almost have a heart attack!!! "My, my," she cooed softly, "I think my customer likes my big boobs!!!"

Looking again to make sure that the coast was still clear, Dawn took Ryan's trembling hands and placed then directly on her chest and whispered, "How do they feel, your hands feel very strong!?!" Although his wife's breasts were a little bigger, Ryan had to admit that Dawn had the most perfect breasts he had ever felt!!! "Please then," she fairly begged, "suck my nipples for me, I really need it badly!!!" Her nipples had all of a sudden sprung to life, and after glancing around to make sure no one was watching, Ryan let his mouth drop to her waiting nipple where upon he let it slip between his lips and sucked it in!!! "Oh, myyyyyyyyy," she sighed, "you do that so well, you must get a lot of practice at home!!!" As he licked and sucked on Dawns' distended nipples, Ryan was wondering to himself what in the hell he had gotten into here, after all he had never been unfaithful to his wife, but this was so sudden and unexpected that he hadn't really had any time to think about what he was doing!!! And just to show how engrossed he had become, he didn't even notice when he heard a voice offer, "My, my, this certainly is a full service establishment, do you think I could get some of the same!?!" Even though it was a soft feminine voice, it felt more like a swift kick in the gut that made Ryan spring up in embarrassment saying, "We were, I mean, we were just, you know, just…………." As Dawn casually slipped her boobs back into her bra the older lady asked again, "So, how do I go about getting some of that!?!" "I'm sorry ma'am," Dawn replied smoothly, "he's just customer and not an employee of the store!!!" "Well I'm sorry too," she replied, "but if I don't get my cunt sucked and quick, I'm gonna complain to management about you two, and while nothing will happen to him, I'm pretty damn sure you'll get your cute little ass fired!!!"

Dawn looked helplessly at Ryan and with pleading eyes whispered, "Please help, if you don't suck her I'll lose my job!!!" Ryan gave the older woman a quick once over and while not believing the pickle he found himself in, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sure, why not, but we have to make it fast, cuz I'm late for an appointment!!!" Dawn led Ryan and the woman to a dressing room in the back corner of the store and while closing the door behind them said, "Make it snappy, my boss could show up at any moment!!!" When Ryan and the woman were finally alone she said, "My name's Jill, what's yours!?!" "Uh, Ryan," he replied! "Well, Ryan," she replied while hiking up her dress and pulling down her panties, "it's been a long time since I've been sucked by a man as young as you, and if memory serves me correctly, you young ones have great deal of stamina!!!" Ryan stood motionless as she spoke, but once she sat down on the bench with her legs spread wide leaving her hairy muffy open and available, he quickly dropped to his knees and began sucking her dripping mound!!! "Oh, my," she sighed, "I just love having a man sucking my pussy, it's so fucking relaxing to just lean back and have your clit sucked to completion!!!" While Jill wasn't the most attractive woman he had ever laid eyes on, Ryan's cock had definite ideas of its own on what was erotic, and unfortunately for him, eating the pussy of a strange older woman in the dressing room of a lingerie store just happened to be very erotic indeed as was indicated by the massive hardon that had sprung to life in his shorts!!! "Oh, baby," she cooed softly, "mama can see her big stud boy has a big boner, stand up and show her what you got, mama wants to taste it for herself!!!"

He pulled his head out of her muff and offered, "Ya know, I don't think that that's such a good idea, in fact I think we've done quite enough already!!!" "Ya do, do you," she said evilly, "we'll be finished when I say we're finished, not stand the fuck up and show me your fucking cock, do you fucking understand me!?!" The harshness of her voice startled him, and not wanting her to create a scene, she stood up and let her open his pants and extract his pulsating pecker!!! "Oooooo," she moaned, "you've got a full deck here, don't ya, I'll bet the little woman can't get enough this pork, can she!?!" Ryan was pretty sure that Jill was asking a rhetorical question, so he didn't bother answering, but instead stood quietly while the old cunt inhaled his pecker and proceeded to suck him off!!!" The male erection is a funny thing, not funny haha, but funny strange in that even though Ryan didn't want to be there, didn't want this strange woman sucking his cock, and in general would have rather been at the dentist getting a root canal, (well maybe not a root canal, but for sure a good cleaning!!!), it was strange in that he was as fucking hard as a rock and now in dire need of a good hard ejaculation!!! Jill didn't look like a sex pot, but if he had ever had a better suck he couldn't remember when, so when he felt his nut bag beginning to tighten, he knew that it would be only a few moments wait until he filled the old biddy's mouth with a hot load of cum!!! He could feel the tell tale rumblings at the base of his pecker, when out of the blue, Jill dropped his dick from her mouth, stood up, turned around and bent over with her legs spread, and ordered in a husky voice, "Okay stud, shove it into mama's pussy an show her what a big fucking stud you really are!!!" Her fat hairy cunt was like an irresistible attraction to his cock, so forgetting about his wife and his wedding vows, Ryan lined up his cock and with one vicious thrust, rammed his manhood all the way to the hilt into Jill's hot little fuck hole!!! "Aieeeeeeee," she screamed as he bottomed out, not quite ready to be assaulted in such a brutal fashion, and to keep her from drawing any more attention to them that she already had, he quickly reached around her and cover her mouth and whispered hoarsely, "Shut your fucking mouth, you old cunt and I'll give you the fucking of your life, got it!?!" She nodded fiercely, so he slowly uncovered her mouth and set off to give her the most incredible fucking she had ever experienced!!! Now in much more hushed tones she moaned and begged, "P-please fuck me harder, oh god, you fuck good, I just love your fucking pecker, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm fucking cumming so fucking hard!!!" Now lost in his own fantasy, Ryan's ass had became a jack hammer as he pounded away on her helpless pussy, driving them both past he point of no return and hurtling them both onto the jagged rocks of orgasmic pleasure!!!

Out side of the dressing room door Dawn whispered loudly, "What's going on in there, hurry it up, there are people waiting to try things on!!!" A few seconds later Ryan and Jill sauntered out of the dressing room while three or four women stood open mouthed as the aroma of fresh sex hit their nostrils!!! Jill nodded to the women and said sweetly, "Like the sign says, we're a full service establishment!!!


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