Gabby 5

Gabby 5

Gabby 5

My brother returned home one day with a car full of lumber. He took it into the garage where our dad’s machinery was and went to work. I was curious as to what he was doing, but remained in my room. Our parents had returned home for a while, so we hadn’t gotten to do much. He allowed some clothes back into my room so as not to arouse suspicion, but he chose what I wore every day. Usually it was a tank top, some deliciously short skirt and either a thong, or no underwear.

But they’d left once more, and so here we were. They’d be gone for a while, so I handed over my clothes. I’d go naked unless ordered otherwise. We hadn’t gotten to do anything in a while. I snuck in to blow him a few nights, I couldn’t help it, but we otherwise kept pretty quiet.

I sat in the middle of the kitchen table and fingered myself. Not in a way that would make me cum, that was up to him, but to get myself wound up for when he finally came inside. I’d grown to love masturbating in the most public place possible, without actually being seen. Here in the open on the table, spreading my legs towards the sliding glass door that opened to our back yard had become one of my favorite spots.

I longed to be restrained, I could manage by myself, I’d done it while our parents had been home, but had come too close to being caught. The best I could do was hang one arm off the table, like it was tied to the floor while I pleasured myself with the other.

My back arched as I wound myself to the edge, then stopped to cool down. I did this several more times, as much as I could stand it while keeping from cumming. Four more, and it was too much. I slid my fingers out and licked them off, stopping for good before I accidentally pushed myself over the edge. I looked at the clock, I’d been at it for an hour.

“Hey slut, why don’t you bend over for me.” He’d gotten into the habit of calling me a variety of names. At first it put me off, weirded me out, but slowly I grew to like it. It was another way of asserting his dominance over me. I turned around so my ass was facing him, spread my legs a few feet apart, then bent over and grabbed my ankles. My favorite was the most accurate, “slave.”

He gave my ass a firm squeeze, then a smack, before letting me straighten myself out.

“Did you finish what you were working on, Master?”

“Almost, just gotta bring it in.” He sat down heavily on the couch, obviously tired. I curled up on my knees on the floor and ran my hand up his leg. He spread them, so I could slide it in his boxers and rub his cock.

“What is it Master?”

He smiled at me. “It’s a surprise, slave.”

“When do I get to see it?”

“Soon, actually I’ll bring it in now.”

I smiled, and slid my hand out, letting him get to his feet. He slapped a pair of cuffs on my wrists, behind my back, and blindfolded me. “Now don’t even try to peek.”

“No Master,” I promised him. It was silent for several moments, until I heard the front door open, and him grunting and struggling to move something inside. It landed on the carpet with a thud, and he slid it over to the middle of the room. I could still smell the scent of wood glue, it drove me wild to think of what it might be.

He grabbed me by the collar and pulled me to my feet. He walked me over, and spread my legs about four feet apart. I felt him tighten something around my ankles. Then he bent me over at a 90 degree angle, and rested my neck on something hard. Next, my wrists were freed, and placed level with my head about two feet away on each side. I felt something close down over my head, and heard a padlock click into place. Finally he removed the blindfold so I could see my predicament.

I was in a wooden stocks. I moved my wrists and head around, but try as I might, could not free them. My legs were also held into place by an adjustable spreaderbar. I felt his hand run through my hair. It formed it into a pony tail, and pulled my head back. Something cinched it into place, forcing me to hold my head up.

“Oh god,” I moaned as he slid a finger in me, taking advantage of my helplessness.

“How do you like your new toy, slave?”

“Oh God,” was all I managed to get out, envisioning the possibilities.

“I thought you might.” He smacked me hard on the ass. I yelped in shock and whimpered at the anticipation of another swat. He didn’t disappoint, even harder than the first, and I cried out loud this time. I tried to move away, but the stocks were having none of that. I was stuck, brutally exposed to whatever tortures or pleasures he wanted to subject me too.

My ass stung, but my dripping pussy betrayed me. “Arch your back and stick your ass out for me slut.” I did the best I could given my restraints. I bit my lip, preparing for the next blow. It came, harder than the first two, but blissfully on the other cheek this time.

“Do you want another?”

“Yes, no! I don’t know…”

“You want me to chose, don’t you?”

“Yes Master.”

“What if I want to stand back here and smack you all day?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good little girl,” he rewarded my by tenderly rubbing the spots where he hit. It ached, but it was a good kind of ache. Slowly his hand explored a bit further, running up and down the backs of my thighs. On one of its upward passes, two fingers of his slid into my sopping pussy.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned at the sudden intrusion. After a few seconds, he slid them out, and I sighed with disappointment, only to have them replaced with his dick.

“Thank you Master,” I said as he began to slowly thrust in and out.

Suddenly, forcefully, he grabbed my hips and increased his pace threefold. “Oh holy shit,” I moaned happily. My legs were cramped from the awkward position, my head hurt from my hair being pulled, and my wrists and shoulders bore the brunt of his hard thrusts. It hurt everywhere but my pussy, but that was more than enough pleasure to cancel it all out.

I was in ecstasy, helpless and submissive as he plowed me from behind. I screamed and moaned, I couldn’t help it. The whole block could probably hear me, but I didn’t care. He smacked my ass a few times. It still hurt, but this time it only fueled my sexual energy.

“Oh yeah, fuck, hit me harder.” The sound of his hand hitting my flesh was beginning to eclipse my moans, but I couldn’t feel any of it. I felt him slide out suddenly, and move around. Just as he came into my field of vision, the first stream of cum hit me in the face. I opened my mouth, trying to catch what I could, but he dropped the majority of his massive load over my cheeks and chin. It dripped all over the base of the stocks, and I cringed inwardly at the thought of cum wasted. When he finished, he let me clean off the tip, then moved out of my sight, leaving me standing there with cum dripping off me.

He left, presumably to clean himself off. I stood there, still horny and reveling in my helplessness. I watched the cum as it sexily dripped off my chin into a pile on the base of the stocks. I tried to lick some more off of me, but it was all out of reach.

Suddenly I heard him behind me. He bent down to adjust the spreader bar, pulling my legs closer together, until they were about a foot apart. This pushed my ass further into the air. He sat down on the couch, and for a moment, I wondered fearfully what was about to happen.

“Ouch,” I yelped as I felt the acute sting of a whip on my ass. “Oh damnit,” I cried out again as it made another pass. I bit my lip to keep from complaining too much. He hit me fifteen more times, painting red stripes up and down my ass and thighs. By the time he was done my teeth had made an indentation in my lower lip and my eyes were welling up with tears.

“Painful?” I only nodded. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Yes Master.”

“What if I don’t want to.” I said nothing. “Will you take it?”

“Yes Master.”

“Will you beg for it?”

I hesitated, unsure of what my answer really was, unsure that if asked, if I could beg convincingly, if I could really want it. Submitting to his control over me made me extremely horny.

“Please whip me Master.” The words sounded hollow, insincere.

Crack! I yelped and flinched in pain. “I’m going to keep at it until I believe you.”

“Oh God,” I whispered. “Please whip me Master, please punish my ass Master.” I knew it wasn’t good enough, knew I could to better. Sure enough, he whipped me again, this time across the thighs. “Harder Master, whip me harder, whip me as hard as you want, punish me, torture me, please.”

Another whip, but softer this time. My pussy was dripping by now. It hurt so bad, but I actually wanted him to whip me, wanted to beg for more. My ass stung to the point where I knew sitting would be a chore, but I wanted his control, wanted his domination.

“I want you to whip me as hard as you can Master.”

“You sure?”

I hesitated a moment and nodded. Biting my lip, I steeled myself for the worst of it. I clenched my eyes shut and tensed up. And waited. And waited. His hand ran lightly up and down my marks, both irritating and soothing them. I relaxed, tried to shift my pussy closer to his fingers. It was then that he whipped me. Not as hard as he could, but he did it at such a time that the pain was magnified. Completely unready, my eyes bulged and my mouth opened in shock, but no sound came out.

My ass stung for several minutes it seemed, and my body went limp at the overload of sensation. My brother undid the lock to the stocks, and I half fell, half slid out of them onto the floor. I massaged my red striped ass before pulling myself to my knees in front of him. My eyes slowly crept up him, and I was somewhat disappointed to see that he’d put boxers and shorts on. I see the faint outline of his soft cock, but I knew it wouldn’t be ready for more pleasure for a little while.

He sat down to watch TV for a little while, and I joined him in his lap. I made sure to keep my hands out of the way so he could grab my breasts as often as he liked. Every once in a while, he slid his fingers down to my pussy to tease me. A few times, he got me close, but when I looked to him, he shook his head. I wasn’t allowed to get off.

“I have something special planned for you later,” he told me.

“Oh God,” I breathed, knowing what his surprises tended to be like.

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