Geri and Jody Sexual Adventures Vol. 1

Geri and Jody Sexual Adventures Vol. 1

Geri and Jody
Sexual Adventures
Vol. I
By Geri

My girlfriend Jody and I decided to go on holiday to a remote coastal town in South America… Sun.. the beach.. our skimpy bikinis… 5 to 1 men to women.. We would be in heaven.

At this juncture, let me briefly introduce ourselves to you. I am Geri. All five feet nine inches of me on a trim 26-26-36 body. Blonde hair, great long legs and a beautiful ass. Jody, my traveling companion, is a younger 30 years old. She is a smaller at five feet three inches with a voluptuous body of 38DD-24-35. Jody has a beautiful face that goes with her long flowing brunette hair.

Now that you know a little about us, I will continue with our adventure.

We flew to the town and settled into the hotel… warm water.. white sandy beaches and men everywhere… We laid out naked on the beach as the men served us drinks.. At night we went to the local dance club dressed to fuck… Men danced with us.. groped us..kissed us and we were hot with dance and sex sweat… We chose two guys to take us back to the hotel… Jody chose a young hard body stud that was tall, dark and very well build.. I chose an older man that had soft hands that had handled my ass all evening…
We got back to the hotel and our men wanted us to strip dance for them… We obliged them as we danced together and kissed and fondled each other… We could tell that the men were getting hot for us as they took off their clothes and their cocks were at attention. Jody’s guy was long, hard and very big… My man was not as long but very thick and very hard…Jody and I both got in the bed on our knees and elbows… The two guys sprang into action as each mounted us from behind and had no problem sliding their cocks into our wet pussies…. We fucked, sucked and kissed the rest of the night.. We traded men and kept them going until it was late morning when they and us were spent with sexual pleasure.
We slept in each others arms for most of the rest of the day.. We were covered with cum but didn’t care… We woke.. took a shower together and dressed for the beach… smallest bikinis we could find and our sheer cover-ups…We went to the beach.

While we were lying in the sun.. some men came running down the beach.. Evidently, some rebel military forces had overtaken the town.. Some soldiers with guns came up to us.. Told us to put on our cover-ups and come with them…. They put us in large covered truck and 4 guards sat with us… They told us to be quite… we were in for a long ride… As we were riding in the back of the truck, two of the guards took Jody up near the front into a dark area… I could hear them talking and laughing.. I understood enough Spanish to know that they were going to play with Jody.. I could hear her breathing hard and I saw her cover up and bikini top lying on the truck floor… I could see just enough to know that each guard was fondling her tits.. one on each tit… My Jody, the little slut, had her head back and was enjoying it… She is such a whore!!!

One of my guards was rubbing his hands over my tits and I could see that his uniform had a bulge in it where his cock resided… The other guard told him that he had better not bruise the “merchandise”.. “ The Generals will want them untouched…” So… I know where we are heading.. We are to be the whores of two generals. “ Untouched” must mean that they cannot touch our pussies.. those are only for the Generals….

We finally get to a palace in the jungle.. The soldiers take us from the truck and herd us into the palace.. There several women take us to a large room… They stripped us…they bathed us, shaved our legs and pussies… bathed us again… They dressed us in negligees.. Jody with her tight, high ass and firm tits; they left naked under the dark negligee… They put me in black stockings, garter belt, heels, a balcony bra that held my tits high and a light colored negligee… I over heard the women talking.. one said that old General Raul liked his whore in black stockings.. the other laughed and said that they would not be on her long… Then I heard them say that the younger general Remon liked his whore smooth , young and naked.

When they had us the way that they thought the generals would want us, they took us into another room that had two huge double king sized beds, several overstuffed couches, bottles of wine and whiskey… One woman poured us each a glass of wine and told us to make sure that the generals got anything that they wanted from us.

The two men soon came in… General Raul was probably in his late 50’s early 60’s , a bit on the frumpy side and not too tall but handsome in a rough sort of way. General Remon was much younger in his mid 20’s.. tall, athletic, very handsome…

General Raul spoke first saying to us that we would be treated kindly if we did what we were told to do… Then he said to Remon in Spanish..” I will make the tall blonde slut do anything I want her to do” Remon responded in Spanish “ I will have the pretty young one so sore that she will not walk for a week’… Then they both laughed…

Raul told Jody to take off her negligee and her shoes… Remon went over to her..ran his hands over her body, smiled and told her to unzip his pants… She did as he commanded and then he pulled out a huge cock that must have been 10 inches long and very thick… He commanded Jody to get down on her knees and suck his cock… Jody did as commanded.. She put the head of his huge cock into her wet mouth and stroked his dick with both of her small hands.. He grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock deeper into her mouth… At first she choked but then she relaxed her throat and took more of his cock deeper into her hungry mouth.

While this was happening , General Raul put his arm around me, ran his hand up to my tits and squeezed them so my nipples were hard. He told me to take off the negligee but keep the hose and shoes on.. He ripped off my bra and told me to lay on the bed… I did as commanded and he undressed himself. He was naked now and although his cock was not as long as Remon’s it was very thick and rock hard. He told me to spread my legs as he wanted to eat my pussy… He went down on me with a very talented tongue and soon I forgot where we were as I was having ecstasy with his tongue wrapped around my clit and his hands squeezing my hard nipples… I was about to cum on his face when he stopped and pulled me to the side of the bed… He stood up and put my long legs over each shoulder; then he rammed his hard cock deep inside of me. He fucked me very hard and very fast.. I could feel him building to a cum explosion.. I was moaning and he was groaning. We were both drenched in sweat when he exploded inside of me. I could feel his sperm shot to the back of my pussy and as he drew his cock out of me he was still spurting cum up my belly. He was still rock hard and pulled me off the bed as he sat down on it. He pushed me down between his spread legs and pulled my open mouth onto his throbbing cock… I sucked as he held my head and moved his hips to my rhythm.

I am able to glance over to Jody and by now Remon is also naked and has Jody sitting on top of him as he is on the couch… he is rocking her up and down on his cock and his eyes are closed and her head is tilted back… My little slut is enjoying the fuck that she is getting.. I can tell by her look that she is cumming and probably not for the first time tonight… Remon is groaning and moving her harder all the way up and down on his long shaft. Just as he is cumming he pulls out and shoots his wad up Jody’s back. He turns her around and continues to shoot up her stomach to her tits and into her face… She has cum all over her and he is still cumming!!! Then Remon pushes her to the floor as he holds his cock in his hand and tells her to open her mouth.. She does and he shoots the rest of his sperm into the back of her mouth; so much cum that it dribbles out of her hot, wet, open mouth.

The men then get up, laugh and pour a drink for themselves.. They leave us lying where they had used us… Raul says in Spanish that his whore had the tightest pussy that he had ever had and that she milked his dick with her pussy muscles… Remon says that his slut was also very tight and that she was so hot that he did very little to her and she was very wet and slippery. He said that she had a beautiful ass that was the next thing that he would fuck.

They lie back on the couches as we, being sex sluts, go over to them and put our mouths and hands to work to get our men hard again…It did not take too long and they were fucking us again.. This time Remon was fucking Jody is the ass and Raul had me bent over a couch arm as he fucked my pussy… They came again, rested and came again… This went on for several hours until General Raul said that he had had enough for tonight. He unceremoniously put his uniform back on and left.
As he was leaving he told us that after he and Remon have had the “first taste” then he would share us with his personal guards. As he was saying this, 4 huge men walked in.. two were Raul’s personal guards.. two were Remon’s…. Remon said to them, “ Don’t hurt them too badly as I will want another taste of the young one tomorrow”… He laughs and leaves… Raul says to his guards “Make my whore do anything that you want” and he leaves.

Three of the guards drug Jody over to the bed and stripped… One guard took me to the couch… At the bed, one guard lay down and put his dick into Jody’s pussy as she lay on him. The next guard mounted her ass from behind and the third turned her head so he could put his wet cock into her gasping open mouth. They all fucked her at the same time and as hard and as fast as they could… My guard bent me back over the same couch arm that Raul had just fucked me on and spit on his cock as he shoved it into my ass. He pumped it into my ass as far as it would go… It hurt yet felt good as he fucked me…. All 4 guards seem to cum at about the same time …All exploding as if they had not had another woman in a long time… Jody and I were both covered with cum and totally exhausted…. The guards left and some women came into the room and helped us to the first room … Both Jody and I had a hard time walking as we were weak from sex and exhaustion.

In the first room the women cleaned us up, bathed us and told us to rest.. Our services would be needed soon enough. We slept for some time and the next night the two Generals came for us again. This went on for a very long time.. first the Generals and then their guards.

We woke up one morning to hear commotion going on out side our room… gunfire and running… Gilberto, my guard that always fucked me, came running in and said that there was a take over and he had to get us out of there right away…. We escaped with him into the jungle and he took us to a town far south of the palace. There, we rested and met some of his friends. One young man,Tino, was very interested in Jody and they became friends…. We stayed with and serviced our men for a few weeks but decided that it was time for us to move on with our adventures. Gilberto and Tino expressed sorrow that we were leaving but they said that they understood. Gilberto drove us to the local airport and we bought tickets for New Orleans. It had been an exciting sexual adventure but New Orleans would no doubt provide us with sexual excitement as well.

The End
For Now

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