Getting it Again!!

Getting it Again!!

It had been a long day at work and David was feeling it. He couldn't get last night off his mind, the problem was it wasn't with his wife!!

David was still sweating from training as he got out of his car. He walked from his garage through to his house, where his wife was nursing his newly born child. His wife was sittting on his la-z-boy with his little baby breastfeeding it. His wifes breasts were'nt the best they were quite small with petite nipples, this didn't matter anyway because the breasts on his mind weren't his wifes!

David's wife finished breastfeeding and rounded up their other two little boys as she was heading out to see her family who had flown out that morning!
David waved and kissed them bye from thier giant front door. He turned shut the door and took his top off exposing his well toned and ripped pecs and abs! His torso was covered with tattoos which were pretty much dedicated to his family.
He walked up the spiralling staircase to the huge bathroom and started to undress to get in the shower, as he was totally naked the phone rang startling him to grab a towel! He walked only a few feet to the phone. It was his wife she was stuck in traffic and she was informing him that she will be a bit late coming home tonight! He pretended to sound alright but really he was disappointed, he loved seeing his kids!

He eventually got in the shower he stood as if in a daze when he was certain he heard the acient door bell, again he got his towel and walked downstairs and went to the door, no one was there! Exhausted from training he slowly climbed up the stairs and went back in to the bathroom. The door to his walk in shower was closed and steamed up making it impossible to see in to it, he was certain he left it open slightly. Anyway he walked in and stood under the shower-head and let the water cover him, he was woken from his day dream by two soft hands massaging his shoulders, "Hello David!" a soft english womens voice said from behind. David knew that voice, he tried to turn round but the shoulder massage was far to intense and he was left paralysed with pleasure.
Before turning round he replied "Hello Rebecca" and his hands followed down the belly of Rebecca to feel a well trimmed tuft of pubic hair, his middle finger ran down the center of this mass of hair and it was then he felt the clit he knew too well! This was the pussy he couldn't get off his mind all morning.

David's cock was hard now as he turned to see the stunning brunette with beautiful double D breasts standing in front of him! He ran his hands up her belly to feel Rebecca's nipples which were standing on end, apparently He wasn't the only one enjoying himself! His hand left her breasts and gripped her arse lifting her up and eased her onto his cock. He turned with her balanced on his shaft and pushed their bodies against the wall! Their bodies wet and hot in the steamy shower room! David's cock was penetrating her pussy and with every thrust of it he could feel her love button, flicking it making her twitch with pleasure!
He knew when he got the shower made the seat which was built into it would come in handy as he sat on it still holding Rebecca. She started to move up and down on on his huge pulsating member which was urging to explode inside her hot wet pussy! They carried on like this for a while and David moaned in anticipation to having an orgasm. Rebecca sensed this and knelt down in front of the seated David. She took his whole 9" cock in her mouth and massaged the head of it with the back of her tongue, deep-throating more and more. David's shaft pulsated and with every contraction more and more come came into her throat swallowing every last bit!

They finished stood up and walked out of the shower getting dressed they kissed each other and said their goodbyes! David stayed upstairs whilst Rebecca let herself out. David sat upstairs and looked at the picture of his family, he thought 'what would they think if they found out?'
He looked down away form the picture and looked back up and simply said " Sorry Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz!!!"

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