Girls School 1

Girls School 1

The first of a few stories
For those of you who don’t like long intro’s apologies but that’s the way I write. I prefer a slow build up….like foreplay. This story is a prelude to more that follow, the others not needing further long introductions.

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Contains oral sex and mixed race.

I was to find out later that the only reason I had managed to get the job, at the school, was because of a mistaken interpretation of my christian names. D.J. The headmistress had for some reason interpreted the name as “Dee-Jay” and assumed it was a female applicant, however as I was the only one to have applied for the caretaker position and didn’t start until one day after the beginning of term, by the time I had arrived it was too late for her other than to reluctantly accept me into the position.
I had a rigorous and comprehensive lecture, from her, about being a male surrounded by adolescent teenage girls and was told under no uncertain terms that she would keep a strict eye on me, until of course I was replaced.
I could see why she was so desperate for me to stay, even short term, as the place was in a state. The previous caretaker, apparently a woman whom spent a lot of time under the influence of alcohol, had let the place slide. Radiators leaked, doors were off their hinges, windows wouldn’t shut, the heating system was up the swanny etc etc. I set to work, after all if I wanted paying I needed to show a good impression, plus I didn’t want a bad reference if I was only to be here a short time.
As it was a private school most of the young ladies at the school were from privileged backgrounds, although there were a few scholarships. As I tried to keep my head down avoiding temptation I didn’t really take time or effort to notice them. They were after all, a majority at least, well under age for any sexual mischief!
It was whilst repairing a door which had come away from its’ hinges that I met, who’s name I was to find out later, Sam, or should I say the door met my head and as I lay prostrate on the floor I met Sam. She had barged through it which is why most of the doors needed attention, and me, being on the other side went flying. As I looked up I was to see a vision of beauty if ever there was one. Sam had a blue blazer, tartan skirt and white ankle socks, yep the very vision all us males have of a school girl outfit! She had shoulder length blonde hair, the fringe cut horizontally across her forehead and baby blue eyes, the smooth complexion only a girl of 15 can have and full red blooded lips. I think the door must have killed me and I had just arrived in heaven.
“Oops” she said “Are you alright?”. “Sure” I replied “I often head-butt doors for fun!” I sarcastically answered. She squatted down to look at the swelling that had started to grow on my head. Inadvertently or not, from the squatting position she took I could see right between her legs, all the way up to her panties. Clean crispy white panties that cradled her pussy lips, which pressed against them. A swelling also started somewhere else on my body! “She stood up again, after examining my head and raced off down the corridor, “I’ll kiss that swelling better later, if you like” she said as she raced off. Was that a mischievous twinkle in her eye, and a wicked smile, had she seen the “other” swelling? I got myself back up and back to work. I couldn’t get that angelic face, or other part of her anatomy, out of my mind nor the thought of what could only be wish-full thinking on my part, of her comment.
When I got to my room, at dinner-time, I had to spank the old monkey, the swelling on my head had gone down but the swelling between my legs wouldn’t and I couldn’t walk around all day, at a pubescent girls school, sporting a hard-on could I? Of course My thoughts were of doing all sorts of naughty deeds to Sam as I pulled the old boner.
My accommodation was next to the boiler house, well away from the girls dorms. It had two entrances, one which let out to the alley beside the boiler house and I suppose what can only be described as a “secret” door into the rear of the school library, wich I didn’t know about yet. It opened into my room and from the library it just looked like a bookshelf. As I left to return to work, right outside my door and in the alley was Sam and a couple of girlfriends, all puffing merrily away on cigarettes. She nonchalantly looked at me, smiled and said, “I see the swelling has gone down”. She turned and giggled to her friends. One was a black girl, the colour of mil chocolate, with an afro and a button nose, the other had a mane of red hair which went all the way down to her behind. Embarrassed I didn’t really have a good look at either of them but the quick glance that I did have I noticed both were stunningly attractive. Quick wit is not really my forte but I stopped, turned around and said to Sam, “You made me get the swelling and you also helped it go down” I smirked at her. She looked a little puzzled and her friends didn’t really understand it either. So much for my attempt at humour. “Now are you girls supposed to be here smoking?” I asked them, getting a little braver now, “Hiding down an alley… away from prying eyes, I think not!” The girls changed their body language and facial expression to a worried look. “You won’t tell will you?” one of them asked sheepishly. Now I knew I had the upper hand and was growing in confidence, ”What to the teacher walking this way?” I said as I craned my neck around the end of the alley and looked along the building. “Shit” they all said in unison as the stamped on what remained of their cigarettes. Nervously they asked “Will you tell her it was you smoking and let us hide in the boiler room?” motioning at the boiler room door. “Nope” I retorted, “I don’t want to get into trouble for smoking either and I don’t have the key on me”. Their expression changed from concern to sheer panic.
“Quick, in here” I said as I opened the door to my room. They quickly shot inside. My accommodation was spartan but clean. I had three rooms, the entrance was into my open plan bedroom cum living room, there was a small kitchen and a shower room. The three girls huddled together like frightened animals. “Thanks” said the black girl “We owe you one”. “You all owe me one” I responded smiling at them. I had just invented the teacher coming towards them and now I had their gratitude and them owing me “One” because of my quick thinking. “And what does “One” mean exactly” I asked. The girls gained some composure and confidence back. “What would you like “One” to mean?” Sam asked. “Well first lets introduce ourselves” I said “What are your names?” “I’m Sam, this is Phillipa” she said pointing to the redhead “And this is Erika” she continued, introducing the black girl. “Wow” exclaimed Erika “Look at the size of that!” she said as she saw my wide screen T.V. Damn I thought she meant my cock. “We don’t get to watch telly here” she said. “Well we may be able to come to some arrangement and I’ll let you watch mine but now you had better get back to lessons or you will be in trouble”. I said to the three of them. I opened the door, went down the alley and beckoned them out as the coast was clear. Off the girls went. I gazed at their developing asses sway as the walked away from me. Not one of them had thought of the fact that I could be in serious trouble for letting them in my room. I had managed to convince them that it was them in all the trouble. Yep they “Owed me one” and I spent the rest of the afternoon planning of what “One” was going to be.
All afternoon, instead of keeping my head down and averting my gaze I managed to get a really good look at all the hormonally charged pubescent school-girls here. If I wasn’t going to be here long then I might as well enjoy it. Yes I had three legs all afternoon and yes there was some giggling school-girls who must have noticed. If they were interested then I was willing! The evening came and I finished my job in hand and retired to my rooms. I made myself some dinner and lay on my bed watching the T.V. I had strict orders not to go into the canteen, full of young ladies and so I had pretty much a solitary few hours ahead of me before bed. At about 8pm there was a knock on my door. “Who is it?” I asked. “It’s me …Erika” came back a whispered reply. I opened the door and in she swept. “Hi” she said with a smile “I was in the area and thought I’d drop by” she joked. She stood there in a puffed up bomber jacket, trainers and sticking out from under her jacket was what could only be a very long night shirt. “Would you like a drink?” I offered, being a perfect host. “What ya got?” she replied. “Well only a couple of cans of beer, nothing stronger”. I said. “K’ll do fine” Erika said. I grabbed a couple of beers from my fridge and handed one over to her. By this time she had removed her jacket and was now sat on the end of my bed in her night-shirt which had a huge fairy on the front. “Very girly” I said motioning to the fairy. “This isn’t” she said as she pulled the ring on the beer can. (Now did I purposely shake the can?). Beer spurted out the can and drenched her night-shirt. Not too much but enough to soak her boobs. “Shit” she shouted, “You did that on purpose!” “Moi” I responded attempting to look innocent. “Sorry” I said “Let me get it dried for you…take it off n I’ll put it in the drier”. “Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you” she retorted “Me sat here naked!” I smirked back at her “Well at least you’d have your panties and trainers on” I replied. “And who says I am wearing any panties?” was her response. “Badoing!” fully erect in tenths of a second. There sat in front of me was a vision of black beauty, nipples sticking out and no panties, what other bodily response could be expected. “Well I thought you’d come to see my big telly but obviously you’ve come to see my big something else?” I questioned her. Her gaze was on my crutch after all. “Have you got a big something else?” Erika replied. “Would you like to see?” I asked her. Erika’s confident smile became Erika’s inquisitive, open eyed, stare at my groin. “Can I?” she asked. “I walked towards her, pointed my crotch at her face and said “Help yourself”. Erika raised both hands, which had been supporting her as she leant back on the end of the bed and nimbly proceeded to undo my jeans button and lower my zipper. My jeans fell around my ankles and Erika, still staring open mouthed pulled down my boxers, not aided by my erect member pointing skywards and hooking against the top of my boxer shorts. Still down they came. I don’t think Erika’s eyes could widen any further, unless they had popped out from their sockets. I felt the her hot breath on the head of my cock and it strained against its’ skin such was the throbbing. She took hold of it, so delicately, with one hand. “It’s so warm and so hard” she exclaimed as she placed her second hand around my shaft. The excitement of this young lady with her butterfly touch, her warm moist breath on my hard cock nearly made me cum there and then. I had to hold myself back. “Lick it” I asked her. Her brow furrowed and her eyes squinted up at me, “Go on it wont kill you and you’ve more or less had it in your mouth already” such was the closeness of her breath. Tentatively she stuck out her tongue and touched the glands of my throbbing erection. She couldn’t have touched a more tender spot if she had tried. “It doesn’t taste as bad as I thought” she said. “In fact it doesn’t really taste of anything” she exclaimed. Again it took superhuman effort not to cum. “Just try putting the end in you mouth, wrap your lips around the bell-end” I instructed her. Again she looked at me, this time a little more trusting. ”No teeth!” I commanded. She did, she wrapped her hot full moist lips around the glowing bell-end of my cock, no teeth. It was perfect, pre-cum had started to ooze from my “One-eyed bed snake”. Erika looked up at me, the look of pure ecstasy on my face made her smile. “You like that …don’t you?” she beamed her white teeth at me. “No I love that” I answered her “But if you do it again you’ll get more than you bargained for” I informed her.
I gently held her head in both hands and lifted her to her feet. “My turn” I said as I lifted her shirt up over her head and gently lowered her back onto the bed. Indeed she wasn’t wearing any panties and I got a full view of her black curly pubes which surrounded her most precious of places. Her boobs were still wet, from the beer soaking and her nipples, which were surrounded by large dark aureoles, stood proudly out from her voluptuous breasts. I lowered my mouth onto one of them, toyed with the nipple with my tongue and sucked her perfectly firm mounds of flesh. “That tickles” she giggled to me. I moved my attention to her other breast. “That tickles as well” she giggled. I continued for a short while before telling her “Well if that tickles tell me what this feels like”. I snaked my tongue down her belly to her pussy mound, her legs parted involuntarily as I slipped my tongue between her pussy lips directly onto her clitoris. She squealed. “That is crazy!” she shouted out. I did it again. “Oh my fucking God” she shouted as her knees raised up and her hands clamped onto the back of my head. I continued to lick at her clit, moving my tongue lower to part her pussy lips further and located the entrance to her love tunnel. She tasted soooo sweat, as only a girl of her age can taste. I licked at her clit and continued to roll my tongue up and down between her lips. On one downward movement of my tongue I located her love tunnel and drove it as deep as I could inside her. It was all too much for her to take. Her legs rattled around my head and her arms waved in the air frantically. I tried to drink as much of her cum juices as I could, as she thrashed about. She seemed, somehow, to moan and squeal at the same time. I moved my head back, admiring her wet pussy lips, her curly pubes soaked in a combination of saliva and pussy juice. I let her calm down a little and gather her breath. “Like that did you? I asked her. She beamed back at me “Fucking awesome” she responded. “Did you swallow all my cum juices?” she asked. “As much as I could” I answered her. “Wow that was better than…….” She didn’t finish her sentence and looked all coy. “How about returning the favour?” I asked her. “What do you mean?” she replied. “Well how about putting those lips of yours around my cock and drinking my juices?”. At first Erika looked a bit quizzical and then with a shrug of her shoulders she crept forward, on all fours, took hold of my manhood and lowered her mouth onto my cock. It felt as hot as hell, her saliva, and her tongue naturally worked wonders on the cock which more than filled her mouth. “Bob your head up and down a little…slowly at first and then a little faster” I instructed her. She followed my instructions and her mouth, with those wonderful full lips worked their way up and down the length of my cock shaft. A novice she may have been but before long she had me panting and thrusting my groin forward pushing my cock ever deeper into that wonderful mouth. It didn’t take long for my balls to ache and my “Big vein” to fill, spurting wads of cum into her mouth. She gulped as much as she could, possibly frightened by the first experience of swallowing cum she pulled her mouth from off my cock but soon drove it back into her cum filled orifice. She gulped and sucked as best she could intent on swallowing whatever I gave her.
We both relaxed onto the bed lying next to each other. “That was very nice” I said to her “Your first time?” I asked. “Yes” she replied “The first time I’ve had anybody use their tongue on me like you did and my very first blow-job”. “And?” I quizzed her. “Fucking awesome, when are we going to fuck?”..
Unusually I didn’t have a fuck left in me. It would be nice to say “I instantly got another hard-on”, but I didn’t, even with this willing vision of beauty lying beside me. “Let’s save that for something for us both to look forward to” I said to her. Disappointedly she frowned and replied “Well as long as you don’t fuck the others before me” she exclaimed “I drew the longest straw and it’s my turn first!”. Now there was an informative and promising statement, I didn’t press her as I was quite excited by not knowing what was in store for me. Erika dressed, I kissed her and she slipped out of my room, making sure that no-one saw her.

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