Girls School 2 & 3

Girls School 2 & 3

Girls School 2
A used Man.
I lay on my bed with just my boxer shorts on, then about half an hour after Erika had left there was a knock on my door again. “Who is it?” I enquired, hoping it was maybe Sam. I was now ready for a fuck. “It’s Ms Harcourt” came the reply. “Who?” I asked again as I approached and opened the door. There stood in the entrance was a slim tall attractive woman, shoulder length bright red hair and pale skin. She pushed her way past me and entered my domain. “Well hello Ms Harcourt, if you don’t mind me asking, who are you?”.
“Oh I am sorry” she replied as she cast her eyes around “I’m Ms Penny Harcourt, I’m the gym teacher”. I should have perhaps guessed this as she was dressed in a tracksuit. “My apologies” I said to her “I’m sorry but I haven’t met any of you teachers yet”. Ms Penny Harcourt sat herself down on the end of my bed (seemed to be a popular place to park one’s derriere). She smoothed the sheets as she gazed at the bed “Fond memories” she muttered under her breath, only just loud enough for me to hear.
“I was quite friendly with your predecessor” she informed me. I stood quietly, waiting to find out the reason for her visit, other than to reminisce of her obvious lesbian affair with the previous caretaker. “How are you finding things? She asked. “I tend to look and there it is” I joked. She smirked as if to appease my attempt at humour. “It must be hard being a young virile man working alongside all the hormonally driven 18 year olds “. 18 year olds, I thought to myself, the oldest girls I had seen were 15-16 years old, however I wasn’t going to reveal this to her.
“No more tempting for a young virile man like me than a fit young woman whom obviously likes female company” I challenged her as I looked at the bed. She was up for some verbal jousting and knew from my expression that I had got her number, as she responded with, “Now made even more difficult as we now have a virile young man on the premises as well”. She seductively licked her lips as she ended her sentence.
So you like to play home and away?” I asked her. “Oh I like a good long, strong bat now and then” she told me, now eying the bulge in my shorts, which I had hoped to have when Erika was here. “Well any time you fancy a game let me know” I said to her as I approached her, pushing my groin at her face. Penny Harcourt reached out with the palm of her hand and slowly pushed it against and up my hard member. “Mmmm” she said “Fancy a quick swing with that?” she asked.
She didn’t wait for a reply. She turned to face the headboard, knelt up and pulled her tracksuit bottom down to her knees, she had also pulled her panties down with them and as she leant forward revealed her bush, the same colour as the hair on her head, which contrasted starkly with her porcelain white coloured skin. Her pussy already glistened with moisture. “Lets see how well you can handle that bat” she said as she held herself on the bed, with one hand, whilst reaching between her legs with the other. She parted her pussy lips and I saw her wet pussy hole waiting to be given some cock. “What no fore-play?” I asked. “Just fuck me!” she demanded. Not wanting to disobey her I knelt behind her, lowered my shorts, took hold of my cock and pointed it a her love hole. “Don’t fuck about…. PUT IT IN!” she insisted. I pushed my cock slowly into her. It slid in effortlessly and I managed to bury it deep inside her as she moaned “Ooooooo”. I wasn’t used to just jumping on a woman and fucking her but who was I to complain. I drove my cock in and out of her slowly at first, then as adrenalin took over speeded up, always ensuring I went in, all the way and out nearly the same.
I licked the thumb of my left hand, covered it with saliva and pressed it to her anus. I circled it a couple of times and then pushed it up inside her bum hole. She didn’t complain or acknowledge the move with my thumb other than to reach around and take hold of my wrist. I thought she was going to pull my thumb from out of her butt. No instead she drove my thumb deeper into her as she applied pressure to my wrist. Thumb and cock drove in and out of her in unison until she came. She came quietly, no moans or grunts or thrashing about, just bucket loads of juice. She stopped her movements, of meeting my thrusts. Pulled herself forward, making my cock slip out of her, twisted her body on the bed, pulled her panties and tracksuit bottoms up and stood next to the bed. I knelt there, on the bed, dumbstruck. “That was nice” she said. “Anytime” I responded. “Am I missing something?” I asked her as my still erect cock waited for release. “Oh I am sure you will sort that out for yourself” she said as she went to the door, opened it and as she left turned and said. “If you behave and keep quiet about this it may become a regular thing”. Confused and frustrated I wanked myself to orgasm. I had just been used by a woman, no foreplay, no orgasm, no after fuck conversation!
Girls School 3

The next morning I got to work, busying myself with the many tasks I had. I also now took time to notice the many young female bodies that past by, admiring the varying degrees of girls turning into young women. Just after 10am a very pretty, oriental featured girl, of approx. 13 years of age, came and stood before me. “Excuse me” she started and continued very politely, “Ms Harcourt wishes you presence in the class room, please bring your tools with you. I shall escort you to her”. With that she turned and walked on, she looked back over her shoulder, to see that I was following. A pretty young thing, I thought to myself. I discounted thoughts of molesting a 13 year old even if she was adorable.
When we arrived at Ms Harcourt’s class room there she was, sat at her desk at the front of the room. The class had about 20 girls all sat at their desks quietly and obediently heads down, writing. “Ah ..caretaker” Ms Harcourt addressed me, in a rather superior tone. “My desk appears to have something sharp underneath it, would you see what it is!” She asked. Ms Harcourt’s desk was large, it had drawers either side of where she had her legs, tucked underneath. The front of the desk was solid meaning that the girls couldn’t see what was going on underneath. A good job too. I had to push myself under between Ms Harcourt’s legs, as she seemed not willing to move. I looked from my cramped position up underneath the desk. I couldn’t see anything, until! Ms Penny Harcourt placed her hand between her legs, parted them and pushed a finger into her panty-less pussy. She rolled her finger around and pushed it in and out a couple of times. I reached up, grabbed her wrist and put her pussy juice soaked finger in my mouth and sucked the length of it. I then placed it back into her pussy before doing the same again. We continued doing this for a while until both her legs suddenly kicked out, narrowly missing me in the groin with one foot. “That seems to have solved the problem” she announced. I clambered out from under the desk. Penny Harcourt looked a little flustered but other than that the girls couldn’t have noticed what had just happened, just out of their view. “Another fine job done” she said to me, “Thank you, you are dismissed”. Of all the cheek! This was one woman to contend with.

I went back to what I was doing before the interruption before going back to my pad for lunch. A knock at the door. “Who is it?” I asked but the door opened and the visitor let themselves in. It was Sam. “Hi” she said “I’m supposed to come and see you tonight, as it’s my turn but I can’t make it so I thought I’d come and see you now”. “My turn” I thought to myself and allowed a grin to appear on my face. Sam stood at the bed end. “I suppose you are going to want to fondle my breasts” she said as she cupped her boobs in both hands and massaged them. I noticed she didn’t have a bra on. “Well I guess I would” I replied. She continued to fondle herself. “And I suppose you are going to touch my nipples” she continued as she thumbed them through her white cotton blouse. Her nipples became erect with her touch and protruded through her blouse. “I guess I will”. I said as I admired her handy-work. She continued to molest herself . She sat on the end of the bed and lowered her head onto it, leaving her knees dangling over the bed-end. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. Her right hand snaked its’ way down over her stomach, as her left continued to fondle her left breast. She continued down between her legs and slid it slowly up her thigh, raising her skirt as she did so. “I suppose you are going to want finger my pussy?” she said as she slid her finger between her panty-less blonde haired pussy lips. “Oh definatley” I replied. I had had enough teasing from Ms. Harcourt, I wasn’t going to let that happen again. I made my way towards Sam’s bent legs and crouched between them. I inserted my index finger into her pussy so that both she and I had a finger in each. She moaned. “I’m going to slide my finger in and out of your pussy” I informed her as I drove it in as deep as she would allow. I thought she would remove her own finger but she didn’t, so our two fingers entered her together and I kept pace with hers, in and out. I kissed the inside of her thighs as our fingers worked in and out. “I’m going to lick your clitoris and tongue your pussy” I told her as I took hold of her wrist and removed it from it’s efforts. I placed my open mouth over her pussy and gave one long upward lick. “Mmmmmmmm” she moaned as her right hand went back to fondling her right breast. I gave her clitoris a tickle, with my tongue and then her pussy a long lazy downward lick. She moaned and moved her hips from side to side, obviously enjoying my attentions. I repeated this manoeuvre a couple more times as she kneaded her own breasts, her breathing getting faster as I continues with my onslaught of her private area. I then slowly slipped my finger into that wet hot pussy, lubricated by my saliva and her juices. I wiggled it inside her as I licked at her clitoris. This did the trick, her hips shot up into the air and she came like a whirling Tasmanian Devil.

I wasn’t about to let this little minx slip through my fingers (even the wet one lol). I drove her back onto the bed, with my mouth clamped over her pussy mound and drove my well lubricated finger up her back passage. This had the effect of continuing her orgasm and I kept at it as she came again and again, the poor girl was nearly out of breath. Struggling for air I relented my assault on her young athletic body. I crept up, on top of her, my hands sliding up her torso and pushing both her blouse and bra upwards. These boobies were ready for some mouth action and I wasn’t going to disappoint them. Sam’s breasts weren’t overly large but as firm as rock, her nipples weren’t the longer nipples of an older woman, who’s nipples had received their share of tugging at by male mouths but were the firm young buds of a girl who was about to start her sexual experiences. I enjoyed the oral titillation as much as she did. I raised my mouth to hers and we passionately kissed, the kiss lovers can only give to each other. I felt her hand press itself onto the bulge in my pants. Yes she was going to get some of this prime man meat. I slid my jeans and boxers down, exposing my hot and hard cock. She clamped her hand around it and groaned. I took hold of my throbbing member and slid it up and down her wet pussy, lubricating the purple swollen head and located the entrance to her tunnel of love. I slowly pushed, my was she tight, I slipped in a little further expecting a hymen, there wasn’t one but this pussy was so tight it couldn’t have had the pleasure of a cock before. Slowly but surely, with increasing pressure I slid inside her. She held her breath as eventually three quarters of the length of my cock was in her, she gave out a huge sigh and I withdrew some way before again applying pressure pushed my way back inside her. Again she held her breath. I so desperately wanted to bury my cock up to the hilt inside her but there was no way she was going to take my whole length this time. I contently slid in and out of her as much cock as she was comfortable with. The lubrication of her juices helped a little and she seemed to relax as I penetrated her over and over. I felt the cheeks of her butt clench, her breasts pushed themselves into my chest and her pussy clamped tightly around my shaft. It was more than any man could bear and I came inside her. No thoughts of pregnancy entered my mind, such was the pleasure. Her womb was on fire, mixed with the hot sticky cum she had just received. We kissed passionately and embraced a lover’s embrace. Sore, from it’s ordeal my cock shrank and I was able to slowly slide it out of her. “Wow” she said. I looked at her straight in the face, it was a genuine “Wow”. “Are you O.K.” I asked her. “More than O.K.” she replied “But I had better get back to class otherwise I’ll be in trouble. We both dressed and I saw her to the door. Sam turned, as she was leaving and again kissed me. “Can’t wait till my next turn” she said as she left.

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