Girls School 4 & 5

Girls School 4 & 5

Girls School 4
The Offer.

Just before I knocked off from work I received a message to see the headmistress, Ms. Carter . I dutifully made my way to her room. I knocked on the door and was responded to with “Enter”. I opened the door, sat at her desk, immediately in front of me was the headmistress, surprisingly at her side was Sam! “Shit” I almost said out aloud. Was I in trouble!! “Hello Dee.” as the Headmistress called me “I gather you have already met my daughter “, she motioned her head towards Sam. “Holy shit” I thought to myself.
“O.K. Sam I’ll see you later” she said to her daughter. Sam politely smiled at her, then left the room.
“Oh bollocks what had I done?” went through my head. “Sam has told me you have already met” Ms. Carter informed me straight-faced. “Went with a bang I hear” she continued. God was I in trouble. I looked at Ms. Carter, she didn’t look angry or about to give me my marching orders. I must have looked a complete gormless idiot standing there. “She slammed the door on your head this morning?” Ms. Carter offered as an explanation. “Oh err yes” I stammered “Sorry I didn’t realise that was her name nor that she was your daughter” I partially lied.
“You’ve been here a week now” she said “And by all accounts you have behaved, been polite, helpful and sorted out more problems in one week than our last caretaker did in a year!” she continued. “I think I may have been wrong in not wanting a man about the place BUT” she stopped to gather her breath and also her thoughts. “If we can come to some arrangement then I would like you to continue here”. She raised her eyebrow looking for a response from me. All I could offer was a sideways nod of my head. “Obviously we cannot have a man roaming around the place without some concern” she continued “And to let you work at the sixth form house, with all those adolescent young ladies would be far too tempting for any red blooded male”. I didn’t even know there was a sixth form house? That is what Ms. Penny Harcourt must have meant by “Those 18 year olds”.
So I have a plan” she went on “If you don’t have any objection then I am sure we can work together effectively”. I stared at her a little blankly, partially gathering what she had just said and partially relieved that Sam hadn’t said anything. ”What sort of arrangement?” I asked. “Well as I have already said there is far too much temptation for any male, especially one of your age, not to, how shall we say, give in to their lustful wants.” She stopped for a while and then continued. “Now I know that I am not the prettiest or most desirable female here but” again she paused. “The arrangement I am thinking of is this. Once a week you shall come to my bedroom and we shall have sex. This will hopefully put thoughts of tampering with any of the girls. I am prepared to make that sacrifice”
Surprised I looked at her. I then looked her up and down. She had come from behind her desk and was half sitting, half standing in front of it her hands supporting her weight on the desk behind her. I looked at her hair, it was shoulder length and jet black, as apposed to Sam’s blonde, she was of similar height and build but not as athletically toned. She had a good figure and I would estimate her age to be about 35ish. “If this doesn’t satisfy you carnal needs then we may look at increasing it to twice a week”. She half asked and half informed me. “What do you think?” she seemed a little uneasy about her proposition. Gone was the stark domineering headmistress attitude, it was almost a flirtatious stance she was now taking. I pretended to think about it. She was a good looking woman, nice figure, nice eyes and I would, under any other circumstance have noticed her as a “Nice bit of older woman” had I seen her any where else. She seemed to get apprehensive over what she had just said. “Well we could give it a go” I almost mumbled. “In fact I would like to give it a go” I continued more enthusiastically. “I like the job, the moneys not bad and the fringe benefits seem O.K.” I joked to her with a twinkle in my eye. She relaxed, her shoulders dropped and she smiled. I hadn’t noticed before but she WAS an attractive bit of crumpet by any-ones standards. “Well report to my room on Saturday night, about 8?” she said as she made her way back around her desk. “See you Saturday at 8” I replied as I turned and left the room with the biggest smirk on my face, I also noticed a little smile on hers.

Girls School 5

Ms. Penny Harcourt and Phillipa (Incest-threesome)
“Saturday at 8” I kept thinking to myself, what day was it today? It was Thursday so I had a couple of days to get used to the idea, a couple of days to wank myself stupid. I didn’t want to give a bad performance for the headmistress now did I.
I went to my room, ate and switched on the T.V. No I had better not wank myself off tonight. I was still a little sore from my dinner time episode with Sam. I showered and relaxed on the bed and thought about what was to come, as well as what had already happened in my short stay here. The door burst open and in walked Ms. Penny Harcourt, she slammed the door shut behind her and walked over to the bed. She sat on the end of the bed, removed her trainers and tracksuit bottoms, raised her knees and parted her legs. “Come on then, fuck me” she commanded as she craned her neck to look at me. I slid off the bed and walked around to the bottom end. There glistening in the light Ms. Penny Harcourt’s pussy winking at me. I dropped my jeans and boxers and climbed onto the bed, between her legs, rubbed my semi hard cock between her pussy lips, attempting to bring myself to full erection. A couple of wipes up and down her wet slit and in I slid. Penny Harcourt had her eyes tight shut as I drove my cock into her. Her arms down by her side. I managed to rest my weight on one elbow and reached to her zip, on her top. Her hand slapped my attempt to free her breasts. “Just fuck me hard!” she commanded. I wasn’t going to stand for this again. I pulled my cock out of her, cradled my hand under her arse and flipped her over, onto her stomach, I then lifted her so that her knees came under to support her in the “Doggy” position. If she wanted a hard fuck I was going to give her a hard fuck. I reached around and under her and gave her pussy a hard and fast couple of rubs, with my other hand I introduced my cock to her pussy hole again. In I went, I continued to vigorously rub her pussy, with my left hand and with my right, raised it high in the air and came down hard on her white ass cheek. “Ow!” she howled as hand met ass. Same again, I repeated my slap. “Ow!” she cried again but made no attempt to stop me. She started to push her hips back to my thrusts and I drove myself ever deeper into her pussy hole. I spanked her a couple more times. “Yes..yes” she said. I then spat in my hand, took hold of my cock, rubbed the saliva over my bell-end and pointed it directly at her brown hole. Her ass cheeks tightened and I couldn’t penetrate her. I gave her one more terrific slap on her ass and said “Open sez a me!”. Her sphincter relaxed and in slid my cock, “Urgh” she went. Tight as a virgin’s pussy I again spat on my hand and rubbed more spit onto my cock shaft. It worked and I managed to bury my cock up her ass. So now I was still vigorously rubbing her pussy, with my left hand around her, spanking her ass cheeks and fucking her butt-hole. I’m sure Ms. Penny Harcourt was enjoying this as much as I was. I’ll teach the bitch to try to dominate me!

It was then that I noticed Phillipa, the girl with the long red hair, stood right next to us, watching my cock slide in and out of Ms. Harcourt’s ass. I was so surprised I didn’t even stop my thrusts. “Mummy” Phillipa exclaimed to Ms. Harcourt. Penny Harcourt, opened her clenched eyes and looked around at her in astonishment. (Did every teacher here have a daughter at the school was my first thought…don’t ask why). Penny pulled herself off my cock, it “plopped” as it was pulled from her rear end. She swung her legs off the side of the bed and stood face to face with her daughter.
“I…I didn’t think you liked men?” said Phillipa directing the question into her mother’s face. “They have their uses” she replied, both of them looking at my rapidly deflating member. Hand on hips, which looked strange, as she was naked from the waist down
Penny questioned “And what, young lady, are you doing in here?”
You could see the cogs whirling in her head as she thought up an excuse, she didn’t want to snitch on her chums and came up with an excuse as she went along. “Errr..well…I…er ..thought I’d find out why you don’t like men….and err…I thought I’d ask if I could see a cock..errr…so I could make my own mind up”.
Penny Harcourt sat on the side of the bed and gestured her daughter to do the same by patting the space beside her. “It’s not that I don’t like men” she countered to Phillipa, “It’s just that having sex with a man is different than sex with a woman” she continued “I actually like both sometimes, but you should have come to me first, sweatheart”. She was now a soft gentle woman offering her daughter the benefits of her wisdom. I suppose being caught like she had, with my cock up her ass, then she could hardly give her daughter a bollocking. “What you probably should have done is to …maybe fool around with one of the other girls first” she said “There must be some girls who are willing to try a little, how shall we say….fun?”
The way she had asked made me wonder if she was asking on Phillipa’s behalf or attempting to weadle out a young “friend” for herself. “But now you’re here and curiosity obviously having got the better of you I suppose now is as good a time as any to have a little talk” Penny offered explanation to Phillipa.
Phillipa, acting as grown up as she could replied “It’s not talking I want to do…I’ve been told the theory, it’s the practical that I need to learn”. Penny looked at her daughter. “I suppose the hormones are raging and you need a little release from your frustration” she half asked and half told Phillipa. “Tell you what, why don’t I help you understand the difference between a man’s clumsy attempt at pleasing a woman and a woman’s tender touch”. She wrapped her arm around her daughter and leant in to kiss her. Whether out of fright or obedience Phillipa allowed her mother to gently kiss her on the lips. Soon they were both in a passionate embrace, arms wrapped around each other.
They became more adventurous as they continued their kisses, hands flowing down and around each others bodies. Phillipa had the advantage, as her mother had nothing on below her waist and as soon as she touched her mother’s legs Penny instinctively opened them. Her hand ,tentatively went up the inside of her mother’s thigh to her quim. Penny breathed a deep sigh, “That’s it my darling” she sighed. Both were now lost in their exploration of each others bodies, eyes closed shut they operated by touch as clothes were removed. This wasn’t right! I thought.Not that mother and daughter should be touching each other like this but the fact I was literally stood there watching, like a limp dick. Not that I should really complain, how many of those porno films with mother and daughter actually were mother and daughter? Right here in front of me was real incestuous sex!

It wasn’t long before both ladies were writhing on the bed, kisses spread all over their bodies and hands and fingers finding every nook and cranny. Tongues soon followed fingers and they really went at it with relish lost in ecstasy. It wasn’t until Phillipa was kneeling over her mother in the 69 position, that either woman had taken any notice of my presence. Penny, laid on her back, with Phillipa’s head between her legs and hers between her daughters, Penny looked up at me. She continued to run and lick Phillipa’s pussy and between mouthfuls said. “Would you like to try some man, darling”. Phillipa raised her head, turned it towards me, looked at my now growing hard-on and replied “Yes please mummy”. Penny beckoned me to her, took hold of my cock and pulled it into her mouth. She almost sucked the thing from it’s base! She then placed it at the entrance to Phillipa’s pussy, gripping my cock tightly she said, before pushing it in, “This may sting a little at first but it will soon feel good”. I didn’t have a choice but for my butt to follow my cock’s direction, Penny had such a good grip on me. It was tight and I soon came up against an obstruction but Penny continued to push my cock inside her little angel. I soon slid in. Phillipa gave a sharp intake of breath. “Oh mummy” she cried “Oh mummy” as I pushed in further “Oh yes mummy…fuck me with that cock of yours”. Hold on a minute, it was my cock but who was I to complain.
Penny rubbed Phillipa’s clit as I slipped and slid my cock into her daughter, she also gave my balls a kiss now and then. It wasn’t long before Phillipa gushed her juices. Mother did her best to lap them up. I came too and relished the thought that Ms.Penny Harcourt was also getting a mouthful of my cum. Payback for leaving me wanting last time. Phillipa shuddered in orgasm, mother also achieved her aim and groaned as she too reached her climax.
We, all three of us, collapsed on the bed. “Fuck” said Phillipa. “Fuck yeah” said her mother, “Fucking alright” I joined in. We lay in silence for a while until Phillipa chirped “Mum, you’re the best” Penny took hold of her daughter’s face, in her hands and kissed her on the lips. “No sweatheart, you are the best daughter in the world and we shall have many more good times like this shan’t we?”
Phillipa smiled, looked at me and asked “Can he join in too?”. Penny looked at her daughter, looked at me and replied “Now and them maybe”.

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