Giselle II

Giselle II

Giselle was panicked now and unable to control her emotions; angry

Rommel had left her to deal with this alone. She imagined him calm as ever in his

uniform, carrying on business as usual as she fell apart enduring her thoughts and

the stares of the servants.

"Two weeks away to capital," Anna said curtly when Giselle came down to

breakfast enquiring of Rommel's whereabouts.

"This is part of my punishment," she thought to herself.

Rommel's pants still hung loose even with her careful sewing and hemming, but they

would have to do. She tucked her jewels inside her coat pocket and sewed the

opening shut. The finishing touch was the hat. It fit neatly over her shorn hair. She left

the long locks on her bed, for whomever to find. Giselle, once sweet and pure, now

imagined wickedly Rommel seeing her cut hair left on the bed, and her vanished

nowhere to be found.

Quietly she led her horse away from the stable through a back way. Knowing the

guards patterns, she was able to plot her escape in an exacting manner.

Within minutes Giselle was in the woods. Tree branches swatted her face, leaving

light cuts. Dagger grunted in agitation. She cooed to him softly.

She rode hard and fierce, imagining the little cottage she had found years

ago. Old and unused, the cottage had become her castle and secret hideaway.

Under the full moon Giselle saw the next trail up ahead. Smiling again, she brought

Dagger to a faster run, feeling lighter with every soft breeze on her face.

Suddenly, Giselle heard horse steps behind her, her eyes widened with fear. "No!" she

thought. No one could have seen her, it was not possible. She would have heard the

alarm or some commotion.

She turned her head seeing the riders approaching faster. Giselle lowered her head,

kicking Dagger faster, trying to build up speed.

Giselle turned her head again to see that she was gaining distance bewtween

her and the lone riders, when she felt a sharp sting in her shoulder. Crying aloud

Giselle winced, feeling her body fall to the ground.

"Well it's just a little kid," Kristian snarled looking at the body lying face up on the road.

"Grab him and bring him off the road and we'll see if he's got anything," Karl ordered.

"He's as light as a feather," Kristian said throwing Giselle over his back with little

effort. The three men walked off the road, laying Giselle on her back..

"No one is going to even fit in these clothes," Philip muttered feeling around Giselle's

pockets, growing angrier by the minute when he felt something soft in is hand.

"What's this," Phillip murmered feeling the inside of Giselle's coat.

Kristian jumped up excited,"Did you find something good Phillip?"

"I'd say!" Phillip exclaimed throwing open Giselle's coat and ripping her shirt apart

exposing a soft generous breast.

Karl whistled loudly walking to Giselle's limp body, "Well look at that." He knelt beside

her taking her hat off . Even in the dark Giselle's beauty could not be mistaken.

"Is she dead?"Christian asked.

Karl removed her coat and shirt looking for the bullet hole. He saw where it had

entered in the top of her shoulder and exited on the other side.She would be fine.

Karl sighed and grinned, realizing how good she would feel alive and warm.

"We'll take her to the cabin," Karl said throwing Giselle's coat over her face and picking

her up.

Giselle awoke to a sharp pain in her shoulder. She tried to remember what

happened, but only remembered riding Dagger and then…nothing. She instinctively

tried to rub her eyes when she noticed she could not move her arms.

Instant panic crept into her stomach and as she began to be able to focus her eyes.

She noticed a man standing over her laying body smiling broadly. She shivered as

she saw his malformed, missing and broken teeth.

"Karl! Phillip!" she's awake.

Giselle realized there were more than just this one guy. The other two stood side by

with the same leering smile of the other man.

"Oh love, you are just so beautiful, just what I needed. I can't wait to stick my cock so

far inside your little hole," Karl said roughly fondling her breast.

"Who gets her first?" Kristian asked excitedly, a large bulge already appearing to

form around the crotch of his pants.

Karl scratched his stubbled chin. "Hmm…"

Phillip grinned already unzipping his pants, "She's got three holes. One can have her

pussy, another her ass and someone can fuck her mouth We'll take turns, or better

yet, we'll fill her all at once! God I can't wait to fuck her so hard," he said rubbing his

engorged shaft.

Giselle felt coldness run through her, she went blank. A month ago she wouldn't

have known what was to happen, now she understood exactly what they wanted from


The men descended upon her like a swarm of bees, tearing off her clothes and

undergarments. Giselle could smell their bodies and the stench of the bed she been

tied too.

"Untie her hands!" Kristian exclaimed excitedly."She can't get away now."

Karl slowly untied the ropes suffocating her arms. Giselle was too tired to fight

back."Maybe they will kill me," she thought. "Please kill me."

The men stood her up. Giselle was still wobbly from her wounds, but it didn't matter,

all three men held a part of her.

Kristian seized with lust, grabbed her breast with both hands, sucking them hard till

her nipples stood out far and swollen.

"Oh my God!" he breathed taking off his pants carelessly, smelling her skin all the while continuing his assault on Giselle's nipples.

"Let's try this," Phillip said laying on the dirty bed. "Come here pretty. Oh, you are

going to make me feel so good with your tight pussy.

Karl and Kistian led her to Phillip, whose huge erect penis stood straight out like a

monument. Each grabbed one arm and carried her struggling body to Phillip.

Holding her tightly they lowered her facing Phillip till her pussy reached the tip of his

shaft, and she was eye to eye with him.

Giselle went far away,closed her eyes and thought of Rommel. Rommel who had

made her feel safe, Rommel whom she loved; Rommel who had prepared her for

what was about to happen.

"Allright, let go of her arms, I got her for now." Karl and Kristian let go as Phillip

grabbed each hip. Slowly he impaled his cock into her tight cunt.

"Oh God, this is heaven," he sucked his breath in sharply watching her pussy swallow

the enitre lenght of his cock, enjoying the pain and fear on her face.

Giselle saw her home, Rommel's home.

"Oh fuck lovey," Phillip cried using his grip to force her up and down his entire length.

He picked her up high and slammed her down over and over; Giselle screamed

loudly. Phillip laughed as he blissfully felt her cunt swallowing his

every inch.

Kristian stood to the side watching, rubbiing his cock fiercely ready to attack any


"Ever had a women in the ass?" Karl asked.

"No," Kristian answered. "But I've wanted to."

"Well there's your chance boy. Go get it," Karl said pushing Kristian closer to Giselle

and Phillip. Kristian watched Phillip fuck her tiny pussy brutally imagining himself

doing the same to the girl's ass.

He stood behind Giselle and smacked her ass hard leaving a red mark across both

cheeks, causing chills of lust through his body. Phillip positioned his and Giselle's

body leaving the back of Giselle exposed, legs spread wide open, gust of wind tickling

her swollen pussy, as he lay back with Giselle on his stomach..

Karl smiled wickedly,"There you go boy. Have fun."

Kristian smacked Giselle's ass again, his cock growing even harder, causing pain to

himself at this point. He spit in his hand rubbing his saliva all over his cock as he

looked down at Phillip fucking Giselle's insides with as much force as possible.

Giselle's thighs wide open, with Phillip fucking Giselle as she lay atop him, Kristian

needed no more introduction. He walked up to Giselle's back, grabbed her shoulders,

perched and was ready to fuck her like an animal.

He guided his engorged cock to her tight ass and sucked in sharply.

"Oh man this is so tight. Goddamn it feels so good," he growled pushing even further


Karl laughed,"She's not your mother, get after her man."

Kristian pulled his cock out, spit in his hand again then then put his cock back to

Giselle's asshole. Kristian looked back at Karl timid for a second, then aligned his

cock to the very tip of her hole. He felt Phillip under him fucking the girl unmercislessly

and almost screaming with desire he rammed into Giselle like a sledgehammer.

Giselle emitted a sound that would have woken the dead, and the last thing she

remembered hearing was the wild clatter of birds in the forest, coming alive from her


Kristian threw back his head fucking her plump ass hard and fast. He felt

Phillip under him and could feel his cock sliding next to his as both cocks reached

their destinations; neither noticed Giselle's struggling manner; neither cared.

With every thrust from Kristian it helped Phillip get deeper inside. Giselle felt her

insides stuffed with organs and pain; each man fucking her harder and harder, biting

her nipples, pulling her hair.

Giselle completely numb to her surroundings didn't even realize she was beginning to

urinate all over herself.

"God this slut is peeing on me!" Phillip exclaimed. He felt the warmth on his legs. His

initial feeling of disgust was soon overshadowed by pleasure as the urine made it

easier to fuck her.

The huge cocks slid like thick snakes assaulting her holes. The only human thing

about the act where the men's cries of joy with every animalilistic jarring thrust.

Giselle laid between them whimpering like a puppy. Each time the cocks left her

body, she got a sense of relief, but just as quickly it was replaced with even more pain

than before.

Karl who had not joined in yet dropped his pants, showing his large thick cock,

making the other two look like little boys.

He walked to Giselle's head, telling Phillip to lay all the way down shoving his entire

length in Giselle's mouth. Giselle gagged and almost vomited, but so dazed, her

reflexes wouldn't allow it.

Karl roughly grabbed her hair and forced her mouth up and down on it. Like a ragdoll

Giselle's face was at the mercy of the iron fist wrapped around her hair.

Karl continued his control of Giselle's head making her roughly face-fuck him. Tears

rolled down her eyes, and she choked repeatedly on the shaft in her mouth and her

own spit. She could taste the man's thick salty liquid slowly draining on her tongue.

Karl pulled her hair forcing her face up. He kissed her roughly sliding his tongue down

her throat; laughing and moaning at the same time.

Kristian watched his cock next to Phillips, both assaulting her lifeless body. He loved

the feeling of continually pulling his cock all the way out, then shoving it as hard as he

could back up her; each time throwing his head back and shouting as if it were the very

first thrust.

Phillip watched her face the enire time, accepting all the cocks in all her holes. He

grunted fucking her harder, causing Giselle to lift from her daze momentarly . Phillip

grabbed Kristians hands and gripped, beginning a rythemn and soon at the point of

cumming. Kristian sensed it and increased his rythemn to match his.

Karl pulled his cock out of Giselle's mouth and smacked her face hard with his hand,

causing immediate swelling on her cheek. He then walked behind the bodies and

stood staring at the sight before him Both his men had their eyes closed in lust as

they forced their cocks in and out of the small girl's tight, maybe even virginal holes.

Her nipples had been pulled and suckled to the point that they stood out like little


"Slap her face Phillip" Karl ordered as he saw Giselle lapse from conscienceness.

Phillip slapped her face causing Giselle to awaken. She felt little, and the slap was

barely noticed. Suddenly, Kristians moans and screams changed pitch, and he

started gyrating his hips in a forceful twitch.

Rolling his eyes back, he knew he was about to cum. The girl's ass was like a vigin

cunt, and the warm pleasure from his cock, was better than he had ever felt. He

opened his eyes slightly, and stood back to watch his slick cock slide in and out of the

now red and slightly bloody ass. With a deep carnal moan, Kristian thrust one last

brutal time in Giselle's ass exploding; feeling his hot load shoot out, and caught in her

tight warm insides. He came to by hearing Giselle's horse yell, realizing he had all her

hair entwined in his hand, pulling her neck at a dangerous angle; they laughed at

Giselle's pain.

Feeling Kristian cum powerfully caused Phillip to increase his assault as his

orgasm began to build powerfully.

Kristian layed heavily on Giselle, forcing her body down harder on Phillip's lying

figure making him to only have to move his pelvis to fuck Giselle pleasurably.

"Aah!" Phillip cried. "Fuck-yes! Oh you slut" he shook cumming, filling Giselle's pussy

with 2 years of pent up cum.

Phillip and Kristian lay staring at each other, Giselle sandwiched lifelessly between

the two men. They started laughing uncontrollably, their limp dicks still inside their


Kristian got up slowly, watching his deflated weapon slide out. He pulled Giselle off

of Phillip throwing her carelessly on the bed, helping Phillip to his feet.

Giselle laid on her back, legs spread wide open, eyes shut. Liquid began to run from

her pussy and ass on to the soiled blanket.

Kristian pulled his pants on,"What about you Karl, aren't you going to finish?"

"Don'y worry about me boy," Karl spoke. "You boys go to town and get some food.

Phillip buttoning the last button on his shirt, walked over to Karl slapping him on the

back as if he had just been told he had a healthy new boy, "It'll take us atleast two

hours. Will that be enough time?" he laughed sarchastically.

Kristian and Phillip both left shortly after. As the door shut Karl turned to Giselle,

looking at her defeated form crumbled on the bed.

"At first I thought I might kill you, but I think now I'll keep ya around for awhile," he said

walking over to Giselle. "Then I might kill ya, but now I'm going to have fun," he cooed

in her ear.

"Now you're all mine, what will I do? The boys got you all nice and loose for me.

Mmm…I wonder what that nice pussy feels like deep down inside. I want to slide my

whole hand deep into your pussy, and fuck you. Would you like that?" Karl asked

Giselle with cruel, sarchastic sincerity.

"I'd like that. I want to lick your pussy and play with your clit with my hand, tickle it-just

how you like. I know how you want it," Karl slid his pants all the way off exposing his

hardened cock, still red from Giselle's mouth.

He stood at the edge of the bed and pulled Giselle till she slid down with her legs

dangling off the bed. Karl positioned himself on his knees bewteen Giselle's thighs,

putting a thigh over each of shoulders.

Karl rubbed Giselle's body roughly, feeling her soft skin from her toes to her fingers.

He kissed the inside of her thighs as if he were her armorous lover and not like the

sociopathic rapist that he was.

Opening her pussy slowly, he stared at her swollen clit and exterior, cum still lightly

dripping from her. He put his index finger in her hole and watched it slide up tp his

nuckle. He licked his lips as he slid his finger out then slid it in with two more fingers

this time.

"Look at that, can you feel it love. Oh that's beautiful. Now I'm gonna stick my whole

hand in you; you'll like it, I promise," Karl moaned taking the fingers out, and tickling

her clit with them.

Karl spit on her clit, rubbing his saliva with his thumb over her nub. Giselle, moaned

dully, still unconscienceness.

Karl slapped Giselle's face hard,"I want you to feel this. Wake up!" he shouted

slapping her agin, harder.

Giselle roused from her sleep momentarily before drifting back to her darkened state.

Karl made a fist feeling it burn for her face when Karl and Phillip burst through the door.

Karl turned around sharply ready to explode, but the look on the two men's faces stopped him.

"Karl- General… Ra-Ra- Rommel's niece is missing. There are notices up

everywhere. We were stopped two times by soldiers seeking any information. They

said she's small with short brown hair. Karl there aren't a lot of girl's with short hair,"

Kristian tsammered panicked.

Phillip was just as panicked as Kristian,"They'll kill us. They'll find out. They'll find us.

What are we going to do?"

Karl stood up dick straight out. He bent down and fiddled with something by his


"Karl, what are going to do?" Kristian cried.

Karl turned from his clothes and as quick as a snake aimed his gun at the men,

shooting them both before they could react. Both Phillip and Kristian fell heavily to the


"Well love, looks like I have to kill you after all," Karl whispered aiming the gun at

Giselle's head.

"You bastard," a voice croaked.

Karl turned just in time to see Kristian fire his gun at his chest, hitting it's intended

target, throwing Karl back against the wall. Kristian smiled with satisfaction then fell

over lifeless. Giselle lie there dazed an unaware, at how much life had been taken

from her, and how very lucky she was.

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