Grandmother's House

"How long has it been since we visited nana," Ashlyn asked her mother while thumbing though a magazine!?! "Oh, at least two years," her mother replied quickly while maneuvering their car through the busy city traffic, "it was just six months after dad died, so it's been just about two years!!!" "Don't you think we should have called her first," Ashlyn asked seriously, "what if she's out of town or something, we'll look pretty dopey driving five hundred miles for nothing!!!" Her mother gave a short laugh and replied, "Well if she isn't there we can just spend a few days in the big city shopping, besides, I have a key to her apartment and we can stay at her place, so don't worry about it, one way of the other we'll have good time!!!" "There it is," Katie said to her daughter, "isn't that number 2345 on that red brick building on the corner!?!" "Yup, that's it," Ashlyn replied, "boy, is grandma gonna be surprised to see us, I hope she still makes those good pancakes for breakfast, that's one thing I really loved about visiting her when I was a little girl!!!" "I'm sure she still has the recipe," Katie said while parking the car in an empty spot half way down the block, "let's leave out bags in the car and hurry in to surprise her!!!" Katie and her eighteen year old daughter made there way back to her mother's building and took the elevator to the fourth floor, where they got out and quickly found apartment number 416!!! "I'll ring the bell," Ashlyn said, "boy, I hope she's home!!!" The two of them waited impatiently for about a minute or so before Katie stuck her key in the door and offered, "Well, she's probably just out to lunch or something, let's go in and make ourselves comfortable and wait for her there!!!" It felt a little eerie entering someone's home unannounced, and Ashlyn was just about to comment on how uncomfortable she felt when she was shushed by her mother who said, "I think I hear noises coming from the other end of the apartment, maybe she's home after all!!!" The two of them made their way down a long narrow hall to the back end of he apartment, where it became obvious that someone was definitely in the bedroom!!! "Let's surprise her," Ashlyn whispered excitedly, "don't say anything until we open the door!!!"

After slowly turning the door knob until the latch was all the way retracted, Katie gave knowing nod to her daughter, and gently pushed the door inward where upon the two women were about to get the shock of their lives!!! "M-mother," Katie stammered while holding onto the door handle to keep from keeling over, "what in the name of god are you doing!?!" Ashlyn, while just as stunned as her mother, didn't need someone to tell her what was going on, because right there in front of them was her grandma with her legs spread wide apart, being orally satisfied by a woman half her age!!! "Katie," her mother gasped while trying to cover herself, "what are you doing here, and haven't you ever heard of knocking!?!" "If I would have known what was going on in here I would have," Katie replied with her head still spinning, "I just don't believe it, I just don't!!!" "Don't believe what," the young woman kneeling between her mother's legs said sarcastically, "don't believe that your mother could have a satisfying love life of her own, is that what you mean!?!" "Of course not," Katie snapped, "it's just that I never figured that she was a, you know what I mean!!!" "A lesbian," the woman sot back while still caressing her mother's inner thigh, "well let me tell you something, honey, Emma is one of the most sensuous people I've ever met, and her age be damned!!!"

"But mother," Katie protested while trying to make some sense of the situation, "you were married for forty years to daddy, did you always feel this way!?!" The young woman returned her tongue to Emma's dripping vagina while her mother replied, "Your father and I always had an arrangement, he let me bring pretty young girls home and he sat and watched us, just like you're doing right now, and believe me, it brings back very nice memories!!!" "I-I don't believe it," Katie stammered, "daddy would have never put up with that, never!!!" "You didn't really know your father," Emma said softly as her orgasm began building deep in her hot cunt, "he just loved watching me get tongued while masturbating like a mad man, just like Ashlyn is right now!!!" Katie's gaze quickly snapped towards her daughter, who incredibly had her hand inside of her jeans and was furiously fingering teenage cunt!!! "Ashlyn," she said in a horrified voice, "you stop that this instant, you're acting just like a wild animal!!!" "She can't help herself, can you child," Emma asked her granddaughter, "you must have inherited your love of voyeurism from your grandpa, isn't that right!?!" "I can't stop now," Ashlyn gasped to her mother, "j-just look at how hairy nana's pussy is, oh fuck does that look nice!!!" "See," the young woman between nana's legs replied softly, "at least your daughter isn't some stuck up asshole, she's willing to live and let live, just like you should be!!!"

Kaite continued staring at both her mother and daughter, still completely shaken by the nasty turn of events that had just taken place, but when the young girl, who introduced herself as Margo hopped up and took Ashlyn by the hand and led her to the bed to join her and nana, she thought she was about to pass out!!! "Y-you leave my daughter alone," Katie ordered weakly while Margo quickly stripped Ashlyn out of all of her clothing, "she isn't a lesbian, please, leave her alone!!!" "Nobody said she was a lesbian," Margo said softly while caressing Ashlyn's perfectly shaped breasts, "all we're gonna do is have a little fun, that's all, is that all right with you, honey!?!" Ashlyn answered with a soft moan, and offered no resistance when the young cunt lapper buried her face between her young thighs and commenced bring her to a stunningly quick and hard orgasm!!! "Mmmm," Margo said in soft tone, "just like her grandma, hotter that a firecracker, so tell me, Katie, are you hot like your mother and daughter, you look like a real moaner to me!?!"

Katie looked on with askance at all three of the naked woman, but when Ashlyn hopped up and began pulling her over to the bed, she protested and dug in her heals, but her heart wasn't up for a fight, and before she knew it, her clothes were off and Margo was busily eating pussy like a madwoman!!! "How does it feel, dear," her mother asked softly, "Margo has a very talented tongue, don't you think!?!" "Katie was by now so far down the path to her orgasm, that all she could do was moan and thrust her hips forward, a sure sign that her orgasm was imminent, but what threw her over the edge, was when Ashlyn leaned over and with out warning, took one of her large nipples into her mouth and began sucking on it greedily!!! "Oh my," Katie gasped, "I'm losing control of myself, I going to cum and I can't help it, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck does that feel good, ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy, suck my clit, oh yes, do it for me, make me your whore!!!" "I think your mother's getting in the swing of things," Emma said softly while diddling her ripe clit, "she always did have a very responsive pussy!!!"

The four of them were now a hodgepodge of arms, legs, breasts, and pussies as Katie's pussy convulsed hard several times before squeezing out two or three crushing orgasms that left her limp and exhausted with Margo's mouth still softly tonguing her cunt!!!" "Now it's my turn," Ashlyn said while taking her place between her grandmother's full thighs, "I'm gonna suck you off, so get fucking ready!!!" "Ohhhhhh god," Emma gasped as her pretty young granddaughter began nipping and sucking her already distended clitoris, "s-she's fucking incredible, Kate, her mouth is a natural, and she knows instinctively just how to do a woman's cunt and clit, ohhhhh, she's such a good little girl!!!" Katie rolled her head to the side to get a better look at what was happening, and with all the fight out of her, she again offered no resistance when Margo straddled her face and pressed her dripping pussy directly onto her virgin mouth, inducing her to orally satisfy the freshly shaven lips!!! What was so unreal about the situation, was that a mere ten minutes ago, Ashlyn and Katie were both standing in the door way shocked out of their minds, while now, just a short time later, they were both on the bed orally satisfying both nana and her lover, Margo!!!

"So," Emma asked the two of them as they all recovered from their cums, "do you feel like lesbians or just women who happen to enjoy having sex with what ever is attractive and available!?!" After kissing her grandmother's silver haired pussy, Ashlyn replied softly, "Let's just say that you were both very attractive and very available!!!"


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