Happy Birthday Nerd

Happy Birthday Nerd

Nirmala stood at the coffee shop counter reading her favorite computer magazine and waiting for her shift to end. She worked until noon every Saturday even today – her 19th birthday! No one had even said Happy Birthday! Not her dad, not her mother. Her parents wouldn’t even let her have a party. Her friends all had parties! It was so unfair!

Straightening her over-size, crooked glasses again, Nirmala sighed looking at the pathetic cupcake with a single candle; a birthday present from the girl on the last shift. After work she had to go home and phone her parents to let them know she was safely home. Then she could log onto the dialup internet connection, not that she could get to any interesting sites; her strict parents had installed a powerful program that controlled the sites she could visit.

Her parents went away every weekend to visit a holy man and talk about their marriage. Nirmala wasn’t sure what the problem was; all she knew was there had been a big argument about her dad doing something with Auntie Amrita.

Across the street, Jack, 51, complained, “25 years with this company and they send me to the worst territory in the country! How can we sell to restaurants in this hick town?”

Jack, and the new trainee Norma, 29, had hit every restaurant in this Alabama town without making a single sale. Worse for Jack, he had a reputation to keep up. When out of town and away from his wife, he always scored, never failing to pick up a hot chick even if he had to use dirty tricks.

“Bet you can’t pick up any girls in this town Jack” said Norma with a grin. “Betcha 20 bucks.” She was bored.

“I’ve never missed yet. I’ve got the rest of the weekend!” Jack was delighted to take Norma’s money.

“Not so fast.” Norma added. “Let’s make this interesting. You have to pick up the next waitress you set eyes on. Young, old, pretty, ugly, married, single it doesn’t matter. Plus, I get to watch so you can’t screw me on the bet.”

Across the street was the last restaurant in the town; a small, run-down coffee shop.

Jack’s face fell as he entered; there was the geekiest, nerdiest young girl he had ever seen; big nerdy glasses, shapeless sweater, absorbed in some tech magazine. Her hair carelessly fell over her face. She was Indian or maybe Pakistani. Not fair! He only did white chicks; mostly blonde, blue-eyed ones! Shit!

He stopped, turned to Norma and said, “This isn’t a good place, let’s try somewhere else.”

Norma retorted, “Then you lose the bet. Gimme 20 bucks.”

“Shit! Ok. A bet is a bet! Let’s go in.” Jack grumbled.

“Hi young lady. Can we get a coffee here?” Jack started with one of his standard pitches.

Nirmala looked up – a man and a woman in business attire. “Cream and sugar, Sir?”

“The creamier and sweeter the better, Honey. Maybe we could get a cherry also?” Jack threw the last part in for a laugh. He heard Norma snicker.

“Cherry? We don’t have cherries, Sir.” Nirmala replied getting out 2 cups.

“Well maybe we’ll get a cherry later,” Jack grinned then noticed the cupcake with the candle. “What’s the cupcake for?”

Nirmala looked at the older man, “It’s my birthday cake.”

“Oh, how old are you?” Norma asked.


“Why such a small birthday cake?” Norma wondered.

“I’m not allowed to celebrate.” Nirmala pouted.

“That’s a real shame,” said Jack. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“Nirmala, Sir.”

“Nirmala? What kind of name is that?”

“It’s Indian, Sir. It means Pure. Do you like it?” Nirmala, glad for some attention, responded cheerfully.

“Pure?” Jack grinned. “Nirmala is a de-light-ful name. Pure. I like that.”

Nirmala was so taken with these nice, friendly visitors that she soon divulged her whole story. Nirmala’s na?t?mazed them.

Kind-heartedly, Jack offered to give her a birthday party at her home. Nirmala shyly said no until Norma explained how innocent it was; just some cake, maybe some computer games. Nirmala perked up on mention of computer games and said yes.

At noon, they came back with a birthday cake, a new computer game, some snacks and a large bottle of coconut rum. Picking up Nirmala they drove her home where she called her parents. Then she went upstairs to change while Jack and Norma arranged the cake and snacks.

Nirmala changed into a pretty yellow sari with red trim and a blue scarf. Under the sari she wore a tight saffron blouse. Looking awkward in the sari, she still wore her over-size glasses.

As Nirmala came down the stairs, Jack said, “That’s a pretty outfit, Nirmala. What is it?”

“Thank you Sir. It’s a sari; a long piece of cloth that I wind around myself. It wraps around my waist and then over my shoulder and I tuck it in at the waist. My blouse is called a choli and it is traditional too. Do you like it Sir?” Nirmala was delighted with his interest. Her sari covered her right to her ankles but exposed her entire tummy, belly button and all. Her skin was a pleasant smooth coffee color.

Nirmala squealed when Jack handed her a pretty package tied with a bow. Inside she found a newly released game and rushed upstairs to her computer to install and play the game. First, though, Jack handed her a cold glass of soda.

Sipping it, Nirmala remarked, “Sir? What kind of soda is this? I don’t know the flavor.”

Norma quickly piped in, “It’s a new flavor. Coconut and cola. Do you like it? We have lots.” She had laced it with a double shot of coconut rum.

Soon, Nirmala came back down with the empty glass and asked for more. Jack eagerly obliged her with another cola heavily laced with coconut rum.

After Nirmala went back upstairs, Norma remarked, “You know it isn’t fair getting her drunk.”

“Persuasion is fair. I find booze is very persuasive.” Jack retorted.

Norma agreed, “If she’s stupid enough to let perfect strangers in her house for a party, then I don’t care what kind of ‘persuasion’ you use. I just want to see what naked Indian girls look like. Let’s wait a half hour then call her back down for her cake so we can see if she needs more persuasion.”

“Nirmala, it’s time for your cake,” Norma called at the appointed time.

Nirmala came down looking a little confused. She stumbled as she walked to the sofa and sat or, rather, flopped onto it.

“I’m sorry, I feel dizzy.” Nirmala apologized as she looked excitedly at the cake with 19 candles.

Jack gave her another “coconut cola” saying, “This will help your dizziness.”

Nirmala eagerly blew out the candles as Jack and Norma sang Happy Birthday. Jack cut a piece of cake for Nirmala and ‘by accident’ dropped it down the front of her sari.

“Jack you’re a slob,” Norma smilingly snapped. “That’s a real mess. I’ll take Nirmala to her room to get cleaned up.”

By now, Nirmala was so wobbly that Norma had trouble getting her up the stairs. Jack followed knowing the fun was about to start. ‘Pure’ Nirmala would not be pure for long!

Nirmala collapsed onto her pink bed not noticing that Jack had also entered the room.

“Nirmala, I’ll just unwrap your sari so you can change.” Norma soothingly said. She untucked the end of the cloth from Nirmala’s waist exposing the tight saffron choli. She didn’t seem to have a bra under the choli. Norma continued to unwrap the sari, finding underneath it a sheer, white, clingy slip that reached to Nirmala’s ankles.

By now, Nirmala appeared about to pass out when she vaguely heard Norma say, “OK Jack. It’s your turn.”

Then Norma’s voice changed to a mean tone as she added, “Strip her and fuck her. I want to see you give this geeky bitch a good hard fuck!”

Nirmala wondered what she meant by ‘fuck’ and ‘bitch’ but was too dizzy to ask.

Jack eagerly came forward saying, “Nirmala means Pure. Lets see how pure.” He quickly pulled the white slip off revealing Nirmala’s brown, slender legs. Her dark pubic mound was barely concealed by translucent white panties. Jack felt his cock start to stiffen.

Gazing at her saffron choli Jack saw that Nirmala’s small nipples pushed at the tight material. Nice. He reached down and pulled the choli up over Nirmala’s head and stuffed it in his pants pocket.

Looking at Norma, he explained, “Souvenir.”

Nirmala’s tits struck straight out now, small like teacups. He tweaked the soft areolas so the small, dark brown nipples hardened.

Next he put his hand between her legs, clutched the front of the panties and yanked so that they ripped right off. (He slipped the panties in his pocket too!)

Nirmala noticed that Norma’s face now looked like Jack’s and wondered why Norma had removed her choli and panties. She was having real difficulty seeing straight. Everything was blurred. Her arms were weak and her head swam.

Jack’s finger zeroed in on her dark, curly pussy hair quickly finding her hot spot and flicking it causing Nirmala to let out a soft moan. Stepping back he stopped to strip.

Norma, already naked, hovered over Nirmala caressing her breasts. Squeezing the pretty little puffy points atop the twin mounds, Norma felt her own cunt become hot and wet. She pressed on the tips of the hard brown nipples then slid her hands down over Nirmala’s innocent, slender tummy to the curly dark pussy hairs and caressed Nirmala’s warm, dark inner thighs. Enjoying the sight and feel of Nirmala’s tender chaste flesh, Norma’s cunt ached. Her tits ached. She wanted to fuck this delicious piece of exotic meat. This brown nerd would taste good.

Nirmala was unsure what was happening. Norma seemed to be giving her a massage in inappropriate places. She tried to reach up to push Norma away but was too dizzy. Her nipples seemed to be hard and she felt a bit damp in that special place between her thighs that she sometimes touched while bathing.

Norma started kissing Nirmala’s soft flesh. Her lips tasted one nipple then the other, down to Nirmala’s tummy. Her tongue invaded the small belly-button before sliding further down to Nirmala’s sweet, brown pussy. Imagining it was cappuccino ice cream, Norma’s pink tongue assaulted Nirmala’s wet, brown cunt lips. She sniffed at the moist pussy and gave a quick lick. Nirmala squirmed. Norma licked harder. Her long tongue explored deep inside Nirmala’s sweet cunt. She felt Nirmala’s cunt become wetter and hotter. Was this brown bitch about to explode?

Nirmala, unable to stop Norma, just lay back trying to understand what was happening. Norma’s tongue between her legs was doing unbelievable things. The feeling was so delightful. She felt so wet. The long tongue inside her aroused feelings she couldn’t understand. The tongue poked inside her private parts. It lashed at her hot button. She felt her wetness become hotter. Norma alternated between sucking Nirmala’s love button unmercifully and pushing her tongue into Nirmala’s sweet, innocent pussy over and over. Nirmala couldn’t help herself! She felt ready to burst with pleasure.

Norma kept forcing her tongue into Nirmala’s slim, hot pussy enjoying the taste of this never before used, pure, chaste pussy. Her tongue kept lapping the virgin pussy juices until she felt Nirmala’s slim body shudder and knew the girl had finally come. She laid her head down on Nirmala’s tummy while her hand played with the nerd’s pussy hairs, just twisting them and curling them about her fingers. She listened to the labored breathing as Nirmala’s warm, soft belly continued to heave for several seconds.

Meanwhile, Jack had just stood there fascinated, his cock ramrod straight, as he watched Norma loudly suck on the young cinnamon brown girl.

“Hope you left something for me,” Jack remarked when he noticed Nirmala’s trembling diminish. “How can I win the bet if you’re hogging the bitch?” He was anxious to maintain his reputation but wanted to get the fuck over with because Nirmala wasn’t a blue-eyed blonde.

“She's all yours, old goat.” Norma murmured while continuing to stroke Nirmala’s soft pussy mound.

Jack straddled Nirmala’s petite chest and said, “OK my pure Nirmala. Sit up now. See my rod? It's hot! It's juicy. Birthday girl will really enjoy sucking the lollipop. Open your mouth so I can put it in. Suck it like it's the best lollipop in the world.”

Nirmala’s eyes rolled as she tried to focus. Jack was sitting on her! Naked! Some long thing was pointing at her face! A drop of wet goo clung to the tip of the thing.

Jack squeezed Nirmala’s mouth to make it open then thrust his cock forward past her dainty brown lips into her tender mouth. She tried to squirm but his ass was planted firmly on her tits. The hard nipples felt good on the crack of his ass. He started pumping on the nerd’s mouth while looking at the over-size glasses still on her face. Her eyes were wide and looked a bit frightened. He didn’t want to look at her eyes so he pulled his hot rod out of her mouth and used the tip of it to smear her glasses. Then he squeezed her mouth again and stuck his cock back in the warm orifice.

As he drove his vibrating rod in and out of the warm mouth he suddenly felt Norma’s hand squeezing his balls. She was good! Every time he thrust, she squeezed. Then she would tug on his balls as he pulled out.

The rapid thrusting of Jack’s pulsating member shook Nirmala’s head causing her glasses to go awry making the young nerd look even geekier.

Nirmala’s blurred eyes were unable to see much out of the smeared, crooked glasses. The hot fleshy thing kept pumping into her mouth. It had a slight salty taste. She was still unsure what was happening. Her head still swam and she became dizzier as more of the coconut rum entered her system.

Jack felt his cock swell in a prelude to its pending explosion. Knowing he had to fuck the dumb nerd or lose the bet, he pulled his cock out and slid down to Nirmala’s virgin pussy.

His hands grasped the nerd’s brown, teacup-sized boobs and pulled them about a few inches up before letting them drop back. Then he pulled her two small but erect nipples several times before using the tips of his fingers to push straight down on the hard nipples making a big dent in the small boobs.

The head of Jack’s hot ramrod touched the lips of Nirmala’s pure and chaste pussy eager to do its job. The pussy was still sopping wet from Norma’s earlier attention.

Jack slowly pushed his throbbing sausage inch by inch into Nirmala’s innocent, tight pussy. Norma was now sitting on Nirmala’s tummy, her ass apparently resting on Nirmala’s face. Norma watched his cock exploring the depths of the girl’s fresh pussy.

Jack continued his slow descent into Nirmala’s tight wet pussy. About half way in he felt something resisting. Good!! She really was fresh meat! It had been a couple years since he had one of these.

He suddenly rammed forward as hard as he could. The resistance gave way causing Nirmala to softly gasp.

Now his cock was fully inside this no longer virgin, no longer pure pussy. He chuckled as he thought, “Nirmala is no longer nirmala.” He hoped there were tears in her eyes but he couldn’t see because Norma was in his way.

On hearing the gasp, Norma grinned wide and started chanting over and over, “Fuck her, fuck her. Fuck the stupid nerd! Break the cherry! Fuck the juicy red cherry.” She turned around, planted her ruby lips on Nirmala’s, forced her tongue in and gave Nirmala a hot, passionate kiss as Jack’s cock vigorously thrust into the once chaste pussy.

Jack thrust, pushed and plunged in the soft pussy. His cock swelled up readying itself to shoot its load into this fresh young hole. Ramming hard, Jack still had enough energy to admire Norma’s firm white ass sticking up as she continued to force her tongue between Nirmala’s lips. Suddenly, he exploded. His cannon fired shot after shot into the tight pussy hole.

When his cannon finally stopped firing, he unhurriedly pulled out noticing some red liquid on his rod before tapping on Norma’s shoulder and saying, “I win! Twenty bucks please.”

By now Nirmala’s eyes had rolled up and the rum finally made her pass out.

They left her naked, spread-eagled on the bed. Norma used red lipstick to write “Happy Birthday – thanks for the fuck” across the poor girl’s bare belly.

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