Harem Slave

Harem Slave

At dawn, Christina was roused from a sleepless night. Her mind was in a whirl after her shocking abduction. It was all so swift and smooth — the men had come at dusk when she was alone in her secluded home, and had grabbed her and handcuffed her. In a second she was forced to show them her room, where they gathered up her prettiest dresses and underwear, and stuffed them into suitcases. They also took a quantity of her mother's brassieres, panties, corsets, and hose. Then it was away in a van as it got dark. She was strapped on to a mattress, gagged and hooded. No chance at all. It was pitch dark as she was hustled into a house, and quickly stripped of her jeans, T-shirt and thongs. She was thrown on to a bed in a darkened room, still bound and gagged. A leather collar was tightened round her neck, and chained to the bed.

Now as dawn broke, with heart pounding she felt the strong arms of a captor release her neck chain, and raise her from the bed. Terror and a certain thrill surged through her bones. Although she was used, of course, like all American girls, to appearing in public in rather revealing bikini swimsuits, she had never stood before a man in her underwear. The farthest she had gone was to let her boyfriend unbutton her blouse and caress the smooth fabric of her bra. But she did not feel embarrassed — just very apprehensive.

She was taken to a punishment room next door. Her wrists were still bound behind her back, and the uncomfortable ball gag held her mouth wide open. Her captor took her to a spot in the room where iron rings were mounted in the floor, and here he made her kneel down. Quickly he fitted leather ankle cuffs, and locked them to the rings in the floor so her ankles were close together. He had forgotten to remove her bikini pants, so he did the job with a knife. Christina shuddered and began to perspire in horror as her nakedness was exposed. Next he unhooked her brassiere. She felt cool air on her beautiful round breasts. How often at home she had stroked and admired the lovely maidenly bosom with which nature had richly endowed her, wondering who would be the first to be dazzled by her naked charms. Her captor, who seemed to be an Arab by his dress, seemed to agree with his young victim, for he could not resist feeling the firm globes with his coarse hands. He went to the wall, which was hung with straps, chains, harnesses, and various instruments of chastisement unknown to the young American girl, and brought back a thin leather harness. Carefully he draped this round her breasts, crossing over the shoulder straps at her back, and securing them tightly to the cross strap that went under her arms. Then he lifted Christina's wrists and locked them tightly to the breast harness, so that she had to bend forward to ease the discomfort. Next he fetched a discipline helmet. As soon as he loosened the ball gag, Christina gasped and started pleading for mercy. But in reply he slipped the ugly black helmet clean over her pretty face. Through zippered openings her nervous eyes peered out.

Through the mouth slit he proceeded to insert a big rubber dildo gag until it filled her mouth. The girl struggled as best she could against this indignity, but he forced it well in until he was able to snap the zipper shut. Gag and blindfold were then tightened with straps at the back of the head. Lastly, he brought down a chain from the ceiling and locked it to a metal ring on the top of the helmet. The chain was tightened, drawing the slim body into an uncomfortable erect position.

After what seemed like hours, Christina felt hands adjusting her straps. The cruel helmet left her in total darkness, her mouth gagged with the big rubber gag, her ears blocked to all sounds, and tears and sweat in a hot sticky mixture all over her face.

But at last her ankles were freed from the floor, and strong arms raised her to her feet. The chain at the top of her head slackened, and she felt the cold links touch her bare shoulder. Then it was removed.

But, more restraint was to come, and worse. The Arab led his slave captive to a post, and proceeded to stand her back against it. She leaned forward because her arms were still secured high behind her back with the breast harness. She felt her ankles being tightly strapped to the cold iron post, then her knees, then her thighs, and then her waist. She had to take a deep breath to accommodate the tight strap. Then her wrists were unshackled, and were drawn up behind her and above her head, and again secured behind the post. The captor removed the breast harness, and stepped back admiring his work. He seemed well pleased. Her full rounded breasts were drawn up to full prominence by her stretched arms, contrasting with her slim waist and flat tummy. He examined and tweaked her nipples. Christina dreaded what was to come. When she was restrained in a kneeling position, uncomfortable though it was, at least, she thought, her private parts were protected by her knees. Now she was nakedly open and totally defenseless as never before in her young life. Even the tight straps, gripping her legs close together, were a source of comfort in her terrible situation. Christina wriggled as best she could to see if there was any loosening of her bonds, but the Arab had done his job expertly. She sobbed and sobbed in despair.

Meanwhile unknown to the forlorn stretched figure at the post, another Arab had come in. He prepared Christina for the next operation. He brought a table and a box of instruments, a hypodermic needle, and two small shining stainless steel rings…

Christina spent a fitful night. Every time she turned or stretched, she was painfully aware of her wrists chained to her new nipple rings. As before, a short chain held her leather collar, which she was quite unable to reach with her chained hands, to the head of the bed. Further, she could feel her two breasts chained together with a loose festoon of chain with a larger link in the middle, and from this across her body and legs presumably to the foot of the bed. The helmet was replaced by the original ball gag, so her pretty mouth was now sore and distorted from the various gags she had worn.

After what seemed many hours, her captor came in and untied her bed chains. He explained that His Serene Highness the Sheik of Abu Nessary, her new Master, was ready to see her. He washed her tear-stained face, removed the gag, and combed her long blonde tresses. She must keep her hands clasped in front of her under her breasts, and must kneel and kiss the feet of His Highness. The she must kneel upright and look him in the face while he told her of her fate. She must say nothing except "Yes, My Lord."

After these brief instructions, he grasped the two chains of his charge, and with a riding crop in his right hand, propelled the terrified female down some corridors into a room of great luxury. Seated on a sort of dais was the sheik. It was difficult to see much of him due to his Arab headdress, black beard, and dark glasses. The trembling teenage slave knelt and did as she was bid, while the slave master held her chains as if she were a dog.

His Highness began: "My servant will have told you who I am. After much search I have chosen you to be a slave in my harem. No white girl has yet had the honor to fulfill such a role. You are now totally my captive and under my control, so I want you to put away any
thoughts of escape or release. We find that the discipline helmet and
restraints that you wore yesterday are most effective for reminding a slave of her total lack of freedom, and of her absolute dependence upon her knew master. It was necessary for you to undergo the short, sharp shock of strict bondage to get you to quickly realize that you have suddenly left once and for all the carefree, affluent life of an American teen. But you have not suffered yet, except perhaps a little soreness in the nipples. We find it wiser to put our new captives asleep while we insert the elegant steel rings into their breasts, but you will soon be proud to wear this adornment and the brass chain joining the rings, as an honorable mark of slavery in my kingdom. Let me say that the rings and chain are a happy addition to your already considerable feminine charms. Also we have taken the precaution of fitting you with one of my special chastity belts, because you are entirely mine and only mine. No one will take your virginity until I am ready to do so, and I do not want to place my servants under undue temptation, obedient though they are. A pretty young blonde American girl with a beautiful figure is quite rare in our desert kingdom, you understand, especially when she is unclothed!

"Now I cannot train slaves properly in this country — it is illegal to own slaves, as you know. My dungeons in my desert palace in north Yemen are well equipped for the purpose, and it is there that you are to fulfill your chosen role. A position of high honor as Slave of the Royal Bedchamber and of Sexual Rituals and Delights. Moreover we must leave the country at once. So we fly to Yemen this evening in my private Boeing 707, and you will never see this country again, or have any contact or communication with your family or friends. You will be out of reach of any would-be rescuers, who will have no idea whatsoever of your whereabouts. And so you will be able to devote yourself whole-heartedly to learning the disciplines and arts of Arabic slavery. You will go to the airport in a crate marked "Antique Furniture — Handle With Care," along with twenty other similar crates, each containing a genuine antique. For an hour or so, it will be extremely uncomfortable for you, as you will be very tightly strapped in a seat in the crate, and heavily gagged. But we will give you a drug so that you can relax. It is necessary to conceal your presence while the customs men measure up the crate. But once away from the United States, you will be released, and will be able to enjoy the 14 hour flight to my desert kingdom.

"Upon arriving in my palace, you will continue your training under my chief slave trainer, who is keen to start his work. Your training will enhance your charms, talents, and skills, but your proud and independent spirit must be broken. By day, you will sometimes be able to wear pretty western clothes, exotic underwear, and so on. You will learn to speak Arabic, to understand the Moslem religion, to belly dance, cook and play music. But above all you will learn to display your body and charms to me at any time of day or night, and to any of my visitors and friends that I choose — with the same sweetness and docility that I will expect myself.

"On arrival, you will receive a few more days of strict bondage in my private dungeons, to get used to the heat and the smells of Yemen. Then next week you will be initiated to the program of flagellation which is necessary to make you tough, willing and submissive at all times.

"The first few days you will receive the spanking paddle on your posterior, just 15-20 strokes a day at first, quite mild, until you gradually get used to the discipline and ecstasy of pain. You will, of course, be suitably restrained to present your buttocks as a convenient target. We find it is wise to gag the slaves at first, as they otherwise are apt to use up all their energies screaming — and moreover may be tempted to scream obscenities at the whip master, which only prolongs their agony. He is very experienced, and has reduced over a hundred females, Arab, Indian, Israeli, and African, to complete willing subservience in a few weeks of treatment.

"Then you will have a week of the rhino-hide cane. This will hurt you more, but you will be more accustomed to pain by then. He is unlikely to cut your flesh, but it will raise beautiful wheals that you will delight to feel and see, and which I hope you will be proud of.

"Then after your training with the cane, by which time you will be more accustomed to our 120 degree heat, flies, and other creatures that inhabit our dungeons, you will be trained with the dog whip. Although you will be well used to pain by this time, you will find this rather terrifying at first. You will be strung up by your arms, quite naked and in a very exposed position (of course all of our whipping stations are carefully chosen to expose a slave’s pretty flesh to the hot kiss of all the chastisement we design for you). The whip master usually finds this task too exacting to be carried out in ordinary Arab dress, so he wears black rubber from head to foot –rather fearsome. And he will not just work on your posterior as hitherto. You will see him raise the big black whip; you will hear the whistle as he curls it round your exposed body; but you will not know where he will strike. This is part of the fun. You have to guess! I like to come and watch this myself, and sometimes I wield the whip myself to keep in shape, though I do not have his muscles or skill. But wherever it lands it will hurt and leave its mark, as you will see. Oh no, you will not soon forget the kiss of the lash.

"By the end of what we call the dog whip week, it will be time to test your pretty young self with the cat o' nine tails. I expect you have heard of this delicious instrument of torture. As before, you will be strung up, quite exposed, and will be able to play the game of guessing where the tails will land. It makes a delightful singing as it flies through the air, and believe me, my dear young slave, each tail will do its work on your soft young flesh. The weal’s will be uncountable, and will be visible for eight weeks after the ordeal. But you will learn to stand up stiff and straight (of course the chains and thongs will prevent your collapsing) under this onslaught, which happens with increasing severity for seven days. After that, we will see how willing and ready you are for the work of Special Slave to the Sheik of Abu Nessary. Perhaps more discipline will be needed — we'll see. In any case, the chief slave trainer likes to see his pupils back for refresher training every few months, if only because some of my guests like to see the stripes on the slave assigned to entertain them, and of course they like to see a young slave girl soundly whipped. I even allow my closest friends and family to do the work themselves, which is why I keep a strong harem of the finest slaves girls in the east."

The exalted ruler waved his scepter, and the quaking teen slave was jerked to her feet by the chains. She again kissed the feet of her new owner, turned and followed the slave master to the packing room. The new piece of antique furniture would be well packed.

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