Harriet Brimmerton seduces Rachel

Harriet Brimmerton seduces Rachel


Mrs. Brimmerton had aged well. She was now 65, straight and dignified, with distinguished gray hair, almost if not quite blue. Her body had sagged, but she kept it in pretty good shape. Her breasts had sagged appropriately, but she had ignored the siren call of cosmetic surgery, feeling that most men thought natural was sexier. She was mostly accurate in that. Her ass was still nicely rounded and her bush, untrimmed, still thick and huge, covering her prominent mound.

She was naked now in the changing booth in her favorite clothing store. She was trying to seduce the young (32), but married, salesgirl. Rachel was kind of interested, but not really wanting to cheat on her husband. She was no saint, but she tried. Unfortunately for her resolve, Harriet pulled a picture out of her purse that showed Rachel in a compromising position with two well-known local gigolos. That compromising photo showed her in obvious ecstasy while being doubly penetrated by the two studs. She had a higher libido than her rather normal husband and occasionally felt the need to outsource her sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, said gigolos were also frequent lovers of Mrs. Brimmerton (although she did not pay them) and had provided her with the photo, in exchange for certain, uh, favors.

When Rachel saw the photo, her reaction was three-fold. She was shocked that there were compromising photos out there. 2nd, she was turned on by the fact that the photo was out there and people she didn’t know could share her ecstasy, and 3rd, she was relieved that the excuse of her fidelity was wiped out and that she could enjoy the seduction of this fascinating elderly lady.

So, Rachel, how did it feel to have both of those cocks in you at the same time?”

After a deep breath, Rachel replied, somewhat breathlessly “about twice as good as it felt to have them in me one at a time. They had fucked me separately beforehand, if you must know.”

“Did you feel filled up when they shot their come into you?”

“Yes, they filled me up, so that it ran down my ass cheeks and legs”.

“Did you come?”

“Yes, several times. Really, that’s what I pay those guys to do for me- make me come hard. I love my husband, but he just doesn’t make me cum hard enough or often enough.”

“I believe I also could make you cum hard, Rachel, if you would allow me to try”. With that, Mrs. Brimmerton meaningfully tucked the picture back in here purse.

“Yes, in return for the picture back?”

“Yes, it’s a deal.” With that, the naked Mrs. Brimmerton began to unbutton Rachel’s blouse. She opened the sides, so that Rachel’s lacy bra could be seen pushing up her firm breasts. Harriet cupped her bra, squeezing her breasts lightly. Rachel sighed. Harriet then reached around her to unhook her bra, pushing her breasts against Rachel’s at the same time. The lacy bra dropped, leaving their naked breasts pressed together. Both breathed a little faster than usual. Harriet then backed off a bit, took both of Rachel’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched them somewhat hard. Then she gave them a serious twist.

Rachel gasped! “Jesus that hurts”.

“But does it feel good, too?”

“Yes. I must say, most of my lovers are too gentle. You are an improvement already. And I didn’t even know that about myself.”

“What is the most shocking thing you have ever fantasized about?”

The recently twisted nipples were now very hard and red. “Ooooooo! That’s a very good question. I’ll have to think about that: Probably being raped.”

“Every woman fantasizes about being raped. You’ll have to do better than that.” With that she twisted Rachel’s nipples again and this time held them in the twisted position and pinched harder than before.

Rachel’s eyes watered and she moaned, “Oh God!”

“Being triple penetrated by total strangers then having very large objects forced into my vagina until I come.”

“That’s pretty good. I could make that happen for you. Have you ever been spanked or whipped to orgasm?”

“No, but I’d like to try. I’ve had some boyfriends spank me, but they always stopped when they got hard and wanted to get off.”

“When I spank you, I won’t stop until you get off. Then you’ll still have to get me off, which I bet you can do.”

“I’ve never made it with a woman, but I think I’m ready now”.

“Good! You should get out of the rest of those clothes now.”

Rachel quickly removed her skirt and lacy panties, when Harriet asked, “By the way, what happens if another customer comes in?” A look of shock came over Rachel’s face. “There are only two naked women in here.”

“I need to lock up. I’ll put on my clothes back on first”

“No! I want you to walk out there naked and lock up.”

“People might see me from the street.”

“They sure might. So much the more to please me, and to excite you for that matter.”

Rachel gave her a long questioning look, then smiled and ran out of the dressing room and toward the door. She ran pretty fast, her boobs bouncing. Only two passersby saw her, an elderly lady who barely glimpsed her, and frowned, and a young dude who smiled and definitely appreciated her, cupping his package. She quickly turned the lock and pulled down the closed sign, then ran back to Harriet.

Harriet had removed 2 nipple clamps from her purse, which she quickly clamped on Rachel’s nipples, resulting in yelps and moans. “Get down on your hands and knees!” she ordered. Rachel did. Harriet moved behind her, inserted two fingers into her vagina to check for moisture. She was quite wet, it seemed. Harriet smiled at having chosen the perfect victim- a closet masochist. Harriet pulled a long vibrator from her purse and jammed about 4” of it into Rachel’s cunt. Rachel gasped and said “God, that’s good”.

Harriet then began to push it in and out and wiggle it up and down, opening up the inside of Rachel’s vagina. She turned the vibrator up to high and jammed it in all the way, causing Rachel to cry out, saying “You’re fucking me- fucking me hard”.

Harriet had pushed about 10” of the vibrator in, jiggling it violently. Rachel wailed out her satisfaction at getting fucked this hard.”Oh my God! Oh my God!. It hurts, Harriet, and it feels good. Oh fuck me! Make me come!”

Harriet began to move the vibrator in and out in long slow strokes, and reached her other hand under Rachel’s belly to stroke her now puffy pussy lips, then her clit. Rachel began to breathe harder. “Oh, God, Harriet”, she cried. Sensing Rachel’s approaching orgasm; Harriet pulled out the vibrator, and took her hand out of Rachel’s pussy.

“Oh, please, let me come!”

“Not yet, Rachel. I need to let you build up to a bigger climax than you are ready for yet. Besides, I haven’t been satisfied in my playing with you yet, and my satisfaction here is key. Now, stand up!”

Rachel stood up, as Harriet pulled out a set of handcuffs and quickly snapped them on Rachel’s wrists. She then pulled Rachel’s wrists up over a hook in the wall over her head and quickly handcuffed her ankles to shelf supports that the stock room seemed to be full of. Rachel’s legs were spread at a very wide angle. Harriet patted her pussy several times softly. “Do you likethat?”


“Do you want me to do it harder?”


So she did, then harder still. “If I kept doing this, do you think you might come?”


“I think so, too. But my hand would get tired, so I need some help”.

With that she pulled a cat-o-nine tails out of her bag, and began to swing it in front of Rachel. “Do you think this might help you come, baby?”

“Oh my god, I don’t know. Please don’t hurt me!”

“Of course I’ll hurt you, dear. That’s the whole idea”

With that she swung the cat catching Rachel’s tits and jiggling the nipple clamps, making them move the nipples they held tightly. Rachel groaned, as Harriet hit her breasts again and again. Between jostling the nipple clamps and the cat tails smacking into her tender breast flesh, Rachel began to cry out in pain. At the same time, her climax began to build through the pain. It excited her more and more.

On about one out of every five strikes, Harriet would move the target of her strikes from Rachel’s breasts to her pussy. The cat tails would dig into the flesh of her pussy lips, as they had dug into her breast flesh. Her breasts had turned into a deep red with the repeated strikes, as her pussy lips turned a bright pink. Rachel’s moans and pleadings increased as her pain and her pleasure increased. Harriet then ceased the beating and ever so slowly pulled on the clip attached to her left nipple. Rachel cried out, “OOOWWWW! That hurts sooooo much! I’m so close to coming. OOOHHHH, make me cum, Harriet.”
Suddenly, the clip popped off and her left breast bounced with the removed pressure, blood rapidly refilling the vessels in the nipple, which caused excruciating pain. Rachel cried out and began to come.

A huge orgasm wracked her whole body. It shook all over with orgasmic convulsions. Harriet quickly pulled off the other clamp, then inserted the vibrator back into her pulsating cunt, which sent her orgasm into new heights. She cried out in ecstasy. “Fuck me harder, Ohh God, fuck me more!” Harriet began pumping the vibrator in and out harder and faster. Rachel tried to hunch down on it to drive it deeper into her cunt, but the handcuffs held her up. “OOOOOOOHHHHHH, Gooooood!

Harriet pulled the vibrator out of Rachel, and rammed into her own cunt. With her other hand she began to strum her grape sized clit. She came as strongly as Rachel had. Rachel’s orgasm began again as she watched Harriet come. Harriet’s knees buckled, but she caught herself from falling, as she called out, “Oh, Rachel, you cunt, you made me come. You are such a fox.”

Both of their orgasms settled down, Rachel hanging limply by her handcuffs.

After Harriet let Rachel down and they dressed to head for Harriet’s mansion, they both knew that this would not be the end of their sexual adventures.

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