Her name is Jennifer, Ch 1

Her name is Jennifer, Ch 1

Her name is Jennifer; she is the 21-year-old darling of British pop music and an accomplished actress, she is also drop dead gorgeous. As with most people who look from the outside to have the perfect life, it isn’t always true and in Jennifer’s case her weakness was the terrible choice of men she let into her life. Her latest flame’s name was Charlie, he was 34, rich and handsome, he was also aptly named, as dealing Charlie was the main source of his income, but his income wasn’t enough to sustain his lavish lifestyle, soon he owed a lot of money to some very nasty people, that’s where I come in…

My name isn’t important, I’m a former SAS sergeant, veteran of the first Gulf war and down on my luck, I’m a loner, happy working on the remote farm I purchased in Cornwall after leaving the forces, when the need arises I do a little bit of stewarding work on the doors of some of London’s most desirable nightclubs to make ends meet, they always like it when they have a former SAS man working the door. That’s where I first met Pablo. Pablo is Columbian and the biggest single supplier of cocaine to the British drugs trade, he rakes in hundreds of millions every year and isn’t afraid to use it to get his own way, he is also the man Charlie owes big time.

It started off routinely enough, Pablo was in London for a few weeks and wanted someone with local knowledge to show him around, he also wanted someone who would be handy to have by his side if trouble broke out, I fitted the bill. After an incident free 2 weeks Pablo was due to fly home to Bogotá the next day when he asked if I’d fancy earning £200,000 for a bit of extra work, how could I refuse! He explained the situation with Charlie and that he wasn’t bothered about collecting the £2,000,000 Charlie owed him as it was “Chicken Feed” but he wanted to hurt Charlie badly. I suggested that rather than physically hurt him, why not take away the love of his life and torture him through her. Pablo laughed out loud, patted me on the shoulder and said “I’ll leave it up to you” with that he handed me a sports bag containing the £200,000 and a mobile phone. “The phone is untraceable, I will contact you through it if I need to, you must never contact me” As he left the room flanked by his bodyguards he turned and said “If I like what I see, there may be much more work where this came from”

Over the next few weeks I set about putting my plan into action, getting the cellar of my farmhouse just how I wanted it, and most importantly, soundproofed. I recruited a former SAS colleague, Max, who I knew was desperate for money and had no family, an offer of £10,000 was easily enough to get him to do anything I wanted, he didn’t know he wouldn’t live long enough see the money.

Charlie and Jennifer live in a secluded mansion surrounded by 12 foot walls and a state of the art security system on the outskirts of London, this suits them both as it keeps the prying eyes of the press away from the lovely Jennifer and lets Charlie meet his contacts in privacy too, after staking out the house and listening in on their conversations for almost a week, the night arrived, Charlie was up in Manchester on business, Jennifer was alone in the house, she’d given the butler the night off and was planning to relax in a hot bath then have an early night, her plans were about to be ruined. Max set about disabling the security system while I prepared my syringe with the fast acting knock out drug I’d retrieved from the personal stash of equipment I’d acquired during my 20 years as a covert operative in the armed forces. When Max gave me the signal that the security system was disabled, I climbed the wall, covered the 30 meters of garden and was at the front door in less than 15 seconds, carefully picking the lock I let myself in and started to climb the stairs. On reaching the landing I heard singing coming from the second bedroom along, as I looked in my heart skipped a beat, there was Jennifer, lying on her bed, she had earphones on and was oblivious to my presence, she was wearing a pink teddy which barely contained her 36C breasts and only just covered her pussy. As I approached her I could smell her scent, making my cock twitch and begin to grow, as I placed a gloved hand over her mouth and jabbed the syringe into her neck her eyes sprung open, but she barely had a chance to struggle before the drug took affect, her eyes rolled back in her head and she lost consciousness with a moan.

I grabbed a small suitcase of hers that was sitting beside the wardrobe and quickly set about filling it with some of her sexy outfits and most importantly, underwear. By the time I had done this and carried her downstairs Max had driven his white van, which I had told him to get, complete with false number plates, up to the front door, I opened the rear doors and gently placed my prize on the mattress we’d put in there earlier, I carefully tied her up and gagged her, the drug should last for about 6 hours, but I didn’t want to take the chance of it wearing off early. I’d told Max we were heading for Scotland just in case he decided to double cross me, it is him that is getting double crossed. Before we headed off I re-locked the front door and Max re-armed the security system, it was as if we had never been here.

As we drove across the secluded landscape, I told Max I had to stop as I had to go to the toilet, he pulled over by the side of the road and I got out and walked to the back of the van, out of sight of the rear view mirrors, after a minute I shouted to Max “Do you want to see our catch?” he jumped out of the van and around to the back doors, I opened the doors and stood back, Jennifer was lying on her back, her teddy had ridden up to reveal a perfect pussy, which she had obviously just shaven, her head had fallen to one side and there was drool running from her pouting lips. Max started to run his hands up the insides her long legs, he looked at me and I smiled, what harm can it do I thought, it will be his last moment of pleasure. As his hands reached her perfect pussy mound I pulled a syringe from my belt, but this one wasn’t filled with the knock out drug, this one was Cyanide, I stuck the syringe into the back of his neck and squeezed the plunged, as I took a step back, Max started to turn round before collapsing into the back of the van, I closed the doors, pulled a U turn and started heading for my real destination.

After 4 hours of driving I reached my farmhouse, I drove the van up to the front door, untied Jennifer and carried her down to the cellar.
I’d spent a fair bit of the £200,000 getting the cellar just the way I wanted it, there was a medical examination table, complete with restraints, a pulley system on the roof and a huge assortment of sex toys including many dildos ranging in size from large to massive, butt plugs and nipple clamps, my selection of syringes containing various drugs that could induce many different states of mind from drowsiness to hallucination to unconsciousness or even death, I left everything in full view of my beautiful catch, just to enhance her terror. I had also taken the precaution of setting up some electro-torture equipment and an automatic fucking machine in case she was a bad girl. The entire area of the room was covered by video recording equipment, so I could play it back time and time again. I placed Jennifer on the examination table and strapped her in, in about an hour and the drug should wear off, then the fun begins. Going back outside I drove the van over and into the large barn, I placed Max in the mincing machine and started it up, he’d be good food for my pigs in the morning.

When I returned to the cellar Jennifer was beginning to stir, she was crying and moaning, although not fully awake yet, I placed a hand on her stomach and said “You and I are going to get to know each other really well” I grab her teddy and rip it cleanly from her body leaving her totally naked, her eyes shot open in a flash as she stared, terrified into mine. Her tits are fantastic, 36C and firm as only a young girls can be and although it is warm in the room her nipples are standing up hard and proud, I grabbed both her tits through the silk of her teddy and squeezed both nipples roughly between my thumb and forefinger, she let out a scream, I laughed, thinking there will be lots more screaming before this ordeal is over. Her pussy seemed to be calling me, enticing me to touch it, I moved round to the front of the table and ran my hands up her smooth inner thighs, when I reached her mound I gently rubbed her lips and her clit, which looked like a little rosebud popping out between them, she tried to twist away, but she was bound too tightly in a perfect spread-eagle position. I insert first one then two fingers fully into her tight snatch and begin to finger-fuck her, slowly at first, gradually increasing my pace and firmness until she is moaning and begging for me to stop, I continue finger-fucking her for about 10 minutes, by now her juices were flowing and my fingers are soaked, making a squelching sound as I ram them home, I remove my fingers and wipe them across her mouth, letting her taste her own juices, next I bend forward, place my mouth over her mound, tasting her sweet and salty juices, she gasps as my tongue darts between her bald lips, her eyes are wide open, unable to believe what is happening to her, she keeps repeating no, no, no over and over again as her head rolls from side to side. After a few minutes her breathing begins to get shallower and her hips begin to move ever so slightly, she is starting to get turned on! I reach round and grab one of the many dildos that are spread out on the side table, my hand falls on a black rubber one, 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. When I stop licking I could almost hear her sigh with frustration, when she sees the dildo in my hand her sigh turns to a gasp of shock.

“No, it’s too big, it will tear me apart!”

I start to insert the monster dildo slowly into her pussy, I can feel her body heat like an inferno, my own 8 inch cock is straining against my pants, but this isn’t about me, for now I must wait, I push the black monster in further, almost half of the 9 inch dildo is now inside her snatch. Her cries of pain fill the room, only turning me on more.


Squelch, squelch squelch.

“NOOOOOOOOO, it’s tearing me apart!!”

“No it isn’t, I haven’t started to tear your holes apart yet”

I ram it all the way home and leave it there, I pick up the small remote control from the table and leave the room. Entering my video observation room I click on the bank of monitors, each monitor is linked to a separate CCTV camera, giving full 360 degree viewing access, including zoom facilities to the room, at the flick of a switch all 9 monitors show one massive picture from a selected camera, all recorded on a hard disc and saved for my future viewing pleasure.

I zoom in on her snatch, the end of the black rubber monster only just sticking out between her smooth lips, her wetness evident on the visible edges, I flick a switch, transferring the image to the bank of monitors, I pan out and upwards, her perfect flat stomach rising and falling in quick breathes, her perfect tits and hard nipples standing up proud, then her face, beautiful and flawless, with pouting lips, framed by a mane of blonde hair. I zoom in on her face, her eyes are darting all round the room, her ears listening for any sound, I flick the switch on the remote control to position 1, the dildo begins to vibrate slowly with a low hum, she blinks quickly and opens her eyes wide as the realisation of what has happened hits her, she feels the vibrations in her pussy, her ass and up her spine, she cries out


She scans the room, but sees nothing or no one, she tries to shift her body to lessen the sensations she is feeling, I turn the switch to position 2.

Her lips form an ‘O’ as the intensity of the vibrations increase, her hips lift from the table, I zoom out until her whole body is framed perfectly by the CCTV cameras and watch intently. Her head is now rolling from side to side, a barely audible “no” being repeated over and over again, her eyes almost closed as she tries to stop her body responding to its rubber invader. I flick the switch to position 3, full power. She lets out a cry “AAAAAGGGGHHHH” by now her whole body feels the vibrations, from her toes, up her long legs, through her pussy and ass, her cervix and womb, up her spine to her brain, a brain that she is trying with all her being to tell not to respond, she is failing.

I leave the video room and re-enter the cellar, she hears the door close and raises her head, she is unable to speak, only able to pant, her tits rising and falling as she gasps for breath, her hips moving in a hypnotic motion as the 9 inch monster works its sexual magic. I step forward and place both hands over her tits, rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, I move my left hand up her chest over her throat and push my index finger between her lips and into her hot mouth, she offers no resistance to me, she is in no condition to, her orgasm is approaching, an orgasm that she has tried so hard to resist, but that is now being cried out for by every nerve ending in her body, I pull the dildo from her pussy.


I watch her as her eyes spring open with the realisation hitting her.


She twists against her bonds with frustration.

“I’ve not got to do anything, I’m in control and as soon as you accept this we’ll get along fine

I place a chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nose and watch as she loses consciousness……….

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