Hot Call

“Jack Mayer speaking.”

“Good morning, lover,” a sultry voice purred. “I just woke up and all I can think of is you.”

Jack sat down in his large office chair. He was about to head out to drop some files with a client, but decided they could wait. The vixen on the other end of the telephone had his attention. “Morning, Kat, missing me already?” he teased.

“Yes. Come back and hold me. Maybe we could repeat last night?” Her voice was soft, sensual and light. Just hearing it made Jack’s cock twitch.

“Darling, you know I’d love to, but I have work to do.”

“I know, but I just need you so badly,” she answered, emphasizing the word need.

Jack chuckled. “I’ll have to make that up to you later then.”

“You can make it up to me now,” she said in a pouting voice. “I’m not sure I can wait until later.”

“Ah, I see. Well, I’m not sure what I can do for you from here, but I’ll come over as soon as I can.” Jack mentally evaluated his schedule. If he left now, and dropped these files off, he could probably swing by her place for a little while before heading back to the office. “Let’s say, half an hour?”

“Please hurry, Jack. I need you. My hands are already running over my naked body in anticipation.”

The word naked had caused Jack’s cock to jump again. “Naked, huh? What are you doing?”

“Yes, totally naked,” Kat purred. “I can’t seem to keep my hands off myself.”

“Tell me.”

“At the moment, my hand is circling my breasts, giving them gentle squeezes.”

Jack leaned back deep into his chair and pictured Kat’s glorious breasts. They were round and milky white. He loved their fullness as they spilled out from his grip. He groaned slightly as she continued.

“Mmm, and my nipples are already erect with need, Jack. I’m teasing them at the moment. Letting my fingertips run lightly over them but without giving them that hard twist they desire.”

“Give them a sharp tug, baby. Do it for me.”

“Like this, Jack? Oh, yeah, they like that. Look how hard they’ve become. I can’t stop pulling on them now, feeling that delicious stretch. Maybe if I flick them with my fingertips. Yes. That feels so good.”

Jack had unzipped his pants and now had his rigid cock in his hand. He slowly jerked it while he listened to her.

“Just pulling on my aching buds is making my pussy so wet, lover. It’s burning with lust, just aching for your prick. Oohhh, yes, its soaked, lover. So slick, my fingers can easily glide through it. Mmmm. And it feels so good too.”

“God, woman,” Jack groaned into the phone.

“Should I stop?” Kat asked coyly.

“Don’t you dare!” Jack growled.

“Good, because I don’t want to. My pussy likes the way my fingers are gliding over its puffy folds, spreading its wetness. You wouldn’t believe how wet I am, lover.”

Jack could believe it. Kat’s pussy was always ready and slick with her juices. She could never get enough, and he never complained. He could almost smell her musky scent as he pictured her laid back on the bed.

“And it tastes so good, too. I love to run my fingers through my pussy nectar and then lick them off. Want a taste, Jack? I want you to taste me, lover. Bury your face between my legs and lick me with your talented tongue. Then find my sweet clit and nibble on it for me. Oh god, Jack, I need you so much.” Kat’s voice had taken on a tone of desperation and her breathing had become shallow and quick.

His own breath had become erratic as he pulled on his cock with his own need. Listening to her had become his only focus. He was getting close to unleashing his load and wanted her to follow suit. “Stick your fingers up your cunt, Kat. Fuck yourself with them.”

“They glide in so easily, lover. I have two fingers up there right now. If I spread my legs wide, then I can really pump them in and out. Yes, finding my depths now. It feels so good, Jack. Pump me like this when you come. I need to feel that big cock of yours filling me up. Fuck me, Jack, fuck me.”

“Get on your hands and knees, Kat. Finger yourself doggie style for me. Let me picture that fine ass up in the air while you do it.”

“Yes, lover. Anything for you.”

Of all Kat’s body parts, her ass was Jack’s favorite. It was plump and pliable and felt so good when he squeezed it. He had often fantasized of what it would feel like to fuck her there. Perhaps now would be a good time to find out how far she would go.

“Are you fucking yourself hard, Kat?”

“Yes, Jack,” Kat’s words came in gulps of breath, “I’m so sopping wet and horny.”

“Kat, use one of those fingers and slide it into your ass. Do it for me, okay?”

“Oohhh, its so tight, Jack. But it feels so good! I love having my asshole fingered.”

Jack almost exploded with her words. He was torn between continuing their hot conversation or telling her he would be right over to finish this off in person. Her loud moans and ragged breath convinced him to let her finish.

“Keep fucking that ass, baby. Use your other hand to play with your clit. Come for me, Kat. I want to hear you come.”

“Oh, Jack, I’m so close. My finger feels so good in my ass. I’m pumping it hard for you, lover, and my other hand is working my clit. I’m going to come, Jack. I can feel it building. Just a little more pressure on my button and…. Ooohhh, yes, Jack! I’m coming!”

Hearing Kat’s roaring orgasm caused Jack to follow suit. His cock let out a spray of pearly white cum which landed in his lap. “Oh god, babe”, he moaned deeply into the phone.

Between breaths, Kat asked, “Did you come with me, Jack?”

“Yes, baby, I sure did.”

“But now you won’t need to come see me,” her voice held a pouting tone once again.

“Oh, yes I will, Kat,” he replied, grinning. “Looks like I’ll need a change of pants. I must have spilt something on these ones.”

Kat giggled on the other end. “Well then, lover. I’ll see you soon.”

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