If you can't beat them…. what's the point of teaching!

If you can't beat them…. what's the point of teaching!

I've retired now, but for many years I was the Head of a girls boarding school somewhere in the South of England at a time when teachers were allowed to beat some discipline into their pupils. I don't think I was thought of as being more strict with them than any other principal, but I do know that girls in my charge usually looked on an order to visit me in my study with trepidation. They usually had good cause. I had my own special system of awarding punishment. I liked to think of it as treating offenders as adults and letting them, to a certain extent decide their own destiny. Offences in class and elsewhere about the school, or even outside it (and pupils in uniform and it was a school rule that they were ALWAYS in uniform outside school premises represent the good name of the school wherever they happen to be), merited punishments on a scale determined and administered by me where corporal punishment was required.

The system worked like this; a girl would be sent to me with a note from the class teacher detailing the offence. Dependant on circumstances I would decide the punishment and the girl could take it there and then. If she decided not to be beaten there and then and maybe she'd been beaten recently and still felt sore, then the punishment would be entered into a leather bound book. Minor offences were usually awarded swats with a worn and thin soled gymn shoe termed 'the slipper'; this was usually given across the girl's knickers with the skirt pulled over the back. Other punishments could be, the strap or tawse or the cane over knickers. Sometimes the knickers would be lowered and punishment given on the bare bottom but protocol demanded that in these circumstances that the school matron would be present. Matron was a registered hospital nurse in her late thirties who always wore her full uniform on duty. Very occasionally, tawse and cane punishments were given over the palm of the hand. If a girl had accumulated a certain number of swats or strokes, she could opt to 'trade up'. Six slipper swats could be exchanged for three with the tawse or two strokes of the cane. I decided when the knickers came down and 'handers' were non negotiable If a girl played the system and accumulated the equivalent of two dozen with the slipper, she would be ordered to clear her account immediately and I woud usually decide how she would be punished. Thus she might get the full two dozen slipper swats over her knickers or on her bare bottom… or twelve with the tawse or eight strokes of the cane……… and she might get two strokes on each hand with four on her bottom!

I recall one summer afternoon. I was writing reports in my study when there came a timorous knock on the door. I invited entry and a girl of 17 opened the door and approached my desk. She held a note in her hand which she handed to me. I read it and looked at her. The girl had been inattentive in class and had made some serious mistakes in her prep. When she had been talked to sternly by her form mistress she had been less than respectful. I opened my desk and took out the punishment book and turning to the girl's 'account' looked up at her. She looked very worried as well she might; any further award would take her to the limit. Punishments serious enough to come before me were always awarded in multiples of six slipper swats. I contemplated her for a moment before making an entry in the book.
'Jennifer', I said, 'You have twenty four against you; what will you do?' This was a question dreaaded by all girls in the school.
'Please Sir', she said with a faltering voice, 'May I just have six with the slipper now and take the rest at some other time?'
'You know what the rules are Jennifer' I said, 'When you've accumulated the full ammount, you must clear your account immediately……. you should have reduced it last week when you were here…. you could have taken six then and not be in this position now! So come on; make your mind up or I'll decide for you'

It was obvious that in her misery she wasn't going to decide, so I picked up my internal telephone and asked for the Matron to come to my study. She arrived within five minutes and the swish of her starched uniform into the room caused Jennifer to turn a shade paler.

'Matron', I said when she had composed herself, 'if you look at the punishment book, you will see that we have a full account to clear this afternoon'. She glanced at the open page, nodded her head and then glanced at Jennifer and back to me.
'How will you administer it Headmaster? she enquired.
'Jennifer' I said sternly, 'You will receive six with the strap and two strokes of the cane on your bare bottom and one stroke of the cane on each hand.'
'Oh please Sir, No Sir'
'Hold out your right hand, girl' I ordered, having taken the forty inch, extremely whippy senior school cane from the cupboard and also the two tailed leather tawse.
Nurse Angela stood opposite me on the girl's other side with her hands behind her back as I laid the stick across the palm of Jennifer's hand before raising it and bringing down with a loud and satisfying THWACK across her open hand. Jennifer shrieked out loud and clenched her palm tightly.
I glanced up and noticed Angela's face flush and heard her intake of breath at the stroke.
'The other hand Jennifer', and once again the same sequence except that now Jennifer stood there with tears in her eyes and both hands clasped under her armpits and Angela was breathing rather heavily.

'Bend Over Jennifer' I ordered, picking up the tawse from my desk.
'Matron' would you be so kind as to pull Jennifer's knickers down and pull her skirt over her back'

I lined up the thick leather two tailed strap across her buttocks and watched them flinch as I did so and then at measured intervals allowing the colour to flush up after each stroke and waiting for her knees to buckle and straighten after each one, I gave her six very hard swats. She was silent for the first two and then she cried out softly at the third, and quite stridently at the fourth and for the last two actually tried to weave her bottom out of the way but Matron held her shoulders and back in place so I could hit her bottom. Matron seemed quite out of breath herself afterwards and I noticed and indeed heard the gentle rasp of nylon as she pressed her thighs together.

I swished the cane through the air several times and lining myself up behind the swollen and reddened 17 year old bottom, gave her her two final strokes, within half an inch of each other and right across the centre of her buttocks. The whippy cane flexed round the side of her thigh and the flesh tuned white then crimson as the thick firey welts started to rise from her totured flesh. After some time, Jennifer slowly straightened up and gingerly pulled her knickers up and let her skirt fall down. I signed the punishment book and asked her to add her own signature and then dismissed her. She walked very carefully from the study and disappeared.

I made sure the door was fully closed and turned to face the Matron, whose face was fully flushed by now. Moreover, she had pulled her own uniform skirt up and was gripping her right hand between her tightly clenched thighs. She was wearing as part of her uniform, black nylons and suspenders and tight black silk knickers. There was a very damp area between her legs. If this had been the first time I had seen such behaviour, I should, of course have been shocked; but of course it wasn't! I was just about to make a comment about this when there came another knock on the door. The order to enter resulted in the appearence of two 15 year olds and one 16 year old. Behind them was an 18 year old prefect. Matron, I was relieved to note had adjusted her clothing rather rapidly.

I looked up quizzically at the prefect, 'Yes, Liz; is there a problem?'
'Yes Sir' Liz replied, 'I've just caught these three girls smoking in the shrubbery'
'Over here you three' I commanded. 'You are always in trouble, and I shan't even bother to look at your accounts……. six each with the slipper and as you're already here Matron, you can remove their knickers….. No, you can stay to witness the punishment Liz. Now I don't care who is first… but one of you bend over the desk NOW!'

Five minutes later, when the sound of wailing teenaged girls had died down a little and three deeply reddened teenaged bottoms had vanished under clothing and three tearful girls had walked stiff leggedly from the room, I turned to the prefect and quietly reminded her that her own account stood at 12 and she might like to consider this. I had a suspicion that Liz actually enjoyed a mild beating and she had certainly been very interested in watching the fate of the 'smokers'. Nurse Angela, was by now squirming and I was worried that it might become rather obvious to Liz very soon if I didn't distract her.

Liz looked at me for about fifteen seconds and then said very calmly, 'I'll take six strokes of the cane, Sir'
'But you've only earned four, Liz'
'I'm sure I deserve them Sir' she replied and walked over to the centre of the room, pulled her knickers down and bent over with her legs apart and her bottom pointing towards Matron and myself. I heard Angela's sharp intake of breath as I tapped the cane across the centre of Liz's tightly stretched 18 year old bottom cheeks and tried not to look at the glistening drops visible on her obviously displayed, gaping and swollen outer labia. From the corner of my eye I could see Angela's thighs clenching and unclenching as she attempted to bring some sort of relief to herself! I was suddenly aware that Liz had also seen Angela's predicament when she suddenly spoke, looking back between her legs,
'If you feel uncomfortable, caning me in these circumstances, Sir, perhaps Matron could deputise for you; after all six strokes from her would probably be the same as four strokes from you.. Sir'
'How do you feel about that, Matron? I asked formally.
'I should be happy to administer Liz's punishment, HeadMaster' said Nurse Angela.
I can remember thinking that this was probably the understatement of the year as I handed her the cane and she positioned herself behind the prefect and stroked the centre of her rump with the wickedly whippy length of bamboo.

The first stroke was rather clumsy but I put it down to Matron's rather obvious intense excitement. It landed across the top of Liz's buttocks and caused her to gasp although it wasn't all that hard. The second was better and landed about three inches above centre and bit deeply into both cheeks. The third was a cracker! Straight across the very centre of her botty with an even deep bite across both cheeks. Liz flexed at the knees and slowly came back up her breath hissing out from her clenched teeth. Angela did something which I was not allowed to do. She reached down and fondled the prefect's bottom cheeks allowing her fingers to play gently along the swelling welts. I could feel my own mounting excitement and had to turn away so that it would not be too noticeable as the front of my trousers 'tented'. The last stroke had like the others, been from the arm, but the fourth one was an arm and wrist stroke and as such came from closer in and therefore had a better chance of accurate aiming. WHACKKKKK! Almost exactly on top of the previous one…. I could imagine that girls in nearby classrooms would have heard Liz's howl of protest, as she leapt up and danced about holding her blistered bum in both hands, rubbing furiously.
'Two additional strokes Matron' I said calmly, adding 'You know the rules Liz.. once you have assumed the position, you don't get up until punishment is over and you don't rub until you are told to stand'
'But SIR' she protested, 'that last one was a beast!… it caught me right on top of the other one'
'A further additional stroke for arguing' I intoned in the same voice as before. I was rather amused to see that by now Angela was in almost as much discomfort (but for other reasons) as Liz.
The rest of the caning proceeded without hitch excepting that when it was over, Matron spent rather too long fondling Liz's bottom and allowed her fingers to stray into rather unnecessary places. She also, rather against school procedures, suggested that Liz should report to the San afterwards so that she could check that there would be no medical problems resulting from her beating!

Liz eventualy straightened herself up and adjusted her clothing. There was a certain procedure to be followed after a sixth former was beaten and after the punishment book formalities had been completed, Liz thanked Matron and myself for her punishment and I poured three glasses of sherry and handed one to Liz and one to Angela. I didn't suggest that we all sat down!

Ten minutes later, Angela and myself were alone again. Angela had lost all sense of discretion by now and had pulled her uniform skirt up to her waist and had a hand inside her knickers. Her face was flushed and her wrist was moving jerkily but frantically. She dropped on her knees in front of me and undid my zip allowing my fully erect cock to spring out as far as my boxer shorts would allow it. They did not impede progress long as they quickly came down to my knees and Matron's full red lips closed over the bulbous purple glans. This part of my anatomy was soon brushing her tonsils as she wanked the shaft up and down when she detected from my urgency that I was almost ready. She gave the base of my shaft a violent squeeze to slow me down and pulling her knickers down and her skirt up, bent over the arm of my study armchair. I picked up the cane she had so recently dropped on the desk and gave her the sort of caning I should have been in front of the Governers for if I'd treated a pupil that way! At least twenty full bloodied strokes, some of them hard enough to draw spots of blood along the welt lines… all of them using wrist and shoulder, ranging from lower back to thigh backs, reducing her arse to a crimson, swollen, welted lump which she thrust up at me with an ever increasing frenzy and excitement. Her cunt lips gaped lewdly at me and her juices glistened down the insides of her widely parted thighs….. her hand appeared between her legs and started to frig her clit but I pulled it away and grasping her wrist firmly in one hand picked up the tawse and welted her palm and fingers three times before ripping my trousers and pants off and ramming my cock into her pulsating and soaking wet love tunnel. I fucked her like a wild thing and she thrust back at me so fiercely that my thighs were soaked in her sweat, blood and juices. She screamed out loud as I grasped her breasts inside her bra cups and squeezed her nipples…. When I came, my semen gushed into her and ran back out and down her legs. As far as I could tell she came at the same time and the study carpet collected a new set of stains. I told her to sit on the armchair which she did with a lot of squirming and 'pretend' protests. I knelt in front of her and licked her cunt clean and then we changed places and she licked my cock clean; I started to feel it rising again and so let her really get it ready, but just as things were getting under way again, there came another timid knock on the door which made me call out
'Wait' after which we rapidly composed ourselves and Matron was seated in the armchair reading a medical report and I was seated at my desk with my fountain pen in my hand and all instruments of punishment were back in the cupboard as I invited a worried looking 16 year old, holding a note to enter the study………………………………………….

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