Indoor Sports

Bob and I were out in the backyard working on my hand eye coordination. He kept tossing tennis balls to me and I was playing a wonderful game of swish and chase. 

“You’ll get it babe,” he smiled. “You just need to be a little more coordinated.”   

“It’s no use,” I said. I’m just no good at hitting anything. I’m tired and frustrated, and besides, I’m much better at indoor sports. 

“Indoor sports?” He asked with a sly grin.  

“C’mon, I’ll show you.” I laughed as I took his hand and led him back to the house.   

Once inside, he collapsed on the sofa. “Oh you poor baby,” I said. “Did our lesson tucker you out? Here, let me make you feel better.” I began massaging his legs and working my way up his shorts. He sighed deeply as my hand reached his cock and I teasingly ran my fingers along the outline of his cock. That was all the encouragement I needed. I pulled off his shorts and started sucking on his dick. He grew in my mouth very quickly.
Laughing, I said to him “Now didn’t I tell you I was much better at indoor sports?” 

“You sure are baby,” he moaned and threw me over on the sofa. Bending me over the armrest he slid my shorts and panties down. He didn’t even take them off, just left them around my knees and rubbed the head of his cock around my pussy, which was getting wetter by the minute.  Slowly his cock filled my pussy. Sliding in out, it was soon covered with my honey. I pulled away from him and pulled his cock to my mouth. I love to taste myself on his cock. I ran my tongue all over the shaft, licking my sweetness. Then closing my lips around the head, I slid my mouth down. Bob put his hands in my hair and began to fuck my mouth hard and fast. I knew he wanted to cum in my mouth, but I had a better idea. 

I pulled my mouth away slowly and countered Bob’s look of disappointment by laying him down and positioning myself above his cock. I lowered myself and rubbed the head of his dick along my pussy. After getting it very nice and wet, I gave Bob a hot surprise by sliding his cock into my ass instead of my pussy. I could hear him gasp as he felt himself being pushed into that very tight hole. I eased my way down and slowly rode him. I looked at the pleasure on Bob’s face as I slid my tight ass up and down his hard cock. I began to squeeze my nipples, then brought one of my large tits up to my mouth so he could watch me lick and suck my own nipples, as his cock was going deeper and harder into my ass. This delicious torture was too much for Bob. I could feel his cock getting ready.

I rode my tight ass faster and as soon as I felt him start to cum, I ground my hips onto his and squeezed my ass around him. He came hard. I could feel its heat going through me.
Putting his hands on my thighs, he stilled me. 

I smiled down at him, “still think I don’t have any coordination?” 

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