Irresistable Sasha

Irresistable Sasha

Sasha turned many heads as she walked down the long aisle on flight 820 to New York. She had been a flight attendant for Jamaica Air® for five years; she loved her job. As a flight attendant, she had traveled all over the world.

Sasha also loved all of the attention she received from various passengers, especially men. She was the exact definition of an exotic Jamaican beauty. She had flawless skin the color of dark chocolate, long thick legs, a small sexy waist, curvaceous hips, large bouncy tits, and a round ass that made men look twice.

Thanks to her father’s genes, Sasha had a beautiful pair of almond-shaped green eyes. Her cheekbones were high and model-like. She had thick luscious lips and a smile that lit up a room. She had a low and sexy voice was heavily laced with her Jamaican accent and made men go wild. Sasha had it all and more.

She loved to show off her long legs; each and every one of her uniforms were hemmed twice and barely covered her tantalizing ass. Sasha always lived by the philosophy: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. That’s exactly what she always did.

“Miss, when is this flight taking off?”

“I’m sure we’ll be leaving within the next fifteen minutes or so.” she reassured the worried passenger.

Sasha walked from first class to coach class assisting passengers and answering questions. After doing the normal pre-takeoff procedures, she walked up to the cockpit for instructions about making safety announcements.

Tré, Sasha’s favorite co-worker assisted her with making the safety announcements before takeoff. Tré was one hell of a man. Tré had good looks, a body out of this world, and a bright personality. He was a native of the Virgin Islands but had relocated to Jamaica during his early teen years.

Tré stood around 6'2" and had skin that reminded Sasha of melted caramel. He had grey eyes and short curly hair. Both of his ears held tiny diamond studs and one of his left eyebrow was pierced. Matter of fact, his tongue was pierced also. He had a lean physique and weighed somewhere around 170 lbs.

There was only one problem; Tré was gay. Not flamboyant gay, but he was definitely gay. When Sasha first met him, he made it clear that he was gay. When they met, Sasha was instantly attracted to him. Even when she learned that he was strictly into men, her attraction to him never subsided. That was more than three years ago, and now they were the best of friends. Tré felt like another one of the girls to Sasha. They did everything from going shopping together to getting waxed together.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Jamaica Airlines flight eight-twenty from
Jamaica to New York. Currently, it is seven twenty-nine in the evening, we are expecting to take off at seven thirty sharp.” Sasha said into the microphone.

Tré helped her finish the announcement before they sat in the crews’ area for takeoff.

“When we get to New York, I want to go in Macy’s for that big one day sale. You should join me.” Tré said.

“Sure! I wanted to pick up some lingerie in there anyway. They have a great selection and reasonable prices during those one day sales.”

“Yeah, they really do have the nice things! I usually buy my sweetie’s things in there. You know his booty is too big for those Victoria’s Secret nighties.” Tré bragged.

Sasha laughed. “I think that was too much information.”

They conversed until the pilot announced that they were at cruising altitude. Sasha did all of her regular duties (i.e. Serve beverages, pass out pillows, answer questions, and set up a movie.) Before she knew it, it was near midnight and they were less than an hour from New York.

The flight went smoothly, except for a few instances of mild turbulence. When the plane touched down Sasha was dead tired. After helping passengers off of the plane, she gathered up her luggage and looked for Tré. Every trip they were together, they usually shared a cab to the hotel.

“I was just looking for you.” Sasha said.

“Oh, you know how it is. Always got at least one passenger who refuses to wake-up unless you scream into their ears.”

Sasha and Tré both laughed together and walked through the concourse with their luggage rolling behind them. It took no time for them to grab a cab and make it to the hotel. When they got to the front desk it was almost three in the morning. Sasha couldn’t wait until she could get into bed.

“Well, I’m about to go up to the room, take a quick shower and fall into bed.”

“Okay hun. I’ll call in the morning to tell you what time I plan on leaving to go to Macy’s.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Sasha yawned.
“See ya in the mornin.”

Sasha was relieved when she made it to her room. Before the door could close good, she had stripped off all of her clothes and threw them across the room. Sasha turned on the shower and jumped in; she was out in less than ten minutes. Sasha didn’t even bother putting on pajamas. She dried off and got right into bed.


Sasha woke up to the irritating sound of her cell phone ringing. She rolled over and looked at the clock on the night stand. It was right at nine.

“Hello.” Sasha said groggily into the phone.

Top of the morning” Tré said.
“Did I wake you?”

“Yeah. I’m fine though.”

“Well that’s wonderful.”
“I’ll be ready to leave in an hour. Meet me downstairs in the lobby for a yogurt before we go.”

“Sure. I’ll be down there.” Sasha said before hanging up.

Sasha pushed back the heavy down comforter and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She turned the tv to CNN Headline News and washed up. It didn’t take her long to find something to wear. She decided on a pair of denim capris and a lavender low-cut blouse. She brushed her long wavy hair and pinned half of it up.

They arrived at Macy’s sometime around eleven and went straight to the women’s department. Sasha picked out more than two hundred dollars worth of lingerie in less than thirty minutes. After she paid for her items, she followed Tré to the shoe department. They made it back to the hotel a little after four.

“I’m about to try on some of this stuff. You wanna come and give your opinion?” Sasha inquired.

“Oh yes!”
“I’m an expert at these things.” chimed Tré.

Tré followed Sasha up to her hotel room and sat down on the small sofa. Sasha scurried into the bathroom and took off all of her clothes. She quickly put on the first baby doll. It was sheer black with pink trim and a thong to match. The bottom of the baby doll came right above her ass. It showed off her large titties very well.

She marched into the bedroom and pranced around. Tré sat on the sofa and watched her closely while she turned around to show the back of it. He caught himself staring at her round ass. A smirk came across his face as he imagined palming it. Tré quickly snapped out of his fantasy when he realized what he was doing.

So . . . how does it look?”

“Oh. Umm. The baby doll fits you perfectly!” Tré struggled to speak.

“Well good, I paid almost fifty bucks for it.” Sasha laughed.

Sasha went back into the bathroom and changed into the next set she had purchased. It was a cherry-red corset that had to be tied from the back. To go along with it was a matching thong and garter.

“I need some help in here.” Sasha yelled.

Tré could feel his dick hardening in his pants. He pushed his growing erection down with his palm and took a deep breath before he went into the bathroom. Within seconds of seeing Sasha’s body, his dick got rock hard.

“I need you to tie this up for me.” Sasha said while instructing him how to do it.

Tré began to sweat a little. He took his time tying the corset and let his fingers linger across her skin. Sasha noticed that Tré was getting closer to her. She paid him no mind at first. She jumped when she could feel his warm breath on her neck.

Tré’s hard dick bulged in his pants and there was no way he could hide it. When he finished tying Sasha’s corset, she turned around before he could try to hide his arousal. The bulge in his pants brushed against her thigh when she turned around to face him.

“Looks like somebody is a little swollen.” Sasha said while laughing.

Tré shook his head and mumbled something under his breath. Sasha knew she had turned him on. She smiled to herself and decided she would tease him a bit just for the fun of it. She strutted into the bedroom and modeled. Tré kept his eyes on her body. He licked his lips and stared her down. Sasha dug into one of her shopping bags and pulled out a pair of red stilettos.

“I think these shoes would go perfect with this corset. Maybe I should try them on and you could give me your opinion.” Sasha smiled.

Sasha put the shoes on the floor and bent over to slip her feet into them. Tré marveled her backside. He imagined biting the ripe flesh of her ass cheeks.

“Could you fasten them for me, please.” Sasha said while raising her foot to put it in his lap.

Tré nodded his head and briefly traced his fingertips across her ankle before fastening the shoe. Sasha bit her bottom lip and looked down at him. She modeled in the outfit for a few more minutes and then she sat down on the bed.

“You know what?”
“I’m tired of trying on this stuff. I’m ready to relax before our flight leaves at ten.”

Sasha laid down on her stomach across the bed and asked Tré to untie her corset. Tré’s temperature spiked. He felt like he was going to explode if he didn’t release soon. He couldn’t wait until he got back to his room to masturbate.

He slowly walked over to the bed and sat beside Sasha. While he untied her corset his eyes wandered up and down her body. He paused and stared at her naked ass; it’s only covering was a tiny string going up her crack. When he was done untying the corset for her, she pulled it off and turned over on her back. Sasha was totally naked except for the tiny red thongs and garter.

She had coal-colored areolas and nipples the size of pencil erasers. Tré groaned low and stared at her flat belly. His dick strained against the zipper of his pants and begged to be freed. Sasha acted as if it was perfectly normal for him to see her naked. Little did Tré know, Sasha was just as aroused as he was. Her juices flowed from deep within and began to collect in the crotch of her thongs.

“Oooh. Look at the time. I should go. I got this thing . . . I’ve got this thing to do.” Tré tried to lie.

“Oh no you don’t.” Sasha teased.

She knew she had him right where she wanted him. Tré was all hers now. Sasha knew that within the next few hours, she’d be on her way to turning a gay man straight. She smiled and sat up beside him.

Tré was speechless. He almost felt trapped. The tension between them could start a fire. His body hungered for her. In the past, he had experienced only one woman and it was a total disaster. He didn’t want to go down that road again, but there was something about her that intrigued him.

Sasha brushed her side up against his. Tré jumped. His breathing became shallow. Sasha stood up and pushed him onto his back. Tré didn’t know what to say. One part of him wanted her, but another didn’t. Before he could protest, Sasha got on top of him and pinned his both of his arms above his head. She kissed him on his forehead.

“You know you want me!” Sasha groaned at him in a sexy voice.

Again, Tré said nothing. His chest heaved up and down. Sasha could feel his erratic heart beat. She leaned down and flicked her tongue over his right earlobe. Tré flinched. Sasha could feel his hard dick against her naked thigh. She nibbled his earlobe. Tré cooed. Sasha’s warm breath on his ear sent chills down his spine.

Sasha kissed him on his cheek. Then, she brushed her lips against his. Tré couldn’t help himself; he parted his lips and welcomed her tongue. She ran her tongue across his bottom lip. Tré darted out his to meet hers. Their tongues touched. They both closed their eyes. Sasha pressed her lips against his and explored his mouth with her tongue.

Sasha freed his hands during their deep kiss. Tré palmed both of her ass cheeks in his hands. The feeling reminded him of a firm gel. He massaged and squeezed them while he tasted her. She moaned into his mouth and ground her hips into his groin. Her hardened nipples penetrated his chest muscular chest.

In one swift motion, Tré rolled her over onto her back. Now, he was on top of her. He could no longer control his desire for her. He buried his face into her neck and sucked hard on her sweet flesh. She wriggled underneath him and rubbed her bare legs against his.

Tré sucked, bit, and licked her neck. He lowered his head down to her titties and placed kisses all over her chest. While twisting one of her nipples between his fingers, he suckled the other nipple. Then, he ran his tongue across both of her nipples.

He kissed her briefly on the lips before he stood up. He fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. He forced his shirt off to reveal his six pack abs. Sasha giggled when she noticed his navel was pierced with a tiny diamond barbell.

“Pull it all off!” she commanded.

Tré unbuckled his belt and forced down his pants down around his ankles. He quickly stepped out of his pants and boxers. Sasha’s eyes bulged when she noticed his size. She never would have thought that he would be packing so much. Sasha’s womanly scent drifted from between her parted legs. Tré inhaled her sweet smell and touched himself.

“You’re gonna love this.” Tré said while stroking his dick.

“Oh, yes daddy!” Sasha yelled flirtatiously.

Tré reached down, hooked his fingers in the sides of her thongs, and pulled them down her curvaceous legs. He groaned and pulled them over her knees, past her ankles, and off of her body. Sasha quickly jumped up from the bed and got onto her knees in front of him. She grabbed his hips and pulled him closer. Then, she reached up and twisted his tiny erect nipples between her thumb and index finger. Tré sucked in air and bit his bottom lip.

Tré took a deep breath and looked Sasha in the eye. Pure desire. She held his dick in her hands. Her fist wouldn’t even close around his thickness. She gathered saliva in her mouth and spit onto his dick to lubricate it. She slowly stroked the shaft. His legs trembled slightly.

Sasha opened her mouth and wrapped her luscious lips around the pre-cum coated head of his dick. She flicked her tongue across the tiny opening and swallowed his bittersweet pre-cum. Tré tilted his head back and enjoyed the sensations Sasha was created. She stared up at him and took more of his dick into her mouth.

Her thick tongue traced across the pulsing veins that covered it. Tré put one of his hands on the back of her head and pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. It touched her tonsils. Sasha relaxed her throat and swallowed his eight inches like it was nothing. Tré moaned and bucked his hips forward.

She pulled his dick out and swallowed it again. Her nose rested on the tiny patch of pubic hair above his dick. Sasha massaged his nutts with her hands. Soon, she sensed that he was close to reaching his peak. She stopped before he climaxed and kissed the head of his dick.

Tré got into bed and laid on his back.

“Sit on my face, Sasha.” he commanded.
“I aint never ate a pussy in my life, but I’m sure gonna try.”

Sasha smiled in satisfaction. She got into bed and squatted above his face. Tré couldn’t wait to taste her. She slowly lowered herself onto his face while holding onto the headboard. Tré held her wide hips and pulled her closer. He opened his mouth and lapped up her succulent juices. He savored the strange flavor for a few seconds. Then, he ran his thick tongue across her swollen clit. Sasha moaned and bit her bottom lip. She shivered and held the headboard tighter when he suckled her clit.

Tré gripped her hips tighter and pulled her as close as possible. He sucked and pulled her labia with his lips. Her juices flowed like a river into his mouth. Sasha rotated her hips into circular motions onto his face. She moaned and groaned while gripping the headboard.

“Ooooh. Hell yeah!” she screamed.

Sasha’s orgasm caused her muscles to tense. She squeezed her eyes shut and screamed in pleasure. Waves of pleasure rolled over her body. Tré continued to suck her clit while she climaxed. He felt good knowing that he had made her cum. He couldn’t wait any longer to get inside of her.

“Lay on your side.” he commanded.

Tré got behind Sasha in the spooning position. He raised one of her legs into the air and held his dick at the entrance of her wet pussy. She couldn’t wait until he filled her up with his oversized tool. He pushed his hips forward and parted her engorged lips with the head of his dick.

They moaned in unison as he disappeared inside of her. Inch by inch. Her walls held him tightly. She begged for him to go deeper. Tré felt like he was going to pass out at any moment. He had never derived as much pleasure from sex in his life. He growled in her ear and pushed his dick deeper inside of her.

She contracted her pussy muscles around his dick when he was all the way inside of her. She moaned low. He pulled half way out of her and pushed himself back in slow.

“Tré, fuck me!”
“Stop going slow!” Sasha growled at him.

Tré obeyed her and got to work. He pistoned his dick in and out of her tight pussy. He held her ankle tight and went as deep as possible. A small amount of drool escaped his lips. He was in ecstacy. She screamed his name and begged him to fuck her faster.

His strokes became long and hard. He let go of her ankle and started to rub her clit while he fucked her. Sasha sucked in air and closed her eyes. Her left leg trembled. Her pussy muscles involuntarily contracted. Multiple bursts of pleasure took over her body. A blanket of warmth covered Sasha’s body. Her eyebrows furrowed and her limbs went limp.

Fuck me!”
“Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me!” Sasha screamed.

Sweat poured from Tré’s forehead. The smell of their sex was in the air. He pulled his dick out of her and got out of bed. He grabbed her hand and lead her to the sofa. Sasha bent over the arm of the sofa. Tré separated her ass cheeks with his hands and looked down at her pussy. He smiled and stroked his dick in his hand.

He didn’t waste any time before he pushed his dick all the way inside of her. With her cheeks still separated, he bent down and spit between them. Tré used his fingers to spread the saliva across her ass hole. He slowly pushed one of his fingers inside of her ass while he fucked her. He gyrated his hips and slapped her ass a few times. Her screams and his groans were the only sounds. He put one of his hands on her shoulder and pulled her closer.

“Damn, Sasha!” Tré growled.

Sasha gritted her teeth and moved her ass back to meet his strokes. Tré replaced the finger in her ass with two fingers. He felt his knees weaken. His breathing became erratic. He violently pushed his hips forward. His dick jumped inside of Sasha.

“I’m gonna bust all over this sweet ass!” Tré said barely above a whisper.

He pulled his dick out of her and stroked his dick. Sasha looked back at him and anticipated his orgasm. His head tilted back. Long streams of milky white semen squirted onto her chocolate ass. Pure pleasure erupted from deep within. Sasha smiled and enjoyed watching him bust his nutt. She turned around and sucked up what was left of his sticky seed. She held his limp dick in her hand and kissed it.

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