Jan and family Pt 3

Jan and family Pt 3

Part 3 Same deal as parts one and two, Guys. Remember this story is fiction.
What am I doing here? Why has everything gone wrong? Remember those words.

After Monica had left, Jon rang and ordered take-away pizza for dinner. It had been a long day and I was feeling shagged: figuratively and actually. Anne winked at me and asked if she should call my Mum and ask if I could sleep over.
Before I could answer, Jan came and snuggled up beside me on the sofa. ‘Oh, please ring Mum,’ she cried. ‘I want a chance to spend some time with Mark; I didn’t have much of a chance to today.’
Anne made the call and assured my Mum it would be no bother to have me stay. ‘OK, it’s all fixed, Mark,’ Anne said with a smile.
Jon came in from the garage where he had a darkroom and set up a projector and loaded a spool of film. ‘Hit the lights, Sally, and we will see how this turned out,’ he said.
Sally turned out the lights and Jon started the projector. The picture was blurred until Jon adjusted the focus; then the picture sharpened to show the film of when Anne caught Jan giving me a blow job (from Part 1) and then having me fuck her. As the film progressed, I was surprised at how many different angles it had been shot from. Because it was the combined footage from two cameras the sequence was about twice as long as it had been in reality.
The film segment finished around nine o’clock and everyone agreed it was good. It took a bit of getting used to that the first porn film I had ever seen featured me and Anne. Back in those days we lived sheltered lives. I knew porn films existed but normally there was no chance of the average kid seeing one.
Anne tapped her finger on her watch. ‘Jan and Mark; it’s bedtime for you two, it’s a school day tomorrow. Off you go,’ she said; giving both me, and Jan a kiss on the cheek.
Jan took my hand and led me to her room. We stripped off our clothes for the last time that day and climbed into her bed. Here I was, alone with Jan, at last. We snuggled together under the bedclothes and rolled towards each other; me on my left side, her on her right. She placed a hand on both sides of my face, drew me to her and kissed me lightly on the lips: then rolled over and whispered, ‘Goodnight.’
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Here I was with the girl I had been lusting after for the last few days aaaaaaaannnddd! Goodnight! Goodnight???? What was going on? I thought we were on the same wavelength. Gee, I had a lot to learn about persons of the female persuasion.
Two minutes passed. I could feel a small movement in the bed. Then a small, giggling sound before Jan rolled over and hugged me. ‘You are a darling,’ she said. ‘Anyone else would have forced himself on me: but you didn’t.’ With that, she snaked her hand down between us and started to slowly rub my cock into wakefulness. I took my lead from her and slowly worked two fingers into her pussy. After fondling each other for a while; she was quite wet and I was nice and hard and oozing precum. Jan hooked her left leg over my thigh and worked her pussy down so it engulfed my cock to the hilt. We stayed in that position for a long while; lost in the sensation of being intimately together. Slowly we began to move together in a languorous way – in no hurry to reach our climax.
Over the next hour or so, who knows how long, we moved and revelled in the feeling of our coupling. We kissed the other’s lips and caressed the others cheeks and bodies; sometimes almost falling into a sleepy trance; where nothing, not even time, existed – only the feeling of togetherness. There were times we lay motionless for a minute or more; then Jan would contract her pussy muscles and squeeze my cock and I would respond by tensing the muscles at the base of my cock, making it twitch inside her. Young as we were, I think we discovered the difference between just fucking, and making love.
I still remember the feel of Jan’s emerging womanly body; the curve of her lower back, her waist narrowing, the slight flaring of her hips and her emerging breasts: then no more than a slight swelling upon her chest with the puffy, slightly enlarged nipples.
I woke around midnight and found my cock had subsided and slipped from Jan’s pussy. We were still holding each other; so I went back to sleep with a smile on my face.
I was having a really good dream; or was it a dream? Something warm and wet was moving on my dick. As I rose to full consciousness, I found it wasn’t a dream. Jan was working her mouth on my cock, which had responded by getting nice and hard. When she noticed I was fully awake, she removed her mouth from my cock and straddling my hips; guided it into her waiting slit. I watched as she lowered her hips and her pussy engulfed my shaft. She began to move; sometimes up and down on my cock; and sometimes rocking back and forth with my cock fully buried in her love tunnel. After a while I could tell she was close to orgasm – and mine was lagging. At the top of her next up stroke, when only the head of my cock remained in her; I grabbed her hips so she would stay in that position: then I began to thrust my hips up off the bed so my cock entered her fully. By bouncing up and down from the mattress I was able to thrust in and out of her pussy at a really fast pace. By the time Jan started to moan that she was going to cum I had caught up.
‘I’m cuuuuummmmmming, Mark,’ she squealed.
‘Meeee toooooo,’ I grunted in reply.
I could feel my cock release spurt after spurt of cum into her tightly gripping tunnel. Before my erection could subside I kept pumping it into her. I loved the way my cock was so super sensitive after cumming. After thirty seconds or so Jan started to cum again: this one was more intense than the last.
Fuck me harder, fuck me harder and make me cum again,’ she squealed.
I tried to comply but I felt my muscles in my back, stomach and legs begin to tire. With a last upthrust of my hips I bucked her off me and onto her back; then I rolled over and pressed my face to her pussy. I worked my tongue in and out of her sopping hole, ran my tongue up and down her silky slit; and sucked on her clit. My face was covered with a mixture of my saliva, her pussy juices and my cum – a mixture I wasn’t used to; but not unpleasant. While I was sucking on her clit, I worked two fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck her hard and fast. In a matter of moments she had a huge orgasm that seemed to last for a minute and drenched my lower face and hand with her juices.
It wasn’t long after our breathing had returned to normal that Anne came in the room. ‘I heard you two were awake,’ she smirked. ‘Now get cleaned up for school – breakfast is in ten minutes.’

That’s the way things went on for a while. We made the underage porn movies, did the ‘specials’ and Jan and I fucked every chance we got. I was on top of the world for a while – eleven years old and enjoying a variety of sex partners. Jon organised plenty of ‘specials’ who were mostly in their thirties and several girls between ten and fifteen for the movies. Slowly it dawned on me; all I really wanted to do was make love to Jan. I was in love with her and resented other males fucking her.
I had a huge blow-up with Jon when I found out he was to fuck Jan in another movie he was making. I pointed out that she was his daughter and he shouldn’t be fucking her. I talked Anne into backing me up on the issue: I got the feeling she had never been happy about him fucking his daughters anyway. I settled down and things went along smoothly for a while.
One day I met Jan at the school gate as I did most mornings. Right away I knew something was wrong by the way Jan was acting. As she came up to me I could see she had a black eye. There had been an effort to disguise it with make-up but it was still obvious.
I took me a while to get the story out of Jan; but she finally told me, tearfully, what had happened. She had a ‘special’ the night before; he had gotten a bit rough with her and when she complained; he had punched her. Jon and Anne had thrown the arsehole out of the house and told him not to come back.
I was furious and left school immediately; running around to Jan’s house. Anne was the only one home so I started to scream at her. ‘How could you let that happen to her? Why didn’t you call the cops?’ I asked.
Anne finally got me settled down. ‘It’s time to wake up to the facts, Mark, that guy was the cops!’ Then she went on to explain how the people we had been servicing were a very influential group: they were cops, lawyers, judges and politicians as well as a few underworld figures. She said that she knew how I felt but there was nothing we could do: just put up with it.
I couldn’t bear the thought of it happening again and was determined to do something to fix it. ‘I’ll go to the newspapers and the TV news and spill the story to them,’ I said.
‘Go and lie down on Jan’s bed and think about it; maybe have a snooze for a while,’ Anne suggested.
I took her advice and lay down for a while. I must have been more emotionally drained than I thought because I soon fell asleep.

I awoke suddenly, a stinging sensation in the crook of my elbow: in time to see a strange guy withdraw a syringe from my arm. As I struggled to get up, I started to feel woozy and my eyes were having trouble focusing. As I fell back on the bed I heard Anne say in a apologetic voice, ‘Sorry, Mark, but I have to think of my family’s welfare.’
There was a sort of soft hissing, rumbling noise in my ears as I slipped into unconsciousness.

I slowly regained consciousness, feeling like my head was going to split open and I was going to throw up. Where was I? The small room I was in was vibrating gently and moving slowly up and down and rocking side to side.
After I had dozed and woken a few times; I began to feel a little better and knelt on the bed so I could look out the window, to see where I was. The scene that greeted me as I looked was of miles and miles of ocean. That explained why the window was small and round; I was on a boat: a big boat.
A long while later; although it was probably only an hour, an unshaven man in work clothes came into the cabin. ‘On yer feet, laddie, the Captain wants a word wit’ yer,’ he growled.
I climbed off the bunk and was escorted to the bridge. There I was met by a tall, scruffy, looking man with an eye-patch covering his right eye. I looked down, but couldn’t detect a wooden leg; so he wasn’t a total cliché. ‘So you’re awake! About time too! Just so we understand each other, Matey: any trouble and it’s over the side with you,’ he said; giving me a withering glare. ‘They don’t want you making trouble back in Australia and they don’t really care if you get to where I’m being paid to take you.’
‘Put ‘im to work in the galley, Blackie,’ said the Captain before turning back to the business of running his ship.

Work in the galley wasn’t bad: Cookie, the cook (are they ever called anything else?) was easy going and didn’t work me too hard. I was treated like one of the crew: except that I was locked in my cabin when we were in port and not allowed to go ashore with the crew. The ship didn’t have a set route; it would drop one cargo in a port; pick up a new cargo and go to its next destination. We spent nearly three months going from one Indonesian island to another before heading for Sri Lanka (or Ceylon, as it was known then). After the ship was tied up to the wharf and unloading commenced the crew was given liberty ashore and I was locked in my cabin. I was used to the boring routine and settled in to read a book to pass the time. At around 9pm I turned in for the night.

Suddenly I was shocked into wakefulness. My cabin light was shining in my eyes and Cookie was swaying drunkenly beside my bunk.
‘Wake up, Mark me ol’ shipmate!’ he cried. ‘Stop playin’ wiv yer pisser an’ see what ol’ Cookie ‘as brung yer!’
With that he staggered to the hatchway, reached through it and dragged a young Tamil girl into the cabin by her arm. She was about fifteen, tall, slim and very dark skinned; like the majority of her people. She stood smiling shyly, watching me rub the sleep from my eyes.
‘There yer go, Sunshine. All bought an’ paid fer. Compliments of yer ol’ mate, Cookie.’
I must have looked perplexed in my drowsy state. Cookie’s next statement got my attention.
‘She may be black on the outside, Mate, but she’s pink on the inside where it counts,’ he chuckled. ‘See yer in the morning,’ he said as he closed the cabin door.
Patting the bed beside me, I motioned for the girl to join me. After she was settled we talked for a while, finding out about each other. Her name was Mahri; she was fifteen and her mother had been selling her favours to sailors and waterfront men since she was twelve. Cookie had told her that I was a virgin and she assured me she would teach me about sex. She was disappointed when I told her I already had experience: she thought I would be her first virgin.
It was obvious to me this wasn’t to be a great romance; just a commercial transaction, courtesy of Cookie. I climbed off the bed, pushed my boxers down over my hips and let them fall to the floor. Taking Mahri’s hands I pulled her to her feet beside the bed. I unbuttoned the front of her short-sleeved blouse and removed it, letting it join my boxers on the floor. Naked to the waist, she looked like a slim dancer carved from ebony. Her firm, high breasts were a B cup size tipped with dark, satiny nipples. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. Cupping her left breast in my right hand, I pressed my open mouth to her right breast and circled her hardening nipple with my tongue. With my left hand I undid the knot at the waist of her sarong and let it slide down her long shapely legs. Now we were both naked I pulled back from her breasts and took in the perfection of her body. Once I saw past the colour of her skin; I noticed the fine bone structure of her face and her delicate, regular features – in short, she was beautiful.
I lay back on the bed. Mahri stood looking at me and was intrigued with my blond hair, the whiteness of my skin where it was untouched by the sun and my wispy blond pubic hair. She came to me on the bed, her tongue teasing my nipples and her hand stroking my cock. I rolled her onto her back and went to work sucking her tits and nipping and nibbling her nipples while my hand was busy between her thighs, kneading her outer cunt lips. In a few moments, I was rewarded with the feeling of her juices beginning to flow and coating my fingers. I was able to slip one finger, then two, then three into her pussy and move them around; occasionally giving her clit a rub with my thumb. By then she was fairly dripping from her pussy and squirming her hips around on the bed.
‘Stop, Mark,’ she said. ‘Cookie pay for me to give you pleasure’. With that said, she rolled me onto my back and spread my legs. Kneeling between my legs, she took my almost erect cock into her mouth; working her lips up and down the shaft and running her tongue along the underside. Mahri worked away on my cock until it was fully hard; then pulled her mouth from it with a slurping noise. She moved upward, straddling my hips and I was able to see her pink inner pussy lips through the neatly trimmed, shiny black pubic hair. The contrast between the moist pink surrounded by the shiny blackness was a turn on for me. Mahri grasped my cock and slowly lowered her pussy towards it. When the head of my cock made light contact with her pussy lips, she worked it back and forth along her weeping slit, making it nice and slick. Rocking up and down, little by little her pussy engulfed my cock until it was buried fully in her. Raising her hips up and down she slowly began to fuck me; rising up until only the head of my cock was in her; then lowering until I filled her again. I lay, fascinated, watching my lily-white cock slide in and out of her black cunt. Mahri had wonderful muscle control: as she rose up, she tightened the muscles of her pussy, giving me the feeling that my cock was being milked by a warm slippery hand or mouth: or by some combination of the two.
After several minutes of this slow fucking Mahri said, ‘OK, now you cum for Mahri!’ With that she increased her tempo and I could feel my cum load building up in my balls. I began humping my hips up from the bunk, thrusting my cock into her cunt, hard and fast. She was panting hard, her head lolling from side to side, then thrown back as she started to cum. I grabbed her hips and plunged my cock into her fully as I spurted my cum from my pulsing organ. Shot after shot of jism coated the walls of her pussy and began to leak out past my cock and slowly dribble down my ass crack.
After a few minutes Mahri pulled off my deflated cock and lay beside me on the bunk. We drifted off to sleep holding each other.
I was woken by the sound of my cabin door being flung open. Cookie called out, ‘Wakey, wakey, Sunshine. Time to be up and working.’
I must have slept soundly. Mahri was gone and the ship was under way.
‘I hope it wasn’t true love between youse two,’ said Cookie. ‘Cause I giv ‘er a mornin’ glory fuck meself before I put ‘er ashore this mornin’.’ Then he added, ‘Well I did pay fer ‘er did’n I?’
‘You did, Cookie,’ I replied. ‘And I thank you. It’s been a while since I’ve had any pussy.’
I admit, I felt grateful to Cookie; but I didn’t like the way men wanted to treat women like objects rather than the wonderful creatures they are. Maybe I still had a lot to learn.
‘Anyway, ol’ Son; we’re heading for your last port, ol’ Son.
I didn’t know what he meant. So I asked him.
‘Where the hell are we going? I asked him.
‘You know, you can’t go home,’ he asked. ‘If you go home, they will kill you.
You know that?’ He said.
I now knew my life and the lives of my family and friends depended on me keeping my mouth closed.

Two weeks later the ship berthed at a port in the Middle East.
As usual, in port, I was locked in my cabin. Then after the cargo was unloaded and the crew on liberty ashore, two Arab men dressed in business suits came to my cabin. I was pushed back onto the bunk and held down by one of the men while the other injected something into my arm. With a roaring noise in my ears my mind receded into darkness.


I came back to a state of awareness with the familiar headache and groggy feeling. I was lying on the rear seat of a car, which was moving rapidly through the darkness of a moonless night. Sitting up, I was surprised to see we were out in the desert. There seemed to be nothing for miles but sand and rocks.
The front seat passenger became aware of me sitting up and turned towards me saying, ‘Decided to join us, I see.’
‘Where am I? What’s going on?’ I asked in an unsteady voice.
‘You are now the guest of the Prince, our master and leader of our tribe, for as long as you can please him,’ replied the passenger.
I didn’t like the sound of that. I had heard stories of white slavery; but thought they were only stories. Shit like that didn’t happen in the twentieth century, or did it? ‘So what if I don’t please him,’ I asked nervously.
‘Pull the car over, Ahmed,’ the passenger said in a no nonsense tone.
The car stopped on the verge of the road. The passenger climbed out, opened my door and grabbing me by the scruff of the neck, dragged me from the car. ‘What do you see?’ he asked gratingly.
‘Nothing but sand and rocks,’ I replied in a shaky voice.
‘That’s right and if you were to be buried here; who would ever know?’ came his menacing retort. ‘And if I was in a good mood; I may even kill you before I bury you. But I wouldn’t count on it, if I were you,’ he added before shoving me back in the car and slamming the door.

And that is the way I found myself as a fuck toy for a middle-eastern tribal chieftain.


Sorry, Folks. I tried to continue the story but I found that trying to write about the gay thing didn’t sound convincing: so the story stops here.
The story started out as a fuck story; but finished up as a social comment on our times. Child pornography, child prostitution and white slavery all exist in our modern world.

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