Jenni III

Jenni III

Jenni III

That night Jenni woke me from a sound sleep. She was sniffling some. When my hands stroked her face in the darkness of our bedroom, I found her eyes a bit teary. “My asshole, Johnny, it really hurts.” My heart broke. She told me she hadn’t been able to sleep and it was nearly two in the morning. I ran to the medicine cabinet, quickly shaking a strong muscle relaxer out of a medicine bottle. I ran to the kitchen and filled a small baggy full of crushed ice. With a glass of juice, I returned to the bedroom to take care of my baby. She was soon looking at me very sleepily, lying on her tummy, her ass iced, and she smiled at me. I kept her home from school this Wednesday, even when she said her ass felt a little better. By noon, she was lying on a recliner by the pool, on her tummy, glistening in the sun, naked. School was nearly done for the summer, and I looked forward to having her around the house all day.

Wednesday’s is also the day my landscaper, Mr. Richards, a tall thin black man of forty years, comes to tend to my twelve acres. During the spring, he would come on a weekend day too, with his son Lewis, a skinny black boy of 16, to get the grounds in tip-top shape for the summer. He had spoken to me about his son, Lewis, an excellent student, and we had agreed, once he was out of school for the summer, he could handle my yard alone, once a week. Mr. Richards would drop him off, with a trailer full of equipment in the morning. On this day, I watched young Lewis sweating in my front yard, cutting my grass. I walked out back, and told little Jenni that Lewis would be soon cutting the grass around the pool and when he was done with the yard, I was going to invite him to swim. Little Jenni looked very sexy, lying there naked, so when she went inside to get her bikini, which she would wear until Lewis was done swimming, I followed her. While her ass felt sore, her pussy was fine, perfect to me actually, and I took quick efficient advantage of it, coming very quickly all over her oily body.

“I’m sorry I didn’t last longer,” I said apologetically. “I just get very excited at looking at your young oily, tan, thin, sexy, young, sweaty, oily…”

“That’s ok, John,” she said sweetly. “It felt good. And I’ll get you later, perhaps torture and tease you.” Fear gripped my heart, and I quickly hid from her until she was lying scantily clad back by the pool. Later, I saw that Lewis was loading his trailer, and soon he walked to my front door. I met him there.

“Mr. Wilson, may I use your phone to call my father?” he asked politely. I assured him he could and asked if he would like to use the pool first. He looked down at his dirty gym shorts made of thin yellow material and asked if he could hop into the pool wearing them.

“Absolutely.” I said, leading him out back to the pool. I quickly introduced him to Jenni, and then walked to the pool house to get him a towel. I returned with it and sat on the recliner, setting my hand down on Jenni’s oily arm. Lewis swam for a while, but when he pulled himself out of the pool, I felt Jenni’s hand close over mine, and grip it tightly. I wondered what she wanted, when I noticed Lewis standing next to the pool, getting ready to dive back in. Under his shorts, I could see he had and enormous cock, curving gently in his shorts, obviously not even hard.

“Good golly oh Molly,” Jenni whispered. I watched him dive into the pool, then looked down at Jenni. She was visibly awed. She looked up at me with wonder in her eyes. I smiled at her, feeling oddly excited. I nodded toward the pool. Jenni took that as encouragement, correctly so, and rose from the recliner, looking hotter than ever and wiggled quickly out off her bikini. I had been giving her swim lessons recently, though she hadn’t caught on very well. She walked to the edge of the pool, catching Lewis’ eyes. She pinched her nose shut with her little fingers and jumped into the pool, her little pony tails hanging briefly in the air, and then dropping with her into a splashdown, Lewis watching her intently. Soon she bobbed to the surface, and began to dog-paddle toward the shyly smiling Lewis. I thought perhaps I should leave them alone.

I ran inside and quickly launched a search for my binoculars, I wanted to watch her get fucked with that massive black cock! Call it a Voyeur fetish, perhaps. Finding my binoculars, I ran up to my office and watched, looking down at the pool as the two froliced in the pool for a while. Jenni was flirting and teasing him, and soon was chasing after him, as fast as she could dog-paddle. I opened the office window so I could hear what she was yelling.

“Come back Lewis, I just want to see it!” she hollered after the fleeing skinny black boy. “Stop! Wait!…You’re a very good swimmer Lewis.” Lewis made a tactical error, and soon, the slow swimming Jenni had him trapped in a corner in the shallow end of the pool, and was sucking eagerly on his enormous and stiff black cock. I was stroking myself feverishly, watching them. Jenni took Lewis’ hand, and led him to her recliner. She took Lewis’ cock into her mouth again, as the boy’s hands began to roam my sweety’s young firm wet, oily, tan body. He was in heaven, I could see his expression clearly. He looked right up at me, a little later, standing at my window, and saw me giving him a “thumbs-up.” He lay Jenni back on the recliner, and was soon between her legs sucking away at her pussy, causing her to wiggle and squirm. I could easily make out her cries of joy, as his tongue washed her teen pussy with vigor, but not really seeming to find her clit.

Fuck me Lewis, now, stuff your giant black snake into my wet puss!” she demanded. Lewis rose from between her legs and set the head of his cock at Jenni’s slit. I figured his cock had to be at least ten inches, if not a foot long, with greater girth then my own fat cock. Anyway, it looked massive hanging over tiny Jenni’s body, her teenage pussy. I wondered how Jenni would take it. I knew I caused her a little pain when I got carried away and flew out of control and slammed into her too hard with my full cock, so I suspected she was in for a little pain soon. I watched closely as it slid into her.

“Fuck that’s a big cock Lewis,” she moaned with some pain. “Oh Fuck, oh Fuck, go slow, Lewis, oh fuck!” Slowly Lewis stretched her pussy so wide I couldn’t believe it. My tiny Jenni’s pussy looked like it was swallowing a telephone pole. He had it half way into her when she started to scream… in delight. “Yes fuck me! Fuck me with the huge black cock, oh it feels so good to get stretched by your black monster cock, Lewis. Mmmm! Mmmm! Ohhh, guff! Grrr!” Lewis began to slide out of her, perhaps not wanting to exceed the young teen’s limit. He slammed back into her, now quickening his pace. She was soon being pounded by two-thirds of his huge cock, and loving it. Through my binoculars, I could see his black, heavily veined cock nearly turning Jenni’s pussy inside out.

“Yes! Yes! Stuff me Lewis!” her legs flailed about. Her pony tails were twirling around and around as her head flew back and forth with Lewis’ thrust. Young Jenni gained control of herself, somehow, taking two-thirds of that huge cock, and held Lewis’ face in her hands, as he leaned over her, her little legs spread wide, toes curling. “You like my pussy Lewis? Is my pussy nice and tight Lewis? Are you stretching out my little tight pussy, Lewis? I think you are! I think you are stretching it! Oh fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck my little pussy Lewis! Give it to me!” Skinny Lewis was soon shorting his sperm all over my little angel, as she rose to take the head of his giant cock into her mouth, to gather what semen she could. Lewis soon laid down on the recliner with the heavily breathing Jenni. I watched and listened to them giggle and laugh together.

“You have a fine young pussy, Jenni, and you are so hot!” he said, shyly. Soon, Lewis was trying to kiss young Jenni, who politely refused his efforts. The boy was growing excited again, so Jenni gave him an option. “I could suck on your cock, Lewis,” she suggested. “Until you are really hard and then you could fuck me again…would you like that?” Lewis nodded enthusiastically, and straddle the recliner, while Jenni reached back and pulled the back of the recliner forward a bit, so she could sit back against it and swallow his cock as Lewis thrust it into her mouth for the second time.

I was pleased with the amount of Lewis’ cock Jenni managed to swallow. Roughly half, and she worked the other half feverishly with a saliva filled hand, while stroking and fondling his proportionally small 16-year-old balls. I stroked myself harder and harder, and was happy to see Lewis grab Jenni’s pony tails and guide her face up and down his now rock hard cock, as saliva fell from his cock, dripped from his balls, onto Jenni’s tanned oily tummy. Lewis grew incredibly hard. Jenni spit his cock out of her mouth and had Lewis lie back on the recliner now, lowering the back of the recliner again, before she mounted him and guided the large head of his cock into her pussy once again.

“I’m going to ride your cock, Lewis,” she told him. “I’m gonna slide up and down your cock with my soaking wet puss!” And she did, with gusto. When, after about a minute, I saw Jenni actually sit down on his whole entire cock!, I began to spray sperm all over my office, greatly excited by Jenni’s squeals of delight reaching my open window. “Whheee! OOOHHH!” She hollered over and over, coming like mad on his huge cock, as Lewis tried to keep his hands on her firm oily body as she wiggled about, up and down on his cock. “Whheee! Ooohhh!” Lewis lasted longer the second fuck than he did the first. But too soon for Jenni, he was filling her with his come again.

Now, the third time he fucked her, doggy style on the recliner, he seemed to really hit his rhythm. Fascinated, I watched his long, black cock slide in and out of my angel, stretching her pussy, pulling it out and smashing it back in. Lewis found her pony tails again and started pulling her back on his huge cock, causing a slapping sound when her muscled ass hit his hard stomach each time, faster and faster. She loved that, her yelling squeals echoing off the pool house, my house, the surrounding woods. Her sweat covered oily body, looking terrifically tanned, drove back and forth, accepted his giant cock for all it was worth, as her young pussy took in his huge cock, stretched to the maximum allowable width of a thirteen year old pussy.

“Don’t stop Lewis, I coming hard! Coming! GO! Ram me! Fuck me! Fuck yes! Huge fucking cock!” She hollered, and then screaming so loud, in such a high pitch, my windows vibrated. She fell forward, twitching as if electrocuted, off of Lewis cock as he started to unload another river of sperm, which mostly landed on Jenni. I decided to buy a video camera right then and there.

That night, I placed a baggy of crushed ice on poor Jenni’s pussy And ass, when she came to bed. She asked me if I was mad at her for fucking Lewis' giant cock three whole times. When I showed her my erection, telling her I got it every time I thought about watching them, she smiled.

“He doesn’t hit all the right spots in me, like you do,” she complained finally, “and can’t lick puss at all. And the first fuck was just purely painful. That’s why I crawled on top of him the second time. I really loosened up then,” she explained, leaning back on her pillows, adjusting her bag of ice, getting comfortable. “Now come fuck my face with your erection, Johnny.”

I soon had her choking and gagging on my cock, as she covered it with her mouth juices. I felt the tip of my cock push past the back of her mouth, into her tight throat, and I held it there for a moment, until she pushed me back with her hand. Several more times I got my cock to slip down her throat, and managed to hold it there longer each time. I was glad she was learning to deep throat, most of the girls who had sucked my cock never could. Finally, when my cock slipped down into her throat the fourth or fifth time, I began to come, as her throat tightened around the head of my cock pleasantly. In the morning, as she dressed for school, she announce her ass and pussy felt much much better.

But Jenni came to me after school, sad and dejected. Her mother had been in tears when she visited, her parent's rent unpaid, she reported to me remorsefully. Their rent-money had gone up in crack-smoke. So imagine her delight, when we met my realtor, and bought her parents a small house, hiring a moving company to assist. We brought her poor sad mother to see her new home, and she grew happy, but flooded with tears.

When Jenni and I returned home, she quickly made us dinner, afterward I gave her another present, seven inch long dildo. And yet another present, a shiny green American Express card, with her name on it. Yes, I told her, she could shop for new furniture with her mom for their home. I was feeling more confident her parents were going to stay quiet about our relationship.

I had put batteries into her vibrator, and soon we were in bed playing. Jenni had a ball with both toys, her sexual imagination was improving with leaps and bounds, far beyond my meager imagination, diabolical planning aside. I fucked her well, dog-style, while sliding the small vibrator in and out of her little asshole, causing her to come and come. As I recovered, Jenni fondled me, deep in thought. Finally, she issued her new decree to me.

“John?” Jenni asked, stroking his chest. “I think I would like to shave your cock and balls.” I was stunned. I was afraid, as any man would be, having such a sharp blade close to his balls, his cock.
“Ok…” She was off the bed and out of the room so fast all I saw of her was her vapor trail. Soon she returned with a razor, cream and towels and quickly had my cock and balls completely lathered. It felt good to have all that lather rubbed on me by her little hand. Though it didn’t feel so good when she stuffed that little vibrator into my ass. But, I did miss it when she slid it out later to shave around my still vibrating butt hole. My cock, feeling strange free of hair, had remained hard as…hmm…granite, I would say.

She had seen the pleasure in my face when she had lathered me up, so now, again she worked on my cock that way, all lathered up, and had her little vibrator sliding in and out of my ass, working my cock up to a sperm spirting frenzy with her hand.

“Johnny?” she asked. “Can I have a friend over Saturday night?” I think I managed to nod, in my excited state, as she worked my lathered cock with her little hand, up and down, vibrator in and out.

“Karlie is very pretty.” Jenni explained to me. “I told her all about you, Johnny, that is, after she told me about her daddy and brother. Johnny, her daddy and brother like to Drill Out Her Asshole. From what I could gather, you have a much larger, much thicker cock than them.” Jenni complimented me. “So what do you say, Johnny? I would so much like to start a lesbian love affair with her, and perhaps, you could stretch and ream-out her little thirteen-year-old-ass?” I know for a fact I nodded then. She squealed in joy, and intensified her efforts to please my hairless lathered cock and asshole. Soon, I splattered the ceiling of my bedroom with my eruption of sperm. Jenni looked so proud!

Friday we woke up in each others arms, my cock filled with it’s customer stiffness, ready for the customary teen lips to suck on it. But no! She ignored my cock, all day long…nothing. Though she did feed me very well, four times that day. She had me to bed very early.

Saturday morning brought the same disappointment, and my cock and I grew depressed when she cleared the breakfast from my bed, stacking plates back on her tray, and announcing we needed to hurry, we had a lot to do. Jenni returned to bed, the Yellow-pages in her hands, and pointed to a listing and said we need to go…

“Here, Johnny, they sell it all!” she explained, and she was soon throwing my clothes on the bed, telling me to hurry, dress! Noting the address of the shop, I knew about where to go. At ten they opened, and Jenni insisted we be there then. We were.

“Do you have a lot of bondage equipment?” Jenni asked the fifty-year-old lady behind the counter. The lady’s hand rose to her mouth and she gasped.

“Aren’t you the cutest little bug in the world!?!” she exclaimed. “Why yes, little doll, I stock a lot of it. What did you have in mind?”

“I want a collar big enough for him,” she said pointing at me. Feeling suddenly embarrassed and self conscience, I had no where to hide, and though I tried to look very invisible, the clerk saw me, clearly. I needed to work on that.

“Ok…” the lady said.
“And one for me, too….” Jenni explained. Well…we left that shop with a quarter-ton of bondage equipment. Cuffs, chains, chairs, swings, whips, dildos, how-to guides…they had it, we bought it.

“You’ll need a stud-finder, and a strong hook,” the clerk explained to me. “To hang that swinging chair from a strong beam supporting your ceiling.” she said, nodding knowingly. Jenni was thrilled. I was frightened. Until I met Karlie, at the mall.

“We got it all!,” Jenni informed her friend, Karlie, in front of The Gap. What a fucking knock-out I thought! Looking at this girl, I saw she was exactly almost perfectly, nearly, clearly the opposite of Jenni. Dark hair, dark eyes, fair skin, firm small breasts, hips that swung when she had walked toward us, and swung and swung…wiping the drool away from my mouth I shook her hand, getting a bit of drool on her.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Wilson,” she said, wiping her hand off on my shirt.
“Call me…um…” I babbled, staring at her sexy, pierced belly button.
“John, call him John.” Jenni said, pinching my ass so hard my toes crossed. I followed behind them closely, all around the mall, where ever they went, watching both their assets, as Jenni learned to swing her hips like Karlie’s. Following and watching, following and watching.

“You can’t come in here Johnny,” Jenni eventually said, “it’s the women’s room and you aren’t allowed.” I was sad, as I stood, suddenly alone, but I heard Karlie talking.

“He’s cute! But does he always drool like that?…he’s very….” As the door swung closed, I went to buy vitamins, the Hi-Potency type and a sack full of Chinese herbs guaranteeing to do exactly what I knew I needed. Keep me up, keep me hard, keep me going, and going, and…

They had a blast restraining me, in that swinging chair I had hung from the ceiling. Karlie eagerly fondled my equipment.

“I love his big, bald cock!” she claimed. “It feels so smooth, clean…ohhh…” Karlie soon began to drool all over my cock, so freely at her disposal, me so effectively restrained. As her mouth began to bob up and down on my cock, Jenni quickly undressed, and sat next to Karlie, all tan and nude. Karlie shared my cock with Jenni then, and began to undress, herself. I loved her breasts, as her skin strained to hold their swelling. Her nipples grew hard as she watched me staring at them. She slid out of her small skirt, revealing her tight hips and waist, covered in tiny sexy underwear. Slowly, she squirmed out of her underwear, covering her pussy with a hand, but slowly, with a smile, she moved it away, revealing her thirteen-year-old pussy to me. It was lightly covered with little brown pubes, and sported prominent pussy lips.

Jenni must have seen my eyes, wide and excited, as she sucked on me eagerly. She turned away from my cock, trailing a long thin line of saliva, and took in her naked friend. I felt sad as Jenni’s hand freed my cock. I grew lonely as she stood and approached her friend. I grew even more aroused at what I saw them do. Embrace. Feel each other’s fine young bodies with their small quick teen hands. I watched as Karlie’s hands spread my Jenni’s ass cheeks wide, and run a finger down the crack of her ass, and between Jenni’s wet pussy lips, spreading them, feeling them and stopping on Jenni’s clit, touching it, tickling it. It was quiet a sight.

“Ummm Karlie,” Jenni said. My cock spoke to me, then, demanding I do something, anything! NOW! Get us free and FUCK them BOTH! I told my cock to chill, and continued grasping the key to the cuffs in one hand, which I had palmed when the girls began restraining me. For long minutes, I watched them fondle and please each other, and learn new lesbian techniques. Occasionally, Karlie or Jenni would look my way, spend a minute on my cock, as the other watched, feeling herself. I watched them curl up into a sixty-nine position and suck and tickle one another’s pussy, until both became very aroused and later, had orgasms. That’s when the games began.

Karlie stood before me, touching her self, as Jenni was sucking my cock. I watched Karlie, as she spun around and without taking her eyes off of me, began spreading her frim ass cheeks wide, showing me her pretty butt hole and spreading pussy lips.

“Oh, Johnny, like what you see?” she asked me. Jenni turned away from my wet hard cock, and looked at Karlie, as the dark beauty began to backup toward me, holding her ass cheeks apart. Slowly she began to approach the head of my very interested cock. Gently, she came into contact. Slowly, with the head of my cock resting on her tight asshole, she pushed, down and on to me. Sadly my cock slipped away from her ass, as I shook and rattled my restraints with my tremendous frustration. The girls thought this hilarious. Jenni had to try.

“Move! Move Karlie.” she demanded. Jenni stood up before me, and lifting a leg, raising it over my shoulder, resting her foot on the back of the chair. She twisted her body sideways, and began doing the splits, her pussy coming closer and closer to my cock. She had better aim, or my cock stood more still, as her pussy lips began to spread over my cock. “Huh! Oh…” Jenni moaned. But then she bounced, lifting her pussy from my cock. I shook the chair and restraints in my frustration, to the wiggling girls’ delight. Karlie had to try again, squealing, she demanded. And soon, holding her ass cheeks apart, lowered her asshole onto the head of my cock, with better, more careful aim. I watched, with glee, as the head of my cock head pushed her tight asshole open and slid perhaps halfway in, before she leaned forward, and stepped away from me.

“Mm…he’ll feel good in my ass,” she moaned, as I shook the chair again. “When and if I let him have it.” Both girls taunted me and my cock this way, giggling and teasing, loving every minute that I grew more frustrated with them. Jenni eagerly licked some lubricating saliva on Karlie’s asshole before each later attempt. Karlie licked Jenni’s pussy before each of her attempts, and soon, each girl had become more aroused again, with each other’s licks and soon, to my dissatisfaction, fell to the floor in a crumble, bodies entwining, and wiggling, sucking and licking. My cock demanded revenge, demanded gratification, as I watched the two nymphs pleasing each other. I shook my restraints noisily, and when neither teen looked up at me, I went about freeing myself.

Slowly relaxing my hand that held the key to my cuffs, I worked the small key toward my finger tips. Once I was holding the key securely in my finger tip, I began the struggle to pull my restrained arms closer together, and it was hard. Shaking, I was finally able to get the key into the keyhole, and unlock my cuff, freeing my arm. I quickly unlocked my other arm, and looking, found the girls still engrossed in one another. I promised my cock prompt revenge and gratification, as I slowly unlocked one and then the other cuff, from my legs. Karlie was atop of Jenni, as the two girls made out, grinding their pubic bones together so hard I could almost hear it.

I dove off the chair, with a ferocious roar! I landed atop the girls, between their legs and immediately began thrusting my vengeful cock at any hole it could find pleasure within. The girls squealed in terror at my roar, and the sudden crushing wait on top of them.

“Yack!” Jenni hollered. “It’s in me! It’s in me! Johnny’s cock is in my pussy!” Indeed! And a happy hard cock it was, to find such welcoming warmth and wetness. Pulling out of Jenni, I thrust again, higher, and hard.

“Umph!” Karlie groaned.
“He got you! He got you!” Jenni cried.
“My pussy! He’s in my pussy!” Karlie squealed. Both girls began to struggle, squirming and moaning, screaming in terror, their lesbian love-fest shattered. Their prisoner had escaped! I pulled out of Karlie’s pussy, and drew back for another thrust, even higher this time, as young agile Jenni wiggled from under Karlie, crawling and backing away, toward our bed. I thrust again, finding a tight wet hole. Karlie squawked. Part in surprise. Part in Pain. Part in pleasure.

“My Ass!” She croaked. I had found it! I thrust harder, as Karlie, on her hands and knees began to crawl toward the bed too. Deeper into her ass I drove.

“Oh god! His cock is so FAT!” she cried. “ Jen! Help me Jen!” Jenni continued backing away, eyes wide, and soon was climbing onto the bed, being no help to Karlie, who was quickly taking my cock into her ass. Karlie was squealing now, slowly crawling toward the bed, while I thrust again and again, deeper into her ass. “Eeee!….Eeee!…EEE!…” She reached the bed, laying her arms on it, her hands began pulling at the covers. “Oh fuck! Ouch!…Umph!”

Jenni’s eyes were glued to Karlie’s face, which I couldn’t see. Jenni looked concerned. I slowed my progress to fill Karlie’s ass, slightly, pulling a bit out of her.

“Ohhhhh….” Karlie moaned, her struggles to climb the bed ceasing. I slowly thrust, lightly, back into her ass. “Mmmm….” I slowly with drew. “Ohhh…” and back in “Mmmm….”

I watched Jenni’s face lose it’s concern, and take on a little envy. So I launched another effort to fill Karlie’s ass with my cock. Her tight ass felt like cock-heaven! It was tight, from her youth, and warm. Her sphincter was surrendering, realizing that further resistance to my cock was futile. I looked down to watch my cock take it’s next dip into Karlie’s ass. She was on her knees, leaning forward with her arms on the end of my bed, helping support her. I was kneeling behind her, my arms outstretched also, gripping the footboard on the end of my bed. As I admired young Karlie’s ass being penetrated by my cock, it dawned on me just how small this girl was. Until right then, I had been judging her size relative to my Jenni. And she was a size larger than my angel. But looking down on her, her torso between my outstretched arms, I saw a young thirteen-year-old girl, small and slim, fair skin, with more curves on her body than little Jenni’s

“Oh Daddy, Oh…” she moaned, perhaps confused. “Golly, my ass is stretched…I love the way your hairless balls slap against my clit!” Karlie had been looking to Jenni, but now rolled her head to the side, presenting me with her large brown eyes. She was biting her lower lip, then expression on her face showing pleasure and pain. “God your in deep.” Her eyes flashed at me. “I’ve never had a cock that deep in my ass….fuck…Yes…Mmm…” I watched my cock sliding into her, knowing I could do better. My thighs were meeting her ass, stopping my cock from sliding all it’s length into her. So I rose from my knees, spread my legs, so I could thrust my cock down into her with out meeting the back of her ass or her thighs with any part of me but my eight-inch thick cock. I thrust all the way into her.

“Grraaaa…Mmmm,” Karlie moaned. “Fuuu…..KKK! YESS!” I released my grip on the footboard of my bed, and began to fondle her small swollen breasts, finding her nipples hard. I pinched them lightly, watching goose bumps sprout along her spine and shoulders. Jenni, who had scooted to the top of the bed while fleeing, was now inching her way back toward us, looking curious and left-out.

“Karlie’s ass is fucking great, Jenni,” I said. “Fucking great! Fuck yeah! She’s taking my whole cock, Jenni, right up her tight ass.” My powerful thrusts were pushing young Karlie, sliding across the floor of my room on her knees, closer and closer to the end of my bed. I gripped her firmly around her ribs, and with my cock sunken in her, lifted her up and set her down on the end of the bed, resting her on her knees. I held her firm around her mid-section, as she leaned slightly forward, nearly limp in my arms.

“Tha…Tha..KK you,” she groaned. Jenni squatted on the bed before Karlie, and spread her thin legs out. She reached forward and began to play with Karlie’s hanging pussy lips.

“Fuck her Johnny,” she ordered. “Drill her ass out good.” Karlie seemed doubly pleased to have a cock in her ass and her friend playing with her pussy.

“You guys…you guys…yall are making…errr…” Karlie cried, nearly hysterical with pleasure. I began to kiss Karlie’s neck and throat, biting her shoulder and nibbling on her ear. “Errr…Ohhh…Mmmm.” As I looked over Karlie’s shoulder, I watched Jenni doubling her efforts on friend’s pussy, frigging it so fast her hand was a blur to me. This caused Karlie to start snorting. I kept up my pace, quick deep thrust into her ass, and began to milk her firm breasts, as Karlie kept snorting away. She finally quit snorting, to give us the latest news.

“Ass-gasm, I’m having an Ass-gasm. Big one…” she alerted us. “Big-gasm! Big Ass-gasm, now oh fuck YES! YES!” She shrieked. As I hammered into Karlie, Jenni seemed to jump as if surprised. I looked at her, and saw her arm was getting sprayed with nearly clear fluids. I felt some hit my lap and legs. “Squirting, oh god. I’m Squirting! Ass-gasm!” I lost it. I let go of Karlie, and she began to fall forward, as I followed her, pounding into her. Karlie landed mostly between Jenni’s legs, her head in Jenni’s soaking wet lap. I pounded into Karlie’s ass with beast-like brutality, my cock firing load after load of cum into her. “In my ASS Daddy! Daddy shoot it all in my ASS!” She was certainly confused, in her orgasmic state of mind, and I bore her no ill will. She referred to me ass Daddy at least a dozen more times that weekend.

“You shot a lot of goo into Karlie’s ass, Johnny,” Jenni informed me about fifteen minutes later, after the girls had changed into their bikini’s. “I hope you saved some for me. Can you come outside and oil us by the pool?” I certainly could, feeling my vitamins and herbs already working their magic as I admired Jenni in her tiny bikini. I didn’t get much of a chance to stare at the girls in their bikinis long, though, they seemed to think nude sunbathing was ideal on the beautiful day we were having. I did an excellent job of protecting them from the sun.

“Johnny’s hand feel good on me, Jenni,” Karlie said, smiling at me as I rubbed her young body with suntan oil. I looked over at Jenni, who first looked pleased I was treating her friend so well, but quickly flashed me a look. “Come over here and fuck me, hurry!” is about what that looked said. Soon, as I was lying in Jenni’s spot on her recliner as she rode my cock with urgency. It became clear to me, as I watched her, she was very turned on, and frantically trying to relieve some itch deep in her pussy, hardly caring about my pleasure. It was nice really, to be used for my hardness, to scratch a hard-too-reach itch. It was unusual, the way she was riding me, that I had not seen her so urgently trying to please herself before, and I was glad she had invited Karlie over for the weekend. She came powerfully, twice, in close succession, before she turned her attention to me. Sliding up and off my dick, she grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her mouth.

“God girl, you suck a mean dick,” Karlie observed, sliding over from her recliner to ours, closely watching her friend swallow my cock. “You get him so wet! I want to try!” Soon, I had the girls passing my cock back and forth.

“His cum is delicious, Karlie.” Jenni said. Karlie was greedily trying to get me to cum, working my cock nearly as well as Jenni usually does. Karlie swallowed my whole load.

When the girls dragged their oily bodies on to Mr. Frog, my giant green raft in the pool, and began to frolic with one another, I quickly grabbed my new video camera and launched my amateur-photography career. I filmed them as I walked slowly around the pool, closely zoomed in on there actions. I’m such a perv!

Late in the afternoon, I took them out to a late lunch. We ate hungrily. Across the street was a large the large Cineplex. The girls expressed their desire to see a movie. The threater was cool and dark, the movie was ok, the fine young bodies I groped on either side of me were tremendous. We left the cinema horny and eager to get home.

Jenni and I undressed Karlie and worked together to restrain her in the swinging chair. She looked delicious, naked and cuffed. Jenni sucked and licked Karlie’s pussy and ass as I took my time undressing and watching.

“Will you fuck me in the ass again, Johnny?” Karlie asked me, her breathing becoming irregular under Jenni’s tongue assault. I nodded that I would.

“I will fuck your ass,” I promised the teen, who was now struggling against her restraints. Jenni moved aside and grabbed my cock, lathering it with some saliva and aiming it at her friend’s wet asshole. When I slid into Karlie, Jenni hopped up and ran to the back of the chair.

“Wait,” Jenni cried. “I want to swing Karlie back and forth on you cock. So sit still Johnny.” I obeyed, remaining calm as I knelt in front of Karlie, cock half buried in her tight ass. Jenni began to push and pull on the chair, cooing to Karlie as she slowly began absorbing my cock into her ass.

“Oh god yes!” Karlie cried. “Swing me on his cock, Jen!” Karlie’s head rolled from side to side. “Stuff my ass on it…Stuff it in me Jenni!” As I remained still, watching my cock slide in and out of the young teen’s ass, Jenni swung the chair, pleasing us both, and mewing encouragement.

“Take it Karlie! Take that cucumber cock into your ass!” Jenni demanded.
“Oh Daddy! Your cock is so thick!” Karlie moaned. “It really stretches me Daddy, it feels like a big shit in me.” Jenni slammed Karlie onto my cock again and again, until Karlie begged for a rest. Jenni slowed the swinging fuck chair to a halt. She announced she had an idea, and quickly darted out of the room. I looked down at young Karlie, her eyes closed, biting her lower lip, her ass twitching around my cock. Fucking fine looking babe, I thought to myself.

“You are fucking hot!” I told Karlie, who managed to smile and look proud, my cock remaining hard and still in her teen ass. Soon Jenni came running back into the bedroom with her shaving gear.

“I’m gonna shave her pussy, Johnny,” she said, kneeling beside me, in front of Karlie. “Keep your cock in her ass while I do.” I flexed my cock then, causing Karlie to moan. I kept flexing my cock in the teen’s ass as I watched Jenni smear lather all over Karlie’s lightly pubed pussy. Karlie enjoyed the feeling of the lather, apparently.

“Mmm…Mmm.” she moaned, feeling my cock twitch in her ass and lather being applied to her wet pussy. “Ohhh….” Carefully, taking her sweet time, Jenni began to shave the hair from Karlie’s pussy. I kept flexing my cock. Karlie bit her lower lip and let out a long sigh, her cheeks puffing. “Pfff…..” Jenni examined Karlie’s pussy closely for anything she may have missed with her razor, running her fingering lightly over her friends bald, cleanly shaved pussy. “Mmm….” Pleased with her work, Jenny put a little more lather on Karlie’s pussy and began to smear it around again.

“Fuck her ass, Johnny,” Jenni ordered. “Let her have it.” I was ready, my cock impatient. I started slowly, sawing at Karlie’s ass as Jenni smeared lather around her friend’s pussy. Karlie thought this was great, and said so.

“Yall…Yall are…Eeeee….” She moaned. “Ohhh…” I fucked her harder and harder, til her little titties were bouncing in beat with my thrusts into her ass. Karlie’s body sprouted a billion little goose bumps, and soon she was crying in pleasure, my cock stretching her asshole, Jenni’s slick fingers playing with her clit. Lather had gotten onto my cock, as it continued to slide in and out. It felt warm, and added to the heat of Karlie’s tight ass around my cock. Jenni spread more lather onto my cock, as I slid in and out. The lather seemed to add to the pressure inside Karlie’s ass, which was already incredibly tight around me. Karlie’s head lay back, her mouth open, her little tongue deep inside, also bouncing slightly with my thrust. I watched Jenni smear her friend’s pussy with lather. Soon Jenni reached around my cock with her other lather filled hand and began to stroke me too, as I slid in and out of the tight asshole. It was too much for my, my balls started tingling. With urgent strength, I began pulling the chair harder and harder onto my cock, Karlie’s ass smacking into me with a loud slap. Like a frenzied animal, I began to pump her ass full of sperm. Her tight ass, sealed around my cock, soon began to fill with my load. Her shit tubes filled with more and more semen, the pressure in her ass building. When I finally pulled out of the quivering teen’s ass, the action caused an audible “Plop!” Karlie’s ass remained gaped for nearly half a minute, as Jenni peered inside her friend, seeing the mixture of cum, lather and ass juice. We freed Karlie, and I carried the limp teen to the bed, where we all cuddled together.

“That was the best ass-fucking ever,” Karlie groaned. “My whole body felt like one big orgasm. Do you fuck Jenni in the ass a lot, Johnny.”

“Like four or five times, I guess,” I admitted. “I think she likes it more and more each time.” Jenni grunted in agreement.

“I guess I like it doggy style best,” Karlie said, reflecting on her memories. “I like it when I am on top of my brother, fucking him, and my Daddy takes me in the ass. Have you done it doggy-style, Jenni?” Jenni shook her head, we had only done it the one way.

“With Johnny on top,” she explained. “Going slowly, stretching me out real slow like.” Karlie looked at me then and told me what she had in mind.

“We should tie up Jenni, real good on the bed, and you can fuck her ass doggie-style, Johnny.” I eagerly agreed. Jenni also thought it was a marvelous, ingenious idea.

“No!” she cried. “Never!” She tried to wiggle away, but Karlie and I, giggling, easily restrained the struggling waif. “Not like that! Not doggy-style in my ass, Johnny, Please!” She was so eager to comply, it only took us twenty-five minutes to have her restrained on the bed using all of our ropes, chains and cuffs we had purchased. I thought Karlie and I did a wonderful job, as we both admired our work. Using ropes and chains, and two of my silk ties, we had Jenni kneeling on the bed, her legs together, her hands tied closely to her legs, and her ass high in the air, awaiting assault. I liked looking at her this way, helpless, and could not help but to notice that with her legs pressed tightly together, there was still a small gap between her legs, right below her pussy. It turned me on, my cock was already filling with blood.

Karlie had me lie down in front of Jenni, and began to suck on my cock, as Jenni wiggled in anxiety. When I was completely hard, I knelt in front of Jenni, and stuffed my cock into her whining mouth, as Karlie went to work lubricating and stretching Jenni’s tight asshole. Karlie started with her finger, and then moved onto the small vibrator. After ten minutes, Jenni’s ass was comfortably taking the larger black dildo.

“Come and get it, Johnny,” Karlie said, pulling the dildo from Jenni’s ass with a plop. I pulled my cock from my baby’s mouth, and circled around behind her to find her ass nicely lubed and stretched. Behind Jenni, I rose and pointed my cock down at her ass.

“Please! NO! Not like this, Johnny,” Jenni begged, her ass swaying from side to side. I aimed at the moving target, and thrust with an accurate eye. “OH!” I pushed into her ass, still struggling and swaying from side to side. “AH!….EE!” Within a minute, my balls were slapping against her pussy with each thrust. “OHHHHH! AHHHHH! EEEEEP!” Jenni hollered, her body not quite accepting my cock into her ass yet. Her sphincter was still fighting me. Karlie soothed her with sexy moans and light touches to her small tiny breasts. Jenni’s ass felt tremendous, as I thrust in and out of it. It was so tight and warm, I promised myself to take her like this daily. Jenni was struggling and wiggling, complaining and begging. Soon though, Karlie’s hand found that little gap between Jenni’s legs, and was massaging her clit.

“Mmm….Yess…Cock…” Jenni moaned. “Hard cock, way in…cock way in my ass…” Karlie managed to tickle my balls every time they came close to Jenni’s pussy. “It stretches my ass so wide when you get way in me.” I looked down, watching my thick cock penetrate her ass. My cock does get really a lot thicker at the base, and I watched with pride as that fat part of my cock stretched my angel’s ass unimaginably. After about three minutes, Jenni was groaning in pleasure. “Fuck it baby, fuck my ass baby. Drill me, stretch my ass, Johnny.” I hammered her. For ten long minutes, Jenni cried out in pleasure as I shoved her internal organs aside with each thrust of my cock. Jenni began to yell in senseless babbling singing squawks, while Karlie kept frigging her pussy. I felt a warm gush of water hit my lap, as Jenni’s body went limp, relying on the restraints to hold her up.

“GOD!” Karlie cried. “She’s a squirter too!” Jenni was flooding us with her cum. Soon, she was begging Karlie to give her pussy a break, squealing in her sensitivity. I kept diligently honing out her sphincter, as Jenni rolled her head back to look at me with her bright blue eyes.

“You like fucking me in the ass this way, Johnny?” She asked. “You like me tied up doggy-style this way for you? Helpless to stop you from reaming out my ass, Johnny? My ass is so full of hard dick, I don’t know where all your cum is going to go, Johnny. Are you going to try to fill me with cum, Johnny? Are you gonna spray a gallon of cum onto me? Into my ass? Are you going to make me a cum filled little ass-whore, Johnny? HMMM?”

I did, quickly, I began to fill my little Jenni’s ass with cum, long full spurts of it. I watched her ass, expecting to see it pouring out. But as I drove into her again and again, her tight sphincter sealed it all in. I felt the my sperm begin to build pressure in her ass, trapped, and trying to fiind someplace to escape. I kept cumming, in long excited spurts.

“Oh GOD! You’re cumming so much!. It’s filling me up!” She cried. Finally, nearly done spurting, I watched as Jenny farted, around my cock. She blew a quart of cum out of her ass, hitting me with it. “YES! Oh fuck yes! That felt great! Great! Oh fuck!”

“Oh my god, Jenni!” Karlie cried. “What a little ass-whore!”
“I’m an Ass-whore. I”m an Ass-whore! I’m an Ass-whore! And it feels so good!”

Later, I was feeling very nearly used up, at two in the morning, when Karlie hopped off my cock, and sucked it into her mouth, sucking cum and pussy juices down her throat. I was done, that’s it! I told the girls so, and started to nod off to sleep.

“I think swallowing all my brother’s sperm helps my boobs grow, Jenni,” Karlie commented. It was the last thing I heard, before I fell asleep. I awoke in the morning with Jenni sucking on my cock, begging me to come. I did, not long after, my cock, tired and sore. Later, after Jenni and I showered, I held her, as I dried her off, in front of the mirror.

“They’re growing, Johnny,” she said caressing the small swells on her chest. “You see?”

Indeed they were. My little dream angel was growing some little boobs. And with a lot of sperm, perhaps they would grow more before the winter, I thought, chuckling at the humor of it. I was just starting to plan a winter vacation. Some place warm and sunny for us to escape to when the cold wind and snow started blowing. But that will have to wait. I wouldn’t want to bore you now with the story of the little Native Boy that Jenni meets in the south Pacific.

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