jennifer and mark part 2

jennifer and mark part 2

Mark and Jennifer part 2

Please read part 1 first.

As Rachael woke up she opened her eyes and was greeted with a pale stone washed wall. It suddenly dawned on her that this was not the boat she fell asleep on; she turned over and noticed another stone wall, no decorations but only two doors. The door on the left appeared to be made of steel where as the door on the right was made of wood. She looked towards the bottom of the bed and noticed a small drawer with three drawers and an envelope on top, addressed to Rachael with a x.

Rachael cautiously got out of the wooden bed and realized she was dressed in a grey sweatshirt and grey jogging pants. Rachael decided to open the envelope and the letter read as following.

My dearest Rachael

Please don’t panic as for now you are safe and well, and will remain that way, for now and forever you are mine.

Jennifer x
There was more writing on the back. As the letter shook with Rachael’s trembling hands. As she turned it over there was a list of what appeared to be instructions. Rachael’s eyes opened wide with fear of the prospect of what else was to come.

Rachael this is your new life from now on. You will notice the clothes from the night mark picked you up are inside the drawer as well as a few other items. The door on the right is heavily fortified with locks and bolts. The wooden door leads to a bathroom. Inside you will find a bath, shower cubicle, toilet, sink, mirror and a light. You also have a selection of toiletries in the cabinet under the sink, as we expect you to maintain a good level of hygiene. There are no sharp objects in the bathroom and from now on all body hair will be removed with waxing, when we see fit. We will come to fetch you for your meals, when you will be escorted into the dining area where you will be given a choice of meals.
You served us both very well on the boat and we still expect the same co-operation. We expect you to knock at the steel door after you have read this and we will arrange you some food. Love Jennifer and mark x.

Rachael stepped back and was bewildered to the generosity. Why hadn’t they killed her? What were they wanting of her.

Rachael walked over to the steel door and knocked on it and said ok I’m awake. A female voice then answered via a speaker in the corner of the ceiling and said about time, two minutes and I’ll be there.

Rachael was good with voices but didn’t recognize this one. It wasn’t Jennifer’s and it certainly wasn’t marks it sounded very sweet with a hint of youthfulness. Step away from the door, face your bed, place the palms of your hands flat on the bed now! Rachael was stunned but thought ok; alright what the hell, I can’t do much about it anyway.

Rachael did what she was asked and the door unlocked with a sickening crunch; Kirsty opened the door and walked over to Rachael, whilst carrying a chain harness. (The same as too what prisoners are forced to wear) Kirsty was dressed in a PVC nurses outfit, fishnet stockings and high heels making her 5 foot 6 slender figure seeming quite tall and domineering. She had long brown hair with blond highlights which swayed as she walked. Her eyes were emerald green and gave the most piercing stare. She told Rachael not to move as she fastened the shackles around her ankles and then secured the chain around Rachael’s waist. She commanded Rachael to stand up straight so she could cuff her wrists, in front.

Right this way bitch and grabbed Rachael’s left forearm and ushered her to the door. One last thing, you have to wear this hood. I will guide you but we don’t want you familiarizing yourself to much with your surroundings. After all I wouldn’t want a pretty little girl like you to escape. I have some plans for you, and with that she hooded her.

After a short walk and many turns, Rachael was told to stand still. Kirsty maneuvered a chair and brushed the edge of the seat against the back of Rachael’s legs. Now darling, take a seat. Rachael’s sat on the cushioned seat. The seat had hooks attached so the handcuffs could be locked into place leaving Rachael free to use her hands. The hood was taken off and Rachael’s eyes adjusted to the light. Kirsty sat opposite in her tight nurse’s outfit with her cleavage trying to escape through. Kirsty handed Rachael a list of sandwiches’ to choose from.

After her meal Kirsty said I’ll explain a few things, mark and Jennifer are holding you captive here. This place will become your new home and your new life. Believe it or not I was in your position two years ago, when mark and Jennifer turned my life around. Now I look at them as family and I also now willingly work for them. You see there not that bad, once they get to know you and trust you, you will love it here. But until they see fit you are under my care and supervision.

Now as you can see I’m dressed in a nurse’s outfit, and the reason for this is I’m going to give you a medical, a confused expression come across Rachael’s face. Is she a qualified doctor or nurse? What is happening? Now just like before you must be hooded and cuffed. Rachael nodded with submission. She knew there was no way to go against it and with that dropped her head and the hood was placed, her hands were cuffed and she was led out back along the corridors in what felt like an obscure direction to how she entered the dining area.

There was a whooshing noise as the door opened. Ok Kirsty said we’re here. Then took the hood off Rachael. Rachael eyes scanned the room. The room had three decorated walls, with posters of the human anatomy, and had many units protruding from the sides of the wall. The fourth wall had a door with a silent key code pad. The remainder of the wall was covered with floor to ceiling windows. In the center of the room was a bed which had four straps on each corner with shackles and medical stirrups on the bottom.

Please lie down on the bed and this will be over soon. Rachael positioned herself onto the bed and lay on her back whilst she still had her shackles on. Kirsty secured her ankles to the bottom corner of the bed using the restraints attached. Kirsty proceeded to unlock one hand and shackled it to the top corner above Rachael’s head and then the second hand. Rachael did not make a sound as she wanted this over and done with as soon as possible, all she thought was would this bitch just do what she wants to do and have done with it. As Kirsty taken the chains off Rachael she said are you comfy, this may take some time. And with that kirtsy walked over to the drawers.

Kirsty bent over showing her tiny arse to Rachael, the light was reflecting from the shiny PVC almost blinding Rachael’s. Kirsty removed a pair of clothing scissors, and turned to Rachael. Now let’s see what we have to work with them. The scissors caught the light and Rachael looked, at them with wide eyes. Rachael then spoke for the first time. What are you going to do with them? (the panic in her voice echoed around the room) well darling I need to remove your clothes and with that Kirsty started to make incisions into the jogging pants from the foot to the waist and then did the same on the other leg, she then started to cut at the sweat shirt, and then removed the ripped clothing, revealing Rachael’s naked, bound body. Rachael felt very nervous of what was to come, however it felt like nothing compared to what happened on the boat. She still couldn’t remember how she got here but that may come back to her later.

There was a cold sharp feeling on her chest she turned round and there was Kirsty with a stethoscope. Listening to her heat beat. Kirsty then carried on with her examinations whilst talking out loud. Heart beat sounds slightly quick but that’s to be expected. Nipples dark in coloration, breasts have no scars and appear to real and natural. She then squeezed Rachael’s nipples, one in each hand. Rachael let out a high pitch scream. Kirsty then carried on, nipples appear to be very receptive to pain. No piercings of any kind. Navel points inwards. No pubic hair however region appears to be slightly swollen. No scars on body or tattoos. Now to commence the internal examination. Rachael looked across and watched silently and intensively as Kirsty opened another cupboard and taken out a speculum, a pair of rubber gloves, and a tube of lubrication.

Kirsty turned round and said we are going to test your pussy for flexibility and accommodation. We also need to test for the same in your ass. Now you have a choice, we can do them both now or you can have your anal exam tomorrow. What would you like to do? Rachael solemnly replied both; let’s get them over with now. Rachael turned over and her face contorted with shock and panic. For Jennifer was standing behind the window. Jennifer entered the room. Hi Kirsty. Kirsty turned and looked at Jennifer and replied hello mistress. Hello Rachael, Jennifer said. Rachael cried out please mistress, please let me go, I won’t tell anyone, please let me go. Jennifer replied shush, speak again without me asking you a question and I will hurt you badly. Please Kirsty carry on, if she continues to talk I will do the examination. And you will have the pleasure of her eating your pussy whilst I do the examination. Kirsty nodded in acceptance.

Kirsty walked back to the benches and put a pair of latex gloves on. Ok Rachael we are now going to commence your examination. Please try to relax as this will a bit cold. Kirsty applied some lubricant to the speculum and smeared it around the shiny metallic device. She walked to the bottom of the bed and knelt down, so her eyes were in line with Rachael’s pussy, and with that she tilted the speculum in line and with the help of the lubricant it slid in. Rachael let out a sharp gasp of air as the cold apparatus penetrated her. Jennifer snapped her attention to Rachael and said you weren’t given permission to make any noise. Take this as a warning. Kirsty slowly started to spread Rachael’s pussy open. She shone a mini torch light into her chasm, and said that looks fine to me and proceeded to remove the speculum. Ok and now for your ass. Jennifer had a small change of heart and said this girl can take my fist up her arse. Trust me on that. I still have it on film.

Rachael had a flash back and could start to remember about the boat. She remembered attacking someone. Yes it was Jennifer. Jennifer looked deeply into Rachael’s eyes and said. Yes i can see your starting to remember. Well remember this; this is the first day of your new life. Now I’m going to leave you in Kristy’s care you may not know this but Kirsty came here just like you. However Kirsty is now what one would call a resident. She teaches people new ways to improve their life, and you are lucky enough to be her girlfriend. Kirsty smiled at Rachael and said to her. We will have so much fun together. Jennifer carried on. Mind you Rachael, Kirsty can be a mean dominatrix and loves using a strap on as many of our clients have come to find out. And with a small kiss on Kristy’s fore head. Jennifer said I’ll expect a show tonight in the dungeon too which Kirsty nodded with acceptance of the request.

After Jennifer had left, Kirsty said. Ok, I’m going to have to have some trust in you, can I trust you. Rachael nodded. Ok I’m going to untie you and take you to the wardrobe. You will walk in front of me and do as I say. I will carry a taser gun in case you try anything as I’d hate for you to run off. Kirsty opened a second cupboard and taken out the gun. And then proceeded to unlock Rachael. Rachael slowly got off the bed and awaited Kirsty to open the door. We’re going to go right and then the second door on the left, and then down the stairs now come on sweetie. As Rachael taken the directions as ordered they reached the bottom of the stairs and were faced with two doors, one either side. It sounded like someone was being hurt from the door to the right and for all Kirsty was curious and wanted to see what was happening she ordered Rachael through the door on the left. The door opened up and inside was a large closet. The closet had all sorts of uniforms in different color’s sizes and designs. There was various dildo’s and vibrators on shelves.

Kirsty said don’t be shy darling you can come in and have a look. Ooh this will do Kirsty said. Kirsty picked up two hangers; one had a cotton white shirt and a red tartan school girl skirt. Now we need something else, yes knee high white boots, there over there under then bench, be a darling and get them, Rachael sauntered to where Kirsty had pointed and checked the size of the boots. Will they fit Kirsty asked; Rachael said yeah they’re just my size. Ok Kirsty said, you’re going back to your room. I expect you dressed in this uniform when I come round. It will be in a couple of hours time but I will have someone collect you. Now back with the hood, but I’m naked Rachael said. Kirsty walked to Rachael’s side, and slapped her arse. I know you’re naked darling. If it was a problem I would have dressed you. And with that Kirsty put the hood on and lead Rachael out of the wardrobe and shut the door then proceeded to take her back to the room.

Rachael went into her bathroom and looked at the towel’s neatly folded on the bathroom she looked in the cupboard under the sink and taken out some shower gel shampoo and conditioner. She got into the shower and started to was her hair, she then started to soap her body up and down, she started to rub the shower gel on her firm body, her hands started to caress her breasts, her nipples were rock hard she was getting so turned on at the thought of the show but couldn’t understand why. Maybe it was the outfit, maybe it was the thought of people going to watch her, she started to rub her pussy and started to tease her clit, and without too much effort she could feel the orgasm starting she carried on a sloped her back against the side of the cubicle, as her legs started to buckle, within moments she came, and collapsed into a heap on the floor of the shower. After she came to her senses she managed to step out of the shower and dry herself with the towel.

She didn’t know how long she had been there for. But thought it was best to get dressed into the uniform and thought this isn’t too bad really. I’m going to be fed I have a constant roof over my head and by the sounds of things, I might enjoy myself.

There was a loud knock on the door. Jennifer jumped out of her bed impatiently. The door open and mark stood there with handcuffs in his hands, hello Rachael, are you ready for tonight’s festivities. I heard kirtsy has got something planned for you. Which I know I and Jennifer will enjoy but I don’t know about you.

Now come with me, mark put the cuffs on Rachael and escorted her through the labyrinth of corridors and led Rachael through the door on the left.

Rachael entered a room which was decorated in the form of a school room. There was a table a chair and to the back of the room she noticed there was a row of seats which had quite a few people sitting on them she didn’t recognize any of them apart from Jennifer. There was a spare seat next to Rachael and marked walked over to it and taken his position. Kirtsy entered the room wearing a blue tartan skirt, a light blue blouse and was wearing black lace stockings which ended up just short of the skirt and wearing the same high heels as before.

Kirtsy walked up behind Rachael and unlocked the handcuffs and re-tied her hands behind her back, she then, placed a ball gag and Rachael’s mouth. This was making Rachael hot and wet.

Kirtsy took a seat on the chair and ordered Rachael to lean across her, kirsty started immediately to spank Rachael’s arse with a wooden pane with each slap of the paddle Rachael lifted her head and moaned in pain, her arse became red raw. Her skin showed the rage of the paddle. After a few intense minutes of spanking kirtsy stopped, and started to finger Rachael’s arse, kirtsy spat on her hand and started to insert two fingers and then three. The stretching of kirtsy arse was intensified by the lack of lubricant and tears started to form in her eyes. Kirtsy then ordered Rachael to the floor, presenting her arse in the air, as Rachael did this kirtsy pushed a thick red butt plug up Rachael’s arse. Rachael screamed but the sound was muffled with the gag, kirtsy shouted if that plug comes out you will be receiving my fist up there. Now get up and bend over that table. Rachael squeezed her anus tight to stop it from falling out as she stood up and bent over.

Kirtsy picked up a cat of nine tails leather whip, and asked the audience to count out the lashes; Rachael braced herself for the worst, and with each lash came a cheer and more pain and redness for Rachael. The lashes went on 1…2…3…4… all the way up to 20 Rachael had given up and surrendered by the 10th lash as she did not know how long this would go on for. Kirtsy went to the other side of the desk opened a drawer and pull out a strap on. Her un gagged Rachael and forced the dildo into Rachael’s mouth whilst holding Rachael’s head, as Rachael started to gag, kirtsy pulled it out and walked round to the back of Rachael. Kirtsy started to push the dildo into Rachael’s pussy. Kirtsy didn’t know this until she started to push that Rachael’s was unbelievably wet. Kirtsy grabbed hold of Rachael’s hair and pulled her head back whilst holding Rachael’s right hip with her right hand and a good grip on Rachael’s hair with her left she gave long deep thrusts, until Rachael came. Shortly after kirtsy taken the strap on out of Jennifer, faced the audience and said, I hope you enjoyed the show and with that, the silent crowd stood up and give a standing ovation. Mark and Jennifer walked up towards kirtsy, Jennifer kissed kirtsy on the forehead, thank you mistress kirtsy replied. Mark then offered his assistance to kirtsy to take Jennifer back to the room. Kirtsy took out the butt plug and through it took the floor. And said come on Rachael time to go to bed Rachael struggled to get up but mark and kirtsy helped her to her feet, undid her cuffs and escorted her out of the dungeon.

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