Jerry and Bobby

Jerry and Bobby

One night my buddy and I had gone to watch our varsity football team play in the championship game and they lost for the second year in a row. As we walked to his truck, we passed the sex ed. Classroom and got to talking about how we had to practice the correct way to put on a condom by unrolling them down the length of a cucumber.

“Those cucumbers are huge! – What high school dude would have a cock that big?” Bob asked.

“Um…. Like most of us! – Your dick doesn’t get that big when it’s fully hard dude?” I said.

“Uh no it doesn’t. – Are you serious? – Yours gets that fat when you’re hard?” Bob said nervously.

“Hell no! – I was just fucking with you man! – You should see the look on your face. – If I really had a cock that big, do you think I’d be here at the game with you’re dumb ass?” I said.

“I don’t know? – Where would you be then?” He asked.

“Where in the fuck do you think I’d be? – I’d be home playing with huge cock! – That’s where!” I said.

We both laughed hysterically and Bob said that they should give the condom-covered cucumbers to the girls to practice sucking cock. I said that if they where going to make the girls practice sucking cock like they made the boys practice putting on a condom, they didn’t need to waste the cucumbers. The boys could just practice putting the condoms on their own cocks, and then the girls could just get on their knees and practice sucking cock.

“That’s a good idea! – I just don’t think the school board would think that making the girls suck cock for 35 minutes a day would be a good idea.” Bob said.

We got a hearty chuckle out of that all the way to Bob’s truck and the conversation seemed to stay on that same subject. He said that I really scared the shit out of him earlier because his cock wasn’t even close to being as big as those cucumbers. But he said it in a way that I could tell he wanted me to offer up my own perception of the difference in size between the cucumbers and my own cock. I was just about to say that mine wasn’t either when a more important thought came into my mind.

“Hey! – Hold on a second! – Why would the school board think that the girls would be sucking the boy’s cocks for 35 minutes everyday. If you think about it, they’d actually be sucking the condom. I don’t matter if you put the condom over a cucumber, a guys cock, a banana, or a carrot. They’d still by sucking on the condom, not what’s underneath it, right?” I said.

Fuck man! – You’re pretty smart because that kind of makes sense.” Bob said.

“Damn right it make sense! – If they put the condoms over a guy’s dick, it will be easier to grade the girls on how well they suck cock. I mean, even if the guy starts blowing a mean load, the girl could just keep on sucking since all of the jizz is going to squirt in the condom, not in her mouth.” I said.

“Exactly!” I replied.

I was feeling more hopeful now because of how Bob had used the word “person” instead of “girl” when he referred to whoever was doing the sucking. That was a bold move on his part and he became really quiet for a few seconds. The sexual tension inside of that truck was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Little did Bob know that I’ve wanted to try sucking on a cock for about a year, or that I’d been in love with him for even longer? He made me feel thing just by standing next to me that no other person has made me feel before, or ever would I suspected. The silence had gone on too long and I had to say something fast because we where so close to my house.

So! Um…What are you gonna do after you drop me off?” I asked with a sad tone.

“Go home I guess! – Why don’t you just stay over at my house tonight?” Bob suggested.

“Yeah! – Good idea!” I said.

A warm sense of relief washed over my entire body when he said that. I didn’t want tonight to end in front of my house in a few seconds and I was glad when we drove passed my street. We continued on our way to Bob’s house and I wondered if something might really happen between us tonight. Either way, I was still going to get to crawl into his warm bed and lay down beside him. That was one thing that I wished that I could do every night for the rest of my life. But he had spoken a few times about the future and used
Milestones like “When I get married.” Or “When I have kids.” – I knew that he had no way of knowing how badly it hurt me to hear him say things like that. It didn’t happed too often but when it did, it would send me straight into a deep depression. It was so hard to hide all of that sadness from during the day that it usually resulted in me crying all night like some kind of fucking schoolgirl. But I couldn’t help it because I loved so much. And for some reason, I couldn’t stop.

“I suppose it wouldn’t do any good to send a letter to the school district to suggest a condom sucking course for the girls as part of the sexual education class, do you?” Bob said.

“Nope! – Besides if they couldn’t make it just for girls. They’d have to open it up for anyone who wanted to take the course. You know? – Like how they had to open up woodshop and Home Economics to boys and girls.” I said.

“Yeah! – That’s cool! – I mean it’s a condom sucking class, not a cock sucking class. But I wonder if any guys would sign up for it.”

Shit! – If I thought there was a market for it, I’d go around charging $10 to anyone who wanted to watch my suck a condom for 5 minutes and they could put the condom over anything that would fit on,”

“Even a guys cock?”” Bob said curiously.

“Sure! But I don’t think I want an audience so I probably handle those customers in private. If I got 10 customers a day, that’s $100.00 for 50 minutes worth of work.” I said.

I could see that Bob was surprised that I’d said that. But at least it was an admission that I’d do it. All he had to do at this point was to ask. I suspected that he feared that I was just kidding, but he could’ve easily asked me that question too. I was frustrated because we’d come so far and I took bigger chances them he did. I got up to go use the restroom hoping that a few minutes alone would give him the time to gather the courage to come up with a clever line to get us over this last hurdle. My heart nearly stopped when I walked back into his room because I saw it right away. There was a condom package and a $10 bill folded in half on my pillow. I was gonna make sweat for a few seconds for making me sweat for the passed year and a half that I’d been waiting for this night to arrive. I let out a little chuckle when I got into bed and pretended as if I just noticed it.

“Dude! – I did you think I was serious?” I said as I picked up the condom package and started to open it.

“Then why are you opening the condom package?” He said with a slight tone of embarrassment.

“Oh! – I’m gonna do this part for you, but I’m not gonna charge you $10 bucks! – Come on! – We’re friends!” I said.

I reached over and squeezed the lump in his boxer briefs and almost dropped my load right there. I had seen Bob’s dick soft a million times but now I was going to see it in a full state of arousal. It felt pretty sizable from the little massage I’d just given it. Now I was having an out of body experience as I hooked my finger onto the elastic band of his underwear and pulled them up, over and around the most magnificent cock on the planet.

“Wow! I said.

“What?” Bob asked.

“Oh um! – Dude! We’re like almost twin!” I said.

I pulled the front of my boxers down and showed him my erection and it was like holding my cock in front of a mirror. He had that noticeable upward curve in his cock that I did. The shaft and head looked identical and our balls were about the same size. They just hung lower and weren’t as hairy as mine. I took his cock into my mouth clean down to the root and he let out a little moan. I felt his hand land on my shoulder and then the other one arrived right after. Bob was massaging my shoulders as I made love to his cock and his touch and soft moans made tears run down both sides of my face. I so happy this night that I’d been dreaming of was really happening. I had the condom rolled up to the rim of his fat helmet and tried to be sneaky when I used and upward suck to pop it off. But the second that Bob felt my swirling tongue in direct contact when the head of his cock, He sat up quickly and watched my mouth slide up and down his bare cock with a look of disbelief.

“Dude! – The condom came off!” He said.

“Man! – You took it off, didn’t you?” He continued, and still I didn’t respond.

“Oh fuck! – Oh man you’re gonna make cum already! – Watch out I’m really close! – Oh fuck that feels so good! – Yeah I’m gonna cum! – Did you hear me? – Here it comes man!” He hissed.

I was moaning louder then he was with his cock buried deep into the back of my mouth! – He moans where like music to my ears because I was the one that was making him feels so good. His ass shot a foot off of the mattress and he started to jerk and convulse.

“Oh Jerry! – You’re gonna take my load, aren’t you? – Gonna swallow my jizz! – Here it comes buddy! – I’m gonna cum! – Oh Fuck! – I’m cumming! – I’m cumming! – Oh yeah! – Yeah! – Yeah! – Suck it! – Oh yeah drink all of that shot! – Oh yeah! – Oh fuck! – So fucking good! –

I felt that first shot of warm semen pour into my mouth and the second blast was even larger. The third pulse flooded my mouth and I was resigned not to swallow until I had every drop of it in my mouth. When Bob was finished cumming, I slowly slid my mouth up along his shaft with his entire load still in my mouth. Our eyes where locked together and when my lips closed around the tip of his cock, I gulped his entire load down in one swallow.

I just sort of lay down and let the side of my face come to rest on his chest. His heart was still pounding from the orgasm and I wished that I could just die right then. He had to know and I was so scared that I’d just traded a lifetime of friendship for the 5 minutes that was already over.


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